50 Cent

50 Cent Pays For Slain Teen's Funeral Procession

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent opened up his wallet to help with the funeral expenses for a child slain in his native Jamaica, Queens.

D’aja Robinson, 14, was murdered last weekend as she rode the bus. Police suspect that the gunman was aiming to murder another teenage girl and hit D’aja, known as Asia, instead.

The shooter pumped nine rounds into the bus, one of which hit Asia in the head.
On Friday, she was laid to rest and several rappers like Lil Cease and Juelz Santana paid their respects in social media.

50 Cent paid for the teen’s funeral procession, including a horse-drawn carriage and her coffin. About 2,500 people came out to the funeral and procession.

One person of interest was questioned by police and then released earlier in the week.

Images via: New York Daily News

An estimated  2,500 mourners, including hundreds of teenagers, came out to pay their last   respects to   Robinson.

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    Respect 50… man Guns problem will never stop… and people hearts are getting colder and colder… why would you target such a young lady? even if it was supposed to be somebody else I bet that person was around the same age … shit is disgusting…

    • What I don’t get is… why would you shoot at a bus? LIke, do you have a brain in your head?

      • Guest

        Noles – yeah, – and aiming for a different little girl? – a public bus? – that’s the crazy part of the story.

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    if its from the heart respect to him …. if its another trick like the sk bs to feed america nigga u can go sit somewhere and RIP daja i was there cause Ik her and her bestie and mostly her aunt

    • Don’t matter what his motive was behind SK.. he was doing something good. It’s no different than when a celeb donates money to a cause and get’s the PR team to let the media know…Jay-Z helped bring water to underdeveloped countries, then rapped about it… you going to criticize him to?

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  • Day555

    He did something good that other rappers dont do God bless him….sk or not he did good…to hell with what anybody says.Good is good

  • ulostatlife

    Although I respect the good deed of helping a family in need(R.I.P to that innocent girl and condolences to her family) it’s kind of ironic that it comes from a man whose entire discography is based on shooting and murder…just saying…

    • Kst8ofmind

      Did you expect Donald Trump to step up and pay for the funeral? Fif raps about what he knows and see. Unfortunately, shooting and murders are the norm in Jamaica, Queens. Maybe you should’ve paid instead?

  • hitmhard313

    No matter what the situation was people die every day he didn’t have to open up his wallet and pay for this little girls funeral I bet the family is very thank full because the worst thing in the world is to not be able to afford to bury your loved one’s stop with the negative comments this was a kid that was killed.

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  • andone

    the last couple 50 posts brought mad(pun intended) hits to AHH… but this wont get no love cause its positive, salute to fif!

  • Montezuma1

    Why talk about it 50? You do a good deed and then try to milk it for press as if anybody needed you to pay for anything. Ni99a get your life.

    • Cee Ocean

      “why talk about it 50?”.. is that a serious question… Nigga, 50 don’t have to say shit, the word is going to get out anyway, and people are going to ask him thru twitter and he is going to respond…

      The man did a good deed, the family is alot better off with him paying, and i bet he donated some bread to the Daja Fund..

      Why u hating??

      • Montezuma1

        The funeral was paid for days ago. 50 showed up the night before the funeral and offered to pay for the horse and carriage HE suggested. How dare 50 and all you mutts from Thisis50 turn this into a story about 50. A child died. Parents are mourning. Here comes 50 with his last second “gesture” no one asked him for nor needed. It’s tacky to take the focus from where it belongs. This ain’t about what a nice guy 50 is. This about senseless violence in our community that claimed a young girl’s life on her way from a sweet 16 party. You people disgust me. A bunch a male cheerleaders. Go get your life!

      • dehova

        Good point BUT more focus is drawn to the murder with 50 involved. I’m here in the UK. I wouldn’t know about this killing if 50 didn’t do that

      • Montezuma1

        Focus? What good is that? Actually, all the focus makes it harder for people to do what needs to be done. Nobody needed that. 2500 people showed up not knowing 50 was gonna be there. This death had all the focus it needed with the people who mattered and will do something about it.

      • superh8

        R u even rel8ed in any way 2 the family of the slain girl?fall back.the more u troll is the more stupid u sound.rip Asia.

