Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrive at LAX

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Kanye Diss Kim Kardashian Or Is He Just Working Hard?

The countdown is on. Kanye and Kim’s baby is on the way and its going to come out this summer. If they name he/she something with a “K” it will be way too much alliteration for me. Anyway, the rumor on the street is that Kanye straight up dipped out of the entire city of Paris for Milan when he heard KK and her mother Kris were on the way. Kim and Kris were seen all up in Pari while they were there but there was no meeting with Yeezy, who I refuse to call Yeezus. Once, Kris and Kim were gone, Kanye reportedly came back to Paris. Seems like they aren’t beefing, but in Los Angeles together. I think they are avoiding the papz, especially after Kanye hit his head on the sign.

By the way, there was no indication that Kanye was actually working at all. I believe his album is finished.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Played out ass couple shit.

  • I am tired of hearing about these two. goosh

    • hoeyuno

      Just wait till the babys born. he internet will probably crash.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    F U C K Y O U I L L S E E D

  • Guest

    I knew a kanye rumor was on its way I seen it coming

  • Was he with dude?

  • Rebeka Ricee

    when you look up over saturation in google it shows a pic of these two

  • Swaggout

    illcoonisms never stop. They can’t stop. Won’t stop. Illseed aka illcoon aka George Cooney aka Barack Coonsein aka Action Broncoon aka Acoon Rocky aka Joey Badcoon has to keep hope alive.

    • JondoE303

      Bwahahahahahahahaha! !!!

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  • TroN

    His Album is Just like him……………FINISHED! Lol.

  • johnblacksad

    You got tired of that “illseed and ya mama” signature already?

  • K K

    Well heres the problem with this stupidity. Kanye was never in Paris. He was in NY for SNL, he then flew to Milan from New York. He never went to Paris after. He flew to LA

    • Sean Taylor


    • Tony G.

      OK Kanye’s personal planner

  • PL

    ..and in other news Illseed chipped his tooth giving head to a vibrator…

    • Tony G.


    • BossBeaux

      Man he need to cancel your account for that LMAO you just ethered this guy a bit !!!!

  • sakiru oresanwo

    If anybody should be blamed it should be the media for reporting everytime they do or dont do shit #IJS

  • Guest

    I’m still waiting on the Stephen King Version of the Bible to come out…


    The fact that she’s famous further lets me know human intelligence is in swift decline & the fact that he dipped in this ripper a$$ broad without a condom just makes my teeth itch… be perfectly honest I wish all them K’ would board a spaceship & go post on another planet. Better yet send me, there’s just got to be more intelligent life on a planet other the this 3rd rock from the sun….

  • Noface Logo

    So u can call Jay-Z HOVA …but cant call Kanye Yeezus????? He’s just saying he’s the modern day Jesus… because the media be trying to crucify him…. The name of the game is #Art!!!!! Stop being slow #CatchUp

    • hoeyuno

      I didn’t catch that but it makes sense. kanyes a paparazzis wet dream though. follow him around long enough he’s gonna snap. plus knocking up Kim Kardashian.. come on homie that’s just asking for it. I don’tt even have to spell “Kardashian”. my phone already knows that shit… that’s fugged up.

  • hoeyuno

    Seed!!! I think kanye owes you the exclusive when the babys born homie. haha