Hip-Hop Rumors: Can These Guys “Liberate” Chief Keef, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj?

Is rap keeping a cycle of destruction in the Black community? Only time will tell the truth of this, but the Hip-Hop Liberation Army is here to free your mind! They are saying that they are here to FREE all of hip-hop from mental enslavement! Now…do you want to be free? They presently have 8 hits on youtube, but we’ll see where it goes. PEEP: Their purpose and their video.

For years people have complained about how commercial rap is destroying Hip Hop. This Black Music Month (June) a new movement has decided to do something about it. The Hip Hop Liberation Army has declared war on commercial Hip Hop. The group says it is their mission to fulfill Bob Marley’s dream of emancipating the Black community from mental slavery, starting with Hip Hop. The HHLA argues that Black Hip Hop artists are being held in corporate controlled prisons and it is up to them to break them out. If Kanye West is right and rappers are the new slaves, they say that it is their mission to lead Chief Keef, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Niki Minaj away from the corporate plantation.

The group is currently organizing underground Hip Hop artists and Hip Hop fans to join the battle.

  • jay

    So a group of people trying to free people of mental slavery is a “radical group”? Whats more radical, rapping about sex, drugs, guns and materialism or the group trying to free their mind from that box?

    • TheGreatGazoo2012

      We have been conditioned to accept a lower standard and anyone who doesn’t is labeled an elitist or “enemy” of the state

      • jay

        Youre right mang

    • Y’know they gotta put that lil slick shit in there to make anything righteous look raggedy, especially when they’re targetin the very rappers that butter AHH’s bread.

      • jay

        sad but true

      • LOL~N @ Buttering the bread

        Real spill though!

    • Tony G.

      I feel u..but they didn’t call themselves radical..I think that’s some AHH ish..

      • That’s what he was sayin, that’s how AHH had it on the homepage up top.

  • Dadon850

    Rappers are too drugged up to pay attention to this. They get an A for effort tho.

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  • Banksy

    My Niggas, take control. Take control of Hip Hop. Be hold the instrument of your liberation and Identify your self to the world.

  • they remind me of that group who killed Mantan in bamboozled

    • Haaa the Mau Mau’s!! I fukk around and watch that tonight now that it’s on my mind, been a minute.

      • One of the best movies ever made

      • Indeed. Heavily slept on too, like most truly great things are.

  • A Hip-Hop Drop Squad?? I can dig it, shit’s LONG overdue.

  • they are gonna need it much more than words….its like being mad at Obama but he has a boss too! Its bigger than that! The rappers are puppets! TAKE THAT FIGHT TO INTERSCOPE, WARNER BROS, DEF JAM, and etc! Thats where you start!

  • yesanditcounts

    Hip-Hop has always been a reflection of today’s black youth. As much as I hate to admit it, todays youth is far more f**k up than in the past. The past had gangsta rap, but also had political, jazz infused and party songs. Now it all seem to be just gangsta.

    • Which would be cool…except none of the rappers rapping gangster are actually gangsta!

      • Tony G.


      • Stay Phokus

        at least back then, there was respect, there was rules, and a line where you can see what was wack and what was cool
        now theres no respect no rules
        if u say something is wack your a hater
        if you like something your a d*ckrider

      • “if u say something is wack your a haterif you like something your a d*ckrider”

        Wow! Never thought about it until you said that, but you’re 100% accurate with that.

        Fugg it though!

        I’ll be a hater & call Wack ‘chet wack!

  • When 2Pac was saying Killuminati you say its fake LOL.

  • HalfPast7

    It ain’t just these bitch ass rappers tho, EVERYTHING from the music industry to the movie industry to the media n all the negative shit they show to our own corrupt ass government n the policies they slipping under the rug should be enough to show y’all that its all part of a plan, and its working

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  • ccwaterbound32

    i mean dude kickin out the facts… and explaining what needs to be done… but it aint just the artist that got to turn over a new leaf it’s the fans! see mainstream money is all them record execs think about… and as much as i can’t stand tyler perry’s movies,tv shows, stage plays and etc, i respect how he came up… he got rich off us black folks and then he flipped the script and built up his own empire. my point is this F**K mainstream america we don’t need yall money! we need to get hip hop money back into our communities and make this music work for our agenda. see money is what the youngsters respect they respect money above everything else (which is a gotd*mn shame) i bet if their were more black entrepreneurs,doctors,lawyers, politicans, archetics, engineers, and MEN we would have everything needed to kick off the REAL revolution instead of waiting and waiting for it to kick off! oh yeah one more thing… everybody should watch “the spook who sat by the door” that’s what we need to do to kick shit off!

