Beyonce Gets "Turnt" Up With The-Dream and 2 Chainz + Stream The Dream's New Album

“Beat it up until I black out…pass out”- Beyonce

Beyonce’s filter is as invisible as her baby weight. Off The Dream’s new album  IV Play The Dream enlists 2 Chainz  and Beyonce but it is the “Grown Woman” brash lyrics which steal the show and possibly giving a private peek into her and her husbands private life:

“I’m ready to go,

ready to blow.


Grammy Night in the back of that limosuine,

Billy Bob and Angeline”

Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie infamously revealed they had sex in the limo on their way to the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. Jay-Z and Beyonce attended the Grammy’s together this past February.

Moving on.

The Dream has also let loose his entire new album IV Play on YouTube a week before its May 28th release.

Check out the Beyonce and 2 Chainz assisted “Turnt” here:

Stream the entire album below:

  • Sean Taylor

    Sit and spin bitch….sit and spin!!

  • WillVetterGoodin

    This production is shit, cant believe j and bey got on the garbage. #Straighttrash

  • DJ7

    The dimmer this chicks star gets, the more she reveals about her true self….desperate times calls for desperate measures

    • Bree

      lol it’s funny how ppl say Beyonce is fading away or played out yet she’s not…smh. ppl with sold out world tours and no new music can’t be played out. Until she comes out with an album that debuts less than number one or sells only 100,000 copies in the first week, stop saying she’s dimming.

  • Q.

    More club tripe.

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  • Gee Tee

    why is B sounding like Rihanna i mean i might as well just play Pout it up over this . . . Nah . . .

  • Jay

    why is jay-z rapping like 2 Chainz

    • Chris

      Anything to stay relevant.

      • $18916246


    • $18916246

      Bruh, that is 2 Chains?…..>

      Beyonce Gets “Turnt” Up With The-Dream and >2 Chainz< + Stream The Dream’s New Album

      • Chris

        Obviously, you didn’t listen to the second joint with Jay-Z on it.

      • $18916246

        Cool attempt to save your flawed reference bruh….the 2nd Joint as you put it was actually released 1st in another article posted here on AHH. It’s ok, no flame, I make mistakes all the time.:)

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  • Celz

    Hot Garbage.. Sounds like the songs that didn’t make an album from 2007 or some shyt

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  • Angela Weddle

    People are all hating on Beyoncé this is a great song that should be on the radio. Rapper’s are singing now, and nobody saying anything now. Why not.