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Dillard President Asks Dr. Dre Why He Gave $35 Million to USC and Not a Black College


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dillardThis piece originally ran on yourblackworld.net

Dr. Dre is one of the most successful entertainers in history, earning hundreds of millions of dollars by making great music.  Much of this music moves because he has been able to successfully package urban/black culture, selling it to audiences around the world.  One of the questions some have about those who readily use their blackness for profit is the following:  What are you giving back to those who gave you so much?

It’s hard to know exactly what Dr. Dre is doing for the black community, but we all know where he made his greatest gift.  Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Lovine recently announced a whopping $70 million dollar donation to USC to create a new degree.   The program is one that pulls together liberal arts, graphic arts, business, music and technology.  Dr. Dre’s donation is the largest ever given by any African American in history, and oddly enough, the money is going into the hands of rich white people.

As I prepared to give the commencement address at Simmons College, a growing HBCU in Kentucky with a very rich history, I heard a story about a group of ex-slaves who pooled their money to buy four acres of land so they could educate future generations.  Without sacrifices like these, the school would not be giving so much to the community today.  The school’s extraordinary president, Dr. Kevin Cosby, has not taken a paycheck for his work for the last eight years and readily speaks of how the school is located in one of the poorest districts in America.  He sees his contribution as a chance to lift up the community around him, rather than simply milk the community’s resources.

If I could transplant Dr. Cosby’s brain into Dr. Dre’s body, black America would be changed forever.  Also, had those ex-slaves been naive enough to give all of their money to the big white university down the street, the impact of their contribution would be minimal at best.  One of the reasons that black Americans struggle economically is because we’ve been locked out of economic opportunities, while massive institutions like USC hoard the wealth to protect their own (take a look at the very low percentage of African Americans they hire or admit as students).  Simultaneously, when we do have access to the resources necessary to begin our building process, we don’t feel inclined to support those who look like us.  That’s the difference between the black and the Jewish communities:  They teach their children to generously target their resources to protect them against oppression.

Some may argue that Dr. Dre can do whatever he wants with his money, and this point is valid:  No one has the right to tell any of us what to do – a child has no obligation to care about his mother, a husband has no real obligation to provide for his wife, the list goes on and on.  But the truth is that if you choose not to care about your community, then don’t expect your community to care about you.   Black people have always been incredibly loyal and supportive of Dr. Dre, particularly those who made him the defacto King of Compton and Long Beach.  It would seem that his greatest economic gift should go to them instead.

Another person who had something to say about the gift is Dillard University president, Walter M. Kimbrough.  Dr. Kimbrough was once the youngest president of any HBCU in the country and proudly considers himself to be a part of the hip-hop generation.   In an op-ed in the LA Times, Kimbrough openly asks Dre why he chose to give so much money to USC, as opposed to one of the struggling HBCUs that really could have used those resources:

I understood their need to build a pool of skilled talent. But why at USC? Iovine’s daughter is an alum, sure. And he just gave its commencement address. Andre Young — before he was Dr. Dre — grew up in nearby Compton, where he rose to fame as part of the rap group N.W.A. The Beats headquarters are on L.A.’s Westside.

Still, what if Dre had given $35 million — his half of the USC gift and about 10% of his wealth, according to a Forbes estimate — to an institution that enrolls the very people who supported his career from the beginning? An institution where the majority of students are low-income? A place where $35 million would represent a truly transformational gift?

Dr. Kimbrough is absolutely correct.  USC’s endowment is over $3.5 billion, which gives this school more money than every single HBCU in America combined.  Even more stunning is that the school’s endowment isn’t even in the top 20 in the nation.  The point here, and I hope Dr. Dre understands this, is that white people have plenty of money and they aren’t going to use that money to help people who look like you.   They don’t exactly need black people making donations, since they’ve already earned over a billion dollars from their African American athletes, many of whom have mothers who can’t even pay the rent.

Even worse is that much of this wealth was accumulated on the backs of slaves and black people who were locked out of the economic system.   Schools like USC make it diffcult for black students to gain admission and even more difficult for black faculty to get jobs.    The university sits down the street from South Central Los Angeles, a virtual war zone where prisons and funeral homes get rich from all the young black men being fed into the prison industrial complex.  USC doesn’t use many of its resources to help these individuals, it simply uses Dr. Dre’s money to build higher walls so they can protect the rich white kids from the scary black ones.



Black students at USC protest police harassment during a recent party on campus

I wonder if Dr. Dre knows that not only does USC admit very few black students, but the ones who are there are subject to serious racism and racial profiling.  During a recent campus party, the LAPD sent over 70 police officers in riot gear with a helicopter to break up the party after noise complaints.  All the while, the white kids were partying up in their fraternity houses without so much as a peep from the police.

Additionally, for Dr. Dre, his $35 million dollar donation (half of the $70 million he is sharing with Levin) is merely a drop in the bucket for a school like USC that is sitting on an amount of money that no HBCU will have for at least another 100 years.  USC shed no tears when Dr. Dre’s baby brother was murdered in the violence that has poisoned the black community.  They did nothing when his son died from an overdose on the drugs that were dropped into black communities in the 1980s.   HBCUs have scholars working to solve these problems, and thousands of students who will graduate to fight for black America.  USC does NOT.

Dr. Kimbrough goes even further to explain why USC was a questionable donation target for someone who grew up as a struggling black kid in South Central Los Angeles.

USC is a great institution, no question. But it has a $3.5-billion endowment, the 21st largest in the nation and much more than every black college — combined. Less than 20% of USC’s student body qualifies for federal Pell Grants, given to students from low-income families, compared with two-thirds of those enrolled at black colleges. USC has also seen a steady decrease in black student enrollment, which is now below 5%.

A new report on black male athletes and racial inequities shows that only 2.2% of USC undergrads are black men, compared with 56% of its football and basketball teams, one of the largest disparities in the nation. And given USC’s $45,602 tuition next year, I’m confident Dre could have sponsored multiple full-ride scholarships to private black colleges for the cost of one at USC.

Dr. Kimbrough made a courageous decision to write this article.  There are some who might criticize him as a “hater” or argue with his right to question what Dr. Dre does with his money.  But I’m not talking to those people right now.  Instead, we must look at the facts:  Dr. Dre, a man who has made hundreds of millions of dollars selling back urban culture to the world has made his largest donation to a predominately white university that doesn’t need the money and rarely admits black students unless they can play a sport.  I love Dr. Dre’s music, but I am dying to ask my good brother, “What were you thinking?”

By the way, as schools like USC have gotten rich from black athletes, HBCUs can barely pay the bills.    All the while, almost none of this money is returned to the black community, and multi-million dollar USC athletes like Reggie Bush have their integrity questioned for receiving a few hundred dollars under the table.  The fact is that these schools rob black people blind, don’t give hardly anything to the black community, and laugh at the fact that we are ridiculous enough to turn around and give money back.  If I were the president of USC, I’d be giggling under my breath and wondering how a group of people can have such little respect for themselves.

I think this is what some in the dotcom era might call an “SMH moment.”  Dr. Dre is a brilliant producer, but this move just doesn’t make any sense.  I hope he has something to say.

Dr. Boyce Watkins co-stars in the Janks Morton Film “Hoodwinked,” starring Dr. Steve Perry, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu and Dr. Ivory Toldson. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

kimbroughListen to hear an interview between Dr. Walter Kimbrough and Dr. Boyce Watkins as he explains why he wrote this article.

  • ZUBU

    I applaud Dre for donating to a positive cause, but as the article indicates many HBCU’s could use those resources. IMO, Jimmy picked USC and Dre went along for the ride. The donation will shine a great light on Dre and Jimmy and open even more doors for Dre.

  • Katina

    Many have commented on his donation but few actually heard what Dre had to actually say at the ceremony. First and foremost Dre earned the money he can light it on fire if he wants to. But his own reasons were simple. He said he grew up 15 minutes away from USC and wanted to create a program that he would have wanted to be in when he was younger. And at the same time provide scholarship money to those in the surrounding area who normally wouldn’t be able to afford to go to USC. And for this we rip and bash him?

    For those who feel he should have donated to a “black” university let me point out 2 undeniable facts about USC that can be looked up easily. USC is the #1 minority employer in Southern CA and USC provides more after school and summer programs for public schools in the area than any other University in the state.

    Why donate to USC? Why not….

    • BibatheDiva

      I appreciate your comments and your perspective. Thank you for sharing. A lot of times people form opinions, but don’t know what it’s like for someone on the inside. I am sure that the program and its benefactor will attract more African American talent.

    • kennesaw1 .

      According to the University and College Accountability Network (U-CAN), only 5 percent of USC students are African-American/Black, so I question the
      effectiveness of any community outreach program it claims to have. As for
      your claim of USC being the “#1 minority employer in southern CA”,
      that figure sounds impressive on the surface, but I’d like to know the
      breakdown in terms of what kind of jobs blacks hold at USC. What
      percentage of their faculty is black? What percentage of their
      tenured professors and administrators are black? If Dre’s money
      actually does something to increase black enrollment and/or black employment (at the professional level ) at USC, then I might consider giving him a pass. Otherwise, I’d just say he (and we) got played.

      You would never catch a Mormon giving money to Morehouse if Brigham Young couldn’t make the rent. You’d never catch a Jewish person donating to Spelman if Brandeis couldn’t pay the light bill . The Koreans control the black hair care field (manufacturing and distribution), in an industry where we are the end users. Many, many other cultures use their money to support their own institutions/communities, and no one seems to mind when THEY do it. It only seems to be a problem when black people try to do the same thing.

    • Vicki Campbell

      USC has an endowment in the billions. While I understand his “intention,” so many OTHER schools in Southern California could have TRULY used the money. If he was truly trying to help, why not help those who really needed the money?

    • L Blake Brown

      Ok… I get it now….

  • Katina

    Like the “hip hop Prez” you did little or no research before writing this article. 70% of your comments are flat out untrue and made up to back your statements. I was at the party and it had nothing to do with USC or USC security yet you use this as an example to back your claims. The LAPD suck and have a history of racial injustice to say the least. The protest on campus which I was apart of and was seen on TV was solely to draw attention to what happened. Yet you clearly paint this picture in your article that somehow USC was committing the crime when it was the LAPD. If it makes you feel better I am black female and attend USC and I notice you dodged that stat as well. You picked and chose stats many which are inaccurate in order to spin this article in favor of Kimbrough who you obviously have a friendship with. Shady journalism at best. I haven’t paid a cent for my education instead I worked my ass off at compton college got the grades then transferred to USC and received full financial aid thanks to guys like Dre who donate to the University. I invite you to come to USC walk across campus at lunch time then tell me USC does nothing for the surrounding community. There are a million kids from the nearby public schools here during summer including my sisters kid who goes to lenecia b weemes elementary school a few blocks away. USC takes her class on campus, tours the school, introduces them to professors and then lays out the groundwork on how to get in. But according to you USC “builds walls” ??????

    • Realnaga


  • brotha_man

    thats a good mutha fugging question. HBCU are becoming a thing of the past. I was supposed to go to clark atlanta but ended up going to the univ. of Minn because it was better for me to stay close to home. I wonder why none of these entertainers and people with means dont donate to historical black colleges? I guess its better to kiss the ass of these jews and white folks than our own. Didnt really care that he donated to USC, util this article.

    • shutdafrtdoor

      This is exactly the stupid shit that keeps the racism engine purring like a kitten. Maybe he should have given it to my people since the rent on this nation is not paid up yet!!?? Quit your bitching and get over it!

      • brotha_man

        this was a old ass post. I got over after i posted my comment….went right to sleep

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  • DeuceSkywalker

    Look around. Do some research. I’m a proud HBCU graduate, with two HBCU graduate parents. I would never donate a dime, nor did I allow either of my you get sisters to even apply to HBCUs. (I hear y’all calling me names, but I am as militant as they come. Take my word.) Same will be said for my my unborn children. WHY!? Because gross administrative misconduct and misallocation of funds has been running ramped in the HBCU community for years. Simple as that. My school still owes me money. They stole from me and just about every other scholarship student I know. Our schools have gone bankrupt, lost accreditation and even closed because of these dishonest financial practices by our schools leadership. My father is rather successful. Remarkably so. He donates to his school, but he is on the board, so he has some say. I am hot on his heels in achievements. I will never, ever donate a dollar to my school unless serious, sweeping changes are made. I say all that to say, MAYBE, Dr. Dre wanted his money to serve a specific purpose near to his heart, and couldn’t be assured by an HBCU that his money would not be misappropriated.

    • BibatheDiva

      I agree with your dad. If you wanna change something, being on the inside helps make that possible.

    • >>Insert whatever vile name / insult makes you feel bad

      *Yeah, I said, & then some.

      On to the response:

      You hot on Pop’z heals & that HBCU helped you.

      Think USC isn’t getting shystie? If they aren’t, it’s because they don’t have too.

      Didn’t have to be 1 school, could have been 35 or 70…or $250K to each HBCU there is, to start the degree. This ‘chet ain’t no different that chief Keef getting booked in a 5 star hotel for smoking a blunt, when the local Mom & pop hotel that was cheaper & needed the $$$, would have had staff that would have smoked with Keef, & then bought his music.

      Epic Fail for Dre’.

      Dr. Boyce ethered him…without even trying.


      “I will never, ever donate a dollar to my school * unless serious, sweeping changes are made.”

      ‘unless serious, sweeping changes are made”
      This is the only redeeming part ^^

      • DeuceSkywalker

        That HBCU didn’t help me do anything. I had to fight the school to just to register for the appropriate classes every single semester. I had to switch my major because the school of business lost its accredidation while I was there. They kept me broke as joke in college, because my net check was always several months late, at best. So while I was busting my hump playing two sports and maintaining a 3.5, my school was doing everything it could to screw me behind closed doors. Even my football team was sanctioned by the NCAA while I was there. The school still owes me 2 net checks. Meanwhile, my friends at the “white” state school across the street got their net checks in advance of each semester. In time to get an apartment, car, etc. My school is known for 4 things: 1) a band that no longer exists 2) being and epic party school (true story. Socially, the time of my life) 3) HAZING in every single organization (even the gospel choir) that is not a joke. 4) stealing their students money.

        I give back to my community in more ways than one. Time, Money and Influence. Even though Dr Dre probably has no clue of these experiences at an HBCU … I honestly believe he did the right thing.

      • “I honestly believe he did the right thing”

        >> In Yoda’s voice : “That is why…(SMDH & Sighs) You fail!”

        The right thing would have been to implement the needed changes to fix HBCU’s.

        I see it as a sucka move. They were doing fine without, and damn sure wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Think about it, Jimmy got the props for that anyway….his daughter graduated from there…..not Dre’s.

    • tt

      ok, why don’t you do something about what’s going on at the hbcu you attended?

    • L Blake Brown

      Finally someone who called them out and state it as plain and experience cannot be denied. I know a 4 year graduate who thinks, talks and acts as if she just graduated from high school. Doesn’t know a dam thing about life and have no idea what her degree prepared her to do in the future. Its a shame that its all about money, status and pledging vice getting these young and impressionable minds ready for an insecure life, future and obstacles.
      I have to wonder if you also realize the money traps and greed by our black church which engages in the same time of money laundering schemes.
      Thank you for your candid statements and shared experience.

      • griot

        Surely you don’t believe they are all like this?

        And please don’t act like just because someone attends a white college they are now mentally on par with Einstein because we all know someone and/or have heard of blacks who attended white schools who don’t know “about life” and have no idea about how their degree can prepare them for the future.

        As a matter of fact, this is one of the problems that many African-Americans face when they attend a HWCU – large portions of them are funnelled into majors that only God knows what they can do with when they graduate.

        You attempt to take one experience out of the hundreds of thousands that people have and say it is the norm. It’s not. If it was, then the schools would be closed because the students would have voted with their dollars and gone other places.

  • BibatheDiva

    I don’t think people HAVE to give to HBCU’s, but I wish they would.

  • gomer_1

    I don’t think he should have donated to a black, brown, white, yellow, green, purple or whatever kind of college. He should of gave out 35 million worth of scholarships.

  • Reblogged this on DopeSpot.

  • It’s not Dre’s money. and it is also not Dre’s decision.
    His boss Jimmy Iovine made that decision.
    And a donation is always a good way to make your
    own choice. Either you do charity or you pay taxes.

    In this case it’s a great marketing plan.

    • chinuex

      We all know about their tax debts/issues, but how many Black artists have given sizable amounts to HBCUs?

  • tt

    reading this hurts so much. as an hbcu alum, i’m sickened when i read a story like this. i don’t understand why a black person w/that much money would overlook those who look like himself in order to help those who don’t need his money nor do they give a damn about those who look like him. sure he can do what he wants w/his money, but it would be nice if blacks would stick together & help each other like whites, hispanics, asians & the rest who help their own first. in situations like this it just reiterates the saying that we don’t stick together in order to move forward. sorry, but those saying that it’s cool & great that he gave $35 million to a racist institution sound like a bunch of idiots who also go around saying, “come on, get over it, it’s 2013 & the world is wonderful because racism no longer exists. gtfohwtbs!

    • Guest

      racist institution,..wtf have you been smokin USC is up at the top of list that employs and brings in scholarships for black students and athletes..atleast do some research before you try labeling ppl or places racist without knowing WTF your talkin about.

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  • Vicki Campbell

    Dre has never pretended to care about anyone but himself.

    I won’t dismiss what is obviously an attempt to expand his brand. I also don’t necessarily concur — as both the wife and mother of HBCU grads – with it automatically being given to a HBCU.

    But so many other kids would have benefitted from donating that money elsewhere:

    Full 4 year scholarships (at least 300 kids, even more if given for in-state schools)
    Laptops for low income and poor children (at least 17,500 for high end machines, even more if basic models)
    Demanding (socioeconomic and racial) diversity at USC with scholarships supporting changes to student admissions policies.
    Music lessons to go along with those (overpriced) Beats headphones…

    Yeah — it’s his money. But it’s just a shame he couldn’t do more with it.

  • Kriss Kinney

    matter what good a person does, it is never good enough for some
    people. I applaud him for his donation. Yes, it is a college for all
    races and all races have put money in his pockets so I see no reason to
    exonerate them from his donation. It was his money to give and what he
    chose to do with it was donate to education! Get em Dre!

    • Victoria Denise Wynn

      it is more than that. That school is filthy rich and Dr. Dre’s donation like the article said was nothing more than a penny to them. Coming from a black community with all odds against you because you are black (and in my case black AND female) it is hard to become successful because you are looked down upon so much for your skin color. Your education is worse than anyone else’s and you don’t get the materials needed in your school.