      • dehova

        Well, for the record I think 50 feels somewhat connected to Queens still and this girl coming from Queens. Look bruh, I hear your point of view but I respect Fif more for doing stuff like this than spending a fortune on cars, jewels, watches etc to try and tell the rest of us we’re some how inferior to him. Anything you say after this, I ain’t replying to. Sick of debating pointless s**t on this site (note to self)

      • Montezuma1

        Ni99a I’m not debating anything. I’m setting the record straight and enjoying holding a mirror up to biitch made ni99as so they can see how far they’ve strayed from where they belong as men. The fact bozos on here feel the need to engage people with differing viewpoints says a lot. Their minds are closed and they’re lost. Actually, the harder they try to dismiss me the more pathetic they seem because why do they care?!!! I care because I know Asia’s father very well but here we have strangers who don’t know me, 50, Asia’s father or anybody relevant catching feelings about shyt that don’t affect them one way or the other. I feel sorry for their women if they have any because they’re involved in a lesbian relationship without even knowing it.

      • superh8

        & what did ur bitchass offer?0.u prolly only went 2 the funeral bc u heard 50 was gonna b there & the chance u might get seen on the news standing near him so u can go back & tell the homies,i was hanging with fif @ the funeral.go 2 school & try 2 elev8 urself & b a man that ppl can look up 2.i know u can even tho ur a hopeless case.

  • Cee Ocean

    Niggas on this page have the nerve to question fif motives for this good deed. Why don’t you bastards pay for the shit.

    • dehova

      Respect to that one darg

  • dehova

    Shame on all you bastards questioning the man’s motives. You’re rotten to the f***ing core. May this beautiful little angel rest in peace in a place away from you cretins.

  • Montezuma1

    All these Thisis50 interns going hard. lol. All this passion. Where is it when the albums go on sale.? lol. What is it accomplishing? Nothing. The joke used to be there’s more artists than fans. Apparently there’s more publicists than fans too. Y’all are crazy. lmao.

    • nutmeg

      ooooor you could not be a complete dick and just accept that this is a very nice gesture.

      • Montezuma1

        If I was a dick you’d be smothering me.

    • scullyson

      Truth be told sometimes you sound like an intelligent brotha and then……..on occassions you sound like a total ass….Check yo self homie

      • Montezuma1

        A man loses his daughter. Pays for the entire funeral because he’s not hurting financially. 50 hears about it from his boy Troy. Sees an opportunity to look good so he offers to pay for the funeral but it’s paid for. So he suggests a horse drawn carriage. The family says sure. He uses the death of an innocent child to not only self promote but deprive a man of the credit of burying his own child… And you call me the ass? The problem with people like you is your mouth moves faster than your brain. Your ass has perfect contours to ride 50’s dikk. You’re a regular on here so your just a grown man who needs for your heroes to be right in every instance. Check YO SELF. Your slip is showing.

      • scullyson

        Lol….smh…..I rest my case. You are definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer my friend. Carry on if you will.

      • Montezuma1

        You rest your case? I gave you facts. You have nothing but the propaganda fed to you on sites like this. I was at the funeral. I’m from Queens, I live in Queens. You’re a clown talking out of turn. Troy is the same dude who robbed Ja Rule back in the day and he’s a rat who testified against dudes from S. Road and Lakewood. You don’t know nothing so STFU when real ni99as is talking.

      • scullyson

        Ok wendy Williams …..

      • Montezuma1

        Don’t mistake me with that whore of a mother who raised you. That groupie love is in your DNA strong.

      • scullyson

        Get some help duke. You sound like a certified fuit cake. Seriously. Give the pc a break for little while pimp. Lol

      • Montezuma1

        You been on here for years with no break and you telling me to give it a break? What you are is a biitch. Raised by one. Secretly yearning for a male role model and with your biitch tendencies you’re attracted to a rich entertainer. You need to get help and stop worry about people you don’t know including me. I know these people punk. I don’t like how this ni99a took credit for some shyt I know he didn’t do and when anybody tries to speak the truth weak minded men like you who live on their knees got something to say. Imagine how a father who paid for his child’s funeral must feel when this moron encourages people to think he had to help pay for a funeral as if the man was broke and unable to do so. You stepped in a pile of shyt and you probably do it often but I called you out on it. If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you I’ll be sure to teach you some manners.

      • scullyson

        Man stfu …..u ain’t tough….kill all that

      • Montezuma1

        Whatever fassi.

      • scullyson

        Ok tough guy

      • superh8

        Now u jafaican,well,gu suck u madda batty bwoy.

      • mikelawry5

        Not trying to get in the middle, but when and where did fifty take credit for anything?

