Meek Mill

Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Puts His Homey ON BLAST!

Normally, its the celebs that are getting put on blast, but Meek Mill turned the tides on one of his boys that asked him for 5k.



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • Dadon850

    See this right here is how n!ggas get shot. Meek wrong and he know it. Text dude and tell him no and keep it moving.

    • ZUBU

      Real Talk Meek didn’t have to put the boy on blast for the world to see. I understand if you can’t afford to give him paper like that, or if you just choose not to hit him with the paper but don’t tell the world that he broke, IMO…

  • wilson

    I feel u meek.. real shyt

    • Caliwaver

      U must be a bitch nigga!

      • wilson

        u must want yo filthy ass seeds to grow up bastards

  • OSBKE3000

    it is what it is

  • Eli Pinilla

    bitch made!!!! even if he shouldnt be askin u for money, u shouldnt put him out there like that. the f*ck is wrong with this ngga?!?!?!?!

  • Infinite8

    On the real !!! Celeb, rapper or regular ass niggas!! This is why I don’t f*ck with BROKE ASS NIGGAS MAN!!! I probably don’t have Meek money! But I got a lil bit of cheese. Dudes like that I don’t ASSOCIATE WITH!!! You gona be paying for they food and drinks when you go out!! AND LOANS FOR DAYS!!! FOH!! If you got money!! Big money or lil money!!! STAY AWAY FROM BROKE ASS NIGGAS MAN!! If you don’t YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT LATER!! When you don’t get that $20 or $100 or $500 or in his case 5k back!!!

    • anemia716

      or just learn how to tell people no…

    • “If you hang with 9 broke B’ishes…you’re bound to be the 10th.”

      Still, if he was there for Meek before he blew…..& hit Meek’s Bum @$$ off when Meek was down…that’s some weak ‘chet.

    • Galactus

      you from the hood? becuz if you are you yourself were a broke nigga. Im sure there was someone, ya man, ya ol head , uncle, ur dad that put u on to some bread, and im sure they felt like telling u to get it together… regardless if they did or didn’t, im sure they didnt try to clown you along the way. not sayin dude is right to come out and ask for $$, but what meek did, was not only condescending, its disrespectful. For anyone to continue to support this nigga after this hoe ass move, shows just how much of a hoe they truly are.

  • if what dude said is true about him giving Meek more than 5 K before i could understand.

  • scullyson

    Meek couldve handled that differently tho. Should have been the bigger one and not put ish out there like that. just saying

  • restless

    he mad cause he got played out faster than he got hot.. weak mill

  • Tre C

    “i knew this guy my whole life” and that’s why I’m going to put him on blast

    • restless

      a damn shame smh

  • DaHomey6Deuce

    Dude could’ve called him. Don’t come on twitter beggin for money. First of all he ain’t seen dude in a year ..dude drops 5 comments and already came out of the gate asking for 5 stacks…FOH

    • Lol why beat around the bush and small talk? Second I got people I haven’t seen for years and if I have it and they need it, then they got it.

      • ^^Basically!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u don’t have $5k much less make that in a year , ur dog needs to be put down, its bitch made!

      • You are one of the few posters on here that are disliked more than Gary Noble…..’chet, you might be the only one.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        hows ur dog?? !

      • wilson

        lol helll naw

    • Nigga, if you ask me for $5k you better have a reason and a payment plan already on deck. And if you ain’t got my number? We obviously ain’t close enough for you to randomly hit me about anything except a couple tickets to my next show.

  • Guest

    Meek was in the right, dude is beggin him for money then gonna call Meek fake?!!? Philly and Atlantic City niggas out here do the same damn thing!!

  • Suava

    even still if meek wasnt a rapper i bet him and that nigga would be getting it out the mud together meek got millions he coulda said aight homie i got you but when i go on the road or need you to wash my whips and dirt bike’s thats how you can work it off all im saying is WTF is 5 bands to you meek you a real fucc nigga

    • I can’t feel you. On the realla, he should have got at homeboy on the low about somethin’ like that. You don’t put that on the wire. What part of the game you niggas been studyin’?