      This is a big deal because when you beat the odds and succeed as a black person, you really thrive, and with that thriving money, you can be helping people get out of poverty, get a better education, and materials for school, HECK even work towards a better community outside of education and poverty. $70 million is a lot and the fact that it went to a school that already had money it sucks.

      Think of it this way. It’s like if a poor woman has a child with a man and he leaves her. That same man goes and has a child with a woman who has money and who is either rich or lives comfortably without a care, not worried about providing for her child. Then that man gives the financially stable woman money instead of the poor woman. What is the point? She already has money.

      And that is what Dr. Dre did in terms of a school. There are schools and communities that need that money more! True it was to a good cause but those people have enough money and ironically they don’t care enough about black people. Their white student to black student admission ratio is compared to 200:1 respectively (not real numbers but just an example.)

      The least he can do is give back to his fans or his community!

  • Eileen Russell

    I can hardly wait for Dr. Dre’s response, but until then it is safe to assess and assume that the money was part of another profit making venture( Dr.Dre Beats featuring USC colors, Dr. Dre Music Room, Dre Dre box seats,etc..) Further demonstrating the wealthy no matter what group they come from, what race, what socio-economic upbringing will do anything to secure they shall be able to continue to worship the one thing they love above everything and all things; MONEY!!!

  • harrietlawrence

    So what we are saying is that kids like my niece who attend a school like USC with a high underrepresented minority group don’t merit the consideration? There are a lot of kids who are on campus who are first generation college. Perhaps getting donations like this will help the minority students establish more clout on campus. Even better, USC has a large global population and we need to encourage students to live in the world they’re about to inherit. I’m a fan of HBC’s but good grief, those aren’t the only schools our children are attending.

    • chinuex

      Well put.

    • griot

      No those kids do merit the consideration because they are trying to get a degree. All we are saying is that there are other students who deserve equal consideration; and too often it seems as if they are forgtotten.

      FYI – Administrators are now finding out that large portions of the students who attend HBCUs come from environments reflective of the global population and they have lived in the world that they are about to inherit.

      More specifically, HBCUs are beginning to see an influx of students coming from predominantly white high schools and/or other environments where they were in the minority.

      These students select HBCUS because they just want to know what it’s like to be in an environment where race has been removed from the equation (because the majority of students are the same color) and where assumptions aren’t made about their level of intelligence or their ability just because of the color of their skin.

      It’s a really, cool experience to walk into a place where you say “I was this, this and this in high school” (thinking you’re special) and then each of the people that you’re talking to who happen to be your same race say “So were we . . . what else you got?” Then you walk into a classroom and the prof is black and they bring in an expert to speak on a subject or the President of a company and they happen to be black. It’s just a really cool environment and it gives you this pride that is often diminished in those whose only insight into our communities is the neighborhood where they live, what they see on the news and a few days in February.

      In addition, you also seem to forget that many of the HBCUs send their students to HWCUs for graduate school so the students do get that experience that you talk of, but they go in with a deep intrinsic knowledge of who they are and what they are capable of based on the shoulders they stand on.

      • harrietlawrence

        I understand. I really do. But it just seems like it is the nature of our people that when one of us does something good, and in a major “pond” the criticism flies.

        Again – what Dr. Dre did was get us in the game in an environment where money talks. No one underestimates the need for HBCU’s to have funding and support. But the vitriole at a person who has every right to do with his or her own funds what may benefit our people in a different way, seems misplaced.

        The “internal” fighting and the need to “call out” our own in public (especially when the action is a positive one) makes it easier for others to dismiss us as the stereotype that says we’ll turn on each other.

        USC is doing amazing things with students of color. It is taking increasing amounts of students who are first generation. So it seems hollow to suggest that the ONLY place for our funds is an HBC. Yes – it is valid that many students want to study on a campus where race is taken out of the equation. And certainly I take people to task if they imply that an HBC makes the student “less than.” Some stunning talent is coming out of those schools.

        However, there are other students who are looking to take on the challenge in a different, often tougher, environment. No choice is wrong – just individual for each person.

        Having said that. This shouldn’t be an either or, but perhaps a “both.” Perhaps those who are outraged can pool their funds and create a similar or larger endowment at the college of their choice. That’s the real truth of empowerment. Not dictating how someone else should direct their gifts, but use the example to create similar resources at an HBC.

      • griot

        I have never said that the ONLY place for our funds is an HBCU. I actively support BOTH. In addition, I know of several students from HBCUs that have graduated from and/or are in USC’s graduate programs.

        I am a firm believer that students benefit from having both experiences the HBCU and the HWCU not just one or the other.

        Head to the other story about this on this site, where the announcement was first made (waaay before this editorial was posted) and you’ll see that I supported his donation while also wishing that HBCUs could get the same thing (I copied my original comment below).

        I was in favor of “both” then and “both” now.

        In short, I agree that it shouldn’t be an either or but perhaps as you said a both. and where you propose that “those who are outraged pool their funds and create a similar or larger endowment” (which is cool) I propose >:) that Dr. Dre and others who are more likely to have to that type of cash join us in that endeavor. >:)

        To put it simply, his next donation needs to be to an HBCU!!! We are the ones that are most often forgotten.

        Have a great Memorial Day and I sincerely wish nothing but the best to your niece as she pursues her degree at USC. Also, make sure you tell her the same thing I tell my students when things get tough “Hard doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it just means it takes more time.” So if she has a class that she classifies as “hard”. Tell her all she needs to do is give it more (study) time!!! There is nothing that she can’t figure out if she puts enough time into it!! I will also add her to my list of students that I pray for daily as they attempt to navigate all that the world throws at them!!

        Have a good one!


        (My original comment on this site when the announcement was first made)

        “Now this is giving back! Kudos to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. I wish more wealthy entertainers and athletes would step-up and support educational institutions especially the HBCU’s”.

        “Those schools consistently do more with less. It would be great to give them the opportunity to do more with more. ” . . .

        “Imagine what Morehouse, Spelman, Howard, and Hampton could have done with $17.5 million apiece.” . . .

        “In addition, there are hundreds of kids that are having to walk away from these colleges without completing an education because they and their families don’t have the money and/or because of the changes to
        PLUS loans. That money could have kept some kids in college.”

        “Oh well, whatever the case, I like the concept and am very proud whenever African-Americans write large checks to educational institutions! Will keep my fingers crossed and hope that this inspires others to support HBCU’s and the students that attend them!”

        “Guess I’ll put more Beats by Dre products on my gift list!!”

  • harrietlawrence

    Shonda Rhimes (Greys Anatomy, Scandal) is a USC grad. They do right by their alumni. Dr. Dre’s money is going to help a lot of potential stars at a school with the clout to move some mountains.

    • Adrienne

      Well that’s ONE…do you know of any others????

      • chinuex

        The real question is how many artists have given this type of money to HBCUs?

  • Sundeana Johnson

    I would like to applaude Dr. Dre’s charity, yet I find it very offensive that the very people who put him where he is he forgets. Why? I am just amazed at his actions I hope that he does have plans to help his own race who so deperately need it, these other colleges do not have near as much finanical need as the Black Colleges here in the United States. Does money change a person you say or does it make them forget what there struggle was?

    • chinuex

      This donation, to create this type of program may encourage African Americans to strive for academic excellence andenroll at USC.

      • mikelawry5

        They can strive to enroll, but the likelihood of them being accepted is LESS than 1 in 5 unless they can dribble, throw or run. The money won’t be used to defray the already prohibitive cost of attendance for the less fortunate.


    It that’s man money he can spend it as he pleases everyone watching someone else’s pockets on that blog… Hell don’t worry about DRE u folks send some money to black college then put up or shut up

  • E. Thomas

    Why would Dre give a HBCU school HIS money when he could give it to a school near where he grew up at…the “real” people who supported him from the beginning of his career? I mean….USC is not in Compton, but it’s closer to Dre’s community than any of the HBCU’s. Worry about your own money and not someone else’s.

    • mikelawry5

      USC may be closer geographically speaking, however, it’s light years away culturally and politically, compare with the peoples and institutions of HBCU’s. It’s not so much that I worry about his money as it is I wonder about a loyalty to a community that has supported his career when a lot of the faculty and administrators of USC were protesting and denouncing rap in general, and his group in particular.

  • Adrienne

    I’m perplexed as to why this guy would do this!!! No reason for his madness!! The cost for a 4-year degree at Howard Univ is about 80K. Imagine how many scholarships his 30 million could have furnished!!! 🙁

  • Victor Irving Jenkins

    This question is a symptom of what is wrong the thinking of some. Perhaps Dr. Dre does not see himself as a black person first and does not allow his race to define him. The reason there existed a black America in the first place was that there was an underclass of victims that needed strength and the only way they could get that strength was by bonding together economically. None of them had anything individually so the got together and produced more collectively than they could had they all been for themselves. The fact that people like Dr. Dre exists is an indication that that class of victims no longer. But some still insists on asking for something when all of us are now free to go out and get what we want just like Dr. Dre did. I am not a fan of Dr. Dre as many others aren’t but Dr. Dre flew in the face of convention and got over all the obstacles of stinkin’ thinkin’ criticism and cultural mores to achieve his wealth. I am sure that he long ago got over the comments of others who disapprove of many things he as done including some of the lyrics of his music. It would be more helpful for anyone individually who would study him and see how he achieves his wealth and try to do the same. And as far as giving money to colleges, do colleges really ever help anyone achieve the kind of wealth Dr. Dre has? Did Dr. Dre go to college even? It is high time that all people start to use their ability to think their way to success rather than looking to some outside source for finances. Realize that as a people, black Americans no longer need the the strength afforded them in unity because we are no longer victims of the kind of institutional racism that plagued us during my college days.

    • griot

      Remember college isn’t just about the things you learn in class. It’s also about the people you meet and the experiences you have for which the college serves as the foundation.

      It is the ENTIRE collegiate experience that people refer to when discussing college.

      That entire collegiate environment often serves as an incubator for ideas.
      It gives students a chance to meet others who are like-minded that they might not have met otherwise. It gives them a chance to run their ideas by experts (the ones in the front of class and the ones that visit the school). It gives them a chance to stand on their own two feet (away from the support of the family and friends who have known them for years).

      And most importantly, college gives people a safe environment to figure out what goals they may want to pursue in the future and to decide who they want to be while giving them the training to do it.

      For example, Google was a research project that the two founders worked on while at Stanford while getting their Ph.D’s. Their professors helped them flesh out the idea and (I think) also helped them with initial funding.

      Re: “And as far as giving money to colleges, do colleges really ever help anyone achieve the kind of wealth Dr. Dre has?”

      You’re kidding right?

      Colleges seem to have help these individuals achieve their wealth.
      -The Google Founders (Stanford) – Google made $24 billion last year
      -Oprah Winfrey (Tennesee State University)
      -Sean Combs (Howard)

      In addition, there are only one or two NBA players that have gone straight from high school to college. The rest gained access to the NBA through COLLEGE and the same goes on for the NFL.

      In addition, a telling sign is that many of those who have wealth, but may not have completed their education, encourage their family members to attend college and to also give back.

      If college wasn’t worth it, then why do the wealthy continue to support it.

      Only in the African-American community has the dialogue recently changed to “College isn’t for everyone.” “You don’t really need college to get ahead.” “They did it without college and so can you.” and that is sad.

    • MindFire

      You are severely underestimating the continued impact of institutional racism in this country. It is completely valid to question Dr. Dre’s decision to donate to a predominately White school in the face of continued Black plight and educational struggle. As similarly stated in the article, other races simply don’t behave this way. This is the equivolent of Shaq buying DONALD TRUMP a $400 thousand dollar Rolls Royce (this really happend fyi). SImply ridiculous…There are other occasions where wealthy African Americans have donated large sums of money to institutions that rarely pay attention to, hire, or admit African Americans. Put simply, can you explain this phenomenon? Can you explain why you don’t see this with other races of people? Doesn’t charity start at home? It simply does not make sense….further, if you truly believe that institutional racism is not a major issue anymore try at looking statistics related to wage disparity, employment disparities, loan interest rate disparities, court sentencing disparities, educational allocation disparities, etc…You simply are not making any sense and to have the ability to overlook the disappointing reality of Dr. Dre’s donation is flabergasting!…WOW

      • Victor Irving Jenkins

        The key statement in your piece is…”if you believe….” and that overrides everything including our race. Your assertion that I am not making any sense results purely from what you believe already. I am willing to live with your take on what I say and hope you can live with mine. I leave you with a quote that I like to use in cases like this. I am not sure of its origin but it runs true independent of everything else. “To those that believe, proof is unnecessary and to those that do not believe, proof is impossible.” I believe my assertions are dead on and you believe yours are. I will not taint yours one way or the other.

      • MindFire

        Understoond. I respect your perspective. I do however make a distinction between “belief” based on blind faith or ignorance, and belief based in quantitative/qualitative research and the collective experiences of a people. My beliefs stem from the ladder, and I would challenge you to look over the statistics and research related to racism in our contemporary society. With this said, Dr. Dre’s actions are questionable at the very least and downright “Uncle Tom” like via a more harsh assessment.

      • Victor Irving Jenkins

        Perhaps this form of communication does not foster the type of consensus I look for in spirited dialogue. Maybe a face to face or a telephone conversation will get closer to a meeting of the minds for I do know that like myself, you are a good man. Feel free to call me at 916.230.9555.

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  • RAMBO90S


  • griot

    The main thing is this. Dr. Dre donated to education which is something that we don’t see many athletes and entertainers do that often and I applaud that. I also get
    why he would donate to USC (re:program that he wished he had access to; it’s in
    his neighborhood, etc.) – great!.

    I just wish that a donation of that amount would be made to the colleges that have
    graduated THOUSANDS of African-Americans that have supported him.

    I don’t think many of you understand how hard it is nowadays for a black kid to pay for a college education.

    I know of kids who take 18 hours of classes AND work 40 hours a week (nites,
    weekends,etc) just to pay for school.

    Did you hear the story of one of the students that Obama highlighted during his Commencement Speech at Morehouse?

    This kid was in college in Ohio, found out his girlfriend was pregnant and moved back to Georgia to be with her. He then enrolled at Morehouse. He sold newspapers, buffed floors at the local hospital and held tons of other jobs in an attempt to get an education, support his girlfriend (who is now his wife) and his kids.

    This kid needed some help. He eventually pulled it out, but why did it have to be so

    And I guess that’s my point.

    Sure Dr. Dre can donate to USC. It’s his money, but it sure would be nice if he ALSO gave a donation to a school (or schools) that consistently and continuously support and provide opportunities for those who have the same background he does?

    Without a doubt the set of schools that has produced more African-American graduates are the HBCUs.They have produced THOUSANDS.

    He** Morehouse also graduated a father and son duo on Sunday. What HWCUs do you see supporting African-American males like that?

    During his speech (and I hate to keep going back to it, but I thought it was that good), Obama also highlighted another student there who was taken from his mother by social services and then given to his grandmother who then died and he subsequently ended up in foster care. On Sunday, that student graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Morehouse and his next stop is Harvard Law School.

    Don’t want to continually recite the speech and praise Morehouse, but the thing I love about it, is that it provides great examples of what HBCU’s do for their students and that’s what I wish more black athletes and entertainers would support – that is,
    giving those who support them the opportunity to have a better life like those
    same people have given them.

    Check the graduation rates of African-Americans at the HWCU’s AND check their majors. A lot of African-Americans that go to HWCUs don’t graduate or they end up being funneled into some crazy major and/or a major with no revenue potential. We won’t even talk about how the HWCUs use up their African-American athletes (USC being one of them) and subsequently produce atrociously low graduation rates for

    Given what I saw on Sunday – 500 black men getting their college degrees and being tasked with not only looking out for themselves, but their communities – I am now a major Morehouse fan and I just wonder what a school like that (one that has done so much with limited funds) would do if they had received the $70 million? The programs they could create, the scholarships they could give . . .ijs

  • griot

    From The New York Times

    “The music moguls, who founded the wildly popular Beats headphone business, are giving $70 million to the University of Southern California to create a degree that blends business, marketing, product development, design and liberal arts. . . .

    “It came out of us trying to find people to work for us,” Mr. Iovine said.

    They hope that the program will supply not only future employees for
    Beats’ current business, but also for a new venture, a streaming music
    service, Beats Music, that is expected to make its debut later this

    Mr. Iovine compared their thinking to the approach to a typical business problem of “how do we make the best product?”

    “In this case,” he said, “the kids are the product.”

    My thoughts – Cool concept. Love the thinking. Understand the logic. I just think their execution needs just onnnnne more layer. . . . In sum, they could have easily done the same thing in Atlanta (@Morehouse/Spelman) or D.C.(Howard). Atlanta def has a strong entertainment and music scene. Maybe the next donation will go to one of these schools!

    • edubbs23

      he’s not from atlanta or dc.. he’s from LA! he’s never left, why would he now? everything is based in his area!

      • griot

        If his money came from only LA, you’d have a stronger point, but you know and I know that he didn’t make his money just from the LA market. He made his money from students all across the United States. I just mentioned Atlanta and LA because the NYTImes article mentioned the goals of his donation; and I was simply trying to point out that he could have easily done the same thing (set up an Academy) at an HBCU..

        Here’s the thing – I’m glad he did this (donated to USC). I just wish that the next time he donates it is to an HBCU and I wish other athletes and entertainers would do the same.

        Today’s students are hurting for cash and it really bothers me to see these kids trying and trying to make things happen for themselves and their families with no help. I just wish they could get a break.

      • Chirpy

        “He made his money from students all across the United States.” + 85% of sales coming from White buyers = Why HBCU? I understand and would have prefered to see an HBCU get the money, but your logic falls off a bit.

    • chinuex

      Why go into another backward, when you can do it in your own? I wonder how many other artists would have co-donated with him or have just donated period to an HBCU?

  • griot

    Have a question.- was reading somewhere else and it said that one reason that Dre may not have donated to an HBCU is that “he probably didn’t know about them. There are none in California.” and several people agreed.

    My question is this – how do you not know about HBCUs?

    • Kevin Wortham

      I find that hard to believe. I’m sure he’s performed or at the very least been invited to an HBCU for its Homecoming when he first began his rap career. So I’m pretty sure he knew that they existed.

  • Eli Pinilla

    How many white people go to black colleges?!?! Spanish?!?! Indian?!?! Jewish?!?!? He is doing it, in partnership with his white partner, to start a degree that creates employees for them….they want every kind of person, usc is more diverse than any black college or spanish or indain school….

