Exclusive: Chris Webby Talks New Music, Prescription Drug Use and Eminem

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop artist Chris Webby took a minute to speak with AllHipHop in between recording his upcoming EP and debut album. He touched on a variety of subjects including his upcoming projects, use of prescription drugs, Eminem and him representing Connecticut.

“Coming from Connecticut, the upper East Coast its very lyrical. Everybody has to have punchlines. You’ve got to have bars. There’s a lot of people rapping out there but as a whole Connecticut has never been on the map or the Hip-Hop radar.”

Webby continued about his upcoming projects.  “Right now I’m working on a EP that’s going to lead into a album. I expect the EP to be 6 or 7 tracks kind of give a launch pad for the album that’s coming afterwards.”

Prescription Drug use has been at a all time high, Chris Webby broke down his use of both illegal and prescription drugs in the studio.

“I’m high pretty frequently, sometimes you just have to get in your little zone. When you’re taking Adderall in the studio you get all geeked up. I’m prescribed by the way.  I have very bad attention deficit disorder but its cool I was diagnosed at a early age, I been on attention medication for a long time. I don’t like to rely on it but sometimes it helps me because my ADD is kind of crazy.”

When we asked Chris Webby about his Top 5 Number 1 was a no-brainer.

“To Every rapper that is in my age range, it doesn’t matter whether they’re white, black, Hispanic, Asian Eminem when he first came out he changed the way Hip Hop was and how it still is to this day.”


Chris Webby

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  • Papa Alpha

    Real talk, I wonder if Eminem ever envisioned being one of the most influential rappers of this current generation of rappers!! OG status, I never thought I’d see it happen, no more underdog shit lol!!

  • thehiphopgods

    Really AHH? This is what is left of hip hop,,,,,nothing.

    • Who’sthis?

      what you mean ? No we wait for you to bring something great and amazing but eh you’ll just complain and cry how things used to be better when you were young.

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  • So weird… No h8, but he straight up looks like he would make Rock music. No wonder The Billboard awards top rap nominees were: Psi, Flo-rida, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj won… Top Rap Artist of the year. The game is a joke. Or at least what this generation’s perception of what Hip Hop is.

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  • jayson

    webby is a fuckin beast, if u know what hip hop is than u would know webby represents that, he has barz for days, has never sold out, talk about real life, respects the culture & the pioneers

  • atlantahiphopshop


  • Zach L

    Only reason he can kinda spit is cause of the adderol

  • Bradford

    Eminem is the greatest. I think Jay-Z & T.I. are dope rappers and all, but why does Shady do songs with cotton candy, nickelodeon rappers like
    Drake and Lil Wayne?

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