      • Guest

        (www) . hiphopdx . (com) /index/news/id.24088/title.50-cent-funds-funeral-for-14-year-old-queens-girl

      • Montezuma1

        When he leaked a press release to websites taking credit for paying for a “PROCESSION.” When the hell did a procession cost anything? He paid for a horse and carriage no one asked him for and couldn’t wait to make this tragedy all about him. Fukk that ni99a.

      • superh8

        U gonna die a broke ass nigga in these southside sts & end up in a potters grave.

      • Montezuma1

        Oh I’m so afraid right now. Didn’t you punks learn anything from Yayo’s moms crib and Lodi Mack? Y’all aint built like that.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol i been saying the same thing to 50 stans for a mintue.

      • superh8

        Come find out who built 4 what.u from the hood so like i said b4,we on the corner of franny lew & hollis u know where that is.come thru with ur gangster ass then we’ll c who built 4 what & i ain’t gonna b going back & forth with threats or how gangsta i am on the web,u know the spot,come thru.

      • Montezuma1

        What you got on? Who should I ask for? Are you standing by the Deli or in the parking lot by the drug store? Come on Jack ass. Make my day.

      • superh8

        I’m the tall light skin nigga with the dreads & I’m in all black 2day.if i ain’t by the deli i b @ hollis & colfax.i don’t need 2 know what u wearing or how u look bc if u got the balls 2 show i’m defin8ly gonna give u what u looking 4 & don’t come back on here talking bout u went 2 c me & i wasn’t there etc,i told u where i am 2 prove u bitch nigga & that internet tough talk don’t work with me tough guy.

      • Montezuma1

        First Hollis and Franny lew. Now Hollis and Colfax. Tall light skin with dreads? Okay. Yeah yeah yeah. You’re so tough. Can’t wait to shake your hand and smoke a cigar with you. lol

      • Eny Daboss

        and troy is the dude that got beat by irv then went to the popo on pap and richy #jamaica houses

      • superh8

        Its fcuked up u know the name of the streets so well but don’t know a damn thing about the hood.we right @ hollis & franny lew.good look fif.a knowledgeable h8r is dangerous but but these unknowledgeable h8rs will put u in the grave,especially dry snitches,troy robbing da fule!

      • Montezuma1

        Troy is that you, you cheese eating rat. lol Dry snitch? Didn’t your man put that out there already? Oh my bad when he does it, it’s cool. Keep talking. All this is doing is depriving that ni99a of any benefit he sought. You don’t try to steal the show at a funeral. What fukk is wrong with you people?

      • Eny Daboss

        I remember rihana and the lil girl that has cancer… she used her to get the attention of her public then the lil girl died she didnt go no funeral or send a card till the lil girl’s mom exposed her

  • As much as I’m not keen about 50 I respect him for doing this kind deed.
    None of us know how much the family may have needed someone to
    help out.

    There has been A LOT OF HATERS here lately and this site is turning into
    “TrollStarHipHop”, even if you don’t like the dude, slaying him for
    doing a good deed won’t accomplish anything. Why not just turn a blind eye

    THE ACT OF KINDNESS, knowing that it’s going to lead to more hate for them even though they are doing it because they truly care.

    When I read some comments I cannot but think that some peeps need
    real professional help before it’s too late.

    RIP lil girl.

    • luwokoveheh

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  • hoeyuno

    Sad shit… good looking out on fifs part.

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  • scullyson

    Good look fif…..

  • Reblogged this on Phresh & Professional and commented:
    A story notable enough to be shared thank you AllHipHop.com

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    lmao at these thisiz50 fuqboyz on here…. lets be clear…. who said “gangs activities is hip hop” ? when cheef threated lupe who said keef was right? when jojo got shot 50 wasn’t acting like he cares but just know that this gurl got kill cause of guns related to gangs activities… so like I said if it’s from the heart Im ok with it …. but if its another sk move to sale an album 50 is a punk… ppl paying for ppl’s funeral anonymously when they don’t want publicist ppl knew after 10 years that warren buffet was paying loan for black and hispanic kids that wanted to go to college

    who is next rick ross paying to stop molly?

    keef being a pastor

    yall need to stop getting play


    • Eny Daboss

      I don’t know if he is faking but RIP Lil girl you are with an angel now cause most of these fakers and haters on here ain’t going to no daym heaven

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        The little girl got killed in the neighborhood he is from, that’s why he showed love.