    • Guest

      good point

      • griot

        And how many black students go to white colleges? What are the stats at USC? I’ve checked the stats and if you eliminate the student athletes (football, basketball, track, etc.) and the black students attending their graduate programs (which often include students that went to undergrad at an HBCU) then the numbers aren’t that great.

      • Guest

        thats the thing..its not labeled white or black colleges in all my college convos ive had with many people not ones have i heard or said white or black college this or that..black people are all over that school not for sports…if anything dr dres program will help bring more black kids to a school like that ..esp with dr dre cosign

      • griot

        Okaaay. Surely you know that people of all races (and even the manuals that help students evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the different colleges and their programs) have different classifications that they use for colleges – public & private, male & female, military, liberal arts, deaf, catholic,etc. with another one being black or HBCU (which does not mean ALL black, it just means it is historically black and was set up during segregation) and HWCU or PWI (which means historically white institution).

        The race-based classifications came into play due to the educational opportunities that were denied Af-Ams during segregation.

        FYI – Up until the 1950’s in the state of Virginia, the colleges would not allow African-Americans to go to their schools, but instead they would pay for them to go out of state. Several individuals had to endure that including Douglas Wilder.

        One more thing – Re: “black people are all over that school not for sports”

        I don’t believe you.

        All you have to do is check the stats ON USC’s OWN WEBSITE. The most recent admitted class had about 3000 with 6% of them being black. Um – that’s about 180 people Af Ams in their freshmen class. That is the size of a small high school class and if you take out all of the freshmen football recruits, freshmen basketball recruits, track recruits, what do you have?

        “All over that school not for sports.” Nope. Not USC

      • harrietlawrence

        This issue isn’t why so few – the issue is why our public schools leave our children academically inadmissable from the get go. USC has pretty high stats and most of our kids aren’t even in that ballpark.

        I few years I published admissions requirements for the local school district – at the time Morehouse posted that chances of admissions below a 25 ACT was low. Now that stat is gone from the website, likely because our kids are up against students in good school districts who focus on college admissions and not passing some “darn” state exam.

        If the HBCU’s had similar standards, we’d be outraged because so many minority kids would be turned away. Before we “knock” USC, we need to understand they are taking the top students world-wide. Our local school district stopped “tracking” its grads when it became clear that many didn’t get past the first or second year of college (any where). And the local non-profit which mentors students from 6th grade was seeing the same results. It’s not race that is the issue or inability to fit in, it’s lack of preparation before they even start their applications.

        I understand the need for HBCU’s. I grew up in the era where we had few opportunities. But good grief, the education our kids are getting K-12 pales to what we received. Maybe, just maybe, we should start there.

    • Guest

      @jmkhl88 And how many black students go to white colleges?

    • mikelawry5

      Not really. If the stat in the article is to be believed, the acceptance rate for backs is less than 5 percent. Most of those are athletes. If they wanted diversity, they sure picked the wrong school. I’m sure your more likely to find the next Dr. dre. at an hbcu than usc.

  • Eli Pinilla


  • jsj23

    haven’t been on this for a while, but now that I am back, nothing much has changed. Blacks still don’t get it. Dre don’t get it! Start at home first then help others. History teaches us this (if people pay attention to history). He should have started with the Black colleges first. That same talent and qualifications he seeks at SCU can be found in the Black colleges. But we don’t have faith in each other. I would rather die furthering my people with whatever money, skill, I’ve got. Make the sacrifices now for your people. This is something many of you will realize as you get older.

    • chinuex

      Everyone is not in your mindset. For Dr. Dre USC is home, his community.

  • edubbs23

    this argument is skewed..

  • D-Jeezy

    I understand the argument but why criticize Dr. Dre for not donating to a HBCU when HBCUs have trouble getting their own alumni members to donate? Also let’s not forget the troubling instances of some HBCUs misappropriating funds for scholarships, financial aid, and other resources that were deemed for students. Examples of misappropriated funds include HBCUs such as Grambling, Prairie View, Clark, Southern, and Bethune Cookman to name a few.

    My thing is before you jump on Dr. Dre, first criticize the people who graduated from your university and are successful but have refused to give back.

    • chinuex

      WELL SAID!

    • ShazzNem

      Rubbish, those who have graduated don’t earn at Dr. Dre’s level. This is about Dr. Drey’s consideration of the importance of education for his own people compared to his colleagues’ – it’s not an offer he should have taken, makes him now look quite unintelligent -simple. To whom much is given..

  • chinuex

    I am just curious, how many rappers, hip-hop artist, r&b, etc. have donated sizable amounts (10% of earnings) to HBCUs? Specifically, the one’s that were raised in HBCU communities – Lil Wayne, T.I., JD, Nelly, Luda, Outkast, Usher, etc.? That is research that I would like to view.

    • ShazzNem

      typical response. How about CALLING on this list of Artistes TO BEGIN DONATING to the HBCU’s and let their PR Managers educated you and us if they have? This is an important article about the focus of the so called richest tho clearly not best among us coloured people.

  • Robin Usher

    This is pretty idiotic.

  • Guest

    i usually cant stand activists for any topic that just go overboard on critizing things thats none of their business but this one makes sense.. USC is just loaded. from sport talent to graduation rate.. why not give that money to a poorer college and help them jumpstart with a brand new music department that might enlist more students in there.

    usually activists just bring up issues with no intelligence behind why they are making a big deal out of crumbs..this ones legit. but then again it is dr dres money to deal with and donating at all deserves respect

    i agree with the person below who said why would he donate to a college where its all races instead of just 1 race..sets out a broader example being that its a highend school maybe more black kids will be tempted to enroll to that music program in the high end school…

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Your comment I agree 100%. The guy above Jeff has no fking clue! Why would I give a school that is racist and loaded with money my money. Black colleges could use that they enrollment rates is many times less. Makes sense what the brother said. Dre is a slave tool!

  • Jeff

    Be grateful for what YOU have! Don’t hate of Dre for what he did. He has no connection to you. Just because someone has money and something ethereal in common with you does not mean that he owes you his money. His greater connection, in his mind, is where he sent HIS money. Keep it moving and solicit YOUR ALUMNI and don’t disparage a giver because you weren’t the recipient.

  • Juan Spin Serrano

    i see their point on why dre should give to a black collage but people need to understanf dre is no longer in connection with black america. he is jimmy Lovine’s little monkey. he does what he is told. T the same time dont just throw Dre under the bus. at least he made a donation towards education. Put all Black Celebrities on blast. what are these rappers giving? NOTHING!. i have never seen any money from any celebrity charity in my neighborhood. Pac said it charity money doesnt make it to the hood.

    • Casor_Greener

      whose monkey are you?

      • Samuel Walker

        What makes him his monkey? That’s a ridiculous statement.

  • Joyce

    The question the complainers should ask themselves “what gives me the right to TELL anyone how to spend their money.”

    I never hear complaints about the UNCF giving dollars to non-Blacks. Lets ask ourselves another major question about OUR spending, why do Blacks spend 83-billion dollars in non-Black stores, movies facilities, restaurants, and more.

    Parents [Blacks] will spend $150 on tennis shoes, weaves, nails, and more (for the childrens) but not on a college fund when babies are born? At any bank, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles can start and EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNT with $20; even more, there are NO taxes to pay when the money is withdrawn for the child’s education.

    You never heard whining during the 20’s to 70’s about money for education, money spent on BLACK colleges. Whites ran the majority of Black Colleges until the late 30’s.

    Jeff says it best in his comment: “Be grateful for what YOU have! Don’t hate of Dre for what he did. He has no connection to you.”

    • Build an Empire

      Well, in general Black people have not legitimized ourselves and our institutions. We continuously look to white people for validation of our progress instead building up our own standard. Dr. Dre yes can do what ever he pleases with his money, but He is missing an opportunity to build something original for his people. It shouldnt be a charity thing, but a great idea. “Lets create a vehicle to put black kids in executive positions in the music industry and lets do it in one of our institutions, Something that we have ownership in”. Remember all of these top Universities in this country were built by wealthy people who gave back to their people. We are the only ones who don’t seem to get this concept. It’s not an every man for himself world. We all need each other. No one reaches success by themselves, no matter what they say. There was always assistance from someone else. You can barely get something as simple as a job without knowing someone. No man is an island

  • Joyce

    Just a quick note: the UNCF give money to non-Blacks too.

  • Pro Deezy

    Im pretty sure that Dre can do what ever the fuk he want with his money.. Right??.. and im pretty sure that USC is not just a “White” school.. there are a ton of different kids with different races and backgrounds that attend…so black ppl need to stop bitching about “rich white folk” and get the fuk off ur ass and enroll in the program that they started and go make some legal money doing something positive shit!.. Im not from this country, and it would be an honor to be part of the programs Jimmy n Dre have begun.. Jus cause Dre is from a black culture, doesn’t mean everything he do has to specifically go back to black people.. if you forgot, there is over 8 billion people in the world.. not all black.. Going off Dre’s public persona, I bet he’s taken care of a great deal of african american communities. All though I respect the view, perspective, and opinion, Dont be ignorant and just be happy that a couple of powerful music moguls are doing something positive for a large community..

  • Katina

    I want to point out a few things. First I am biased. Black female and a Trojan.

    Kimbrough wrote this whole article blasting Dre without ever hearing Dre’s speech on why he gave to USC. Kimbrough admits he wrote it “based on a blurb across my twitter feed”. This is ridiculous for him to make any comment without research.

    I was there. Dre gave his reasons. He grew up 15 minutes from USC. He wanted to create a program that he would have wanted to be a part of growing up. And provide a chunk of the money to go to scholarships for kids in the surrounding area not based on grades but on creative potential.

    USC is the #1 private minority employer in the state of CA and #1 minority employer in Socal. USC is the #1 university in the state in regards to after school programs and summer programs for public schools almost all of which are in a 10 mile radius of the campus.

    The black summer business leadership program which USC sponsors has a 100% success rate in getting kids into a 4 year school.

    USC finances several magnate schools neighboring the university.

    USC has been pushed to move to Malibu near Peperdine several times over the last 3 decades. They did a study saying it would cripple south LA as the amount of money USC pours into the neighboring community coupled with the amount of people employed by USC from the area would be devastating. So USC has continuously said no.

    Kimbrough should follow USC’s lead if he needs money. Build up Dillard’s Career services dept. so when students graduate they have jobs in place and thus more expendable cash to donate. And build up Dillard’s development staff to go out and get the money.

    • harrietlawrence

      Well said. Was very impressed at how hard USC works to make sure students of color have opportunities. The black alumni network appears very strong there.

      So funny that Dr. Dre is criticized for doing something positive but we don’t go after other African Americans who don’t contribute at all.

    • Casor_Greener

      Yep, too many brothers hating for no reason. I wouldn’t give my first donation to a black college simply because oft he fact I didn’t go to one.

      The again, I wouldn’t give a dime to TCU either. I would establish a fund for scholarships though

    • Walter M. Kimbrough

      Fact check: The whole article does not blast Dre. No attack on his character or him personally. And I quote (correctly): “A hip-hop icon is now the new black higher-ed philanthropy king. We’ve never seen a donation to rival this from any black celebrity — musician, athlete or actor — and that fact must be celebrated.”

      Fact check: Kimbrough admits he wrote it “based on a blurb across my twitter feed”. Please show me where I used the phrase you quoted.

      This is what I wrote: “I was in Detroit preparing to give a speech last week when the news came across my Twitter feed: “Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine donate $70 million to USC to create new degree.” As one of the first university presidents from the hip-hop generation, I had to stop and read the story immediately.”

      As you well know, Twitter has links which allow you to click to read the story. So when I wrote I read the story I assumed the reader understands that I clicked to the story. In fact, there is no way I could given the details I shared just from 140 characters.

      All the points that you mentioned why he gave I agree with and actually explained WHY he gave the gift to USC. BUT I asked what happens when a gift of that size is given to a school with low income students, or one where $35 million is transformation. I used an HBCU because that’s where I am president.

      But what if he gave the $35 M to El Camino College Compton Center? The community colleges in CA are really struggling. State money is vanishing which hurts those students. $1.5B in budget cuts have turned 600,000 students away from community colleges. Note- they didn’t go to USC.

      Also, don’t get caught in the spin about largest minority employer. Go through the data like I have. If you go to IPEDS which captures all higher ed data, you will see that USC has only 26 tenured Black faculty out of 1,128, or 2.3%, and only 13 Black tenure track faculty out of 290, or 4.5%. The combined percentage is below the percentage of students who attend (except revenue sports).
      But blacks make up 18.3% of clerical jobs at USC, and 20% of maintenance jobs. Underrepresented in high paying jobs, overrepresented in low paying jobs.

      • John Q Public

        I disagree. The article most certainly attacks Dre, if not directly. The gist of the article “Why did Dre give money to white people.” That is so incredibly biased and ignorant on the part of the author. He is implying Dre turned his back. Sounds like an attack to me.

      • Michael J. Davis

        of course blacks are going to be in lower paying positions,when so many blacks drop out of high school in comparison to other races, African Americans have the lowest percentage of degree attainment. The same thing with Latinos. The reason why Asians have higher paying jobs is because they get higher paying degree’s. Blacks are in lower positions at every corporation,hell even BET’s IT department is 50% non black

      • GlennBeckett

        An article calling someone an uncle Tom in so many words is a bit of an attack… HBCUs around the country are running out of money and/or turning into degree factories partly because their insular nature does not adequately prepare students for an increasingly diverse professional world. Dr. Dre is doing students a favor by funding a school that better reflects the dynamics of a wider world.

    • Michael

      I agree with this.Look where he grew up.
      I went to Univ of MD.Even I didnt- I grew up literally 10 mins from the campus.I could walk there if I wanted to.
      If I had millions of $ i’d probably donate to them rather than Howard or Morgan.

  • 86Jordan

    The bus has already sailed for Dre. I’m sure USC has been working on Dre and Jimmy for years and promised them a naming of a hall, building, or something. This is how that game is played, it’s sold with thoughts of legacy. So we really don’t know the details of why Dre did it other then it will be a huge tax write off. Instead of bitching and complaining after-the-fact and moving on, some HBCU’s need to hit Bill Cosby up and make sure they are in his estate will or work on him to donate to them. Bill might be able to give them 30-50 mill easy since his estimated worth is 350 million. Let’s see if they will do some action or just bitch and complain over Dre’s donation. Bill went to Temple, but he’s all ways talking about the state of the black community. The HBCU’s were featured on the Cosby show and the spinoff A Different World, so try him to see if he’s real or not and will back it up with some money. He could afford to give to Temple and HBCU’s. He can’t take that money with him to death.

    • DuBois

      Cosby gave 20 million dollars to Spelman years ago.

  • jsj23

    Seeing that this thread is open and having read all heretofore comments, I will put forth a brief excerpt from my thoughts on this matter. First, I want to make clear that this is intended for the African-American, that is, the descendants of American born/bred slaves, who have an extensive history dating past 400 years on American soil. Let’s not confuse African-American with Black. I purposely draw the distinction of African-American from Black, because Black tends to reflect skin color rather than culture and ethnicity. While African-Americans are Black, not all Blacks are African-American, culturally speaking. You may ask, why the emphasis so early, well this will become apparent when I discuss Caribbeans and Africans, who in my view are not African-Americans, but Black, and who are suffering from a type of neurosis common among people who share our skin color. They like to enjoy the benefits of the African-American identity, but, but lack our courage and dislike our ways (this type of neurosis is exemplified in the likes of Obama, Tiger Woods, Derrick Jeter, Drake among countless others). But, again, I will save this for a thread dedicated to dissecting Black and African-American. Let’s now turn to Dre, who is by my definition African-American…Darn it!…My time is up, I must learn to type faster…Stay tuned for more on this…Sorry but I am confined! I will return…My voice must be heard. Power to my people!

    • Ace

      Yes their is a difference between Africans, carribeans and African-Americans. And this is it, most African kids know their roots and their close family members are probably in Africa while most African Americans have never been to Africa, they despise African culture,they make fun of the culture and adapt the white man culture. Once you deny your culture your lost, look at the jews and any other people on this planet, regardless of what part of the world they in they can even be the 4th generation but they always live by their origin culture but unfortunately the only race that doesn’t do that is the African Americans. They tend to know recent history of 100 yrs but not the full history and it’s a shame. They lost their identinty.

  • t.a.

    If 85% of rap music is bought by white people, then Dr. Dre did give back to those who supported his career.

    • Realnaga


  • Chuck Mission

    If that’s the case, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and every other rapper should be investing in the youth that has supported them. At least Dre donated financially to a university as opposed to seeing him (literally like every other rapper) flaunting six figures worth of jewelry, exotic cars, or stacks of money being tossed at the local strip club, and being advertised on every social network like it’s the thing to do.

  • Samuel Walker

    First, It is his money. He can and will continue to do whatever he pleases with the money because it is in fact HIS. Second, there are plenty of African Americans who attend and graduate from USC. That is a huge amount of money given towards EDUCATION! That is the most important fact about this “situation”. Why must we as African Americans always find something to nit pick at when ever a fellow African American does something. This is just a sophisticated “Crabs in a barrel” case. Why are you even asking him about what he does with his money? If you have an issue then why don’t you take it upon yourself to A) Give money back to these HBCUs, or B) create a fundraiser to give money to these HBCUs. HBCUs are not the only institution that offer education to African Americans. My whole point is, applaud him for giving towards the EDUCATION of the countries youth, instead of antagonizing and looking for another story. It is annoying, distasteful, and quite embarrassing.

  • jsj23

    Dre is a sucker just like what Easy-E and Tupac said! And look at all you senseless suckers coming to his rescue! Dre should be coorced into spending his money in the African American community the same way he is coorced to spend it in the White community. It will never trickle down to the African-American Community. You suckers must have voted for Obama too! By the way, just as a side note Obama donated more than 14 Billion dollars of American money to Isreal.since being president. How much was given to stimulate the African-American community? Or do you think his donations to Isreal will trickle down to the African American community You bitch asses are senseless. Where are my real African-Americans at? I need you to stand up and join me in casting away these clown leaders who are attempting to replace our legacy of Nat Turners, Frederick Douglass’, Harriet Tubmans, Sojourner Truths, Malcolm Xs among others. I will not accept hybrids like Obama as my leader! We are not of the same cloth! He is a Jewish puppet! NO MORE SIDELINING AFRICAN AMERICANS! DRE NEEDS TO BRING HIS MONEY TO OUR COMMUNITIES! OBAMA NEEDS TO ADDRESS OUR ISSUES!

    • Tony G.

