Hip-Hop Rumors: J. Cole Dares Challenge Kanye West?

OHHHH…J. Cole is feeling himself these days! Back in the day, it was a big deal to release your album on the same day as a major star. These days, not so much. But, J. Cole took a page out of the book of some other artists and has moved his album UP to the same day as Kanye West’s Yeezus.

People RT’d the S**T out of this!

Peep this:

Here is the album art. Very Kanye-esque.

J.Cole - Born Sinner (Album Cover)

Remember this?

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  • Michael Thompson II

    I’m going to purchase Jcole album for sure. His music is always on point. Can’t say the same for yeezy, I’m still thinking if I should cop his too? Maybe…

    • If you thinking about it….grab it!

  • Sageyk3

    J.Cole is Kanye Jr anyway. I’ve been quoted saying this for a long time. Check their first albums track listing….you’ll find similarities. And now, Kanye-esque? Nah, He’s little Ye’ing it from here on out.

    • J. Cole has too many love lyrics to me. He is the type of dude to release a love song as his first single, and Kanye is not. I don’t think they have the same anything. All IMO though

      • Sageyk3

        Work out plan being on their first albums is the same something. Now, recant! Take it back because you have been proven wrong.
        Then you have Jesus walks vs God’s gift….this can go on ALL day.

        They even have a popular gif where each was smiling and turn it to a frown. BOTH….this was never a debate. I was sharing and you decided to be a contrarian troll. (@Philthegreat

        Thanks to those showing love, tho.

      • Lol I wasn’t even trolling. I was actually trying to make an intellectual argument. And just because J. Cole maybe copy a few titles, does not me he images Kanye. Although giving you weight to your argument, he may try to. He doesn’t have the same subject matter or intensity as Kanye on a track. I feel like J. Cole kind of lives in Drake’s lane more with a bit of an east coast base about him. Seeing the similarities in him and Kanye I do not. “She got me up all night, constantly singin’ love songs”

      • Sageyk3

        Nah, you may not meant to troll and you may honestly believe that J.Cole is more like Drake than he is like Kanye. However, that was not the point.
        You introduced that without any other thoughts. Even if people understand, they won’t respect it. You’re easily not dumb but you do need to polish your skills more. And that’s not to say we all don’t but you should if you plan on carrying on as you do. You have the brain for it.

        Personally, I don’t like Drake comparisons too J.cole. I think it’s a lazy comparison. Drake’s music is pop-tart music. It is catchy, sweet but ultimately full of the wrong stuff. He isn’t a sincere artist. Especially with most of his content surrounding his celebrity or imaginary tales of emotion. Where as, J.Cole has spit some real life, every day issues in his dramas. He isn’t solely pulling from Kanye because he has nods to Tupac and Nas and Jay on his records. Which artist is he most like? Kanye. Why? Easy. But that comes when you know how to listen. I can’t just give the game away. The game is to be sold, not told.

      • I gotchu… And yeah I wouldn’t compare styles of J. Cole and Drake so much as to subject matter. I think my train of thought was that like Drake, J. Cole’s energy is sort of all over just trying to reach out to crowds and what’s popular in order to sell. I feel like if his projects had more focus or maybe even a theme towards a statement he would blow shit out of the water. What I mean about Kanye is the fact that he will throw something out there and just have the attitude “take it how you take it, but this is what it is”. Then with that, Kanye will create a trend rather than following or reaching.

      • Sageyk3

        Respect fam. I like how you pulled that shit together. I feel what you saying.

    • J Cole does sometimes Kanye’s: heh! scream
      Even having sampled him
      He is also a fan seeing he is a rapper/producer

    • Negro Peligro

      I don’t know who downing you when Kanye Album is Yesus and dude album is Born Sinner.

      • Nice sales gimmick, a smart move.

  • mike perez

    Aint no one looking for ye’s album. Easy win for cole!

  • andone

    SMH, i swear sometimes i dont know if im on sohh or ahh… either way he never said that hes trying to outsell him… most ppl will buy both and cole(jay z too) knows that, easy promotion to piggyback on kanye(like jay z did)… i jus hope that cole actually puts out a good album this time!

    • ^This

      It’s not an either or, but more like J.Cole will catch some spill over sales.
      If they get Ye’s on the 18th & have some extra cheddar, J Cole is definitely next.

      Especially if they are the only two dropping & Jay Cole drops a hot lead off single in 5,4,3,2,…..

      • andone

        first week numbers will be higher no doubt but thats only “IF” he does drop the same day… dont get me wrong dude will still go gold even if he doesnt drop wit ye so its all good but the extra hype/marketing should deff add to it…

        power trip is gettin spins so i agree that if he can get one more out there it will seem likely/believable then!

