Hip-Hop Rumors: Leave T.I. Alone Before Somebody Gets Hurt!

T.I. – I don’t know if you know – is not to be played with. A recent visit in Indianapolis proves that. In this clip, it looks like Tip is going to run up in somebody mouth! They had to hold T.I. back. You can’t hear anything, but T.I. definitely had his finger in somebody’s face. Whoever they were, clearly didn’t stand a chance and therefore had to stand down.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • brotha_man

    naptown aint nothing to play with

  • hoeyuno

    maybe someone wasn’t feeling his neon outfit…ijs.. and who knows maybe he just looks like he’s getting mad like when old Asians talk to each other on the bus

  • Mike Swiff

    LOL TI is saying that because he has his body girls, he wouldn’t say shit one on one snitchin ass fake thugs!

  • Moe

    I see he didnt step off that stage tho.

    • CWL

      Fareal he was hiding behind them bouncers!

  • CWL

    Youtube/”Novacane 3minutes of hell” the nigga didn’t breath thru the whole verse!

  • CWL

    They T I p was dispose to get 5 flat for that case and he only did 9months I’m I correct?

    • CWL

      Excuse my spelling my fingers are to big for this lil ass phone!


    T.I woulda ot his azz beat


    Lol aint this how philant got killed, him being tough & niggas rode up on him afterwards & shet got real???

    Plus aint nobody dumb enough to beef with TI. He has no problem taking that stand…. & him beating them fed cases back to back with a slap on the wrist is enuff for any person to let him talk loud. Cause at then end of the day he aint fitting to put in no work.

    • CWL


    • BossBeaux

      I agree with every point except for the snitching part all I am saying is where is the paperwork they pulled Alfamegas card quick but not TI ???? That’s a way bigger story and even though that shut was suspect TI is actually a rich ni99a with powerful friends and he ain’t the only rich person to beat a serious case and get a slap on the wrist i mean look at Jason Williams he murdered his butler and look at the outcome of that

      • EL_BARK

        One thing jason was an accident,
        Manslaughter & he is doing a bid. Also with jason case he got in trouble more so for the cover up… But he did get a few years.

        Also alfamega cooperated with authorities, but there is an big differernce between cooperating & being an informant.
        People who cooperate get paper work. But an informant doesnt have to have paper work. You dig me. An CI is only known as
        CI# 342

        Case in point… I get arrested or if you have ever seen the show DEA,
        A person get arrested, they then tell you, i need you to give up your supplier or somebody. I go ok, take me to joe house & i ahow yall where he keep his work at…. This is hypothetical of course.

        But they either get u to rat on somebody or go get a warrant and on that warrant the only thing you are going to see is ci# 357 said this & that….

        So its possible a person could cooperate with the feds & get a sweet sentenced like TI & there is no paper work.

        But in TI case the first time ok. But lighting dont normally strike the same spot twice. That 2nd year & a day sentenced was very cheesey if you ask me.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Jason out now . I agree with your statement

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      LOL if u look close at the end of the video dat n*gga look like he snitchin on whoever he got in2 it with pointin n*ggas out and sh*t.

      • EL_BARK


    • ll3acdafukup

      A confidential informant differs from two other categories of sources. “Cooperating witnesses,” or “CWs,” differ from CIs in that CWs agree to testify in legal proceedings and typically have written agreements with the Department of Justice (DOJ) (usually with an Assistant U.S. Attorney) that spell out their obligations and their expectations of future judicial or prosecutive consideration. The FBI must obtain the concurrence of the U.S. Attorney’s Office with regard to all material aspects of their use by the JLEA.156 “Assets” are sources who assist the FBI in international terrorism, foreign intelligence, or foreign counterintelligence investigations.