      When Dre and Snoop were on the Up In Smoke tour a few yrs ago…70% of his crowd in most cities were white..white people are buying his real Beats by Dre items while niggas are buying the bootleg shit….white people buy music from him and his label’s artists while we download it for free..maybe he’s supporting those that support him…..get off that pro black fight the power trip man..its his money..he can do what he damn well pleases

      • jsj23

        To respond or not to respond…and with how much venom…Let’s just say it’s because of people like you, my people need more people like me…Your kids will need people like me…Your grandkids will need people like me…YOU NEED PEOPLE LIKE ME! POWER TO MY PEOPLE. No loop holes here! No way around it. Dre should have contributed first to our cause. 13% unemployment, high mortality rate, poor housing, extreme talent, long history, our credibility, and he decides to ignore us…No excuses buddy, he’s a sucker and aught to be called out for it! You are following down the same path…Be careful!

      • YoungPrime


      • Allen Jenkins

        Agree, people taking this black or white stand, this is plain ridiculous, he can do what ever he wants with his ends, still goes to show there is still racism on both sides of the coin.

      • coast

        That’s because Most blacks are unable to afford $300 headphones, thanks to limited job opportunities, and the disadvantages of being coloured in Amerikkka.

      • dusttracks

        That’s how it’s done! Business owners in Black communities take the money they make and support their own people.

        Dre blew up as a producer because of the Parliament samples on ‘The Chronic’. If anything, he should be paying homage to where his ‘music’ comes from, not where his money comes from. Without the music, there would be no money.

    • tha OG

      Real talk preach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chirpy

      “I will not accept hybrids like Obama as my leader”

      And then you talk of ethnic purity and expect people to take you seriously. You’ve become the monster you abhor.

      • Chirpy

        He is a tool for the bankers, though, and NOT a keeper of brothers.

  • jsj23

    USC actually ranks among one of the top universities for Jewish students. Guess where Dre’s money is going…YIP, you guessed it to Hillel and Chabad houses! You better believe it -:) You can thank mr. Lovine for that, the same way you can thank Rahm Emmanuel, David Plouffe, and David Axelrod for sending, eh em, coorcing Obama to send 14 billion dollars of your money to Isreal…When will you bitch asses learn?

    • GEAH

      It’s only a matter of time until you’re quoting Mein Kampf.

  • Draco Himself

    Who the hell’s Lovine ?!
    iovine people…. (i-o-veen), lmao

  • tellyourstoryfast

    Well, any man who is wealthy can put his money where he wants to see it grow. No one can do anything about it but talk, type, text. Honestly, he knows who you are, you are the ones waiting on detox, waiting for someone to help you. Help yourself, Help your family, Help the ones you see in need. We probably will not ever see anyone rich, give to a African college, why? Because they are taught better, even the one attending a Historical African College. They usually run from the problems and get a salary they never thought they would earn and keep earning, and earning, grow a family, teach them the same, becoming individuals instead of a loving people to rest the negative situations and let the positive florish, in life. Dealing with the mind, bodies, spirit, and soul. On the other hand it seems to be, look at what I earned, look at what I did, get your own, but I will out do you, when I prove I can earn more, look at my car, look and my house, look at my business, look at my bank account, look at my credentials, look at who I know, look at how I have all this, and you are minute to me. This is real…..the pattern of selfishness, greed, lust, hate, envy, jealousy…being combined in people creates a horrible person, friends, family, children, marriage, community, and life. we must get a grip to make a change for better. I care less what millionaires, billionaires do with their money. PEACE. love the babies, love one another, GOD BLESS.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    ” One of the questions some have about those who readily use their blackness for profit is the following: What are you giving back to those who gave you so much?”

    How do one use it’s blackness for profit? And me as a white guy how do I best use my whiteness to gain profit? Sound like an easy way to make money

    • jsj23

      Race and ethnicity are highly profitable commodities. Believe it or not there are benefits and perks for being Black, White, Asian, Jewish. You simply have to observe how they are being exploited. There are tons of examples that illustrate this…And Dre did benefit from his “Blackness” and the street credibility given to him be African Americans. Just about every business/enterprise/group has exploited Blackness for their benefit especially the Jew! BUT REAL CHANGE IS A COMIN’! POWER TO MY PEOPLE!

      • GEAH

        Which chapter of the KKK do you belong to?

  • Tony G.

    Why single Dre out..at least he put his money towards something worthwhile..the only thing most of these other rappers finance is the strippers at King of Diamonds…

    • disqus_NjJilLKiVh



      • Roy Davis, II

        I have so many friends and associates who had to drop out of HBCU’s at least for a semester or more because they fucked up, lost, or even stole their grant/loan money that I lost count. That shit didn’t happen at the PWU’s. HBCU’S HAVE to get their acts together.

      • disqus_NjJilLKiVh

        Sad because I do not have so many friend’s like that, or do I know of any of my friends having a lot of friend’s like that.
        It is not like you know hundreds or even thousands of people like this. when there are millions of blacks that go to college and finish.
        Again generalizing and grouping all blacks because of your limited experience, because you have not met all blacks.
        Is sad that you have such a negative opinion about you race, sounds like old JIM CROW.
        You have no idea how many white kids have done the same thing. It’s not like they are going to come and tell you that.
        Just like welfare a lot of blacks are on it, but there are more whites’ on it than blacks, due to the fact there are way more white’s than black’s in general in the population.

  • YoungPrime

    LOL @ telling people what other people do with “their” own money.


      Everyone this stupid so called excuse is why black people as a people will never in life fulfill MLK’s dream because we suppress each other and mainly no longer do we unify or support each other. We come up with individualized excuses like Dezz’s and never think about those who put us where we are, or look like us, or helping the community that need it the most or simply, helping OUR OWN!

      • YoungPrime

        MLK’s dream was for peace and equality. Not to be limited by racial boundaries. Dre did what he thought best with “HIS” damn money. So you can whine and complain about that until you’re blue in the face but using MLK to justify it is just makes it sound even lamer.

    • disqus_NjJilLKiVh

      Missing the point it has nothing to do with telling someone what to do with their money.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    He is not black anymore that is why.

  • jsj23

    Whether you like it or not, fearful or courageous, male or female, Black or White, the realness is coming back! No more half breds like Obama, Drake, Tiger Woods. No more double consciousness, no more confusion. We will get it right this time! We will speak in unison with one voice, one demand! America get ready. We waited long enough. We yielded to your neutralizing compromises. Caribbeans and Africans, you have been warned! Enough talk about the diaspora, DECIDE NOW, WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON! OR WE WILL DECIDE FOR YOU! POWER TO MY PEOPLE!

  • Realnaga

    Dont buy none of this niga shit again. Problem solved.

  • Pingback: “Dr. Walter Kimbrough, HBCUs Cannot Reap Where HBCUs Have Not Sown” | Revolutionary Paideia()

  • Johnathan Richardson

    sooo, since he is black, he can only give to other blacks? so if we keep with this trend, whites can only give to other whites? the same whites who DO give to black colleges, charities, and other minority programs, some of which wouldn’t even exist without their money? sounds like people want america divided once again…

    • jsj23

      LOL, you sound like you are afraid of something. Afraid to go at it alone? Have a little more faith in yourself bro! Don’t forget the Montgomery bus boycott (bus company couldn’t make it without African Americans), don’t forget Jackie Robinson (He pulled the African American crowed from the Negro League to the White League- THIS KILLED THE NEGRO LEAGUE! Have you ever even heard of the Negro League?) Point is we are far more interwoven in the economic structure than you seem to understand. Not interested in going into it right now. DRE SHOULD HAVE GIVEN TO THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY FIRST – BOTTOM LINE! POWER TO MY PEOPLE!

      • Karen Koontz

        Your way of thinking is exactly why racism still exists.

      • jsj23

        Huh? I think you got all wrong Karen. I think your way of thinking is why racism still exists and is perpetuated. What do you know anyway? You aught to be concerned with gender issues. That’s more than enough to keep you busy and keep quiet about race issues. Go address rape, single moms, crappy wages given to women, and the concrete ceiling, high graduating rate and poor job placement, before you share you incompetent views on race. OK MISS KOONTZ! By the way do you know what you last name means in Hebrew? (Koontz is a Jewish/Yiddish name)…Look it up…It means trick, gimmick!.. You playing games on here miss Koontz!…You don’t wanna do that! POWER TO MY PEOPLE!

      • Estefanee Villalba

        Thank you again JSJ23 for putting ignorant people in their place…

      • Godless Heathen

        ju are the ignorant one here puta take some english lessons

      • GEAH

        It sounds like you can’t wait to fire the ovens back up jsj23.

      • Estefanee Villalba

        Sorry to tell you but racism exists because there are MANY people who think they are superior than blacks and minorities…

      • Estefanee Villalba

        Thank you JSJ23…. BLACKS and minorities have big time need… WHITES DON’T!


      I’m convinced there are a lot of non Blacks here posting as Blacks. If not we are in some big trouble. No wonder Dre didn’t help his own. It’s concentrated throughout our entire race. So sad.

      • disqus_NjJilLKiVh

        Intelligent staterment

      • atle fjeldstad

        It`s true! I`ve got like 3 other profiles that are black just so i can write the n-word.. I can`t help it, it`s like i`m addicted or something..

    • coast

      News flash Buddy, Amerikkka is already divided, and it’s not looking so good for people of colour.

  • It’s his bread and he can do what he wants, true enough. It also went towards a good cause in education, also true. But on the flip side of that coin, I can’t help but wonder how many of those same people on USC’s Board who just got that $35 mil were among those in front of the Time-Warner offices 20 years ago smashin Dre’s CDs cuz they didn’t want their kids listenin to that “ni99er filth”. Bullshit ain’t about nothin though…if I got a lil rich girl on this side of the street with me tryin to pimp me some Thin Mints and see a homeless brotha across the street lookin like he ain’t ate shit all day, and I’m only able to do one or the other at that moment, I’ma walk my ass across that street and help fam’s cause cuz he needs it much more and will appreciate it much more than that lil girl who’s good whether she gets my bread or not. Yeah he might turn around, take my paper and go get him a bottle of Wild Irish Rose or somethin, but when it’s all said and done I’d still sleep better knowin I at least ATTEMPTED to help someone who needed it. That’s just me though.


      Weird If I was in your shoes, I would walk my ass pass both of them… I mean I can see my brother is suffering and it hurts me to see him that way but you will be a greater help if you were able to find him a job… if he is not willing to work then don’t waste your time on him he already made bad choices early on…

      • I feel ya, but at the same time I know everyone’s circumstances are different and I can’t assume his situation’s due to any bad choices of his. If I’m able to hook him up with a pole so he can fish on his own, then I’d most definitely do that first…but if all I got is my one pole some fish, no harm in tossin him a small bass or catfish. Whole point I was makin though, if I’ma be givin a few fish away anyway I’d much rather see em goin to someone who’s actually hungry than someone livin on a lake. LOL

      • REAL TALK

        @MalcolmLittle I agree with you 100%. I am outraged at Dr. Dre and what he has done. It’s so sad and just embarrassing.

  • $11625525

    Dr. Dre does what Jimmy tells him to do. End of discussion!


    ” When we do have access to the resources necessary to begin our building process, we don’t feel inclined to support those who look like us.”

    Undisputed truth for all Black people rich or poor around the WORLD!… And reading all the comments made it clear to me that this is the change that needs to be done or that “crabs in the barrel” mentality will never leave us…

    If you all agree with the quote I re-wrote at the beginning then why are you criticizing Dr. Dre choice?… MAYBE he thought “if I give access to the resources necessary to begin our building process in black colleges, THEY won’t feel inclined to really support those who looked/lived like me.” … if he thought that Way then USC was the right choice for him that’s his community…

    PLUS The black community don’t feel INCLINED to support “HIS MUSIC”, although they have the resources necessary to buy it. (they did before isn’t it? or was it because at that time the access to free music was scarce?). Since the white community do buy his music… once again USC is the right choice

    And really Dr Dre is not the only one that can give back to the community whoever is blessed enough to save money, and buy stuff can make a change but WE DON’T CARE ABOUT US… We don’t know how to support aka build together… I guess it is something we need to teach our kids… But before we do so, we need to see the BIGGER picture

    We are the answer to our own problem… yes there is a “resource” issue but the education issue is way more important… and EDUCATION start at HOME… When I walk on the street start to see me as your BROTHER, your FAMILY …It should not matter if I am from the SOUTH with a weird accent or the west coast… let’s share our experiences instead of CIROCS…

    Also some of us can see the vision, some do not want to see it / some can not see it …it is OK, there will always be leaders, followers and Judas… Whoever can see it, move on with it and preach it everywhere to create your crew ( meaning other visionnaires no thugs just Real Brain-nigs no Iscariots)… that would be a good start and Brick by Brick we will build a strong house…

    The message would go faster and sink in our youth if Hip-Hop would help us out instead of praising backwordness… But I guess they are right Kanye West “NEW SLAVES” is proof of that… if there was support, he could keep on going and say whatever he wants a la Eminem…

  • dre makes great music but he alway’s been a follower not a leader

  • southside4lyfe

    I dont know even know why he wrote this letter we all know why he gave them white folks money ….He wanna make sure his 53mil don go to waste I cant blame him.

    • disqus_NjJilLKiVh


      • Roy Davis, II

        Not ignorant. It’s the truth. The white schools never end up in the news for fund mismanagement and stuff like that. Racism, yes! Running a slave system (major college sports), yes! But playing with folks money and stealing student’s financial aid? HBCU’s seem to have a monopoly on that.

      • disqus_NjJilLKiVh

        That is generalizing, not all HBCU’S are like that, I went to one that was not like that.

        That’s like saying all black people are lazy, when there are lazy people in all races.

        Just like there are people in other races that miss manage money.

        But the media only glorify or report what they want to.

        Just like news will talk and show black people in crimes more than any race it has been like that for years.

        Meaning that if a white school is like that they will not glorify or report it. Just because you do not hear about it does not mean that it does not exist.

        Slavery has done a good job on turning us against each other and criticizing each other.

        There is no other race in this country that treat each other like we do sad.

        This is why I call it ignorant.

  • Abrasive Angel

    HBCUs are owned by white people anyway.

  • jsj23

    I am in Washington DC right now to visit the Martin Luther King memorial. I’m scoping the place out…Seeing how African Americans are doing, job wise, and it doesn’t look good so far. I only see a lot of them opening doors, carrying bags (from hotels) and security work…I still have plenty of time to scope things out…But it looks the same as it did when I was here about 20 years ago…Stay tuned!

    • $1873572

      jsj23 I am now in DC also. My daughter at HU who has a financial problem. This city needs new leadership. Same drug problems. Black communities are like sewage. High crime rate, people who have not evolved and are having kids that have not evolved. I am Black and the Blacks here are very disappointing. We are from NY and are returning very soon! Dr. Dre’s money would have served better in these types of communities. Drug programs, educational scholarships. money in schools

  • AJ Dawson

    This article is completely ridiculous. First and formost, Dr. Dre is a musician, black or white. There is no mention of the quality of music schools at any of these institutions, which makes it clear that music was not the motivator of his contribution. Moves like this are most likely political or publicity oriented, with no real intent to make progress. Instead of asking why Dr. Dre gave so much money to USC, we should be asking ourselves, why aren’t enough music schools in the country? What can our communities do to decrease College dropout rates? And who cares what celebrities do with their money? Regardless of how much money one makes, it is more important to gain skills and build a career.

    • you are stupid!!!!!wtf are u talking about…

    • Jack Zilla Lyons

      So, along the lines of your own argument, how much better would it be to give 35 mil to a music school that NEEDS it? USC doesn’t need the money. Giving the money to USC was wasteful, as they will probably use it to redecorate the music hall or something like that. Absolutely wasteful.


    Thank you Dr. Boyce Watkins ! I so, so agree with every single word you have said here. I am downright em-barassed at what Dr. Dre has done and like yourself I thought those white people have got to be thinking those are a stupid people. They don’t even support themselves wow even on the academic and scholastic level. Just sad! There are so many reasons for Dr. Dre to supported his own people. So many. That it is just despicable to think about what he did. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a blatant disregard for their people as Dr. Dre has exercised here.
    Never will I support this man again.

  • If your gonna give a huge charity at least make it a PR move business wise it would have made him a christ like figure to young blacks now he ruined it for himself.

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  • jacksjus

    I asked the same question myself. Not so much regarding USC and racism, but moe so because they already have more than enough money at USC. He should have donated to the inner city schools where he is from.

    • $1873572

      I agree. even if it was a HBCU. He should have opened those career centers that use to be in those communities for drop outs to attend and pay them a stipend since many of them don’t have car fare to get to school.

  • C.J. Hemphill

    before you go tell everyone to find out why Dr. Dre donated to usc…please be so kindly to tell everyone how you left philander smith with more debt, for we have the ACTUAL FEDERAL REPORTS. and you know I’M NOT LYING.

    • C.J. Hemphill

      besides…i thought the rule was ‘when you make your own money, you can spend it in any form or fashion…why? because it’s YOUR money.

    • C.J. Hemphill

      until hbcu schools learn how to NOT OVERSPEND/STEAL FUNDING, no one’s going to donate any more money.


      well Damn, I’m a Dillard Alum. Should I be worried about my Alma Mater?!?

      • C.J. Hemphill

        real spit. the days of each hbcu overspending the funding it already has needs to stop. people are becoming more sick and tired of HBCUs wondering why aren’t people ‘donating more money’ to them, especially when the actual numbers tell a different story. the main focus for each campus is, of course, to offer the best education any person (regardless of race, religion, etc.) could possibly achieve…but at the end of the day, it’s a business-for if there’s no money, the doors are closed.

        HBCUs must find relevant solutions from within to get things done for the good of the entire campus-even if it means playing ‘musical chairs’ until the right people are found AND get the job done in a consistent, effective, positive manner. Once this is done, the trust lost from ‘in-house sour financial practices’ will begin to build (between our HBCUs and the public) again, thus yielding in potential donation amounts with little or no effort at all.

        In street terms, no one’s going to donate to anyone/anything that hasn’t proved he/she/it can maintain with the current funding amounts in their possession. point blank period.

        Should you be worried?

        correction…we ALL should be worried…about ALL of our HBCUs…

  • Southcidal

    Dre has been white for about the past 20 years. I’m not surprised at all.

  • $1873572

    As a single parent whose daughter is struggling on student loans to attend HU in DC I find this outrageous. Especially since recently it has been announced that HU is struggling financially. THis once again proves that Blacks do not like the Obamas say, reach back and bring their other black family with them, What is sad is how strongly Blacks support these athletes and entertainers. It is pitiful that more like JayZ are not paying scholarships for Blacks students, opening up career classes for young Blacks in communities and paying them a stipend to come and learn. The next article should be on DC’s RGIII who seems to be following the same path. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Dre is also a republican. This is shameful and a let down.