      • I would definitely grab Ye’s & be glad to grab J Cole’s too…if I was the type to pay for music.

  • Sideline Story was ehh…
    but his mixtapes were gold in my eyes
    If Cole is willing to take that huge a leap of faith with this album
    I will too with my money. First day purchase for me

    PS: just stop with the cole puns tho

    • Negro Peligro

      lol. Agree with the PS.

    • BigHomie337

      San shit I was saying. Every mixtape b4 sideline story was fire and when sideline story came out it didn’t meet the standards he set previously. I like Cole because he’s an everyday nigga that not trying to portray something he isn’t plus he takes his time and tries to give u the best instead of rushing shit and putting it out. Dude is talented.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      free ish is always gold its what keep rappers like Gucci in the game lol if you had to break bread for those mixtapes you’d prob have a different perspective on them

  • Caliwaver

    for some reason I can’t get into j.cole muzik. hes dope just not my speed.

    • cuz yo mind weak, weak niggas listen to weak and wack things its ok

      • Caliwaver

        Alright u can get off his nuts now. Get off the Internet kid and go find a hobby or some shit. 90’s baby over here breaking my heart.

    • Listen to his mixtapes: The Warm Up, The Come Up, Friday Light Nights you will be a believer

      • “Who Dat?” did it for me.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        WHO DAT was def hard but the people def sleeped on it … i still remember watching him perform it @ the bet awards and cringing from the lack of crowd participation …. IJS i give cole props for going against the grain … cause i know he can easily make some catchy ish over a bouncy beat and take an easy win like most rappers do today ……

      • I wish he would take the easy win…instead of losing!

        The fact that he gave the HS band major shine was a big +1 for me!

      • $18592567

        That’s because his swag is off. U call it what u want…

      • Tiger King

        Listened to those, they showed he had ability to spit a hot verse, but also showed the lack of ability to make good songs.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        Slow Jams, Cant Get Enough, Light Please, Gods Gift, Dollar and a Dream II, In The Morning, Rise and Shine …. are all very strong SONGs and showed folks that not only Cole can make “songs” but he can also make “hits” slow jam did #’s for cole …. WHERE DO YALL BE GETTING YOUR INFO FROM ?? sometimes you gotta do your own research …….

      • Caliwaver

        I have. I like him but I just can’t feel his Muzik.

    • Tiger King

      He can rap, he just can’t put together good songs or a good album. He is one of those rappers that need a producer guiding him.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        all u niggas experts but don’t got no skill just talk!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        hes going a harder route … instead of getting the IT producer …. and just rhyming what ever comes to mind and that RHYMES …… yall gonna have to CATCH UP to COLE ….. this aint ya normal A B C microwaveable popcorn ish ………. SLOW COOKED STEAK some of yall aint GOT THE PATIENTS !!!!!!!!!!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      fo me i think its his swagger..its not rap-ish.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        aka hes not ignorant enuff …. use more curse words, disrespect woman more, more drug talk, tell more lies to make yourself sound good and these kids will CALL IT SWAG ….. no kids thats called IGNORANCE ….

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i actually didnt mean that…when i say rap swag. i do mean a lil bit of agression but he seem to me like a pop singer. just like B.o.B….i mean joey baddass got a hella rap swagger…u just taking things wrong.

  • $18592567

    J. Cole got skills on the mic/boards, but his swag can’t compete with less talented artists…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      you mean hes NOT AS IMMATURE … because honestly thats the only true thing that seperates Cole from the rest …. is mature level as far as music goes … what yall call swag is just being ignorant ………………………

      • $18592567

        No pal… I didn’t want to make negative comments to tear this brother down, but truthfully he is ‘corny’ in the same regard that Drake is ‘extra’. I like both of their music, but both artists’ personas are terrible imho compared to rappers who can’t rap as good as either one of them…

  • Mr_SirKnight32

    People gotta look at this close cole probably didnt make this chose to move the album up the label did n he agree with it … It’s basically the good vs evil albums what a great marketing tool for jay-z two artistes

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      kanye is not jay’s artist. good music is apart of def jam, and roc nation is sony.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sadly kanye isnt signed to his own label 100% lol i think hes still solo artist signed to def jam ……… GooD Music is under Interscope/geffen ….

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        according to everything i have seen good music is the subsidiary of island def jam.

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  • Swaggout

    In that last picture of Yeezy and 50, it brings back memories of when Kanye wiped the floor with him.

    • dee

      you so caught in the hype you didnt realize it was a marketing plan to get people to buy both albums

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        one of the biggest selling week in hip hop ..!!

      • word! what 50 said – Kanye gets the trophy, I get the checks!!!

