Chief Keef

EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY: Look Who Got a Chief Keef Face Tat!!

DAMN! These kids are so lost.

Their parents are more lost.

This is a fail that will never be rectified.


Source: StreetKode

Meanwhile Katy Perry falls ALL THE WAY BACK after she offended Chief Keef.

I wouldn’t have apologized for nothing.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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42 Responses to “EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY: Look Who Got a Chief Keef Face Tat!!”

    • Herb_Bane

      and you know a tatt that big took a few visits.. so at no point did she say nah, i change my mind.. turn that joint into some bushes wit a panther in it or something”

    • DavastatinDave

      IKR. I’de feel soooooooooo awkward hittin it from behind lookin at a picture of chief keef smilin at me. I gotta start sayin no to these ratchets

  1. dehova

    “EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY: Look Who Got a Chief Keef Face Tat!!” – I’m still tryna figure out who it is. I know the young boy signed to Brick Squad recently. Is that Gucci’s back?

  2. DeeZilla

    None of this Fuckry should catch us off guard anymore, Since the internet and all these apps came about. EVERY THIRSTY ASS individual looking for their 15 minutes of Fame.

  3. Jeff Active Reynolds

    damn not only is that some of the dumbest sh*t ive ever seen. but the tattoo artist did a garbage ass job. looks like a black gilbert godfrey

  4. don king

    dat broad thought she smart n creative with the “n´joi” (guess thats enjoy written in ratchet) wich also says “I L you”. LMFAO!!! now she has 2 convince keef 2 marry her, cause this tatt of keefs face, with all them hearts n shit, is an absoloute turn off! who wanna wife a dumb groupie ho? lol playin love sosa at the weddin n shit.

  5. Herb_Bane

    these are the same type of broads that be like: “there are no good men out there, or all men are dogs” Noo.. its just no self respecting man will spend more than 15 mins wit u..

  6. Burkart Tom

    That fool is just a ghetto kid-in his mentality she older-og,got more money than him-can get him clapped-he has one good song and just because he´s from chicago were kids are going crazy there trying to use him as an example,like he´s doing it.Mr Chicago.It would be better to show kids if they´re good they can be a rapper ,bad you can become a bum….This society is so lost all of america is filled with little chicagos then talk about the race thing,who´s shooting people most of the time,stealing cars,doing stupid shitt.I know white kids do it to because they look up to rappers our gangsters.

  7. Burkart Tom

    then talking about f the police there their to protect you more like f obama he didnt change the judicial system sending people who sell 10 dollars of drugs for a a couple of years where the have to be with killers and animals.what did obama do to help anyone?who raised obama he´s as white as can be in chciago,if he was hanging with chief keefs he´d probably be dead our in prsion.

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