  • John Q Public

    I have never seen so much racism and outright hatred because of someone’s skin color. Did it occur to anyone that perhaps Dre gave the money ENCOURAGE MORE AFRICAN AMERICAN students at USC? Perhaps instead of trying to help build the wall for “white people.” He is trying to provide a gate for black people. But that probably doesn’t fit the “us vs them” mentality. To fight racism, one must begin with oneself. There are many here losing that battle.

    • Great point.

    • Jul Tri

      I am a (white) French person who lived in America for a year, at the age of 18. I am now 24 and back in my country. During this time I was saddened to see how most Black American would do what I consider is counter-productive like you, that is: keeping on victimizing and posing themselves as a the kids of slaves.
      The most salient symbol of this being the “word-I-am-allowed to-use-but-that-you-you-can’t (the N word).

      The problem with this comes from the fact that any interaction creates some kind of symmetric feature, and when you are black and present yourself as a son of slave, you inevitably pose me as a son of an exploitative cotton field owner, who I am of course not and whom I hate as much as you do.

      To me the prejudices to black people were obvious in the US society, however I just don’t think that the victimizing strategy is the good one. It just maintain an unproductive climate for any resolution to come up

      • Severe Thebeneficent

        “I just don’t think that the victimizing strategy is the good one. It just maintain an unproductive climate for any resolution to come up”

        victimizing? oh really? are you aware of what has happened to the black man woman and child in america? I mean the truth, THE FACTS, not an opinion… not roots or whats in social studies books… I mean from the civilizing of a planet to the creation of the sciences & mathematics to BUILDING, feeding, clothing, and economizing america from the ground up…are you ready to digest where white people fall in line? are you aware that the wealth of this country was built off the blood sweat & tears of black men women & children? Are you aware of what happened to all the black men in history who died, or were exiled etc for trying to escape this demonic system called the USA? yeah…so until you know..you cant analyze shit! Thanks but no thanks my friend! people pay good money to see psychiatrist everyday, and one thing that HAS TO HAPPEN to reach resolution and or peace is ATONEMENT! You have to face your problem and confront it to move on…thats just the basics of psychology…with that being said, america itself will NEVER move on because it has never faced its past. The truth has been sugar coated to pacify white america! you can sit here and try to analyze OUR PAIN, but the fact is black america needs to deal with black america…I dont think ANY white person is in ANY position to help us in ANY way or offer any helpful insight, and that “victimizing” bullshit is exactly what we dont need…its time for black people to take care of black people… white folks need to tend to white folks…

    • NickyBDynamicMom

      I think that is harse. If Dre’s money came from Black America why shouldn’t he invest back into Black America? I am a single mother whose son is about to go to college, from money out of my own pocket and I understand that everyone is not able. What the article is saying and most of the comments are saying is that the Black community needs to learn to pay-it-forward to our community. There is nothing wrong with that thinking. “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” ― John F. Kennedy Let’s get back to the basic and learn how to care for one another!

  • Roy Davis, II

    One simple word: mismanagement! I graduated from a PWA, Texas A&M and I earned my educator certification at Texas Southern University. I can honestly say that although I learned more in the classroom at TSU than the early years at A&M. With that being said, I have never experienced the type of mismanagement and financial bullshit that you hear about at TSU or other HBCU’s at A&M. The same goes for my friends and family members who have attended college. I only hear about mismanagement and the like at the HBCU’S. If I had 35 million to drop into a school, I would like to have the peace of mind of knowing that the money would be handled correctly. That means that I would fund a minority scholarship or endowment program to a PWA over the HBCU. Bottom line, I know the money would be handled correctly. History shows that that would not be case at far too many HBCU’s. remember, they can’t even seem to be able to field a band program without hazing and beating the shit out of their members. To Death! I can see it now! Nigga, you want a Dre scholarship? Take this beating for it! HBCU’S need to look at how they do business before they talk shit about where people put their $$$$!

  • Godless Heathen

    The racism and amount of double standards in these comments is ridiclous

  • According to the USC website, the university is 5% Black – 39% White and 23% Asian. Why is this campus so disproportionately divers? Could it be racist policies causing such an imbalance, or are Black people just not as capable. It’s easy to conclude, that because of institutional racism few Black people will experience the opportunities that this program funded by Dr. Dre will provide for the students of USC. It’s really nothing to debate, there is less opportunity in America if one is living the Black experience.

    • NickyBDynamicMom

      I don’t think it is racism that drives the population. However, most Black parents aren’t able to afford 50,000 in-state or 60,000 out-of-state tution and fees. We should not take this conversation somewhere it doesn’t belong!

      • I assume it was your intent to make a point in your comment – but I… missed it. However, I would like to know how YOU know what “most” Black parents can afford? Have you taken a poll? From where I sit the facts do not support your statement. The New Your Times reported that African Americans make-up 22% of the poor population and receive 14 % of government benefits, while White’s make up 42% and receive 69% of the benefits. My point is: regardless if a person can meet the financial requirements or not – race seems to be a qualifying factor in private/public institutions and supporting programs. I am sure you disagree – I accept that.

  • Bloblo Escobar

    it seems like a lot of people are just mad that he isn’t paying for their son/daughter tuition. the saddest part about these comments are that some are acting like he turned his back on you, he doesn’t owe you shit. Dre worked his ass off to become a successful producer and wasn’t handed his accolades on a silver platter. the funny thing is that the racism being displayed by some is usually designated for the “white man”. maybe its not white america holding you back its yourself.

    • Chelsea

      First and foremost Bloblo or is it Blow Blow, Dr. Dre did not work hard making his money. Secondly he made his money off the backs of people in low income communities. Blacks were the biggest supporters of his music, thus it is only right that he donates back to the communities, specifically in the education sector. According to the laws of the universe, as well as the concept of a society, Dre is quite in debt to the people. You are definitely an uneducated moron. A person that has to use profanity to express themselves, has in fact a disabled frontal lobe that is not fully developed.

      • Bloblo Escobar

        You’re wrong. “Monkey”, i mean you, Chelsea. using race as a reason for not succeeding when there is a black president in this country makes you seem like the lazy person you are. Make your own opportunity in life and stop blaming it on a racist system.

      • Bloblo Escobar

        I don’t want to live in a world that strong-arms musical talents because they come from a certain race, or neighborhood. Dr.Dre can do whatever he wants with that money.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    the difference between jewish kids and black kids is #1 the culture and jewish kids tend to listen to positive advice from thier parent vs the black kids

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    sn perception is everything and none of us are currently looking from Dr. Dres perspective ……….. and also yall see jimmy is tied in on the deal …. he maybe the one who brokered the deal …… probably wasnt a thing where he was like HEY DRE WHERE YOU WANNA DONATE SOME MONEY … lol

  • Jehiel

    Interesting insight. Curious to know if any of his donation is pegged for scholarships to marginalized communities.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    He can give his money to who he wants. Why doesn’t the dude writing the article stop blogging, make some money and then he can donate to who he wants. USC sits right in the Hoovers hood, so who cares why criticize him. Whats he going to give 35 million to LIncoln University? come on.

    • Chelsea

      Yaheard Syndicate,

      You really need to seek help for your developmental disability or maybe you could benefit from a Frank Nitty

  • YaheardSyndicate

    why is this dude trying to look like Malcom X. So he just happens to sit with his hand on his head the same way? Maybe this program will attract more African Americans to USC. See even after education. Its the crabs in the barrell mentality. Dre is a succesful black man from Compton, who made 300 million. Get off his jock. Because your little articles and opinions, and 200 year old arguments arent doing anything for anyone. Maybe Dre’s trying to help HUMANITY through education, and last time I checked Black people were included in HUMANITY. GTFOH.

    • Chelsea

      Did you even read the article, because your comment does not reflect a comment of an educated person. I believe you may have Asperger or some other developmental disability that hinders your ability utilize your small percentage of higher order thinking skills.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I want to know how much money Dr Watkins has personally given to anyone. Its def. not 35 million, maybe 35,000$ he probably still has school loans out from a basic ass university. Stop sweating Dre, and do something.

  • EFLY

    I was doing a little math and look at it this way, let say the avg HSBC’s tuition is $10,000 yr. now lets look at what that money could have done. DRE could have divided that money across 14 HSBC’s giving each one $2.5mil that would equate to 62.5 4 yr. full ride scholarship to 14 HSBC’s look how powerful that move would have been! on every level Dre would have been the Man! And that would have been example to others. Something like this would not be powerful, extremely helpful and much appreciate. But it would have been a part of his Legacy. And to me the highlight of his career. Just sayin…… USC? well to me you get nothing for that!

    • Me

      Agreed. You’re talking about people who plop down 250K dollars for a car… and never once think, “There goes the creation of a Black surgeon…. or SURGEON AT ALL”.

  • SpacePimp

    I was gonna comment but I am staying out of this one.



  • I think this article is a reach. I could’ve stopped reading at:  “The program is one that pulls together liberal arts, graphic arts, business, music and technology.” Such a program sounds like a fit for L.A. or NYC. Dre was born and raised in and currently lives in L.A. and his partner has a connection to the school. It makes sense to me. Instead of knocking him and attacking his choice, intelligence and loyalty why not use this as an opportunity to approach him respectfully about the need for his financial support of HBCU’s? Request a meeting to make a proposal for his endowment. Millions of people around the world contributed to his success – the black community has had to publically share bragging rights since Enimem came out and proved that we weren’t the only one’s listening to and buying ghetto rap. So much of the premise of the article’s argument is flawed.

    • it amazes me that you are not bothered by the fact that the school has more money than every HBCU combined. my question is this…name one white actor or entertainer that is made at least half as much of a contribution to a black college. the point that this brother is making is nobody is going to help us but us.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    The problem is waiting for ANY celebrity to do something! let Dr dre give all that flithy money to these wicked institutions, thats what he’s programmed to do! Once you EMBODY capitalism, you indeed embody the ways of the oppressor! period. This way of thinking is detrimental to everything that is in the black man woman & childs spirit! WE are CONNECTED to earth, the DIRECT DESCENDANTS OF GOD, no one else! Wisdom evolves around us! those with high melanin concentrate are 1 with nature through GOOD DIET in which we dont have. We have been trained to eat pork, fatty foods etc since slavery which in turn birthed diseases FOREIGN to your body! high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, all banal viruses to the black man woman and childs structure! You dont see lions eating what bears eat or a giraffe eating what monkeys eat etc…because it naturally disrupts the chemical structure in the body…this is just nature… Foods high in starch and acids disrupt the penal gland and its distribution of melanoma through our systems to heal ourselves, nature is our medicine. with a poor diet we cant think logically or heal properly, and if we cant do that… well…go to the hood and just look around… when you see poor kids in africa what do you see them eating? rice…high in starch…delivered from Europeans! FACT! add the fact that physical slavery ended as a means to expand capitalism, not because white folks had a change of heart lol! Psychological slavery/ ware fare is alive and real and it is apart of the backbone of this country through propaganda & mass media! The catch is they are running game on EVERYBODY, of ALL COLORS! BUT without black people occupying the bottom of the barrel here in america, you dont have a welfare system, the prison industrial complex is useless, mass media is useless and so much more! america has a sick bio and they dont like hearing about it, this is where the arrogance of telling us to “get over it” comes from. Unions were formed so white men could compete for jobs! one of the drawbacks of slavery, THEY DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING! useless bigots! They had to FORCE a “solution” on us! They had to stop what was going on in NC and the wealth we were accumulating (blackwall street), on the Mississippi delta (trade & commerce)! They stole land that was ours through share cropping, they posed as Indians to do this and still do to this day! POLICE WERE CREATED TO STOP US! I wish I was making this shit up man… I can go on & on…my point is this…
    Malcolm X was 10000% correct when he said that integration would be our downfall…we dont belong here and never have! You cant civilize a savage so its useless trying to reason with the beast! This nation cant function if we open our minds and make decisions for OURSELVES and leave, this is why they NEED YOU to depend on their system! They break you down to trick you into feeling like theres no other way…we need to pool our resources as black people and begin to empower BROWN NATIONS…Fk america…that shit is a sinking ship where the only people who win are the ones at the top of the ponzi scheme…because thats all this is…a huge ponzi scheme ready to collapse..Im taking my talents to SOUTH AFRICA as soon as me & my family are able, fk that!! We need to 1st understand who and what we are for cultural freedom, expand our knowledge and GET THE FK OUTTA HERE and watch it all fall from the east! lets “go back to africa” and watch america self destruct…never mind trying to convince the REAL minorities of anything, we have been doing that and begging for decades now and were still fighting the same battles from the 50s & 60s…nevermind trying to prove me wrong, you need to 1 yourself and get ready for whats about to happen black people…and Im not even gonna touch religion, good grief…1

  • na

    Jimmy Iovine not Jimmy Lovine

  • steven smith

    Why not use that money and build a factory or school in Compton.
    University of Compton. In a 100 years it might be big as USC

  • Scott Gregory

    You should research the amount of support that USC pours into the community around it – especially the schools but a myriad of other programs as well. USC isn’t an ivory tower of whiteness disengaged from the poor black community around it. It’s an engaged, respected part of the neighborhood. It has “adopted” neighborhood schools that get crap funding from the state and invested in their success itself. It has programs specifically to help good students at these schools prepare themselves for college, and to attend the University for free if they get the grades to get in. In fact it has a 100% funding rule as a whole – if you can get in, they’ll figure out a package of grants and loans that make it possible for you to attend regardless of your financial situation. There are many reasons why so many kids in the area grow up such USC fans that have nothing to do with football. Maybe part of the reason Dre made his donation where he did is because he hopes other kids from the neighborhood will be able to be able to go to school there and be a part of it.

  • AnonAdvoc

    for Dr. Dre. It is amazing how people say this man should give his
    money that he made from black people back to black people. On that same
    logic, the heads of illegal drug distribution organizations who sale
    drugs to black people in impoverished black communities should in turn
    give their money, the millions they make, back to the community and
    build colleges. It’s drugs though and the heads may in-fact kill you for
    asking, so it’s not a popular opinion. However, I don’t see this
    pompous scholar who wrote this article imposing the same logical
    argument on the illegal narcotic industry. Dre made his money through
    music. He has the right to donate his money to whatever and whomever he
    chooses. So now, Dr. Dre has to be a dumbass now? It is typical for some
    blacks to call another successful black person racially derogatory
    words in hopes that their words would somehow affect this successful
    man. Dr. Dre, have your money make money for you. Like Eminem
    said, “Now days, everybody wanna talk like they got something to say,
    but nothing comes out when they move their lips. Just a bunch of
    gibberish. M–erfcukers act like they forgot about Dre.”

  • Ematic

    Why is this an issue? Who cares where he donates his money? It’s going towards a great cause and that’s all that should matter.

    • Me

      yea, for someone to become a big wig of a company that won’t hire your black ass!

    • YourFather

      Sellouts… so many sellouts

  • LandoAWD

    “White people have plenty of money”

    Classic, ignorant fallacy. Dre is helping people and this person looks to tear him down and scrutinize? Give me a break.

    • Drizzle

      NO you don’t understand what this mean. 3.5 billion dollars. African Americans support his music. I bet they didn’t even know who Dr. Dre was until he gave the money. Give to people who supported you. We are not tearing him down he slapped us in the face by doing that. He could have gave that money to his HIGH SCHOOL and had every student who want to go to college a free ride with the money he spent.

      • LandoAWD

        So…white people don’t support him? Riiight. The man makes a charitable donation to higher education, and it becomes a race issue. Way to push forward!

        Great logic you’ve got there. Keep it racist, Drizzle, and don’t forget to make it English class.

        ( I still have my ‘The Chronic’ TAPE, among many Dre productions) 😉

      • Drizzle

        I never said white people do not buy his records, but I bet the leaders of that university, the dean, the president etc. do not know who Dr. Dre is. I am simply saying that HBCU’s NEED that money. USC have enough money to start ANY program they set their mind.

    • YourFather

      You must be some white ‘copulationist’

      • LandoAWD

        You must be unable to form a rational point without race-baiting. Thanks, sweetheart!

  • I hate “tunnel vision” type ideologies! Anytime any one looks at some 1ns skin to dictate anything, they not only miss out on what is true, they also oppress others of there “natural rights”!(god given rights). The ideology of this article is no different than the teachings of William Du Bois; oddly enough, has the very same ideology as social Darwinism. Neither of which should be upheld, esp in the 21st century. If you want to see raceisim at its core, focus on those that focus on the segregation of color based on large percentages. The large % being every house hold that teaches there kids facts based on birds in the bible, rather than the things that are actually possible. In other words, most of these percentages will remain a high percentage of fallacy and remain racist, only because their individual choices caused them to burn the bridges of truth! Every 1, white,black,green, etc. enjoy ur segregated religion of raceisim and tunnel vision of truth!

    • Why shouldn’t Dre give to USC or Yale or Harvard? What matters is he gave and he gave enough to help others. The world isn’t built on the concept of black business, it’s business. The earlier black people understand that we will have to shake white brown yellow and red hands to be successful the better off we will be as a people. Then education has no color. This isn’t the 1700’s, it isn’t illegal to read or write, and black people shouldn’t lump themselves into these nicely package boxes to preserve tradition just for the sake of supporting a college because it’s black or white, but because it’s a good school. So leave Dr. Dre alone. He earned his money and have the right to give just like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. The way he chooses!

      • why is it that Asian people support Chinatown and strictly shop there? the same for Jews or people of Arabic descent. But when you come to the black community you have stores ran by Asians Arabs Indians and etc. only black people will support black businesses that’s the bottom line. You speak of this not being the 1700s yet black men and boys are still being lynched and such tactics. Just recently here in Texas a black man was found strip naked with his throat sliced his teeth and tongue take it out of his mouth but the police say that he died of natural causes. Basically the whole point of this article was that we as black people have to support black people. It was not a message of hate or segregation. every other race has a sense of community why can’t we?

    • you act is if this was some Hitler type speech. His whole point was that the money could have been used to help people that need it.just as I asked the sister who commented before you I have the same question. Name one white actor or entertainer that is given at least half as much to an HBCU.