      • Artful Dodger

        maybe dat was da only way dat man could get at meek, you know he changed his number and shit, and besides niggas dont think about dat wire shit speacialy when you think you talkin to fam or someone you believe is on dat level wit you

      • Get yo fucc ass off my comment bitch everything I said was #A1

      • You probably should chill, gangsta. All that internet aggression is just going to ruin your vibe.

      • Nothing you said was A-1, you mark.

      • Suava

        succ a dicc ill say what i please

    • Artful Dodger

      g shit bruh, coulda said naw on the low or give it to him just to say shit i gave back or showed love, nigga get 3times dat a show, but wanna shit on a nigga and burn a bridge too look a certain way, meek loss stripes wit me on dis shit ………Yo cassidy finish this nigga off !

  • Suava

    and for all you bitch niggas saying he could have called meek on the phone ! it clearly says yo meek whats ya phone # ! meek changed numbers on them niggas

  • Chris

    Like others on this board have said, Meek could have just said “No” and been done with the situation. For him to humiliate his “friend” like that, that’s some hoe sh*t. That’s somethin’ a middle school girl might do. SMH.

    • Galactus

      meek strike me as a middle school bitch, i ain’t even lyin, he sounds like one ctfu

    • Negro Peligro

      Thank you bra bra. Why you on the net for attention.

      • Chris

        Meek can’t be mad if the goons decide to send some (gun)shots in his direction. Just real talk.

  • Herb_Bane

    yea.. its kinda foul he blasted off someone he knew his whole life.. but the “can i have 5 stacks” aspect of it that bugs me out.. ok.. so u got a seed on the way.. whats 5k gonna do for you and your seed? get you some work to flip? What happens to yer kid and “BM” when you get knocked.. also, you say you don’t want to tell yer bm no when she asks for things.. nicca! thats YOUR chick.. i aint knock her up.. plus how do you feel as a man when yo seed need something, and you gotta get a hand out from Meek.. Sounds harsh, but maaan get a job!

    • Maybe he was trying to hustle the 5k to build more stacks???

      • Herb_Bane

        thats true too.. but all i can think of is coppin some coke or somethin.. and thats never a good look (hate to see people locked over drugs).. 5k is kinda small to really build anything meaningful..

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        5K is enough to get you started. If Meek trippin over 5K imagine how he would have reacted over brick money.

      • eddieknucks

        Shit. 5k is a big eighth and a pound good Reggie. Play ya cards right can make 8 plus.

      • Man hell naw he wasn’t about to hustle. Are you that lame? What real nigga is gonna put that on the wire? That whole shi* was lame. You can’t fault MM for nothing. You defending this shi*? Boy, you just sound like a mark.

      • dee

        how u know this? oh you talked to dude?

      • Cause I know hustlers, and none worth their salt would pull this sort of shit. But then again, I don’t put anything past n’are nigga.

  • brotha_man

    im on the fence with this. but this is one of those situations that you need to look at everything. if its one of my boys i know that how we do, but maybe through my inbox or summin, clearly meek changed his number so cats cant get ahold of him and this was the only way to get his attention (example his boys left messages, emails, inbox message) so the only way was to get his attention was through twitter (i.e. i just tried to call for the 50th time. oh, i see you on twitter….fuck it)

    • Herb_Bane

      But be a lil discrete about it not only does your whole timeline see you cyber pan handling but that tweet can be screen shot to be laughed at for all
      Hit the twitter wit somethin like “yo hit my phone i need to holla about something” or whatever and if he don’t hit u .. u know what it is..

      • brotha_man

        true…thats sum bum shit cant even defend it.

      • Dilson / Mr. Spacely


    • Nah bro. You sound as weak as this cat beggin’ for money. If he needed to make bail, I could see him going to them lengths to contact this cat. Other than that? Man heeeeeeeeeeeeeel naw. How you beggin’ the next man to hit you off so you can give some money to your BM? Didn’t even ask for a loan. Lmfao.