      Persons who provide information to the FBI but do not fall into one of these specific classifications are referred to generally as “sources of information.” A source provides information to a law enforcement agency only as a result of legitimate routine access to information or records. Unlike what is often the case with regard to CIs and CWs, a source does not collect information by means of criminal association with the subjects of an investigation. Under the Guidelines, a source must provide information in a manner consistent with applicable law
      With that being said you know as well I know there crooked judges, attorneys, and prosecutors in the business also they all have dirty laundry and skeletons in their closet with this information things can be turned your way. I’m pretty sure this nigga spent a guap getting off.

      • EL_BARK

        You cant buy a fed case my dude. The gov dont need your money.

        A state case can be bought & maniuplated, but not the feds…

      • ll3acdafukup

        You are right to a certain extent, but corruption, fraud and judicial misconduct happens on both state and federal levels. In my honest opinion the Feds case was weak and as much as they like convicting Feds do not like to take L’s… They made that nigga a cooperating witness which is different than a cooperating informant.

      • EL_BARK

        In which way did he cooperate? With the feds??

        And if he was an cooperating witness, should he have paper work, i think that what the your first post was explaining.?

        If you talking bout cooperating in philant case, not sure because i believe that was a state case… Feds notmally dont get involved in normal black on black muder cases, so him. Testifying in that case really wasnt helping the feds. I dont think….

        Can i say beyond a reasonable a doubt he’s a rat no?
        Would i jay walk in front of that niggah.???
        Hell naw lmao.

      • ll3acdafukup

        lol.. I hear ya, but the thing is he got caught trying to buy guns from undercovers so no way he could snitch about that (seeming they provided the guns)

        now them other guns he had he could actually snitch where he got them and some dumb ass white dude went down for providing guns to a convicted felon.

        in that case white people really don’t frown upon being snitched on like we do, so we would never know. Yea that whole scenario is suspect if it’s divine intervention then he needs to go sit-down he got a second chance in life for real.

        But again he had mad endorsements movie deals, GM, Body Ax he was caked up the GM deal alone was worth a couple million so greasing somebody with a mill or two he had it…I’m loyal with my principles but a million dollars would make a lot of people reconsider shit even the Feds.

      • greenhouse records

        Atlantic got him off. They really look out for their cash cows. Also he didnt buy the guns from the undercover cop. His bodyguard did. Im guessing his lawyer used that info to his advantage and made a deal.

  • trilltalk1

    lol T.I better worry about the problems he got in ATLANTA. them DUCT TAPE boyz and GUCCI MANE been going at this nigga heavy.

    • BossBeaux

      For real? How come All Shyt Hop Dont report that shyt oh I forgot they making TI out to be the next Bill Cosby because of that show SMH

  • ant662

    sorry T.I., but i gotta say it “you aint shit without your homeboys(or bodyguards in this case)” that song was meant for shit like this

    • ccwaterbound32

      i wanna dedicate a song to T.I… it’s from the geto boyz and its titled “when it gets gangsta”

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Awwwww! Look at the little guy.


    I wud of yanked that nigga smooth off the stage

  • beezie317

    Need 2 stop actin like that n my city boi, didn’t u learn about tha Midwest frum them Cinninatti mufucaz

  • This is the same T.I that cried his heart out to avoid some jail time…..Now he is Gangsta, he need be reminded that he has more to loose than a fan who clearly has more to gain out of it all.

    • TruthSerum

      Dude I seen a guy on Court TV back in the day who beat a man to death with his bare hands cry in court to avoid jail time, whats a man supposed to do in a court room, scream about how super tough he is and tell the judge “Let me out, I got more dirt to do”???

      I agree that he should think before he acts tho

      • “No juddddddddddge. Nooooooooo. I got mo dirt to do!!!!” #IamDead

      • I agree….I just hate when most dudes act tough and when the cops come then they act soft and pink.lol

  • Chris

    All for show. TI wasn’t goin’ to do a got damn thing.

    • Hawk

      bet you wouldn’t say that with T.I. in your face

      • Chris

        I can tell you’re a loyal fan based on the comment you made. Get…off…TI’s…sack. If TI really wanted to get it poppin’, he could have, but he didn’t. TI is an A-list entertainer, in a random club, in a city he’s not from. Homey ain’t stupid, and that’s why he stayed on that stage. Furthermore, I’m a self-respecting man. TI or no other man would ever just get up in my face without there bein’ a problem. Been there, done that. Fck…outta…here.

