Jay-Z Denies Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors via E-Mail

“I don’t surf the ‘net, I never been on Myspace.”-Jay-Z

Shawn Carter has no time for two things: rumors and interviews. On Hot 97’s The Realness, Ebro Darden stated Jay-Z denied that Beyonce was pregnant with the couple’s second child after Ebro attempted to get his Godfather on and congratulate the upcoming bundle of joy via email.

Keeping it concise and direct, Hov quipped “The news is worst than blogs”.

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Check out the rest of The Realness episode below:

  • ewwww put a shirt on B

    • Guest

      and that’s alotta weave – should be hot.

    • Celz

      There’s one thing you said that I can agree wit.. Nicca better hope she got Jigga #2 in that gut

    • word! i wouldn’t go anywhere with her looking like that

  • Tony G.

    women get pregnant if she’s not someone else is..leave that shyt alone..

  • They need to get over themselves. So you couldn’t make a profit from annoucing your pregnancy, big deal……So if 3 months from now we hear that the bit$h is preggo then, they will be considered to be liars. #celebs

    • Guest

      Dior – preggers ? – that is So Gay !

    • Negro Peligro

      Man how you gone call somebody a liar It ain’t none of your business.

      • Okay next time any of them drop an album, we will all turn the other way like it’s none of our business…..These people are celebrities don’t expect fans to support you all your career and just to sit their and call your die hard fans “Low Lives”…These die hard fans made you rich and famous, don’t act stink now.

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  • hoeyuno

    What’s bey wearing. my daughter wore the same bathing suit when she was 2

    • Negro Peligro

      Man you see what happens. Keep having babage rumors Grown Men start critizing binkinis. Man she walked into the room with that on. SHE’D GET IT.

      • hoeyuno

        Ha ha. I see your point. but that bathing suit looks like it came with q set of water wings.

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  • Negro Peligro

    Man that crap probably photo shop. I’d still hit. Kevin Federline that.

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    i guess this pic should go good with that “bitches be like, no filter” shit they b doin on instagram…btw follow me i follow back no homo Allstarking713

    • hinijusopowi

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      • Bumpy Johnson

        tell ur classmate to go fckk herself with that cash.

    • Fabianski

      bitches be like, i’m not pregnant

      • Bumpy Johnson


  • solomonshv

    she’s been hitting up that dunkin’ donuts

  • Dhz30


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