  • Welp… that’s the fame game. 5,000 out of your million dollar salary aint worth burning bridges from your old neighborhood just to try to make yourself look cool to the general public, or his 10 phoney ass millionaire friends.

    • I don’t think it was the money… It was the principle. And fu** that bridge. If it were a bridge worth anything, dude would have never been beggin’ for $5k in the first place. And because his BM is preggo? That’s so lame. He need to go get a job…… That’s what it really is. So, I can’t feel nothin’ about your argument.

      • but to post it on instagram is a chick move …he was just looking for attention….and to say youve known a cat you whole life and cant throw him 5k but can blow doe on chains sound strange

      • johnblacksad

        exaktly! something funny about acknowledging knowing the guy his whole life and not willing to throw him 5k or worse, exposing him on the net like that… especially when you be seen regularly throwin more than that on hoes and other miscellaneous bullsh!t… bird move right there

      • I mean… I personally don’t be involved in no shi* like that, so I agree. But the beggin’ nigga is the predicate in all of this.

  • brotha_man

    “…now im acting funny because my moneys loaned/ but there was no drama when i was living at my mamas home/ but im not telling a nigga nothing you dont already know personal business, you got to watch who your friends is…” 8ball and MJG -“friend or foe”

    • Negro Peligro

      Man. 8BALL and MJG used to be so real. Just real stuff negro go through.

      • dee

        still is

  • “Loyalty Over Currency, Cause That’s What My Standards Be” – @shorty140ril

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  • Sinbk Legend

    meek is a fuccin dubb azz Nlgga! u cant look out for a NlGGAZ u knew ur whole life but u down in miami tricking on those hoes….bird azz NlGGA…

    • Negro Peligro

      Man. 5 Stacks ain’t even that much. Thats a champaign tab in the club.

  • I’m surprised by all you dudes defending this Bummy McBummerson… Like somebody owe’s him some $$$ on GP. Nigga, we talkin’ about $5k… I don’t give a shi* about how much money I’m thick with, you can’t just ask me for $5k… ON TWITTER? TO HIT YO BABY MOMMA OFF? I wouldn’t give my brother $5k for no bullshit like that. And what lame hit you on twitter bout some paper? Ya’ll gotta be some Bummy McBummersons, too if you defending this begery. Lmfao. Get ya’ll asses off these comments.

    • KolbeG

      If you were a millionaire you wouldnt give ur brother 5k……

      • dee

        specially is you knew dude ur whole life

      • Read my reply to bigdoe above. And I will not be questioned by a nigga named Kolbe. Step off. lol

      • scullyson

        Is that you meek ? lol

      • KolbeG

        Ur name is Jordan Pauley, That shit is 1000x worse than Kolbe my nig smh….You studied Forensics……But you listen to gangster rap and cosign these niggas, but you wanna solve crimes and narc on criminals…..

      • Forensic Science is what the police do. In academia, forensics refers to debate, public speaking, and performance arts, dude. My resume is way heavier then that, though, youngsta. And fella, I keep my rap consumption in its place.

    • bigdoe6

      You wouldn’t give ya brother $5k??????? Wow. You sound like the type of nigga that pay these hoes rent.

      • The line about my brother was in regards to giving him money to hit off his baby momma. Act like you can read.

      • KolbeG

        He didnt say to give to his BM, he jus said he was havin a baby. obviously he wanted 5k to cop work u asshole.

      • Kolbe, is that you again?

    • Your broke ass prolly neva seen 5K

  • $18592567

    meek is jokes is for this…

  • tra mo

    Man meek been telling niggas he ain’t no humble dude and dudes Philly said he changed but as far as da homie go maybe he did help in da past and thought meek wood repay da favor u can tell by meek interviews he a corn ball but like fab say u just@lame nigga wit money

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Wow. Way to take a HUNGRY cat and make him your enemy. That’s not what you want to do if you want to remain safe. But you can already tell that Meek is that shady cat that you gotta watch out for.

