French Montana's Official First Week Sales Numbers Are In

(AllHipHop News) The predictions were right and French Montana’s debut album, Excuse My French, sold approximately 56,000 copies in its first week.

The album hit No. 4 on the charts, right in line with early predictions.

Hits Daily Double, a music industry staple, predicted that the album would movie between 45-50k based on first day sales.

French was hoping to push at least 200,000, in published reports.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Hoping to move 200,000? Dude is not 200,000 caliber. His songs are CATCHY. Catchy will get you 50K.

  • hoeyuno

    50000 is good these days. I mean ppls like jay z and eminem could still sell a mil but average rappers are not gonna come close. they have changed the game now anyways.. now you get a platinum plaque for having a million YouTube views..

    • H.B.

      You sound stupid as hell!! The only way 50,000 would be good is if he was independent!

      • Not many sell 50K in first week.

        What did Jadakiss sell?

      • Mojo1278

        you can’t compare jada to him in any way!! Also Jadakiss Doesn’t do 1/4 the promo & Marketing He Got, They Should Have Taken That Promo Money & Bought Some Of Them CD’s To Inflate The Numbers!!

      • He should have taken ALL that promo $$$ about bought a low income multi unit rental property.

        I used Jada, because Jadakiss sold what 30K? his first week?
        Hard sales, $20 cd’s aren’t selling.

        Look at AHH’s Top 5 Richest rappers…50, Jay Z, Dre, Diddy, etc…. not one of them made their most money selling records.

      • hoeyuno

        Did you hear that shit tho. RIAA is changing the system. there now gonna go off YouTube views. so ppls with a million views get a plaque basically record labels are gonna hire ppls to click on videos all day.

      • Rocky_Johnson

        true…..20,0000 copies for an independent is more $ than 50,000 on a major.and i dont know y frenchie had ross and diddy as exe producers when he has creative control(which is why he sounds like a southern artist when he from NY).damn even dirty money sold twice wat french did.

      • hoeyuno

        This isn’t 2001 champ. nobody sells. go do some research. or are you busy studying for your g.e.d. so McDonald’s will promote your ass to the burgers?¿?¿ hepatitis b carrying mofo..

      • H.B.

        Damn nigga Hepatitis B?

  • BigHomie337

    I guess the ppl have spoken. French one of the worst rappers out and everything he dropped by himself was garbage. Them features didn’t help him much.

  • “EXCUSE HIS FLOP” & Its a compilation with all those features still under 50k.


    Flop FLop Flop im so tired this nigga finna disappear quiccer tha a fart in the wind


    Naw my nigga 50k aint good unless you are independent and since he on a major this is a major flop he has not requiped at all with all the promo he was getting this is a failure

    • EL_BARK

      Requiped ????
      I think you meant recoup?

      • Same thing…LOL~N

        Unless he means getting more equipment!

      • Tony G.

        yo did he really say that..lmao

      • J-SMOOTH

        typing fast so sue me

  • Eli Pinilla

    Talkin all that shit about 50 fallin off and he cant even do olivia numbers….garbage dick hoppin ass ngga…..

  • jay malcolmaveli x king

    lmfaoo he lucky 50,000 people actually bought that bull sh*t……….ill pass………..dude overrated like ace hood,wale and meek

  • jay malcolmaveli x king

    one day these coon ass rappers will realize……….people tired of hearing that waka flocka type music………..nigga u from new york making music that sound like its from down south………..FAIL………..

  • bigdoe6

    How many copies did Diddy buy out of those 50k???

    • johnblacksad

      real talk

    • 49,773

      Stench Montana & his mom bought the other 2.

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  • johnblacksad

    well deserved wooden plaque… (not even rosewood or ebony… i’m talkin bout the cheapest kind of wood… pine or something)

    • Pine 2×2 plaque……in honor of going Double Wood!

      *Not the real pine either……I’m talking sawdust, glued & pressed together!

      • johnblacksad

        bwahahahah… not even solid pine… that chipboard… lol

      • Str8 Particle Boards………that shiny ‘chet, that’s smooth on one side, rough on the other…with a light sheen….from the spray adhesive.

        We could take turns holding it up & karate chopping through it….like we actually know Karate!

  • YungKizz

    wow smdh well the album wasnt even dat great too many features

  • dominicancoke

    50 k people who still walk around with cd players lol wtf? French album is garbagei would’nt download it 4 free who the fack actually bought it ?

    • Tony G.

      the numbers sold don’t imply just cd..its iTunes and other forms of digital downloads..either way its 50K whack ass fans lol

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  • MildManneredReporter

    this dude is beyond wack. i call shenanigans on those numbers

  • Super_Villain

    Welp, back to selling DVD’s!

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  • Slaughtr

    This dude is not dope.I’m done.