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  • Josh Sykes

    No disrespect. But I’ll take childish gambino over cole anyday. Thats who both Hov and Ye should be looking to sign especially with his sitcom coming up

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Kanye going to out sale period but I think Cole album going to be whack simply because I heard most of it.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      did u like sideline story?

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        it was decent not bad to me no hate involved.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    wtf what generation is he talkin bout?? this cheif keef one..or ….coz kanye that boi tupac age.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    come’on, this was the plan all along. cole is on roc nation. ye and jay are friends. kanye is releasing a biblically referential album. cole is releasing an album called born sinner. really? really, is any one falling for this?

    • Who’sthis?

      fallin for this ? it’s called promotion and entertainment

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        falling for this being a spontaneous thing, and not a premeditated piece of promotion. that is what i was implying.

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  • D_Ably

    Your co-workers mother didn’t earn that on a comp. I dug out her back door, woke up in the morning, she was gone and i was $164З6 out of pocket. Tell that itch i’m gonna put hands on her when i see her.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      same ish happen to me smh lol

  • Who’sthis?

    I think he will sell less then Kanye but more then if he didn’t create this “controversy”.

    Basicaly the number #2 that he’ll get will be more then the unmber #1 withotu this stunt.

    Speculation of course only.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Thats smart, get the customers while they are already in the store. How many people are going to go to the store to get anything nowadays? so its pretty smart. catch the true fans, while they already have their wallets out buying some b.s. I dig it.

  • Lou Riley

    Stuped question: If both albums are good, why wouldn’t I just buy both albums? #beefisoverrated

  • ImaFoolBoy

    Is Kanye on his tippy toes in that pic of him and 50 staring each other down?? lol

  • Golgo 13

    i will be gettin kayne album but j cole no sorry I am not a fan of his music

    • Keith Brickz

      what are you gay or something?

    • dreamvillain

      i really hope you give it a listen though….j cole is a great artist

  • WillVetterGoodin

    j cole is wack, There is no competition.


    if you’d like, ill explain to you why YOU ARENT FEELING COLE LIKE THAT. J.Cole is an incredible rapper, his lyricism, and metaphors as well as his subject matter is completely on point, from the perspective of one who is of average circumstance and intelligence. Most would say however that there is something missing when they hear J.coles raps, that he lacks flare. Theres no bite in a J.Cole bar…and altough he does rap about having game, getting burnt and being broke, he doesnt still reflect his own experience in his raps. J.Coles a smart dude, far smarter than he pretends to be in his raps, HIs a college graduate Suma Cum laude, and an honor roll student. One thing J cole doesnt do is promote education. One thing J cole, Didnt DO was have Ho’s or partake in any grinding or street activities. He’s not just a regular guy, and because hes not and is pretending to be, he sounds like he’s forcing it..most can just tell.

  • digitallife

    Sorry but anyone calling J.Cole wack while in the same breathe praising Kanye is a hater. Kanye’s pen game has been garbage since college dropout..and before ya’ll get into that I relate to him more..i’d love to know how exactly. Let me guess 808’s was a classic too lol

    • Sageyk3

      I hate you bro. But as far as pen games go, you have your tupac’s and you have your biggies. I think kanye is on the tupac side. Where there is poetic value rather than a technical value that you(<—-generalization) east coasters tend to like.

      • digitallife

        Hate me? Lmao..I’m glad I’m that important to you to garner emotions out of you. Kanye being tupacesque is hilarious..I’m a huge PAC fan and ranting and poetics are two completely different fields. Kanye is an emo rapper with a napoleon complex..plain and simple. Last time kanye was relatively poetic was on heard em say.

      • Sageyk3

        Nah, b. You don’t understand I was joking with you. Everything else is debatable. Peace.

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        I get that you were joking about hating digi, but your analysis of Kanye being more Tupacesque was spot . The technical vs poetic description was genius. If you call Kanye an emo rapper, how could you not call PAC one? Sageyk3, props Fam….

      • Sageyk3

        No. That is only one part of being Tupac-esque. Kanye OD’s on his emotions. Whereas, BIG may have mentioned something about them, there was never really that emotional feel. Tupac however had an emotional content without being all extra emotional about it.
        If I were to say, the socially acceptable emotions for a man were what Tupac showed(Anger, lust, camaraderie type connection), then what Kanye most shows is socially feminine emotions(insecurity, mulling over loss extensively, bitterness).
        Personally, I like Kanye(tho, he’s been wild lately). And J.Cole is alright to me but he needs to tighten up.
        I’m somewhere between a Kanye and Pac; I think that is why I feel like I understand them. I could just be gettin’ my Ye’ rant on and not be aware. What is life manega.