    • this is not about hatred or racism. Just as a comment below, I pose the same question. Name one white actor or entertainer that has contributed to an HBCU. the Asians have Chinatown, the Jews Arabs and Indians all have their communities and support each said community. Why is it such a crime for a black person to do the same? Who is going to support the black community besides the black community? It’s not as if he got on here spewing a message of hate or kill whitey. A simple question was asked and the points behind the question where solid. we are talking about Mr straight out of Compton…

  • Safiyyah Hassan

    There’s constant talk about funding for HBCU’s….yes they need money….i get that. Yes they are historically important….i get that. And yes, if it wasn’t for them, Black Americans would not have had the opportunity to get an education beyond high school….i get it. But those are not the only institutions that have black students! i went to a predominately white university (pwu) and its really frustrating to know that the majority of the Black community that are investing in education…they are not investing in mine or any other Black student at a pwu! And those schools cost a hell of a lot more. What was the point of fighting for desegregation if we are constantly trying to segregate ourselves? i chose to go to a pwu rather than an HBCU because i wanted the opportunity to travel the world and I wanted a debt-free education. The pwu that i attended was also affiliated with my high school. Should i be left out of certain scholarship opportunities because i attended a pwu? Should i be discriminated against within my own community because i made the choice to go to a pwu? I feel that all Black students should be supported despite the racial make-up of their institution of choice. Black students who are trying to better themselves and their situations should all get support from the community. This whole situation goes along with the crabs-in-a-bucket theory. Dr. Dre is offering support to an institution where there are Black scholars and people are trying to discredit what he is doing. Instead of discrediting, people should look at what he’s doing and follow his example. Because at the end of the day….its all about supporting the higher learning of Black Americans and the advancement of our nation. And whether the support is going to an HBCU or a PWU…..the point is to support Black students in general. People forget about that….they forget that its about the students and not about the pride and ego of the person donating. Its not easy attending a pwu because you have a whole set of race issues to deal with because of the discriminating minds of both other students and professors. And when debt and finances are stock-piled on top of that, us students need every bit of support we can get.

    • Olmex OD

      The difference is that pwu discriminated and still do discriminate against black students and black teachers. They had to be forced to let in blacks. Today, they only let in a few blacks to save face, and avoid law suits; 5% black in the case of USC, and those are on athletic scholarships, which make the college a lot of money.. USC has a 3.5 Billion Dollar endowment, why not give the money to a pwu that is struggling or has at least 20% blacks or something? Did you read the whole article?

      • Safiyyah Hassan

        Of course I read the whole article! And whether a school has 1% or 20% Blacks, there are still Black students and they all need support. The point is that Black students should be supported despite where they choose to go for their higher educational attainment. My university was 7% Black and not all of us were there on athletic scholarships….reading your comment was very disheartening. Just because the percentage of Black students is small does not mean you should assume they are all athletes. Did you read the totality of my comment? You are being just as discrediting as the author of the article. You are both trying to enable the separation and discrimination of Black students who go to universities with a low percentage of Black students.

      • Me

        no. not all black students need support. so when will and jada smith’s kids go there, you can support them all you want. i bet you bust your black ass to get in to your school too. OR, they knew you would be their perfect caricature, as you’re proving yourself to be here on this thread.

      • Safiyyah Hassan

        First of all, you have no idea about my background and what obstacles I have overcome to be where I am today. Not all Black students at pwu’s are from the privileged class. And you know what, i did ‘bust my ass’ as you so inarticulately put it. I worked hard and got in based off my merit. And i will never apologize for that or downplay the fact that I did get my foot in the door. It’s disheartening to see you call me a caricature when you are exemplifying everything Willie Lynch did to our community. Rather than channelling your anger and downfalls towards me, why don’t you channel that towards institutionalized racism or towards the prison industrial complex, or towards cleaning up our communities, or towards establishing businesses and jobs for our people.

    • Drizzle

      What we are saying is that they have the money to fund you, HBCU dont have the money that PWU have. If they want to they have the money to give you a FULL ride but they make it hard for African American students to get into them. HBCU give the students who did not make the high grades or the SAT’s scores a chance to make something of themselves. Besides that fact it was USC someone who has a 3 billion dollar network. THEY DONT NEED THE MONEY. If he would have supported you in scholarship great but he gave it to the UNIVERSITY who has everything.

    • Me

      if you haven’t noticed… integration is what has hurt us as black people. we opted for integrated but inferior when we had separate but equal on the table. Not every black person wanted to mingle with white folks. That’s in your head. And it is in your head because someone white teaching your history classes put in there. But you’re SO EDUCATED you can’t acknowledge it nor be cognizant of it. That’s what’s sad!

      • Safiyyah Hassan

        I never said that all Black people wanted to mix with White people. My point was that Black students should not be discriminated against and not given the opportunity for certain scholarships just because they choose to go to an institution that will provide them with more opportunities. And rather than playing into the crab in the bucket theory, you should be encouraging people rather than attacking them. This reflects a lot into your personal insecurities and lack of progress. You are one of the problems with Black America because you are not taking strides to unify. You are only trying to downplay the accomplishments of others. Work on your own insecurities and personal faults rather than reflecting your personal anger on me.

  • Olmex OD

    Great Article!! Charity begins at home! This is why our communities stay broke, with no jobs, poor housing, and broke-down schools. It’s a big shame that blacks “that make it”, move out and spend their money outside their communities, leaving their communities in the hands of a governmental and economic system that has never cared for blacks, especially black men. If we don’t build our own communities like Jews have, like Chinese have, etc, then no one will do it for us; clearly, no one has, that’s why black communities are all but run-down. Blacks have not historically discriminated against whites, and it is not something we are going to start doing now. Just because you take care of home fist does not make you a racist, it makes you intelligent. This was not an intelligent move by Dre.

    • Charles Overton

      Home??? Every HBCU is on the other side of the country. USC is in his community. If you’re gonna criticize him for not giving money to schools which are not within 1,500 miles of his community, then I will criticize you for not giving money to starving kids in Africa.

  • C. Murray

    Very well written article, that definitely has merit, but let’ look at this from another angle. Remember Lovine and Dre are in business together and have been for a while in one way or another. Their most recent venture, Dre. Beats is not likely a product of either of their minds. It’s more likely Lovine was pitched an exclusive headphone deal by JBL, but who purchase Lovine Beats? The simple solution was Dre, the combination of Dre’s fame and Lovine’s connection turned into the cult following called Dre. Beats. Dre being brought into this highly profitable deal left him indebted to Lovine on some level. The $35M donation to the school where Lovine’s daughter is an alumna was probably out of obligation more than an actual heart felt donation. Adversely, with the timing of this donation (Q4 of this year) could also be a part of a tax strategy to minimize some current/future tax liability. Instead of shopping around for a worthy HBCU, he likely had pre-existing connections to the school via the Lovine family making it an easy donation. I’m sure since both Dre and Lovine made the donation jointly it’s to cover a tax overhang from the Dre. Beats business. Personally don’t think we have enough information about the situation to make a judgement on Dre’s choice to donate to USC rather than an HBCU. However, any time a donation on this level is made, it’s more about a business strategy than a personal gesture.

    – Viewing a situation from a different looking glass will change your perspective…

    • It’s spelled Iovine. The author loses credibility not even knowing who he wrote a/b, smh.

      • kardsufur

        yeah what a joke. This author’s ignorant hatred is comically shown by the fact he didn’t even do research just spewed his self hate in the article where he calls him jimmy “levin” smh

  • olinross

    Dr Dre is a lamebrain ignoramus….Like so many of our rich Blacks are ……..Hey Black folks just don’t buy anymore of his music……Money speaks louder than words…..I will never buy another one of music pieces until he ask USC to give back his money and donate it to a Black college……..

    • James

      That’s… foolish

      • olinross

        Objectively just tell me why it’s foolish… ONLY a lamebrain FOOL would think so…….

      • James

        One: Dre doesn’t make a ton of money off album sales anyway, no artist does… the tthe dollars that you’re saving not purchasing music, are pennies he isn’t counting on making anyway. Two: Ask for the money back and donate to an HBCU? First of all, the money is gone. So it’s not going back. Next, he gave the money in tandem with Jimmy Iovine (the author should probably include that). This is a calculated move and not Dre just giving money to some random school… that by the way happens to be in native jurisdiction. Three: If he has no relationship to an HBCU outside of just being Black, why should he give the money to an HBCU? Just because he’s Black? That’s foolish. As a graduate of a couple PWIs, if i’m going to blow up, I’m going to give money where I want and feel compelled to give it. Which likely is going to be the institution i went to, or that’s in my home town.

        By the way, in the future, try to think of resorting to namecalling as beneath you.

    • joe

      He’s a musical genius. Don’t hate because he didn’t donate to what you think he should.

      • olinross

        A musical genius base on what his cussing and degrading our sisters…..You are talking like your slave master about himself………
        Do you know who is really a musical genius, Quincy Jones……I don’t think anyone on this blog did or said anything to lead you think they hate this man………
        I never bought any of his lame faux music…..and never will…You go ahead keep feeding the hog and watch him get fatter and fatter…But as I always says different strokes for different fools….

      • fritzeverett

        Finally someone gets it. You may call it racism. I call it saving our people from utter destruction. Dr. Claude Anderson made many attempts to encourage Black people to support black institutions, but of course many argue it’s racism when it comes supporting institutions that teach or bless people with Negroid feature–look the word up. Look, if a man want’s to give all his money to white institutions he may, it is his choose however, I feel Blacks should at least “try” just a little, and see what it’s like to support their own and witness the results. If it’s not worth it then give it to the Asians at least it will be a great investment in their community considering they score higher in math, science, and speak two or more langues–I’m just saying, investing where others can reap the benefit does not sound like a smart investment. Consider this, try and get a loan in Orange county in the Asian community. That’s if you can understand the streets signs and buildings that give loans–oh yeah and good luck. It appears that the only folks supporting the American way are Black people. We just look at it as support for people without regard for our culture or the reason we are in the state of genocide. Every other culture/and people are aware of this except Blacks. I wonder why. It’s a simple concept love everyone. Just support your community so those that look like they come from Africa or have Negroid features might compete in the next 10 years.

      • satch7

        he is no musical genius he made most of his money sampling real talented folks music, prince is a genius not anybody in hip hop nile rodgers is a musical genius not cats like dre and timberland

    • olinross

      And remember blood is thicker than water….Slavery really screwed up many Negroids mindset…..

      • fritzeverett

        I noticed you used the term Negroid. Wonderful! I think it’s the correct term for folks who look like me. Yes, you are correct Slavery did a number on us. I think a deep understanding of business and economics would really help Black people to understand why it is important to keep our money flowing our communities more than once.
        The Jew understands. The Mexican Understands. Every immigrant I’ve met understands this…

    • fritzeverett

      Finally someone gets it. You may call it racism. I call it saving our people from utter destruction. Dr. Claude Anderson made many attempts to encourage Black people to support black institutions, but of course many argue it’s racism when it comes supporting institutions that teach or bless people with Negroid feature–look the word up. Look, if a man want’s to give all his money to white institutions he may, it is his choose however, I feel Blacks should at least “try” just a little, and see what it’s like to support their own and witness the results. If it’s not worth it then give it to the Asians at least it will be a great investment in their community considering they score higher in math, science, and speak two or more langues–I’m just saying, investing where others can reap the benefit does not sound like a smart investment. Consider this, try and get a loan in Orange county in the Asian community. That’s if you can understand the streets signs and buildings that give loans–oh yeah and good luck. It appears that the only folks supporting the American way are Black people. We just look at it as support for people without regard for our culture or the reason we are in the state of genocide. Every other culture/and people are aware of this except Blacks. I wonder why. It’s a simple concept love everyone. Just support your community so those that look like they come from Africa or have Negroid features might compete in the next 10 years. Anyway I enjoyed the article.

  • Damon Walker

    What does it matter where he donated his money? He took his own money and donated to an institution of higher learning which will benefits people. He has fans of all different races and cultures, so he does not necessary owe Black people one penny. His donation will benefit a multitude of people exploring the arts. God created all of us, so why should we not want to benefit mankind, not just our “own kind”?

    • YourFather

      The fact you have to ask that question evidenxced your stupidity.

      • LandoAWD

        The hilarity contained in that post…

        Good job!

      • Damon Walker

        you feel better for calling me stupid? So what was the point of your response to me? I feel sorry and pray for people such as yourself. It is people like you for which much education is needed, thus such a donation is needed.

    • fritzeverett

      Finally someone gets it. You may call it racism. I call it saving our people from utter destruction. Dr. Claude Anderson made many attempts to encourage Black people to support black institutions, but of course many argue it’s racism when it comes supporting institutions that teach or bless people with Negroid feature–look the word up. Look, if a man want’s to give all his money to white institutions he may, it is his choose however, I feel Blacks should at least “try” just a little, and see what it’s like to support their own and witness the results. If it’s not worth it then give it to the Asians at least it will be a great investment in their community considering they score higher in math, science, and speak two or more langues–I’m just saying, investing where others can reap the benefit does not sound like a smart investment. Consider this, try and get a loan in Orange county in the Asian community. That’s if you can understand the streets signs and buildings that give loans–oh yeah and good luck. It appears that the only folks supporting the American way are Black people. We just look at it as support for people without regard for our culture or the reason we are in the state of genocide. Every other culture/and people are aware of this except Blacks. I wonder why. It’s a simple concept love everyone. Just support your community so those that look like they come from Africa or have Negroid features might compete in the next 10 years. You mention God. This is a God concept. Even Paul said he love’s his people. They taught you the Jew is Gods chosen people. I bet you never even question that. Anyway I enjoyed the article.

  • This doesn’t even matter. Why do folks always have their hands out waiting on the next successful man to do for them? He doesn’t owe no one a damn thing. Grow the f*ck up. The only people complaining a/b Dre where donated his own hard earned money are lazy, no-initiative-having, begging, selfish folks with entitlement mentalities

  • kardsufur

    racist ass article. The article seems to imply that black people alone have built up Dr. Dre and now he “owes them” when in reality all proven statistics show that white people are by far the majority consumers of rap music and purchase 80% of the hip hop CD’s in america so the actual case that can be made is that white people have supported Dr. Dre and propped him up to his current position

    • uriah

      Lol…sad but true and good catch. I was wondering if someone was going to address that.

    • Bryon Anderson

      we still dictate what you white ppl buy if we think it sucks no white person would buy…anytime something new comes out we blacks bump it or rep it then white ppl take note and since they wanna be cool copy us as they have always done

    • Brixton Thomas

      Not when Dre was rapping bro, you telling me whites were bumping N.W.A

      • satch7

        uh yes why you think we still stuck with that crappy noise,the white man suppresses all other forms of black music on purpose

  • DocMartin

    I am a little tired of seeing these articles criticizing Andre Young a.ka. Dr. Dre for donating HIS money to U.S.C. instead of an HBCU. I feel like I have to stand up for him. I am a graduate of the best HBCU around, Xavier University! I was extremely lucky to have a mentor in high school that opened my eyes to the HBCU experience and taught me their importance. Growing up in Los Angeles, before high school, I knew nothing about HBCUs in depth. All I knew was U.S.C, U.C.L.A., the Cal St. Schools, and a few others along the west coast. Most of the time, if you don’t have many family or friends that went to college, like in the area of Los Angeles I grew up in or where Dr. Dre grew up, exposure to different colleges directly came from their Sports programs. I didn’t grow up watching or paying attention to HBCU sports like many of my friends who grew up down south or in the east. Until college, I wasn’t hype about the HBCU classics, like I am now. Southern vs Grambling wasn’t a classic in my eyes. I didn’t know about the Howard vs Hampton rivalry. The biggest rivalry that I’ve ever know is U.S.C vs U.C.L.A.. That is still the biggest rivalry in my eyes. Go U.S.C. lol. If I didn’t have the exposure to HBCUs, I probably would have went to U.S.C or U.C.L.A.. Although I have seen an increase in outreach on the West stressing the importance of HBCUs since college, I still don’t believe it is enough. This brings me back to Dr. Dre. Maybe he has no major connections to HBCUs. Maybe HBCUS don’t cross his mind. U.S.C. is a school technically in his surrounding community. And yes, we know that U.S.C probably doesn’t lack much funding, but maybe he has a personal connection with that school. He has had a 20 year career and we don’t know every single financial contribution of Dr. Dre.. He may have donated to other colleges or high schools publicly or privately. HBCUs get off of the man’s back! Let’s just commend the “gangsta rapper” for donating 35 MILLION to EDUCATION!

    • Brixton Thomas

      Bro you should see how they treat black people over there brother before you speak on anything. I lived on 36th and Vermont south of the USC campus, they treated us like we was all gangs members.

      • fritzeverett

        They don ‘t know it’s a shame. Please defer to Youtube Dr. Claude Anderson. It will help ease the foolish of our people.

      • DocMartin

        Actually I know how they treat black people over there…on a personal level, so I will speak on it. You are not aware of my background, just like you aren’t aware of any connections Dr. Dre may have with USC or his disconnection with any HBCUs. Just like I can’t tell you where to donate your money to. I don’t know your background. That is the whole point of my comment. He is entitled to do whatever he wants with his money. I’m sure we have all supported something that another black person may not support because we aren’t (although I am sure many want us to be) monolithic.

    • POACMG

      People do not know that the west coast is not big on HBCUs.

  • fritzeverett

    Finally someone gets it. You may call it racism. I call it saving our people from utter destruction. Dr. Claude Anderson made many attempts to encourage Black people to support black institutions, but of course many argue it’s racism when it comes supporting institutions that teach or bless people with Negroid feature–look the word up. Look, if a man want’s to give all his money to white institutions he may, it is his choose however, I feel Blacks should at least “try” just a little, and see what it’s like to support their own and witness the results. If it’s not worth it then give it to the Asians at least it will be a great investment in their community considering they score higher in math, science, and speak two or more langues–I’m just saying, investing where others can reap the benefit does not sound like a smart investment. Consider this, try and get a loan in Orange county in the Asian community. That’s if you can understand the streets signs and buildings that give loans–oh yeah and good luck. It appears that the only folks supporting the American way are Black people. We just look at it as support for people without regard for our culture or the reason we are in the state of genocide. Every other culture/and people are aware of this except Blacks. I wonder why. It’s a simple concept love everyone. Just support your community so those that look like they come from Africa or have Negroid features might compete in the next 10 years. . Anyway I enjoyed the article.

