Joey Badass

Joey Bada$$ Set To Release New EP

(AllHipHop News) Joey Bada$$, the BK lyrical upstart, is prepping a new EP called Summer Knights.

The mini-opus is set to drop on June 12, according to his twitter.

The EP was originally a Pro Era mix tape, but changed for reasons unknown. Summer Knights refers to a song line in his 2012 mix tape.

B4.Da.$$, his album debut, is expected this year.

  • therealest1

    Are people really checking for this guy?

    • RatchetBlackWoman

      no they really aren’t…thats the wierd thing

      • therealest1

        Oh o.k. I keep seeing them trying to pump this guy up, but I really don’t know who he is.

      • Thegdman

        He’s good. Give him a listen. I’d try unorthodox first

      • i bet you know Future and all his features dont you? smh

      • therealest1

        I don’t listen to Future nor do I plan to know his songs.

      • Who do you listen to in this era of hip hop?

      • therealest1

        Just veterans, old albums mostly. Only newer artist I like is Kendrick Lamar.

      • AK

        joey is the eastcoast version of kendrick…

      • Negro Peligro

        Agreed dawg. This dude be hating on everybody so I don’t know why somebody can’t “hate” on him.

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  • I prefer this dude’s style to many other rappers.

    Allow the kid to live and better himself.

    Stop hating peeps. Hate shows your insecurity.

  • Kale Evans

    I don’t understand how dudes can claim to be fans of hip hop, and don’t be knowing these young up and comers

    • It’s the same people who bump his tracks in their room that come on here to hate.

    • AK

      thats what im saying they ignore these young cats like they cant spit when infact they would give the legends a run for their money its just like sports no one gets recognized till years later

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  • tariqbrown

    joey is lyrical game is years passed the old heads..

  • tariqbrown


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  • L.p. Crookz

    checkout L.P. CROOKZ-IT’S SO HARD ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!

  • rk3000

    If you haven’t heard of Joey Baddass you should take some time out and listen. This kid is definitely on some authentic Hip Hop Sh*t.

  • $21384666

    Lyrically hes good. But he to full of himself .. I aint diggin this poptart

  • AK

    how can you claim to be a hip hop fan and not like joey?

  • HalfPast7

    I’m a 80s baby n this kid is def on my tracklist! If this is just him startin imagine him in a few years! He could only get better