    • kingcrefomac

      what a bitch ass u are..the girl was from his hood thats why he did that..

  • Franky Babylon

    Its hard to tell whats really in a persons heart and their true intentions.

    I will say this though, this is not the first kind thing 50 has done to help others. One of his main and ongoing contributions is providing a meal with each sold SK shot. Thats REAL and not many people, let alone rappers can say they give back in that fashion. Now even if he does get some publicity from this, so what; he still did a nice thing.

    Lots of rappers or people have charities they support. MOST of yall haters dont give back shit. Honestly I used to run a after school lunch program with my mother when I was younger but as a adult I havent given back. I donate to goodwill every once in a while but most of my time and funds is dedicated to providing for my family.

    • infinit221

      Your right, most haters don’t contribute a dang thing. Part of the reason they find it so easy to hate on another mans success. Even though I’m not into 50s music, I’ll give him praise for this. This is a shining example of contribution in your community, and moves like this is why he’s maintained success despite making shitty music…

      • Hating is easier than congratulating, updating & innovating.

        This was a good look! Almost made me pull out my fake gold, spinning, G Unit medallion & start rocking it!

        If 50 goes back to making the music that made him famous :
        We All Die One Day ( 50, Banks, Em, Obie )

        I’ll be a G Unit soldier again!

      • infinit221

        Ha! Yeah man, if he makes them bangers again I’ll bump it. His credentials speak for itself…until then the south and you know who has a hold on the rap game.

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  • infinit221

    Not a fan of fifty or his music, but this was a positive contribution in a very sad situation. Much respect….

  • Who’sthis?

    why is there so much gun violence in the USA ? Fill me in

    • Drugs are illegal, which removes the judicial aspect of settling business disputes, so they have to get gangsta….as opposed to filing a lawsuit to recoup their losses.

      • Who’sthis?

        aaaaaa makes sense, never thought of it this way.

        My train of thought was that people who sell drugs have lower moral in the first place being a drug dealer and therefore would also be quicker to use violence.

        Maybe gun laws make the situation also worse as it’s easy to get guns.

        Other rich countries like Germany and Japan or Australia have barely any gun violence

        One factor could be race in the USA.

        And Brasil also has rich and utterly poor parts which are filled with drugs and crime.

      • The guns laws are strict & promote crime & violence.

        Watch “Predator 2”, with Danny Glover, and the subway scene, dude tried to rob someone & everyone pulled out the heaters & shut it down. Even the old lady had a pocket rocket.

        Violence begins with poverty and climaxes when the HAVE’s come into contact with the HAVE NOT’s…. and the police aren’t around.

      • Who’sthis?

        ok I’ll think about that

      • Guest

        EDOG – your wrong – violence don’t begin with poverty – every crime imaginable is commited by people that’s not in poverty – sex crimes, genocide, murder – the media has you brain washed.

      • Shut up Gary Noble!

      • Guest

        EDOG – wow – another dumb response.

      • Australia had some crazy drug wars.. They play out in the series “Underbelly”. (A brilliant show if you get a chance to check it out).

      • Who’sthis?

        like real drug wars or a tv series ?

        Also in 2013 Australia is safe, isn’t it

        In any case no other highly developed country besides the usa has 10 000 homicides yearly (corect this number if I’m wrong)

      • The series was banned in Victoria, Australia because they thought it would impact on going court cases, sure.. America has more violence, guess I was just making the point no country or city is immune to it completely.. King’s Cross in New South Wales isn’t the nicest place on earth from what I have read & watched. Nothing really compares to the USA & gun violence though!

      • Murdering someone does not recoup you’re losses.

      • *Unless it makes others who weren’t going to pay their debts…have a change of heart.

        It also serves as a defacto “Lo$$ Prevention” policy.

        Would you stiff the Mexican cartels for their chipperz, knowing full well, the end result will be you & your family starring in a “Live Leak” video, getting beheaded alive, in front of one another, after you explain into the camera, to the potential viewers, why they shouldn’t fugg up like you just did?

      • Who’sthis?

        that sounds sad and barbaric and brutal, over the top, extrimely

      • What’s even sadder is that you didn’t use “unbelievable” in that string of adjectives. ‘Chet is so bad over there, the press won’t cover any mass beheadings & public dumping unless the body count is over 50…..because the 20 & 30’s are to commonplace to rate coverage.

