Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Kim Defy King Kanye?

The fight over baby ‘Ye is on! And they are looking like they are going to CLASH. Before, we had determined that Kanye was not with the whole situation of selling baby pictures to the tabloids. RadarOnline is saying that Kim and her mother Kris are conspiring to make big bucks off this kid.

Did Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, pull a fast one behind the back of Kim’s baby daddy-to-be, Kanye West? While we previously reported that Kanye has been adamant Kim not make a mint off their unborn child, a new report claims that the socialite had been pulling strings to sell her recent bikini photos during her trip to Greece; and another that her mother Kris has looked to orchestrate sales of the baby shower. The reports only come from two outlets, with no other media reporting it.

“After seeing the bikini pics, Kanye suspected this is Kim setting stuff up and it makes it sick to his stomach,” an insider told Life & Style. “He detests Kim selling her personal life and absolutely won’t stand for her selling their baby’s life too.”

The insider said Kim prearranges with paps (who pay her) where she’ll be to get their shots, then they sell the shots to media outlets; she then feigns ignorance about it afterwards.
A separate source told Life & Style that Kanye “has made it very clear that Kim is to stop all negotiations [for the child’s first pictures] immediately, and that she is to finally start acting like a mom instead of a businesswoman.”

As for Kris, a pal told the magazine the Momager has been “trying to sell the pictures from Kim’s baby shower too,” though again, no other outlets have confirmed said news.
The reports might put further strain on the relationship between the reality TV queen and the Stronger singer.

Kim and Kanye have been seeing one another since March 2012; news of Kim’s pregnancy leaked during Kanye’s concert at Atlantic City’s Revel Resort in Dec. 2012, when the rapper called Kim “my baby mama”during the show, and proclaimed, “Now you having my baby!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    cmon that’s what they do. how you think they get paid???

    • dehova

      It sure ain’t the royalties on her porno

      • atle fjeldstad

        There was too much Ray J in that flick for her to get any royalties anyways, haha..

  • Herb_Bane

    Naaa kanye.. you broke it.. you bought it.. u wifed and seeded the money hungry vulture now you must live with the consequences..

    • OSBKE3000




    • Chris


    • >>In Rick James voice : “Cold..BllOOOoded!”

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        may ur dog get pitch forked!

      • wilson

        lol dam dude

      • Says the guy in the Elmo shirt, wearing a ‘chet eating grin, while offering up his booty hole.

  • Ike’s Mood

    i smell “milk ‘n coookies”…

  • Pouria Pars

    If kanye is surprised… then i bet he’s got a lot more surprises coming. What did he expect?

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  • the man

    this is fake. if its real then kanye is an idiot if he thought he could stop the grimey kardashians from putting all that stuff out there.

  • This shi* ain’t gonna end well. Kanye got some paper, though. He’ll be just fine.

  • Guest

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    • Guest


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  • Juan Spin Serrano


    • atle fjeldstad

      Cant be trickin if you don`t have it, that`s fo sho.. most of them rappers are simps anyway.

  • Cold Hard Truth

    isnt Kim just the beard ?

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  • see the light

    if Kanye think Kim and her mother are going to let this money making opportunity slip through their greedy fingers he can think again. He knocked up the biggest media fame whore in the free world who makes her living staying in the spotlight and she’s not about to back down now. He may be a genius with his music but he has no street smarts. Kim and her mother will sell the pictures and make him look like the bad guy when it’s all over. LMAO. And no, I’m not a fan of either one.

  • disqus_hvnJpAovjY

    ye iz cray!!!!!!!!

  • K K

    This story is FAKE, been denied & all you blogs that report this KNOW it & still choose to run it for hits. Sick & vile

    • Who’sthis?

      gotta get those clicks or no money, I guess

  • Mike Swiff

    BULL$HIT Stop spreading lies!

  • ?a new report claims that the socialite had been pulling strings to sell her recent bikini photos? ??? smfh who wants to see this fat peice of octomom looking garbage in a bikini anymore??? YIKES!!!

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  • beezie317

    does anyone really giv a fucc?

    • ddd

      obiviously you care in order to click and be here…smh moron idiot closeted fag

      • beezie317

        internet gangsta . . . smh

  • TRELL850

    I’m pretty sure this is fake, considering Kany could buy the tabloids…. Lol … People gotta think… Y would she risk it? For money? Lol she just had a baby with a pop icon.. She ain’t gon b hurtin for money ever, hell she never has been… Lol

  • Val

    Fake story or stupid story either way. First of All Kanye had known Kim for almost 10 years, so he KNOWS what her business is like, You cannot expect someone to change what makes them famous to be with you, either you accept it or you move on, there would be a whole lot of resentment there if he ask her to give up doing what she loves to do. I am all for protecting the kid but they will have to release those pics somehow and do it soon after or the papz will lose their freaking minds everytime they go outside and someone will end up dead or in jail, it’s just common sense.