      • Tony G.

        Aint about being a loyal fan or on nobody’s nuts..ur just one of these e-thugs that talk it online..but if u were there..ud be one of the ones snapping pics on ur phone and tryna get an autograph..fukkouttahere with that tough guy shit..like YOU would do something..

      • Chris

        You nggas kill me. Ridin’ for this ngga like you’re TI’s bottom btch or somethin’. That Hollywood “trap nigga” sht got you nggas fooled. TI’s on stage, showin’ his @ss, puttin’ his hand in nggas faces, with 15 nggas and security on stage with him. Unimpressive. Furthermore, what e-thuggery did I display? Did I threaten to “ride on a ngga”? Did I threaten to “send my goons at TI”? Over a Youtube video? I don’t believe I resembled anything close to an internet gangster. Show me where I displayed any type of internet thuggery. SMH.

      • jloco187um

        I gotta agree with Chris. TI don’t really want it. If you that close to someone you wanna get at jump in the crowd and pop off. I personally seen Dipset ni**as jump in the crowd to get at somebody. I also seen footage of Beanie and Maino getting at ni**as in the crowd just to name a few. T.I. don’t really want it. Not saying he pu**y. He has $millions$ of reasons not to jump in that crowd. But he’s definitely frontin right there.

        And you right Tony G this the same shit got TI’s man killed and also got Pac killed after getting at somebody. SMH

      • Hawk

        Plus, quit worryin’ bout what I choose to say, you talkin’ bout me rididn’ T.I. but you just rode my shit hard. Get a life homie and quit explaining yourself to dudes on the internet, get a life my dude

      • ll3acdafukup


      • Artful Dodger


      • Artful Dodger

        why not hes human too, shit i done cussed out the police right in front of there face, and they got way more power than tip, am big fan but we need to stop puttin these cats on a pedestals.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    TI got that little man complex

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    But how do you know TI would win? Because he looks mad? ANYONE can catch a fade on any given day. Ask Suge Knight.

  • Terrance Goodman

    All woof no bite security n alcohol gave him courage . 110 pounds with a building in his pocket

    • LMAO My nigga said with a BUILDING in his pocket…that’s cold bruh.

      • Terrance Goodman

        I know but hard headed fools ever learn. Part reason Phil gone now . This Gary Coleman midget “think he tough cb4 “fathers voice

      • You act like you know that man. Chill out Judge Alex.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Don’t have to know him he a hoe just like yo ass

    • wow

  • Tony G.

    Aint this the same shit that got the van shot up when his homebody got killed…don’t go outta town tryna buck back on nobody man..u never know whats waiting for u outside the club.


      that’s why any nigga with sense know if u get into any beef inside a club u suppose to be the 1st one getting outside the club, and with that being said u might wanna have some shooters trailing behing u along with a nigga or two riding with u who got heat, see this is easier for a star like T.I to accomplish, but normal niggaz like us will be bound to get a case for trying some shit like that, and im sure T.I wouldn’t get caught slippin like that again with no shooters, cause I don’t believe any of them niggaz bussed back when his boy was killed


    after looking at the video, it don’t even look like T.I was trying to get at anyone and it looked like him and dude in the crowd had a little argument bout some slick shit he said or something, also that nigga would’ve caught a massive beat down cause u can tell TIP had security out in the crowd too, so it wouldn’t have been good for ol boy to even try lol

  • Ravi Singh

    show fights, always gud tymez!

  • Ravi Singh

    it kinda looked towards the end he wuz pointin dudes out to security though. i been there, when dudes really wanna fight, peepz iz comin off the stage.

    • Emma Rizzoles

      It would be cool if Hulk hogans theme song played and Miguel came out and hit his ass in the crowd with the Hulkamania leg drop.