  • iamKingG

    Go back to selling DVD’s bruh, all that yapping at the mouth and Diddy or fake Ross the Boss couldnt save you

    • Guest

      Not a fan…but he’ll be gold by next wk..which by todays standard is great…plus he has singles that have sold well..he doing ok despite the fact he sucks

      • Dadon850

        You do realize gold is 500,000 records?? He won’t even go glass. This album is a flop of epic proportions because of all the money Diddy put into it. He’s going to owe Diddy big time. You better believe that!

      • Eli Pinilla

        2Nd week sales drop off by like 40-65%. No way he sells 450k next week and goes gold…

      • Doe Boy

        so he sold 50k the 1st week but you think he gone sell 450k week 2…you crazy

  • Dadon850

    Looks like another n!gga owe Diddy some money.

    • johnblacksad

      we tried to tell’em… but cats still go back to fcukin with diddy… the list is getting really long now

      • hoeyuno

        In 5 years French Montana will find god and either become a rabbi or a Jehovah witness.

    • anthonyward1

      French: “Diddy, we need to talk….” Diddy: “My office hours are……..”

  • Who’sthis?

    50 k is good generaly but seemed to me like they invested more in promo and marketing then other major acts for radio play, tv and internet campaigns.

    Though I like French I’m glad he got some humble pie.

    Dude said he’s gona make a couple quick hundred millions in the rap game.

    Like wtf.

    Only the biggest of the biggest made 8 figures and that is with all their other business ventures.

    And he said he wants to sell at least 200 000.

    • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

      Actually they prolly didnt spend shit its give n take n rap and he gave a lot of features n in return got a lot. Trust me niggas not always going broke promoting. Almost everyone on his cd he did a song for to

      • Who’sthis?

        didn’t mean the features but promo campaign from his label.

        But maybe they still earn good bread even with these numbers. Radio promo ect might not have been that expansive, I don’t know.

        But I did read how it costs 1 million to promote a Rihana single so it all depends.

        We don’t have the numbers here.

        He’s good at networking so the features often could be just trading verses or homeboy features.

  • All the co signs in the world couldn’t hide the fact that this niggas sucks. Take away the Drakes, Nicki’s, and Rick Ross’ from his album and this niggas sells 5K.

    • still 5 k 2 many

    • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

      Thats actually were ur wrong this guy has features cuz he that kinda rapper. him and 2 chainz are not im a do it all on my own rappers and almost nobody is. but french and 2 chainz thats the lane they in. But if u got a open mind u’d like his solo songs on his cd there really good i wouldnt lie to u

      • Tony G.

        Ur stupid..he does features cuz he knows that’s the only way anyone will listen..don’t nobody wanna hear this dude…features and samples…and the funny shit is he CLAIMS he didn’t have to pay anyone for the features..i doubt that very seriously..this dude is lame

      • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

        Well u can think what you want but personally his solo songs on his ablum are MY FAVORITE ones so idk what ur talking about and as far as features he prolly didn’t have to pay or at the least pay the average price. Mostly everyone he on a song wit got a song wit him and vice versa. It’s a give n take system with large name artists. And even artists who aren’t as relavent anymore but still potent in the game. Fact is tho neither one of us know how much money he got or spent n personally i dint care either. I just know I like his music

  • Jay

    well he can kiss Trina good-bye

    • Tony G.

      word lol

  • dee

    damn 50k thats to much should of been 20k

  • Tony G.

    that’s 49,774 copies more that he shoulda sold..cuz his moms is the only one that should support his whack ass..

  • Tony G.

    The sad part is u can sell 50K and still be 6th on the billboard charts…smdh

    • Rosie Perez, er, uh, um…Officer Rozay , hit #1 with 30K?

      • Doe Boy

        fareal in a bet he braged about bein #1

      • “I don’t think the fact that I’m Slim matters, a plaque & platinum status is wack if I’m not the baddest!” Em ( Till I Collapse ) Feat Nate Dogg

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u a cracker bitch!

      • Tony G.


  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    Yo ppl can say what they want even I for w.e. reason assumed diff of this ablum. N not cuz Im a hater or dislike french. I think the nigga hella cool but this album is sooooooooooooooooooo hot people so hot. 17 of the 19 tracks are complete bangers. Only one I left off are freaks wit nicki minaj and a love song with rico love. This album is the shit anyone who think diff is trippin

  • ShaStud

    All promo damn those are flop numbers. Still like fella tho

  • MrNoName2K

    As if we didnt know that was gonna happen lol, all that hype..

  • RBG

    he even knew he was gonna flop. in the weeks leading up to the release he was saying that he may have to buy some units. not to mention that he challenged 50 to a soundscan battle. how comical is that? whether you like 50 or not that would have been the greatest thing to happen for french’s career.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Biggie up in heaven laughing his ass off! 50K? LOL come on diddy pop that been out over a year that shit should of came last year and prolly sold more but he did have show money keep going while u hot. 5 years or less u will be the new DIPSET

    • *Said the guy in the Elmo shirt

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        may ur bitch ass mother catch a heart attack on 4th of july BBQ fat bitch!