        They cut off the heads of 70? people, and propped them up outside a shopping mall. Google that ‘chet & look at where they dumped the bodies & then imagine the time it took to prop them up in lawn chairs & pose the bodies like they were simply having margaritas during a siesta.


      • Who’sthis?

        it’s not unbelivable to me humans have been in a ton of wars but in 2013 we know better for the most part.

      • I see what you are saying, parts of Mexico are basically war zones run by the cartels,that is who the people fear and respect not the Police or Government. But, a small time street dealer in the US for example needs that money, I guess my point just was killing off the person who owes is probably going to do more harm than it is good… People will be fearful of even doing business with you. I can’t see a teenage girl owing me so much I would have to shoot blindly at a passing bus with other people on it. A good ol fashioned beat down would be sufficient..dudes these days either are scared to throw a punch, or scared to take one.. so out come the guns.
        This cat is going to get locked up, and that’s the end of his dope dreams…

        If your like a Nino Brown type running the hood, cops can’t touch.. what you say might just work, I have a feeling judging on this clowns decision making process he ain’t much.

      • Indeed, he just traded his quarters for pennies…..but the thought process was the same…..but then again, for this stupid ‘chet, it was probably just his ex he was shooting at.


  • J. Smith

    I know both Fif & Asia’s dad. Asia’s father has the kind of money a lot of you on here argue about. He just isn’t famous. He is a very good dude, and well known in the community we grew up in. When I heard about a young girl getting murdered on a corner I frequented in my high school days, I just shook my head, however, when I found out who the little girl was, a million thoughts ran through my mind. This young lady is family! Anyone who is anyone from Southside, and what is now considered “Northside” Queens, knows Asia’s dad very well. I am not naming him purposely, because he deserves at least a little privacy while he deals with the loss of his child. Fif did not offer HELP! Fif did not do anything for PERSONAL GAIN! Fif did what so many of us wish we were in a position to do in a time like this. SHOW RESPECT, LOVE AND SUPPORT for a good dude and his family. Rather than discuss Fif’s motives, why not use this opportunity to discuss the reasons why so many of us embrace this type of violence, rather than reject the idiots who cause it. This wasn’t a gangster. This was an animal who used a firearm to murder a LITTLE GIRL! This has nothing to do with Fif’s music, or money. We are ruined as a people, and apparently can’t get focused long enough to do anything about it. I pray that if God forbid any of you lose a child, someone steps in to do anything they can do, whether you need it or not. The comments section is full of a bunch of losers.

    • Montezuma1

      Lots of people showed respect. They just didn’t run to media with it.

      • J. Smith

        You were there when Fif ran to the media, or are you just speculating homie? It’s hard for a man like him to do anything outside of his home and keep it quiet. I’m not defending him, or condemning him, I’m just saying respect it for what it is., and don’t worry about what it could be.

      • Montezuma1

        Media needs confirmation from a reliable source. No one would know unless he told them or he approved someone else confirming. If you know him you know he runs a tight ship and keep his circle on eggshells. I got nothing against the dude but there’s no way his name or deed should be overshadowing my ni99as loss. Whether deliberate or unintentional it’s not right. I would’ve respected and saluted him if what he did stayed between he and the people involved. Instead specifics presented in a way to distort surfaces the very next day. That ain’t gangsta. Not once did I comment on his life, lies or music. I couldn’t care less but let this girl and her family have THEIR moment. He can’t own every headline.

      • J. Smith

        We appear to be on the same page, but your disapproval of the man is taking precedence over what you know to be true. If Fif went to the colosseum today and bought a pair of sneakers, tomorrow AllHipHop would be reporting “50 Cent goes shopping in his old stomping grounds”. It is more likely that some starstruck observer decided to discuss what they weren’t a part of. Or some “loyal” soldier is going around trying to gain fame by name dropping. It happens everyday. Ignoring it is the difference between real dudes, and not real dudes.

      • Montezuma1

        A whole lot of “real” dudes ain’t feeling it. What he needs to do is come out and speak on record as to what his role was and give homie his just due as a father who was in his kids’ life physically, emotionally and financially. That would be the clasy thing to do. Whether he meant to make it seem a certain way or not it’s being presented as if somebody NEEDED him to do what he did. A REAL dude as you say would clear that up and let the father have his dignity and respect especially in a community where the stereotype is “pops” ain’t around. I don’t know how any father or potential father could have issue with that in a situation like this.