  • Well, if Dre was ever going to do anything of this caliber for Compton or any Black centered cause, you can pretty much forget about it. I just recently sat in on Q&A with Dick Gregory and he spoke in opposition to Harry Belafonte criticizing public figures and celebrities to use their influence to create social change. Its not their responsibility and we should stop looking to them to make it their responsibility. I agree with that comment whole heartedly and feel as though we should just fall back on the public scrutiny of each other. If you down for the people, be down, no matter who TF else is down. YOU contribute to creating the social change. Put together focus groups, figure out what needs to be done, create coalitions of people with resources and access to capital and get to work. Writing articles won’t shift the paradigm, nor will it generate $35 million dollars to just give away. Im Tommy Bunnz journalist at Inglewood Today Newspaper in Inglewood Ca, and I’m an emcee and filmmaker as well. Google me, lets build. Peace family

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  • Robert Antwan Gettys

    I don’t do long comments not my thing but Dr Dre is from Compton, California grew up a few miles from USC, the closest HBCU is half the country away which means he probably has no connection what so ever to any HBCU at all. So my question would any of you so called black activist donate your money to something you have no ties to??

    • Brixton Thomas

      Bro really Oprah Winfrey is not from Jackson Miss but she donated plenty of money to Jackson State.

      • Robert Antwan Gettys

        Yes really Oprah is Oprah and Dre is Dre two completely different people with different ways of thinking, but I forget in this world if someone dares to think or do what others think they should then it’s an act of selfishness or not giving back lol pure bullshit

      • Robert Antwan Gettys

        i’m no renowned scholar shit i’m just a networking nco in the army who so happens to have picked up a few classes here and there (which some of u assholes will probably call me a sellout for being in the army but so be it) but I do know that when you earn money you have the right to do with it whatever you please whether you earned it selling loads of coke, selling records or working at McDonald’s so it’s nobodies right to be on here saying Dre is a sellout because he donated money to USC instead of well i’m from the charlotte area so I will go with Johnson C. Smith, it’s his right to do whatever with it he like and um yea I would say I have went past my normal limit for an argument why because it’s not even a point worth arguing

      • fritzeverett

        Thank you for serving and giving your Allegiance to this country. I gave them 20 years.

      • fritzeverett

        Again that’s are problem thinking that there is no structure,no way to do a thing. There are many ways to skin a cat. But if you ignore what the rest of the races know and fight against the simple wisdom you stay ignorant . Give to your family first so your people can grow and buy a computer one day too.

    • POACMG

      I somewhat agree. No HBCU’s out here. So he’ll donate as he pleases.

    • fritzeverett

      Maybe just a little narrow in your thinking that’s part of our problem not able to think past the hood. The world is getting smaller and smaller you will have get a computer and join us…

      • Robert Antwan Gettys

        I had thought of some long elaborate comeback but really it’s not at all warranted, you believe what you believe and I will believe what I do and call it a day alright. Now you be easy

      • fritzeverett

        I like that you gave my comment some thought -thank you for your time. But really that my point in this article is to stimulate deeper thinking and open up a greater depth of understanding so that Black people can be ready for the next 10 years. Did you know that some black families don’t even have a computer. How are the young North American Blacks going to compete with the rest of the world. The world is much smaller today. We have grow beyond the neighborhood. Well, anyway thanks for the dialog. Remember get rid of it if it does not help you to create the best version of you.

    • Cort

      You have ties to your people. They don’t need the money. Our people do….is that not reason enough? You think if our ancestors who literally DIED for our right had your mindset that we would be where we are today? Not at all. this stuff is real man…

      • syl5051

        Thank you!

    • Cort

      The people halfway across the country are the people that gave him the push to help create N.W.A. The people who supported him and got him to where he is now. The people at USC probably never even heard a record

      • Steve Starck

        Bullshit. The people halfway across the country had NOTHING to do with NWA. Stop with your nonsense and go take a lap.

    • syl5051

      Yes I would, because we share a history. Ever heard the phrase “pay it forward”? If you are blessed you should bless those that come after you. It does not matter in the least whether or not they live a few blocks away. Maybe Dre should take a trip to the old South and Eastern part of the US, not just New York or Philly. This is where his people entered this country – not California. We always have hundreds of reasons why we “don’t ” do something but very few reasons as to why we should invest in, trust and encourage our people. We have so much talent and so much to offer; why must we still struggle so much? Why won’t we help those young black kids that just need a moderate amount of financial help? I live a few miles outside of Houston Texas and when I make financial donations, for the most part, they are to the local food pantries, homeless shelters and the churches where my son attended and graduated. I have no reason to contribute to charities whose coffers are already full

    • Steve Starck

      Great point. A bunch of two-faced people ranting when they themselves have done nothing.

    • fosterakahunter

      What ties, besides those geographical, does he have with USC? He did not attend the university; indeed, by most accounts he was a poor student.

  • Imgood

    I wouldn’t donate anything to an HBCU, until the corruption is exposed and at least slowed down. Dr. Dre has no ties to an HBCU. Before pointing the finger, ask why these HBCU’s haven’t tried to make long term ties to people like Dr Dre. Hell, ask Jerry Rice what happened when he tried to help at M.V.S.U. and why he won’t donate money to them.

  • Fatimah

    I wonder if any HBCUs ever reached out to him for a contribution. A lot
    of times these big donations come about b/c the institution approach
    people that they think can give. I don’t believe it was a simple case
    of Dr. Dre saying to himself, “hey, I’ve got $35 million to give away,
    USC will do.” I work for a University in development (fundraising) and
    there are hundreds of staff dedicated to raising money. How many HBCUs
    have that? Instead of criticizing I think people who are involved in
    higher education at HBCUs should reach out to wealthy blacks and
    enlighten them on the problems/needs, etc. They have to invite them to
    sit on their boards and advise them w/ respect to their programs as
    well. A person just doesn’t give a huge donation like that without
    their being a lot of work by the institution to make the donor
    comfortable knowing the money will be well spent.

    • Sasha Jane

      I totally get what you’re saying and I agree. HBCUs should do more fundraising. However, this is a different case being that Dr. Dre’s daughter graduated from the institution. They probably only approached him for this very reason. The old white people that govern that university don’t care about Dr. Dre’s influence. It all boils down to the all mighty dollar. I think that’s what this article is attempting to point out.

    • Cort

      And once he was even presented with the opportunity I think it should have hit him….I should be helping my own people and community…not just because were black and their white…it’s not about that. It’s the fact that we NEED IT. We’re in dire need

    • nsu1997

      While what you say is technically true, you sure don’t have to ask a Jew to support a Jewish organization, or a Korean to support Korean. They will do it by default.


    Black students at USC need the money just as much as black students at HBCU’s plus we dont know exactly where and how the money is distributed. I doubt it will be used to build ‘higher walls’ to keep the black locals out.

    • Sasha Jane

      They said the money is being used to create a new major…not for the black students. I don’t think blacks will benefit very much being that there aren’t very many of them at USC in the first place.

  • Michael Bell

    I got about half way through this article before I quit reading it. A senseless CRABS IN THE BARREL mentality. The purpose of the donation was clearly stated but the writer instead focuses on where the money DID NOT go versus where it did. Never been a fan of Dr. Dre’s music (although respected by me as an artist) but much props to him for this move.

    • Cort

      He can put that program at an HBCU sir….serve the same purpose and help the people who helped him

      • Michael Bell

        I can only repeat my original comment. Not a fan of HBCU’s as they do not serve their original purpose any longer.

      • Cort

        And can you attest to that for every single black college???? How can you be so unforgiving to the point that you don’t care if your race isn’t unified and is making things worse for ourselves as a whole. Smh…

      • Michael Bell

        Non unified indeed. We fight and argue each other over our issues rather than work WITH each other in Love in order to fix the problem. ie my original comment, and your response. Whether I’m right or dead wrong, we as Blacks are not doing much to better the situation with each other by arguing, blaming each other, or telling other blacks how they should/not spend their money. Waste of time. Me taking a negative stance with you…waste of time. God bless you and good day to you as well.

      • ebonydiva06

        I went to a historically white college. I wish I hadn’t. It was awful. So much racism. I was 18 when i firs entered. I am still scarred from going there. I had to work 3 times as hard just to be considered worthy to sit in class. My mother, the most gentle soul I know, was so angry how they were treating me. We even went to the minority affairs officer. We just walked right back out when we saw he was a white man.

      • Michael Bell

        I too went to a predominantly white univ. for both undergrad and grad AND had my share of racist issues. I’ve also worked in jobs where I was one of few and sometimes the only black face. This is the life we live unfortunately, but running from them isn’t the solution. Yes, we have and may always have (at least in our lifetime) the issue of racism looming. But the solution isn’t to run from it/them. That would negate all the work that those in the civil rights movement put forward in order for us to attend whatever institution we want. I encourage young people to attend schools based on which is the best at what they want to do…not by the demographics of the school or fitting into some comfort zone of any particular culture (black or white). Both will have its challenges, but avoidance isn’t the solution.

      • Ebony Fitness

        I went to an HBCU where my mom. dad and aunts and uncles went. My cousins are there. Long line of history. What do you feel is the purpose of an HBCU?

    • fosterakahunter

      Props, why?

  • Donating money to a HBCU is like sending money to a black hole. Giving money won’t fix their struggling issues. They need to fix themselves first.

    • Cort

      He is part of “Themselves” That’s how it starts…

    • Darryl Dickens

      And you know this, how?

      • ron4sc

        Look at the 4 year and 6 year graduation rates. Look at the freshman retention rate. Look at what percentage of graduates donate to the alumni association. HBCUs need to help the students who are taking out student loans and not graduating. Dillard has a 14% graduation rate. Do you think the 86% of students who did not graduate had their loans forgiven?

  • Bleus Bleu


    • Steve Starck

      good luck with that one lol

      • fosterakahunter

        It’s not as though they’re worth the retail tag, anyway..

    • satch7

      the 159.00 bose sound better anyway

  • Guest

    No Historically African Colleges/Universities. When you enter the high Black Society are you a Ibo, Yoruba, Akan, Hausa, Songhai, Abyssnian, Zulu?
    No you become “Black Greek” but are mad at the USC Trojans? Your whole identity of Excellence is skewed towards white/Mediteranean ie becoming “Black Greek:, so why the schizophrenic hostility?

    • Cort

      What you just said, honestly doesn’t make much sense. I’ll just leave it at that

      • CEO

        What better place to become a Black Greek than USC? HBCU’s should offer more history “Black Kemites”, or Kushites “Black Ibo”, “Black Yoruba” they have neglected their own culture and history. So if you have no history why should you matter? Why should Dr. Dre donate money to schizophrenic brainwashed people who couldn’t find one great African culture but spend their time imitating another people?

        Black bourgeiose get no respect. They’re culture vultures and embarrasing. No disrespect but the mismanaged funds could have been used to undo the brainwashing. And it will be in the future.

        If HBCUs want respect they got to start cornering the market on doing some Black (and I do mean African) cultured things. From ancient history to resurrecting language and to the American-African experience. Until then there’s nothing special about HBCUs. Take it how you want.

      • Cort

        But my HBCU does do that. I went to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Our black Greeks are very informative. We have an organization called A.S.A (African Student Association) people that came to U.M.E.S directly from Africa and people of African decent, and anyone on campus is welcome to join. They hold shows, meetings, have events. There’s an A.S.A ball annually where everyone wheres native African clothes. A lot HBCU’s do these things you say don’t happen..
        If That money goes to an H.B.C.U, you get more black people involved, interested, informed…more opportunity and so on. No Jew, Asian, or Hispanic would even have to question whether they would support one another, they do it because they are unified as a whole from top to bottom. I know this because I live in the DMV, which is a melting pot of all races.. We as a whole are not unified, its evident from all these comments.. and that’s why we are losing.

      • CEO

        “From ancient history to resurrecting language and to the American-African experience.”
        What languages and tribal names have HBCUs resurrected to unify Black people? You still call yourself Black Greeks? College education is a joke. 10,000 HBCU graduates donate $1K and you got $10 million. Get 40,000 “Black Greeks” to donate $1K. But HBCU graduates hate being African they hate being Black and they don’t stick together. Too busy being Greek ie assimilating.
        Most college people And btw Dr. Dre is going to get his money back. Its called starti ng businesses. and investing. That aint no damn charity donation.

      • Darryl Dickens

        I trust that you do, go out and expand on this conversation with other blacks. I can get with your concept of some of the things that are needed from blacks to do for advancement, not necessarily the criticism. We know many of the problems, we need some solutions. Believe it or not your not the only one who thinks as you do. So generalizing all blacks as a group who refuses to get together is just not the case. True, not as many as should be. Now post your concerns for others to join you in making a difference. Not posting on the internet the negatives of what we don’t do. Have to start somewhere, why not with you.

      • OurNewsTV

        African Americans are not unified bc they believe they are already in their own land. Other races come from other countries and understand that they are in another man’s territory. Therefore sticking together is a must. Being an African, I have seen that most Africans and Jamaicans stick together and understand the importance of doing so.

      • nsu1997

        But what does that have to do with HBCUs, when there are the exact same black Greek orgs at predominantly white schools?

        Also please keep in mind HBCUs are not “black” schools. They are HISTORICALLY black (because blacks once weren’t allowed to go to predominant schools due to institutional racism). There are people of all races at all schools now.

      • Elise Monroe

        Oh, I thought it was just me. I didn’t understand a word he said.

    • nsu1997

      There are black Greek frats/sororities at virtually ALL universities, HBCU or not. You’re telling us USC doesn’t have AKAs, Ques, etc?

      Not sure what your point is.

    • fosterakahunter

      I understand what you’re aiming at. Perfectly. The question, obviously, is why, when Blacks established their own learning institutions they didn’t embrace Afro-Centrism when forming their soros and frats? Why “Black Greeks”? That concept has always been ridiculous to me.

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  • BlkInMass

    It seems to me that black entertainers are completely dismissive of the communities from which the come from & are total sellouts!
    Sadly, the black community turns around and support the fools blindly, while they peddle degrading rap music, no more concoius then the dope, that dealers puish on the streets!
    What was dre thinking, it only takes a moment to goggle USC and see it’s egregious short comings & history towards people of color!
    I say, get hip to yourself Black People,
    Dre & these sorry a** entertainers a5rent worth it, we have to do better & more constructive things with your money and resources!
    Screw Dre!

  • Cort

    THAT’S WHY BLACK PEOPLE ARE CRABS IN A BUCKET. When we speak about these things, other blacks come in and defend other races. Most of us are ignorant to our past, ignorant to how hard we fought to build a foundation for ourselves to be able to have the rights we have today. Ignorant to how many black owned businesses we had in the 60’S and 70s. Then guess who dropped crack in the poor neighborhoods to keep us down and prevent us to strive to make it out they way that we were…………That’s literal…Trucks were literally driven into poor black communities and crack was passed out……….
    Now check how many black owned businesses we have today….HUGE difference. We are declining. The crack in the 80s is a huge reason we have so many kids that grew up to be ignorant to all of these facts, and do not care about uniting and sticking together to succeed. All of the negative comments are a by-product of that. You know, Jewish people had it as bad as we did….and what did they do, stick together…look at how many Jewish owned businesses there are today…they educate each other, they have their own buildings on most big college campuses, Building made just to keep each other informed, and to make sure they are ALWAYS working TOGETHER. Donating to EACH OTHER. Hiring EACH OTHER. The true definition of UNITY. Something we knew so well in the 60’s. This hurts me so much to read all of this, and its hard to hold back the feeling of hopelessness for our race. I wish there was a way to put the memories of our great grand parents and all of our ancestors into every single black persons mind. Everyone would wake up with a completely different attitude. And by no means am I racist, I have white friends and co workers who I believe are genuinely good people. This piece is coming from a place that hopes one day we can be unified like EVERY OTHER RACE. EVERY RACE IS UNIFIED BUT AFRICAN AMERICANS. Just look around, its clear as day… Does that not tell you people something? Wake up….

    • Steve Starck

      Oh please, as if other minorities never had their own struggles. Stop living in the past.

      • Theresa Drew

        Steve, that’s the whole point, we’re not living in the past! The pervasiveness of racism is alive and well today. You just showed its ugly head!

      • Theresa don’t even bother, Dude is cluseless

      • fosterakahunter

        Let me say it for you; “Just get over it.” Right? FOH

      • satch7

        . You need to read the
        books that discuss the 246 years of slavery, 147 years after slavery that include
        terrorism, Jim Crow, Segregation, share cropping, mis-education, and economic
        disenfranchisement. start with “when affimative action was white “and black labor, white wealth.your so called good schools failed to teach you about the whites who socially engineered the black man into poverty for 400 years

      • Cort

        I know, that’s mentioned in what I wrote. Everything about the past has to do with today

      • Cort

        The present is MUCH LIKE the past. Just modernized, and it’s pretty evident my if you don’t see, it’s because you don’t want to

    • satch7

      no buyer no market but we had too many hard headed weak minded folks and too many greedy lazy folks who saw crack as a way to get rich, who had no problem helping the folks who dumped the crack into the hood

  • nsu1997

    You’ll never need to convince a Jew to support Jewish institutions…no need to wonder whether Catholics will support Catholic institutions…Koreans, whites, Hispanics, everyone looks out for themselves and their own first. Except blacks of course. And we wonder why we are perpetually at the very bottom of the totem pole in virtually every socioeconomic regard.

    • Elise Monroe

      Amen. It’s a shame.

    • At some point, poor leadership I’m afraid.

      • nsu1997

        No argument from me there…too many of us simply don’t know how to handle business!

    • Ebony Fitness


    • That’s right!

  • I find this article offensive. It is Dre’s money.

    • syl5051

      You are exactly right! So what? It is Dre’s money, my question is, why are you offended? Curious maybe, but offended? It was a foolish move on Dre’s part and he should explain why he chose to do this.

      • Steve Starck

        Offended because foolish people like you are questioning why he spends HIS OWN money the way he wants to. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Most of you complainers have never done anything yourselves to help these black colleges. Go take a lap.

      • What exactly is foolish about donating to an educational cause?

      • M_JT

        Why Should Dr Dre have to explain to anyone why he chose to donate this money to develop a program at USC? What is foolish about the move to develop a program at an institution that is capable of supporting his desires for his business? There are so many far reaching misconceptions and exaggerations in this article about USC, African-Americans at USC that if the article was not so poorly contrived it would be offensive. What is lost in this story is what actually goes on when donations are made to institutions.

  • nsu1997

    Mary Mcleod Bethune was born in Mayesville, South Carolina, on July 10, 1875. Her parents were former slaves. She attended a mission school, a seminary, and the Moody Bible Institute.

    Shortly after returning to the South in 1896, Mary began her career as a teacher. She opened the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute in 1904 in Florida. Her school opened in October 1904, with six pupils, five girls and her own son; there was no equipment; crates were used for desks and charcoal took the place of pencils; and ink came from crushed berries.

    She served as the school’s president for nearly 40 years. Mary was determined to provide educational opportunities for African-American students. Under her leadership, the school merged with the Cookman Institute for men in 1923 and became Bethune-Cookman College.