    • Weedras

      Black culture is corrupt. cut throat and hypocritical, hip hop is merely a reflection of such… to change the music is has to start from the societal level… ppl are more inclined to argue over which rapper can beat which rapper’s ass rather than whether the rapper is actually talking about things that make sense… there are rappers that spit positivity or just be themselves in the sense and they don’t get no rep because the ‘hood’ don’t want that they’d rather the ignorance they can relate to rather than a message that can motivate them… there are a lot of black professionals.. but guess what they have moved past the ignorance and would rather not deal with it… i had a prof. whose a hip hop head and dude listens to KRS, grandmaster flash and the furious five etc.. and i’ve witnessed him talk to the hip hop club when i was at the school interning and the young’ns weren’t abt that motivational positive message its about ignorance and vanity… and when you try to kick knowledge nowadays dudes think your acting like you’re better than them etc. if that aspect of black culture doesn’t change the music will not..

      • Bless

        100% true.

    • I’ve watched that flick at least once a month ever since the homie Edogz put me up on it a couple years back. You’re right it’s a must-see…take those concepts and reformat em to fit this day and age ya dig?

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  • Dead wrong

    People prefer ‘evil’.. in this age. Human beings aren’t ready to be ‘human’ yet. That’s for another age. People love talking down on others, perversion, violence and everything else considered detrimental to society. I’d say its not going to get better until it gets worse. Let evil do what it does. They’ll come to the light when they’re ready. So-called conscious rappers have damn near an even playing field with YT. The p-zzy poppin’, twerkin’, dancing, mafioso story telling acts get more views because people are attracted to lower energy vibes … for now. If you can feed people for free, and knowledge and love were the only things they had to learn and practice shit MIGHT change.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man you dudes is stuck in the JIm Crow era. Unless its OBAMA what another ninja do don’t affect me. This is some self hating reverse racist shit. Its like oh you gotta straighten up for master so he can think better about me. YOU STILL A Ninja to someone who thinks you a NIGER. Ain’t nothing gonna change that cause it ain’t you that has a problem. Rich white kids don’t act like country singers they act like Gangsta act yet you don’t buy it because no matter what he still a white kid from suburbia. So let people live. You want to help inner city kids. Start a shoe or clothing line factory in the hood and then pump that hoods image out to the kids. Stop forming these NO WHERE coalitions and groups that DON’T CHANGE NOTHING. C Dolores Tucket spent more time fighting hiphop than passing meaningful legislation to keep inner city jobs from moving over seas to Asia. #OhYouGoneLearnToday. I LIKE COLLARD GREENS AND FRIED CHICKEN and CATFISH and PORK. Dumb white people got you thinking what you like is wrong. Who wrote Bob Dellinger, who wrote Cocaine Blues. Go play it in a room full of rednecks and I bet not one say oh it makes my community look bad. YOU SELF HATING IDIOTS..

    • Mike G

      Its effecting the kids more than anything

    • Delonte West

      it’s not about conforming to the white man genius, its about no longer being a puppet and acting like you have sense. if you had any sense, you would see that by acting like a damn fool, niggas are actually conforming to what the white man wants us to be.

    • Delonte West

      Niggas said start a clothing line…that worked out well for Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Master P…what a maroon.

    • Bless

      Are you serious?

    • youngplaya

      Good Points!!

  • They love the evil, they love the darkness, so they shall perish in it. The battle is unseen, and is for control of your thoughts. The dawn of destruction is near, walk into the light, or die in the darkness! Your move…

    • Delonte West

      Go to sleep, dude.

  • JondoE303

    How they gonna lead someone away who doesn’t wanna be lead away?

    • Edith R. Conaway

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  • KillaHertz Wilkerson

    not to sound like a troll but…its not gonna happen. n*ggaz gone be n*ggz. as long as the industry cut the check, they gone fall in line & continue putting out the music they put out. and ery’body gone buy it. at one point in time we had some conscious rappers i.e. Common, BlackStar, Goodie Mob but since they wasn’t with the PROGRAM they got cut. now the only resembelance to conciousness is Kendrick Lamar.

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