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Kanye West's Infatuation With Jesus

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We’re all made in the image of God. Kanye West wants to be God.

Hip Hop has always been about braggadocio antics and ego, but believe it or not there is a ceiling to what people will approve of. Kanye West has walked that fine line and is about to step over it.

But is this really anything new? Rappers have been referring to themselves as things that they aren’t since the beginning. When you lie, you have to continue to create new lies to support the original lie. In hip hop, the titles and bragging have escalated from the dopest emcee, ambassador of a region, gangster, baller, don, killer, king of a region, king of hip hop, best to ever do it, Makaveli (Tupac), Hov (Jay-Z), a God, Rakim (a Five Percenter) and now Yeezus.

I’m not really shocked. The infatuation with Jesus has been with Kanye since he hit the mainstream with “Jesus Walks.” In ’06 Kanye said that he should be in a revised version of the Bible. He didn’t just liken himself to Jesus on the 2006 Rolling Stone cover, he posed as him – crown of thorns and all. And most recently of course the rumor that his new album would be titled ‘I Am God’ and then ‘I Am A God’, to finally the recent rumor/leak the title will actually be Yeezus.

You can call it art or metaphorical and lie to yourself all you want but Kanye is no different than the countless men in the past that have worshipped and created idols, or lied to themselves by thinking that they are equal to God or God himself. He is the furthest progression in hip hop toward thinking and/or trying to get others to think that he is the greatest ever. That progression naturally moves to blasphemy by putting himself on the highest level possible – God.

I would wager that Kanye is just creating a buzz for his new album and testing the waters to see if the masses would accept it, and end up changing the album title.

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  • Zeus

    God doesnt exist u fool

    • Brainiac1ne

      to your beliefs god doesn’t exist but there’s apart in our brain that reacts to the concepts of religion and god

      • Zeus

        My brain? LOL. Please speak for yourself.


      God doesn’ t exist but you got the name of a pegan fallen angel….

      • Zeus

        Pagan? Is the pot calling the kettle black? Jesus never existed, maybe if you dared reading a book besides the bible you would get your head out of your ass. You worship a white man with a book that ok’d slavery rape and murder.


        Hosea 4:6 (Our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge)….First off, Christ wasn’ t a white man…If you did more research instead off talking out your azz, you would know that…

      • Zeus

        The white man introduced their slaves to jesus in order to control and brainwash. Before slavery no one worshiped jesus in Africa.. Basically everyone was “going to hell” just because they didnt know he existed.. Makes perfect sense


        The slaves (true israelites) knew who Christ was before they came to the new world…They didn’ t know him by Jesus. That’ s why they were being killed if they didn’ t bow down to a white Christ…they were singing songs of Zion as Slaves…Where do you think negro spirituals come from? You are right. The white man did introduce Jesus to the slaves, but they weren’ t teaching the bible…They were hiding behind the bible while they raped and pillaged, but if they were teaching the bible, the slaves would have known that they were the people of the book….

      • Zeus

        LOL And who the hell told you this? Yahweh Ben Yahweh? Please keep talking, i just turned off my tv and put some popcorn in the microwave.


        like i said, “Our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”….you obviously don’ t know the bible or history…smh

      • Trei Hill

        It seems you guys are both saying the same thing basically. Just from different perceptions. Blacks praised the original “Jesus” before slavery and the slave owners controlled them with a f’d up version of him once we got here. Religions have always been dangerous depending on who is using it. That’s why we originally didn’t have any and it was more about praising what was here before us more than worshipping our self-made icons.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Who gives the Bible it’s authority? Oh Yeah, the Bible. The Bible is a book written by men for men. Man created the God of the Bible, that is why he is flawed with human emotions such as Anger, Jealousy, Vengeance and so on…..

      • Guest

        Everything you see in the entire universe came from where? DNA is a code that randomly wrote itself right?

  • King Cold

    Agreed. kanye is always on some need attention shit. And playin around with religions never has a good outcome. stay tuned

  • iamKingG

    Chad you are right on my brother. I couldnt agree more. Kanye has stepped over and crossed the line. He is only doing this to push the album, but the fact that he is comparing himself to God is complete blasphemy. Kanye is a super talented individual and has skills, but I think dude has gotten ahead of himself these past few years

  • Mega Don

    being an artist is about creating attention for yourself is called promoting your brand

  • Dwayne Nvo

    Kanye west is a bitch ass nigga

    • Jigg_Saw

      Correction RICH BITCH ASS NIGGA! Can you afford to call him that lets be honest?

  • Kanye don’t believe in God no more. He let that go when he lost Donda.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      And that is a bad thing?

  • did u ever think that his perception of god is different than yours……everybody does not buy into a specific religions hype…..the author of this piece should be ashamed of themself…..

  • Religion is non-existent in reality. People who follow religion were indoctrinated from a young age to be a follower since their family most likely grew up in the church. Anyone who gets mad at Kanye comparing himself to God or Jesus needs to wake up and realize that a lot of people either don’t follow religion or don’t even believe in God. Only self-righteous hypocrites will get upset lol.

    • Zeus

      These people getting mad at kanye when instead they should be mad at god, jesus, or whatever skyfairy they believe in. Where was god during 911? what about kids getting raped in church? LOL Dont be mad because you are still slaves mentally, the white man indoctrinated you with religion. I laugh at these pastors who are getting you idiots to send money to them. They are driving around in benzes with a brand new suit paying no taxes while kids in africa starve to death.

