Hip-Hop Rumors: When The Heck Is Boosie Coming Home?

Well, Boosie is NOT coming home this month (MAY) as my previous source told me. I am told from somebody that says they are related to him that Boo will be coming him sometime this summer, June or July. There have been conflicting rumors and reports as to when Boosie is coming home. Some of them are as far as 2014, even though he’s been found not guilty of murder.

On the music side, it will be interesting to see who Boosie aligns himself with. I haven’t heard a lot on that front. What is known is that Boosie has written about 500 new songs. He’s on par with Pac with all these songs!

But, will people support? I’m not a fan but I am interested in what he has to say at this point.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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68 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: When The Heck Is Boosie Coming Home?”

  1. Guest

    Boosie been so called gettin out for about the last 7 months. I hope he do get out soon and get back to putting out that street music.

  2. Negro Peligro

    That greenlight speial was about the only BOosie joint I like on his own. I think he gonna hit the Mystikal wall. Dude was on everything for a second. THEN JAIL RUINED IT.

  3. EDOGZ818

    I used to diss Boosie, but after checking his music, my mind changed a little.

    Still not my thing, but he gets props. If someone sent him a rhyming dictionary & educational reading material, he will be dropping that fiyah, I just hope it’s a positive fiyah!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      same here..then i got addicted to him……i actually feel he is the realest rapping ( felt this way before case) coz he rap from the soul n real shit, he represent the struggle..i fukks with bad ass

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        but you aint feelin cole ?? come on son cole is the same kind of artist minus the ratchet ish that boosie also puts out …. but boosie is that dude i used to service he records during my intern days i actually almost had the chance to chop it up with him but i didnt go to work the day he came thru … everyone said he was a real cool dude ….. but i mess with boosie music for the same reason dude posted above me …………………………………….

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i ain feelin cole bro dono why…i dono i just dont feel rappers that i think are soft (nohomo)..except for lupe i feel lupe, n the old kanye west..probably a few others…maybe i just dont feel cole , dono bro.

    • Celz

      He’s alot better than what most people think but not as good as what some think..

      Right now I’d welcome a dose of realness to the game.. Niccas claim they pimps and marry strippers? Lmao

      • EDOGZ818

        So true…it sounds like scriptures!

        He’s gonna have a chance to hit it big upon his release.

        For the first time…I’ll be checking for him.

  4. Ike's Mood

    just another dumb jail bird-ass nigga who’s glorifying his prison stay who aint got nuthin new to say…

    • hinijusopowi

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    • Sean Barnes

      this comment above me is THE TRUEST SHIT EVER WROTE jus another dumbass nigga blessed to be getting money with his talent glorifieng being locked up with NOTHIN NEW to say,,, Pac said it in his interview FROM JAIL that jail aint the place to be and its for the stupid…fuc being locked up being free getting money is the most GANSTA shit you can do….niggas need to learn

  5. Guest

    it makes me sick when ppl compare any artist to tupac. idc who it is. there wont ever be another tupac in any way shape or form..fuck outta here

    • therealjjohnson

      I think he was referencing the amount of songs he reportedly has written seeing as Pac was known to have tons of songs.

      • Guest

        so does nas so does eminem so does lil wayne..none will ever be tupac. there all legends in their respect..even tho lil wayne severly fucked his up..none will ever be 2pac or could be if they tried. but you could immulate any other i just mentioned

      • therealjjohnson

        I think you may have missed the comparison as well…

      • Guest

        tupac was for the hood, kaynes just trying to get black ppl to support him by sayin outrageous things about white people.. theres a difference.. thats why ill never in my life compare kayne to 2pac. 2pac was felt on every level..ppl on feel kayne for his shock value are album drop time then its over

      • therealjjohnson

        Who said anything about Kanye? The comparison to boosie and pac wasn’t about talent or rapping skill IMO. It was a comparison of boosie writing tons of song in prison as it was reported pac did. No one is comparing their style, skill, impact…none of that. Not sure why people get so up in arms when Pac name is mentioned.

      • Guest

        oh wow my fault i was talkin about the SAME thing but with a kayne west comparison and i thought it was you for some reason.

        …but thats still dumb though bec everyone writes in prison theres nothing to do..a few years ago i was in jail for a month and i wrote damn near 100 verses. am i a white tupac..its ease to put tupacs name in a sentence with another rapper..but with someone like pac or elvis or beatles..should never be compared 2

      • Guest

        ppl only feel kayne for his shock value around album drop time then its over**

  6. JP

    Funny most of you niggas talkin down but when this nigga get out and be hottest thing on streets y’all go e be dick Ridin. Lol. But most of y’all listen to fake ass nigga like drake talkin bout started from bottom but ain’t never seen the struggle get out of here and kill up self lmao. They compare boosie to PAC down south cause every cd he put of get played front to back no skipping needed and he grind hard always dropping music. Ain’t no nigga fuckin with Boosie hustle not down south Midwest west coast and damn sure not east coast. Boosie the realist. If you don’t think so answer this. What rap nigga ever tried to diss Boosie?? None and the one nigga who did R.I.P not sayin he did it but get the picture.

    • Joe L. Garcia

      Boosie aint really that dope my friend…i hear he gets busy in the streets (only where he from tho) and thats fine and shit but as far as this rap shit goes I could easily name 25 rappers that will shit on Boosie *wipe me down*

      • JP

        Why u choose to compare him to other rappers with a club song tho? Ill name a old song from back in day where if you don’t understand what he talkin bout then you truly lost in this world. Go listen to song called “dirty world” tell me it ain’t the truth

      • fredwill13

        @Joe, You absolutely right Boosie can’t rap at all…………………but my jesus, in the street…………………they will MAKE you apologize, sincerely, for every word you typed.

      • JP

        These squares don’t understand real music when they hear it.

      • JP

        You probably a drake lover. Boosie spit that shit that people go through everyday I don’t know how you hate on that.

      • brayden fleming

        exactly man. boosie actually talks about real stuff thats going on.

        All these people talkin noise just needs to go listen to the radio and quit talking about something you know nothing about.

  7. Herb_Bane

    I can’t read too well, but did i just see the words “pac” and “boosie” in the same sentence let alone the same article?

    • fredwill13

      Real shit,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Boosie ain’t nowhere near Pac as a rapper, obviously. But in the street, Boosie 10x the gangster Pac ever hoped to be.

      “Your guy is bigger than my guy up there, but down here, my guy is bigger than your guy” Coligero, Bronx Tale

      • dayleedumped

        word… people aint know that pac used a persona to fit his image


    I was born and raised in the south but I still can’t listen to this nigga at all, I know dude a real street dude but on the real he need to leave the rap game alone, and that goes for Gucci Mane non rapping ass too lmao

      • brayden fleming

        for real… anyone who says boosie needs to get out ofthe rap game is dumb as all get out.

        Boosie is one of the only rappers out now a days who you can actually feel….

  9. OD

    This nigga was REAL when he was out. But Maybe… Just maybe he finally singed his soul over to get released… RIP Lil Phat. Just sayin..

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