  • Negro Peligro


  • heavyboy

    So he should just give him the money? Ok and as soon as he goes broke and files for bankruptcy you same DIM WITTED idiots will turn around and call him stupid. SMH …. morons piss me off*

    • KolbeG

      he shouldnt look out? he said its was all good jus a week ago, but the message is 3 weeks apart n he aint hit dude who “he knew all his life” back at all?

      • heavyboy

        How many people you think he should look out for? Just this dude or the fifty other niggas asking for money too?? You talk like his money will never run out. This man has to think about the future. Just giving 5k away to everyone you’re cool wit will get you BROKE*

      • KolbeG

        This is Conway! the dude who made “Prolli”. If ur from PA u know this nigga got Meek Mill on a lot of stations with that song.I aint say give everyone money, but look out for who looked out for u

    • Chris

      It ain’t about the money. It’s about the disrespect. We wouldn’t even be on this board having this discussion if Meek exercised a little discretion and kept that information to himself.

  • KolbeG

    only one screen is twitter

  • youngplaya

    Meek needed to put that clown on blast. How a grown man ask another man for 5k because he got a kid on the way and he don’t want to tell his baby momma no? Nicca is you retarded. This type of mentality need to be exposed and erradicated. Nicca I don’t owe you one cent PERIOD. Oh now you mad cause I m not going to give you a GROWN AZZ MAN MY MONEY…OHHHH RIGHT IM ACTING FUNNNY BECAUSE I WONT GIVE YOU MYYYYYY MONEY….I GET IT..I’m FAKE NOW…OK RIGHHHT…Do for self damn begging azz bum. You got two feet, hands and eyes..get a damn job loser. Get 2 jobs whatever it take for you to take care of your own damn kids.

    • therealjjohnson

      I feel you to an extent. Everyone needs help now and again. It hurts some to have to ask for help. It’s unfortunate that when you do…to a life long friend that claims to throw thousands away at strip clubs…it’s blasted for the world to see. Tell the man no if you don’t wanna give him the money. He didn’t curse him out or get disrespectful. He just asked. Why put him out and his phone number on the Internet?

      It’s clear to me that twitter is his only way to contact him. Why else would d he be giving him his number? So that “ain’t seen him in a year” line is Bull because he prolly can’t catch up with you cause you city to city.

      Whether he gave him the money or not I feel the way he handled this was wrong. I don’t live his life but from the information available to me this is my opinion.

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  • AK

    im not gonna read shit but how meek supposed to blow some random ass mothufucka up? thats on him you dont know if they was boys or not anyone wants fame

  • Pic

    On the Cronic album a dude said “Your dreams is nothing but loose change in a niggas pocket”. That being said not that long ago Meek gave a dude he didn’t even know 20k that got hurt riding a dirt bike. His man he knew his whole life ask for 5k he put on blast. Know matter how he asked or for what the reason was that was his man not some dude on the street or some chick in the strip club. He knows that mans struggle they come from the same place. He should have said this is the first and last time i’m doing this spend it wisely. Not put him on blast. To me it’s better to keep a friend then loose one.

  • At the end it´s his life so we dont have to care why our what he thinks,if its right our wrong.

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!! and commented:
    Damn Mills tripping hard…..

  • therealjjohnson

    Everyone needs help now and again. It hurts some to have to ask for help. It’s unfortunate that when you do…to a life long friend that claims to throw thousands away at strip clubs…it’s blasted for the world to see. Tell the man no if you don’t wanna give him the money. He didn’t curse him out or get disrespectful. He just asked. Why put him out and his phone number on the Internet?

    It’s clear to me that twitter is his only way to contact him. Why else would d he be giving him his number? So that “ain’t seen him in a year” line is Bull because he prolly can’t catch up with you cause you city to city.

    Whether he gave him the money or not I feel the way he handled this was wrong. I don’t live his life but from the information available to me this is my opinion.

    • God Forgives

      valid point but its clear that if meek didn’t have this guys number then they wernt really friends just someone meek knew from back in the day.

      • DJ7

        He said he knew him his whole life….what part of that did you not comprehend?