      • J. Smith

        Honestly, I think you read too much into it family. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen Fif anywhere talking about how he stepped in and saved the day. Perception differs with every person, I get it, but what does he really owe anyone? I’ve actually kicked it with homie and his little girl was with him in the car, so we dont have to discuss his fatherhood. If I would have thought about a horse and carriage, I would have done the same thing, as I’m sure homie would have had he thought of it. Had Fif sent flowers, people would complain about how he has enough money, so he should have paid for everything. Understand that in no possible way can this man win in your eyes. At this point, I’m just going to agree to disagree, because I don’t want people to think we’re arguing. I respect your point of view, and I just wanted to give you mine. Thank you for an intelligent debate. You don’t see a lot of these in the comments.

      • Montezuma1

        That’s cool but you seem to think 50 is my focus when he isn’t. What’s wrong with pumping the brakes on FAN-ATICS spreading misinformation that inadvertently offends the party you sought to honor? You don’t see it because you don’t wanna see it. You come across as partial to 50 but I am not. Neither are a bunch of people who feel like I do. None of us know what his motivation was including you. I don’t care what it was. There’s nothing wrong with good press as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of the people you extended your benevolence to and that’s what happened here. A gesture eclipsed a father’s commitment to his deceased child. The minute that started happening somebody from 50’s camp was supposed to get into damage control mode to nullify it instead of flooding the comments section with ass kissing. All these favorable comments from obvious tools don’t reflect the reality or consensus. Regardless, you are entitled to your opinion/position and I, mine. No blood no foul… Not between you and I anyway. Peace.

      • dee

        “A whole lot of “real” dudes ain’t feeling it” … you dont know what you talking about

      • Who’sthis?

        so what even if he did run to the media ? How bout setting a good exemple for once ?

      • It would be near impossible to not let this news get out…. think about it….

      • Montezuma1

        Especially when you post it on your Facebook page and website.

      • Well Facebook isn’t “running to the media”. The families financial situation was probably known in the neighbourhood. Some how it would have gotten to Fif they were going to have a hard time paying to bury her, so he stepped up… rumours would fly, some would speculate, so why not come out and say this is what I did to end the speculation?

        It brought more light to her case, and to the young lady… I honestly wouldn’t of known about this tragic murder if it wasn’t for his generosity.

      • Montezuma1

        LOL. Hard time paying? Are you kidding me? They needed NOTHING. It was taken care of before 50. Just like you assumed everybody else did and THAT’S the problem. Lazy journalist take stories from celebrities Facebook and twitter pages all the time. They know when they post people will run with it. And as far as people like you knowing, no offense but how does that help anything? Y’all are crazy. lol

      • Your some random douche posting on a message board… why should anyone believe anything you say? You are spending a bunch of time bashing a man for helping out with funeral expenses… whose “crazy”? Really, give the anger & hate a break…and chill.

      • Montezuma1


      • Yawn is right, no one believes the BS you’re attempting to spew on here.

      • $11625525

        You never know, Fifty doing what he did and it becoming public could well lead to someone shopping the killer. You may be surprised by the power of a public personality and how they can connect to ordinary people.

      • Montezuma1

        I do know. The walls were closing in on the killer from the night it happened. FACTS!

    • Sean Taylor

      Privacy LOL…his name is Steven Robinson.

      • J. Smith

        Do you feel proud for knowing his name as reported? I was referring to the name we all know him as. Irrelevant ass comments like yours are the reason we can’t do better as a people.

  • Mega Don

    you wont see rick ross doing shit like this that nigga would spend 50 thousand on strippers and food fat bum ass nigga

  • Eli Pinilla

    Look at all thesr capital 1 whats in your wallet ass nggz!!! If he buys cars, hes blowin his money. If he helps out however he feels to help, hes selfish and doin it for publicity…….who worries about how another dude spends his money?!?!?! If its was for pub anf not in a good place, then let the fam come out and say something…

    • Eli Pinilla

      Its ok for fif to talk about negativity publicly and make millions from it but its wrong for him to do positive publically and give back millions….yall logic is f*cked up

  • beezie317

    good karma from a bad situation god bless Asia 50 u did a good thing son

  • water_ur_seeds

    daum that is a tragedy… rip

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  • Great look for 50 cent, finally put some of that money to use.

  • PliggaNease

    much respect to 50 on this one

  • Profmorphious

    I’m Impressed!

  • StaLae

    I can’t stand 50 but much respect for this…yolo

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