  • Michael Callan

    What did People think its french montana he never been poplin


    lmao damn homie u may as well stick to the mixtapes after this one, I actually like dude’s album tho and Diddy wrong for that shit, he could’ve at least bought 50,000 himself to give the homie 100,000 at least, and u niggaz who dissing ur favorite rapper ain’t doing much better, even niggaz like Fabolous I think only sold a little over 100,000 on his last album, on the real if u aint Jay, Kanye, Beyoncé, Weezy, Drake, or Nicky ur ass aint selling, even the king T.I aint pushing numbers like that anymore

  • Darius B.

    Shit, now everyone is a sounscan analyst. We all knew he wasn’t gonna sell. That’s the of the industry, i actually believe the high-profile artists bloat their sales through the record label buying a bunch of copies (lil waynes Carter IV anyone?)

  • Mike Swiff


  • trilltalk1

    just to think this nigga said he was INTERSCOPE RECORDS. guess the nigga got to cocky too soon. he would have done better releasing this album inde. cause all the money he been making going back to INTERSCOPE to recoup the money they lost on his advance.

    • anthonyward1

      Damn, they gonna take back that bear skin rug he wearing in the photo above…..hahahahha

  • Golgo 13

    this ain’t no surprise because he is wack

  • AK

    im surprised he did 50k wow diddy probably bought more then half of that

  • Doe Boy

    hittin No. 6 on the charts and movein 50k is not that bad in this day….but the fact thay he was sayin he doin 200,000 1st week makes this a flop…imo

    • HipHopStalker

      Agreed. What really makes it a flop is him being on a major lable. If he did 56,0000 on an indie the first week that would have been solid because he would have topped out around 100,000 by year end. A Major KNOWS with numbers like that ? he may get dropped because there’s no way he’ll go close to gold.Regardless them majors want them dollars. He could have done those numbers on his own and pocketed more.

      • anthonyward1

        He let the momentum from “Pop That” die down….he shoulda been came out!….then he would have done 65k first week…lol hahahaha

  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    I noticed a coupla people on here sayin he’s # 6 on Billboard but the article says # 4 what gives?

    • Tony G.

      he’s 6..but that means nothing these days..mufuckas come out on the right wk and can sell 100K and be #1 for that wk and celebrating like they did something…its pointless

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Real talk I done heard a few rappers braggin bout havin a #1 album wit like 97K in sales then the next week they get knocked off that spot by Kidz Bop or Glee or sum wack sh*t like that. LOL

    • anthonyward1

      Umm…..I know you not going to take any numbers left unchecked by an article on this website seriously?……they don’t check facts here sir, you on your own, excuse my sarcasm, but they won’t even spell check on here…”predicted that the album would movie between 45-50k based on first day sales.” movie between?…geez

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        You ain’t neva lie about the lack of spell checkin on here. LOL. I try 2 read some of these articles & I feel like I am gettin dyslexia while tryin. SMH

  • PhilTheGreat

    Last year he seemed like a real cool dude and had a nice vibe with tracks like “Blowing in the wind”. Then he metamorphosed into something so different this year. Party, party, party n all that. It is what it is I guess… I’m not going to diss anything I haven’t touched, but I understand why the numbers are what they are.

    • ddsdavey

      You mean Playing In The Wind and its actually over 3 years old!

  • oh dry..56000…lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OSBKE3000

    “French was looking to push at least 200,000”

    French – you not that dude .. 200k? really? u sick in the head cuz ain’t NOBODY checkin that hard for you ..

    did y’all cop that shit? if you did BET you won’t admit it!! lol

    look at his hat in the pic above .. NO RAPPER wearing some shit like that will ever get a spin on my music player .. FOH

  • elcocoroco90

    lmao gold? this is gonna go triple plastic

  • Macca

    Who even gave this clown a record deal?????? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh as the wack idiot above in a fuckin stuffed bear hat or some shit would say!!!

  • Marc Andromeda

    Damn I remember the days – maybe 5-10 years ago where you wouldn’t even be in the top 20 selling only 50k units. Man, the record game is all bad for hip hop. 50k on an independent label is makin noise…50k on a major ain’t that good. So basically he maybe’ll sell 150k by the end of the year or somethin like that. All this hype tho. Oh well

    • Tony G.

      I doubt it will even make 100K bro…all ur major fans support u the first wk…if u cant sell big then..u wont sell big

  • Macca

    I threw your CD out the window French, and the shit wasn’t even fly then!!! – Crooked I

  • I can’t even remember the last time I “bought” a CD