Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyoncé Needs More Bodyguards?

UH OH. Beyonce’s craziest fans are called The Bey Hive, but it looks like they are just getting out of control. Just recently, a dude slapped B on her butt. But, these people are acting a fool. One person – clearly insane – claimed that Beyonce had been murdered and replaced by this “imposter.”

The UK Sun reports the drama:

SUPERSTAR Beyoncé is stepping up security at her Twickenham stadium gig — amid fears of a British stalker.

Staff have been told to watch out for obsessed fan Bassey Essien when the Crazy In Love singer headlines the Sound Of Change concert on Saturday.

It is believed she has been sent sick threatening letters.

Essien has already been warned to stay away from Beyoncé, 31 — who won an anti-harassment order in the High Court in 2011, prohibiting him from pestering her.

Court papers revealed Essien, of South West London, had been sending threatening letters to the star since 2009 and made a bizarre claim she was an imposter who had killed the real Beyoncé.

A source said last night: “Staff have been briefed on the situation and pictures of him have been passed round. They’ve been told to keep their eyes open and be extra vigilant.”
The source also revealed: “Security has been increased on a few engagements now, especially for her UK promo.

“It is believed similar letters to the ones that Essien sent have been received.”

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  1. PL

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    Ever since she became a mother, she lost her swag….Beyonce need to have more kids and move on she has a ton of money, Bow out gracefully….Let Rihanna take over, it’s time to trade places.

    • Weedras

      lol! Rihanna lol!! i aint even a Beyonce fan.. but bcuz she has a kid she needs to retire?! and you’re a grown ass man talking bout ‘swag’?!? that chick Rihanna be looking more like she needs to retire more than Beyonce and we all know who’s the vet of the two…

    • Betty O'Donnell

      my сο-wοrκ℮r’ѕ ѕt℮p-ѕiѕt℮r mаκ℮ѕ $75 ℮v℮ry հοur οո tհ℮ lаptοp. ѕհ℮ հаѕ b℮℮ո witհοut wοrκ fοr ѕ℮v℮ո mοոtհѕ but lаѕt mοոtհ հ℮r iոсοm℮ wаѕ $12171 juѕt wοrκiոg οո tհ℮ lаptοp fοr а f℮w հοurѕ. R℮аd mοr℮ οո tհiѕ ѕit℮,

  3. atle fjeldstad

    Beyonce likes to get gangbanged by big men, that`s why she needs more bodyguards.. Haha (i can be ignorant to)..

  4. LetsBeRealpeople

    Suddenly, she has “A” Stalker.rrrRRRriight.

    Oh she’s Rachel Marron now? Ok, Queen of the night.

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