    Thank you, Ms. Bethune for your sacrifices for the education and betterment of black Americans!

  • Barbara Codner

    His “donation” sounds more like an investment. Jews are meticulous business people. They don’t just give money away, especially that amount. There’s something in it for the both of them & that remains to be seen.

    • Jews are meticulous business people? Stereotype much?

  • Hateraid

    I would venture to ask what the comparison of the amount of African Americans USC accepts to the number that apply is similar in proportion to whites/Asians/etc. Its not a matter of which college is elitist or not, its a matter that if you cant get good grades in HIGH SCHOOL, and get a good grade on the SAT you wont get in NO MATTER THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN!!!! Being Asian, I would say, look at all those Asians in USC/SDSU/UCSD. If they are shutting out non-whites, no one told them. (This in no way implies Asians are better than ANYONE). 😛

    • Theresa Drew

      Sorry, I had written a lengthy response and after signing in with FB, it was deleted. From the negative comments so far on this issue, apparently those who have opposed the article have done so with sarcasm, and a limited if any knowledge of African American History in these United States. I will say, responders, including myself, should choose their words carefully, and come with factual information as did the writer of this article. Also, when the topic is race sensitive, and about African Americans either directly or indirectly, please do your research before you proffer an opinion and perhaps then you will understand why the article was written.

  • Leatrice Tanner Brown

    I am not going to support any entertainer “Dr Dre” who turns their back on the ones who helped put them where they are. Another display of self hatred. If we finally stop supporting people who don’t support us, it can and will make a difference. Wake up Black Brothers and Sisters; stop buying his music. Thank you Dr. Watkins for this article. I wholeheartedly agree. LTB

    • Notyourmassanotyourmoney

      Don’t worry, white people are buying his music too, and they have more money to spend on it.

  • ThePenisMightier

    Holy jesus this is the stupidest article I’ve ever read. Please continue to ignore the incredible amounts of endowment money that go toward providing people of lesser means (often black) the chance at an education through grants, loans, etc. Perhaps rather than isolating blacks within HBCU’s and perpetuating the us-vs-them mentality, we should begin considering larger, more diverse institutes that truly represent the world at large: trans-national, trans-econimcal, trans-racial. I ask- what will you talk about the day that racism has finally been vanquished? Will you have anything left to say? Or will you continue to gripe every time a brother does something to help another human who just happens to not share your skin color. Stupid.

    • fosterakahunter

      Why, you crackers do nothing but perpetuate an “us vs. everone else” mentality in just about all of your practices. Why do you think the HBCUs were established in the first place? Oh, you’re a troll, aren’t you. Don’t feed them, don’t feed them.

      • ThePenisMightier

        Lol… calling me a troll while also calling me a cracker. Nicely done. Class act.

        HBCU’s were founded when America and the world were admittedly in a much worse place and served a great purpose. Now, with so much effort to make universities more heterogeneous, HBCU’s are going to become a relic of times past. As I said, we live in an increasingly trans-national, trans-economical, and trans-racial world. Why fight it? It’s a beautiful thing.

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  • Steve Starck

    This is such a sad and pathetic argument. Dr. Dre’s contribution has ZERO to do with race yet here you are trying to make it about racial shaming. You make no valid points in why he should have put his money elsewhere. USC is a school where he has strong ties to and was the perfect fit for what he wanted to accomplish with his donation. How about you stop making it a Black or (insert other race here) thing? It’s about education which sees no color so he does not owe anyone anything and deserves the right to spend his own hard earned money on any charitable cause he seems fit. Bashing on USC by bringing up isolated incidents that happen everywhere is just plain weak. You wanna talk about racial injustice? No need to look further than institutions in the South so please, keep that bullshit propaganda at bay. USC is known as one of the most diverse universities in the country so nice try. This type of mentality that somehow people owe you something is one of the major sets backs that African Americans face today. What was an extremely positive move on Dr. Dre’s part has been overly dissected and ridiculed as part of your racial shaming agenda. Shame on you.

    • fosterakahunter

      What strong ties? He’s not an alumnus of, …well any university. “education which sees no color” Oh, really? You aren’t that ignorant, are you? Oh, you’re one of those clowns that like to scream, “reverse racism”, aren’t you? “No one is more racist than those n1@@, I mean, Black people!” Please shut the fuxx up, now.

    • Brent

      Sorry Steve but I’m an alum of SC class 85′. You are wrong and the article is correct. SC does not need the money. The campus has had enormous changes over these past few years. It is thriving. While black colleges are not. It is about supporting the people who supported you and helping them get a leg up. Dre missed that class I guess.

      • “USC is known as one of the most diverse universities in the country…” — On what planet??

      • Dave Leone

        Well I can say this much, USC is hell of a lot more diverse than any of the HBCU’s

      • Think you’re missing the point my friend. Black people are a minority in the U.S.

    • “USC is known as one of the most diverse universities in the country…” <On what planet ???

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Watkins sounds like an idiot and that failed pseudo-intelligent pose isnt helping either.

  • Clinton McFarland

    I can’t understand why so many prosperous African Americans refuse to sow into their own race and community? Every race realizes the importance of this but us. Once we succeed I believe that it is incumbent upon us to reach back and pull our brother up. Yes Dr. Dre can do what he wants with his money and his life; but what if those who fought for our freedom had this same philosophy? If every American of African decent felt this way we would never overcome. Please people we must realize that if we fail to help ourselves, who will? WE ARE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER!

  • Great question. C’mon Dre…break some bread

  • Dre why not create and fund a digital media lab/learning center for the lil’ homies in the hood to learn how to produce their own content? A $1-$2MM center of that nature would change lives in Compton, LA, etc. With his cache, a lot of the costs could be sponsored with in-kind donations in addition to his funding – Just a thought.

  • ron4sc

    I’m a Trojan alum and I suggest the DIllard president worry less about Dr. Dre’s money and more about his college’s 14% four year graduation rate and why less than 70% return for their sophomore year. If he were to graduate more students who became generous alumni, his endowment would rise and attract large investments. USC was third behind Harvard and Stanford in endowment gifts 2013. Lets address why USC alumni and friends are so passionate about our school and why some HBCU alumni and development offices don’t even have an up to date alumni database in which to ask for contributions.

    • Kayla Steen

      you just made his point….As a previous student of Xavier University of Louisiana, I’ll speak for my fellow Louisianian HBCU goers in saying, WE CAN BARELY AFFORD FRESHMAN YEAR…let alone sophomore year…im surprised that i even made it to my junior year. lol
      Dr. Dre lost me on this one..

      • ron4sc

        I understand your thought but Dr. Dre’s money does not provide funding for USC students. The money is for facilities, equipment, and professors to develop an integrated media and entertainment program. Not one dollar goes to help with merit or need based financial aid. If Dr. Dre set the terms for his gift, which he obviously did, whether it was USC or Xavier, students wouldn’t have received a penny. Thanks for letting me clarify the donation.

        Good luck in school!

      • M_JT

        Well said!

      • rss83073

        I see this article as a critique on Dr. Dre’s value-system behind his $35 million gift more than anything else. I see no issue with this article’s premise that Dr. Dre should have used a donation of $35 million+ to support a minority-serving college’s scholarship fund before pursuing his dream at USC. If that’s an accurate characterization of this article, then I must agree with it.

  • Borissgal

    Ugh….. just so sick of all this black vs white crap! It’s a worthless and pointless excuse for racism.

  • Heath A. Broughton


  • @llgittens

    so no response from the Dr?

  • false1

    All u have to do is listen to Dre’s music to understand why he did what he did.

  • Shane

    damned if you do damned if you don’t. If you want to succeed you have to overcome obstacles regardless of your race. Life isn’t easy or fair. Money doesn’t change that.

    • Charles Hill

      If you had any sense of self worth and love for your people, you would know the course you must take, There is a system in place that has for 2700 years been on a mission to destroy the Black Man, and his contributions to the planet
      had the Pyramids and knowledge of Ancient Egypt not been written in stone we would know nothing of our heritage. So do not make the mistake of thinking you as a black person has a level playing field. Know yourself.

  • James

    Probably the most racist person/statement I’ve ever read.

    • ron4sc

      @James, If a person, in this case an african-american, doesn’t hold the same view on this issue as you they are a racist? I am very sincere when I commend you to seek opposing views that challenge your beliefs. If you listen
      to those whose view differs from yours, you may discover that they are neither
      racist nor ill conceived thoughts. You may find after your discovery of opposing views that your views have returned you to the place you began. You may also find that your current views were wrong. Wherever the truth may take you, the journey will never begin if you repudiate any opposing
      view as being racist.

  • M_JT

    As an African-American and USC alumnus I find this entire article and it’s premise sad and pathetic. This president has failed to recognize that education is a business and his school is failing miserably at the business of education.
    I agree with my fellow Trojan that his time would be better served tending to his out of date curriculum, retention rates and the many other factors that adversely affect his school.
    Turning this subject into an issue of race and implying that Dr Dre has sold out to a white school is a diversion from the real issues as to why Dr Dre would be foolish to spend his money to be build a program at an institution that is incapable of building his brand and his program. Furthermore, while USC has issues with its African-American students, these issues have absolutely nothing to do with why he would spend his money to build a program at USC. To be blunt, there is no curriculum or program in place at his institution to field his requested program so why should he be awarded the money?
    The president fails to see his part in why many millionaires will not invest in his institution. I support the idea and the premise of supporting African-American businesses and institutions but it is incumbent upon this president to run his school in a manner that will attract investors.

    • Charles Hill

      why should the Hbcu get the gift. Because our people need to help our people that is how we got out of slavery by helping each other. That is how we got the right to vote by helping each other, That is why we need to carry on the fight that our ancestors fought and died fior.

      • M_JT

        Unfortunately you are missing the point. Dr. Dre did not donate money to the USC scholarship fund. Dr Dre did what most businesses do when they are seeking out an institutions that can grow their business. This is no different than General Dynamics or Eli Lilly going to schools that have programs that suit their needs, i.e. Engineering or Pharmaceutical, to fund programs to,grow their businesses.
        Dr Dre is making an investment, which is what this donation to USC was, he should invest his money where he will get a return on his investment. I say this respectfully and at the risk of sounding pious, there is no HBCU that is equipped to run his program. Dr Dre and Iovine invested $70 Million Dollars in USC in exchange for a program and curriculum which will grow their business.
        Now, if you structure the discussion in the manner of this article and listen to the President, I understand why you would take this position. However, this article lacks the necessary truth and facts about the nature of this donation and I will say it once again, the. Dr and HBCU’s would be better served creating institutions that make investments like this possible.

      • M_JT

        The author as well as the President, has done a disservice by improperly characterizing this as a donation to the scholarship fund of USC. Even if this was in fact a donation it is well within Dr Dre rights to donate as he sees fit, as the author points out. We would all be better informed and served if there was a better understanding of what actually happened.

      • aerg ar

        Good on DRE! Feel sorry for the hater and all the time and emotion he wasted on this sad Myopic biopic about Dre. Imagine if he spent all that time criticizing instead towards something great and productive and helpful towards society, like, hmm, — oh YA —- DR. DRE!

  • The only thing im getting out of this is Racism on the other party. Just because Dre is black doesn’t make him obligated to donate to black schools. It’s his money and he can do whatever he wants with it. He earned that money no one else did. This is a new day and age. Let it go people or you will never find peace.

  • Jack Daniels

    HBCU’s will just use the money for the Fried Chicken Fund

    • lori

      is that a joke?

  • Jaru Bee

    I would like to shake Dr. Kimbrough’s hand for writing this article. Where do these Negroes like Dr. Dre come from? Still have the burning desire to prove their worth to ol’ massa! USC has $3.5 Billion! They don’t need his $35 million. Suppose he thought like a real brother and give $3.5 million to 10 different HBCU’s. Look what a difference that money would make to so many young brothers & sisters! If I ever have the good fortune to donate a large sum to a college or university, you can bet it won’t be to further educate rich folk who don’t care if I live or die.

  • Mr. Blackheart

    I know, right?
    It’s almost as if he believes that old 1960’s bs about looking past color and everyone being equal. crazy.

  • tsjay310

    This article is disturbing…that fact that some people posting here AGREE with this asinine, bullshit, is even MORE disturbing.

  • cole

    living in a white mans world, when they get rich, they are told that if you want this white life of mansions and limos that you never saw in the hood then don’t invest in the hood, you will go broke, they will not support you they will get jealous of your money and take it, why up here in white land everybody is rich I can show you how to triple that money, here endorse this product for me, you make 3 million I make 20 million we both got paid and nobody with a hand our, why if you live up here with us white people you will not even see a poor black again, did we not brainwash you to get out the hood leave your world and join ours our go broke trying to fix the un fixable, and that is how they think and that is what rich black people believe and do, at no time has the black community acculmulated so much wealth but that wealth is kept guess where in white people land where your skin color gets in in from birth, but they do make exceptions for the color green.

  • Sharon Goins

    You can beat around the bush all you want. Dr. Dre’ could’ve given ANY HBCU a couple of coins. What about the United Negro College Fund. You wrong Dr Dre’. point blank I am 65 years old and a lover of Hip Hop & Rap and some of the artist. Imma have to cut you loose fa this Dre’. You made a selfish, inconsiderate move on this, Mr 1st Black Billionaire for some headphones!


    I wonder what this dummy have to say next now that Dr. Dre 2 to 3 billion dollars richer

    • Steve Biko

      And how exactly, is that going to benefit African Americans? smdh..

      The reason why you’re at the bottom of society is because you do not aggregate your money. You’re acting like Dre, being individualistic, not thinking about the greater good for you as a group.

      That’s why people harass (sp) and kill you with impunity. They know it won’t hurt their quality of life (i.e through finances) one bit.

      It’s time to wake up.

      • MRBIGGK70


      • MRBIGGK70



    I never hear about what the White,Oriental,Latino,Indian or any other race COMPLAIN about their own race for helping or donating THEIR OWN MONEY for the benefit of the less fortunate…… Except for my own and it’s sad to see if we were still in slavery Dr. Boyce would be the House Nigga snitching to Masta about what the Field Niggas is doing Blog is Bullshit and Fk you Jive Ass Nigga !!!!!


    It does mot matter how much money he has if he does nothing to contribute to his own race this is the problem with AFRICAN-AMERICANS. Maybe if you all take time to educate yourselves about your culture you will see that you were designed by nature to be more collective. There is no complaint here just stating FACTS

  • keleolisa

    Dr Dre lives in LA. He grew up and made his money in LA. He decided to spend his money in LA. What is wrong with that? He didn’t attend an HBCU. Would an HBCU refuse a gift from a white man?

    • DoughJames .

      Dr. Dre made his money off of black people who made him cool to white people.

      • keleolisa

        Dr Dre made his money off both black and white people, but moreso off the latter. No rapper/producer reaches his level from solely black patronage.

      • DoughJames .

        He made it b/c BLACKS THINK HE IS/WAS COOL. If BLACKS don’t think you are cool in Hip Hop, whites are NOT going to pay attention to you.

      • keleolisa

        Explain why the biggest name in hip hop today is Iggy Azalea. If social media is to be trusted, black people don’t think she’s very cool at all.

      • DoughJames .

        B/c blacks like Iggy and she is with T.I. LOL That is easy. BLACKS LIKE IGGY!!

  • amber

    Yes, it would be nice if he would donate to an HBCU. It seems that he is giving back to his home state and I doubt that Charles Drew University of Medicine is the best institution for a new music degree program.

  • …everyone spending Dr.Dre acquired wealth. No argument objective standard. Opinions why affluent Blacks don’t. Surrender there cash to assist they do. IRS besides HBCU needs expand there. Affiliations other educational organizations seldom. Students follow difference campuses misinformation. Horrible situation paradox readers philanthropy. Neglected or so besides personal choice. Excellent tax exemption you need. Follow Dr. Dre been psychologically harassed.

    Black men why use race game. Strain to some yeah think. Objective HBCU journalism why not French. Donations whom eager joint STEM programs. Okay allow further interest non Humanities. Courses Dr.Dre has ignored Mayor of Compton. Aja Brown graduate USC ideal economic. Program for Compton trying attract. Electronic firms yes train minds. Not criminals Dr. Dre oppose. Why image of Hip hop not.

    Only Dr. Dre Black men hold. Aggression and animosity male authority. Especially Black men why? False notion Black do nothing? Some believe this elated Dr.Dre. Part of cartel Apple whom refuse. Allow progress of Black employee’s. Top Black employee charge Human Resources. Denise Young-Smith yes graduate HBCU. School Grambling State token factor. Were are NSBE,AFBE-UK and AAU. Dr. Dre refuse assist progress. Minds is this unkind without a dime? Why concern yourself Hip hop destroyed. Respect of Black men lack of skills. Whom further education at USC majority. Asian and Indian why?

    Black students placed on wait listing. Dr. Dre could give a care why?
    Making profits of ignorance of interest. Fans never acquire home ownership. I refuse to blame you exclusively. Decision it was business
    decision. Master Jimmy nice Zionist whom. Behind narcotics ring no
    consummation. Drugs since Zionist control judicial. System of USA never indicted. Blacks never allow progressive merchant. Elite to prosper failures Mr.Barry Gordy. Owned his interest no puppet as Dr.
    Dre. Anyway honor your interest when. Visit Blacks are middle class.

    Successful as Asians welcomed USA. Opposite France can’t accept
    your gangsta. Nonsense Dr.Dre besides donation investing. Commercial real estate friends Victor MacFarland. Ervin Magic Johnson and Don Pebbles prize. High rises and condo’s Miami,Long
    Beach,L.A and Santa Barbra. Dr.Dre is façade image behind. Wealthy
    tycoon whom immature see. Reality form Compton refuse to assist.
    Bon Jovi,Ice Cube,Bruce Springteen and Bryan Adams. Help housing
    developments,libraries and education. Dr.Dre non academic creep!

  • Boyd Hawkins

    Why the outrage. It’s the old slave and master mentality that we’re all aware of and do nothing. We live in a conflicted culture that harps on the dastardly deeds of whites, yet we use white people as the gold standard of success. To many blacks, the closer they are in proximity to whites, the better off they are than other blacks. We even use white people as the gold standard for physical beauty. The “finest” blacks are the ones with hair, features and skin tone closest to white people. We demand that whites change, but our success depends on changing our mentality. Because of this, it doesn’t surprise or outrage me that Dr. Dre chose to make an endowment to a rich, white school. He could have easily encouraged Iovine to partner with him in a large donation to a HBCU. With all due respect, Dr. Watkins, white people giggle under their breath at us, whether Dre donates to their schools, or not.