      • BigHomie337

        What u not comprehending about he ain’t talk 2 him in a yr and homie not having a number on Meek!! They not friends, just associates. Meek dont owe that nigga nothing and homie don’t have no pride. It’s obvious if him and Merk were homies he would’ve been able to talk 2 Meek over the phone.

  • SursumAd Summum


    • BossBeaux

      My man put himself on blast if he don’t have a problem begging in public especially about some shit that is really not Meek’s problem what kind of broke negro get a female pregnant and expect a hand out from a guy that he ain’t talked to in a year now if he had Meek back in the day then maybe I would reconsider but at some point you have to know when you helping or just plain enabling dudes to not be shyt now what if he get caught up on some stupid street shyt and say Mesk gave him the money to get going now you got other issues …..Basically F that begging ass negro

      • ^ I mean, I mean.

      • SursumAd Summum


  • trilltalk1



  • Golgo 13

    y was meek mill sayin cuz like he is a crip

    • ddsdavey

      Huh? Its a word that everyone uses.If he had said “Loc” THEN i could see your point but not “cuz”.

  • Tony_Moderate

    Shady, he could have just said no or just kept it behind closed doors. Why go to social media if he came to you on some regular shit?

    • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

      because the nigga went on twitter first

  • BosstonMA$$

    When meek first came out, I thought he was one of the last artists that I could relate to and liked his style demeanor the whole 9.

    Now he a sold out bitch n1gga who forgot where he came from. Clown.

    And his style played out that’s why he need to hold onto his 5 stacks.

  • I feel what meek meant but damn you don’t do someone you know like that, you discipline a nga on the side . . .

    • BosstonMA$$

      That’s real spit.

  • Willis Deqfedt

    i think dude caught the wrath for every other dude Meek dont really know that been hitting him up for $,….it’s a thin line from you holding down the team to the team is extorting you,….

  • skee

    real niggas do real thangs n tht meek aint real………..just another counterfeit ass rapper

  • A multi-millionaire going to the strip club throwing 100k or better but cant lend a childhood friend 5K thats why I dont support these rappers today period!

  • A multi-millionaire driving luxury cars (300k+) going to the strip club throwing 100k or better but cant lend a childhood friend 5K thats why I dont support these rappers today period!

    • BossBeaux

      I did not hear loan anywhere in that young man’s rhetoric lol he said give there is a difference

      • Either way you’re in the act of handing money anyway so gtfo

  • JEDI

    I just lost the little respect i had for General Mills. Shit like that gets niggas seen at the end of the day. niggas dont respect that shit he did

  • Chris Brock

    Y’all niggas on here is trippin’ forreal…..this dude hit the nigga up on TWITTER…..I don’t think I would of put him on blast like that but I probably wouldn’t have responded cause if he was that much of a childhood friend he would’ve been put on before he made his 1st song on MMG, and then you hit me on Twitter to ask me for 5 racks? Where is your momma and poppa at? Go sit yo ass down somewhere

    • leftlanekb

      Agree with you my G . Everybody on here speaking on hate (cause they dont like Meek Mill), but I bet aint none of them helping out nobody. For show not nobody on twitter asking, i mean come on! Just cause you grew up with someone don’t mean you owe them shit!

  • hule1186

    Everyone has been broke at sometime in their life. It’s o.k. to ask for help from a friend who you thought was a friend. I can’t understand how people act like they have never been in a situation to where they needed some type of help. To put him on blast is corny. I’ve seen dudes like this before , get a little money and he thinks he is on top of the world and he can say and do whatever he feels. Karma always comes and revisits you. He should have pulled him to the side and hollered at him and left it at that. To put him on blast is a sucka move and his ego needs to be checked.

  • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

    People, i understand everything you guys are saying about Meek but…… this is a grown man talm bout could you put me on to feed my kids! meeks response was harsh but that is not acceptable as a man. then the nig had the nerve to go on radio to talk about it barely able to complete sentences. they asked why did he feel meek owed him money this nigga said the streets. yall need to stop letting people that dont obey street hood laws manlaws in general teach you about how to be a man