Kelly Rowland

Hip-Hop Rumors: VIDEO: Kelly Rowland Crying! Illseed To The Rescue!

MAN! IF my girl Kelly cries again I’m going to have to come to the rescue! She’s got this song called “Dirty Laundry,” where she talks about her bad experiences with men. See? If she was with me, she would be writing songs called “Clean Laundry” or “I’m So Happy Right Now Eating My Breakfast In Bed Again.” Anyway, some dudes abused her and she broke down on stage.

Here is the video.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • wilson

    iLLseed jus when a ni99a think u cant get lamer.. uz a certified fukkboy

  • mike malarkey

    shut up bitch

    • atlantahiphopshop


  • Stay Phokus

    lol Illseed downvoting all your comments lol

  • RapItUp

    You know, if this post was just one of the few non hip-hop “rumors” posted up, this would actually be kinda funny.. Illseed been doing his Kelly R. thing for a long time now, and we all know that.. but then you mix in all the “Housewives of Atlanta”, “Lindsay Lohan” bullshit, and then the novelty of posts like this gets kind of lost in the mix..

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  • If she was with you she’d be singing a song called BAD GRAMMAR. LOL.

  • Who’sthis?

    Kelly don’t love on nerds, sry

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  • $18916246

    She’ll be aight…she’s just get over some dumbniggablues…

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  • Damn. she is rich, “successful”, has tons of fans and is called beautiful by many people
    The object of desire for many men
    But she’s still insecure of being second fiddle to Beyonce
    tsk tsk tsk
    She’s acting real childish and stupid if you ask me
    Nobody calls her on her stupid behavior seeing how she is a charity case
    If you say the song aint about Beyonce why does she talk bout her in the 1st and 3rd verse so much?

    • that dark skin girl syndrome….no matter how fine/bad a dark skin girl is theyll always think less of themselves in the presents of a light skin girl

      • True…she even said in interviews she hated what she refers as her “chocolaty” skin but learned to love it so that’s why she’s with a white man now lol

      • seriously

        im not sure whats worse the fact that youll are that ignorant to generalize all dark skin women, or the fact you would call yourself insightful……black people make themselves look bad sick of these ignorant negros supporting bad stereotypes about black people how c.there are plenty of gorgeous dark skin women that arent insecure not to mention kelly is brown skin… you blame other races for generalizing us when we tear each other part with ignorant mentalities and constant lightskin vs darkskin bullshit its 2013 if we cant even get passed skin tone how the hell can we be taken seriously at all…ignorance is a disease that should be treated not blog post material…..

      • moonfromsoufcack

        “not to mention kelly is brown skin”
        if you think we should move past what you call “ignorance” then why did you yourself make a distinction between kelly’s skin tone. obviously there is a “dark skin” syndrome amongst us and obviously kelly suffered from it.

      • i didnt say anything was wrong with the color of her skin. shes the same skin tone as most of the women i date. but that doesnt mean there isnt any truth in to what i said ….just like theres short man syndrome there is indeed dark skin girl syndrome sorry but its true…not saying you have to be super dark to have it but women do have it

      • moonfromsoufcack

        my comment was aimed at “serious.” obviously you and i have a similar viewpoint.

      • yeah i just clicked on the wrong “reply” it was meant for serious

      • seriously

        Again more ignorance I mean seriously its 2013, if she had a light complexion and I say shes lightskin to you thats supporting a syndrome(which is the wrong word fyi its stigma). Just like other races have multiple complexions so do black people thats a fact its not a judgement. Instead of trying to tear black women with your ignorant views why not just keep that to yourself. The old saying goes” its better for people to think your a fool, than for you to open your mouth and prove it.” IF your that ignorant that even distinguishing black people by their complexion is part of some hatred or war than clearly you have mental issues beyond just ignorance

      • its not a stereotype if its a real thing. my ex who is an extremely pretty woman and who even did some modeling had it. so how is it ignorant if its something ive seen first hand

      • seriously

        So your judging all dark skin women by “one” woman??? Thats like someone of a different race saying I knew one black person personally that was a thief and a drug user so I know for sure “all” black people are criminals because ive seen it first hand…..that is ignorant…its called generalizing “one” person doesnt define an entire group of people, there is not one instance where “all” of any culture or group is exactly a like The fact that you dont know thats generalizing and bigotry by the way is ridiculous….pure ignorance…


      • me generalizing: ppl who cant help but to continualy call others ignorant normally is one whos ignorant in ways ther arent aware of …i mean you say it about 8 9 times…. your not speaking on facts, just on your feelings and opinion just like it was with my opinion that im free to have, so how is my “opinion” ignorant and yours not?…i wont say all blk ppl like chicken even if most that i know do just like i didnt say all dark skin girls

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Oh who gives a ish.

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  • Rocky_Johnson

    kelly is fine.

  • Rocky_Johnson

    i know why she mad tho….she turned around he took the rubber off she ain even know it

  • Abrasive Angel

    I sense another man-hating anthem about to climb the charts to further confuse The Sisterhood of Failure into thinking that all of their bad decision making is all men’s faults.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      right and know that pretty girls like her self tend to chase after guys they no damn well aint no good but they think they got that snap back and think it will change a man … yeah maybe a broke lonely man … but a man of power going to continue to do what he do ya know !! unless you get him near retirement aka Bey and Jayz LOL !!

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  • she really just sad she hasnt learned how to use a washer yet… and she cant fold… shout it out girl…