      • Exactly. Religion seems to have a majority of people stuck on stupid. Sad but true.

      • Jame Shivar

        Both you cats stuck on stupid! Listen to yourselves! You hear about those horrible things in Muslim,Catholic religions…not Christianity. People are mostly lead by the flesh….they do crazy ish….but God will deal with them!

    • David Jerkland

      first id like to say i agree with much of what you said and that this whole tripping on kanye over him depicting himself crucified is really some BS…its very true most People who follow religion especially christians were indoctrinated from a young age to blindly follow what those before them espoused to..and true most people especially in the west that identify as christians don’t in reality follow the religion or don’t acctually even believe in God……
      but instead of directing your grievance toward >>religion<>christianity<< or church going people..because all religions arent the same…nor are the quality of their adherants…there are plenty of people that genuinely believe in the hereafter and prefer it over this life..adhereing to what has been sent down to them..and aspire to become righteous in heart speech and action..
      i say this because i notice most fed-up christians agnostics and atheist make similar statements..defaming religion in general..when their primary experience has been christianity or one of its various spin-offs..when there are a plethora religions.. and that every religion is not illogical..or a bunch of made up stories that cant be proven..full of contradictions and scientific misnomers..thriving on greed ignorance and hypocracy

  • Negro Peligro

    Jesus hair was like sheeps wool. That nigga look like a compton pimp at a toga party.

  • gomer_1

    He can be Jesus and let us all crucify him and see if he don’t switch up quick.

  • Trei Hill

    Before Jesus there was Heru, and he rocked that chain in the Power video. Kanye is cocky as hell but I honestly think that him and Jigga are more on the side of thinking that we are all God. We all collectively are God when we are performing as the best version of ourselves. And it isn’t as cocky to pronounce this as it is taking on the responsibility of being successful and of service to the world through our particular craft. I think that’s where the whole Jesus thing comes in because we all are crucified in some way when you stand up and try to be the best version of yourself because everyone begins to judge you and your life becomes a thing to be analyzed because everyone loves to place their own sins on other people.

    • Gabriel Calderon

      Look up satanism because you litterally just described their beliefs almost word for word. They don’t believe In a red “devil” with horns they believe that there is no god they believe we’re are god n every man is the almighty god in the flesh. Just some game for the lames.

      • Trei Hill

        To make self empowerment look bad, identifying yourself as God has been forced to be looked as satanic. Yes Lucifer did proclaim himself God, but so does the %5 nation, Rastafarians, Eastern mysticism and many other black rooted spiritualists movements.You’re aren’t really saying anything I haven’t heard. Perception is reality so do wut u do sun. Religion is safe and has become a form of slavery to place your God given soul lower in the hierarchy of creation. God is not up in the sky somewhere and the devil isn’t red with horns torchering us on earth. They are both collectively in all of our decisions and it is up to each of us to be positive and loving or the opposite. I don’t know Kanye or Jay z to call them luciferians but I do know that just because you do not adhere to Christian Ideology of the supposed “Christ” figure does not make you evil.

      • Gabriel Calderon

        I feel what you saying I’m really see myself as god fearing, I don’t do church for many reasons I’m sure other ppl have their discrepancy’s with the church 2, I can’t get with donominations either, or buy into an old white man with a beard in da clouds. But forces of good n evil in our universe do exist I personally expirienced it very recently in my life it kept me out if prison on a 5-10. I can’t dig yeezus or jay proclamin themselves gods, but that’s me I don’t hate or dickride either 1 atleast they made it out the hood I tip my kango to that.

      • Trei Hill

        real ish

    • Jame Shivar

      You lost!

  • Jamie Conn

    Yeah because Jesus totally walked around in tight pants and pink shirts, blasted his face on a metal sign and got ‘bitchy’. Kanye wept. Go away ya half sissy before I give ya a smack! (Joe Pesci – Easy Money)

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      That is such a Christian statement.

  • Dear author.

    Do you know the word marketing?
    Please look it up on Wikipedia or any offline Dictionary.
    there is nothing deeper behind it.

    Just feed stupid people to talk about his new product (album).

  • MikeyRon

    Pac did the same album cove on Makaveli!!!

    • jay

      cause he was being crucified by the media. Not cause he said he was God in his raps. Blasphemy.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Black folk are the most churchified folks on the planet. We abandoned our own roots and give praise to a false idol named Jesus who was created for us to pray to with an image unlike ours. Wake up. There are many different deities in the bible yet all of their names have been taught to mean God or Lord when that is not the case.

    • nyse


  • OE Monsanto

    Since Brarck Obama has been Prsident of The United States of America, we all know we do NOT get any backlash from worshipping a Black Jesus. Here’s a pic, get the Jay-Z chains and all and let us do our thing. I have other beliefs.


  • Live Well

    Kanye is clearly angry with God.

  • Jame Shivar

    Kanye and Jay-Z are Devils! Corrupting the minds of anyone who indulges in their music! What you put in is what you get out! They serve Satan! Sold their souls for fame! They constantly come against God/Jesus in their music….then turn around and ask God to forgive them! They know what they have done! I’m sure they regret it! They have no problem in taking you with them!