Tim Dog

Hip-Hop Rumors: Tim Dog Getting Hunted Down By Bounty Hunters!?

Ohhhhhh! Its about to get real if Tim Dog is above ground! We STILL don’t fully know if the Bronx rapper is actually dead or alive! Nobody has provided concrete evidence that the man is actually dead! Remember, there were reports that Tim Dog died from a diabetic seizure. But, his family – particularly his WIFE – has yet to come forward to answer allegations that Tim is alive…or in the afterlife. So, it continues.

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The latest is a very small tip that I got from somebody purporting to be a bounty hunter. They are going to be looking for him! I’m not sure why, because I don’t think there is a reward for his capture, but it is a high profile case in the urban world. I don’t know.

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Tim Dog Flyer

Donation to his daughter? Hmmmmmmm…..

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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    Breaking News: Dead Rapper pops up and confirms that he is actually dead and that’s why he: ‘had the funeral service stupid’. Inside sources reveal that the Hip Hop Police are still on a manhunt for Tim Dog and have been ordered to ‘shoot to kill’ to ensure that the ‘dead rapper’ is really dead. Meanwhile, gravediggers at the Cemetry where the dead rapper is buried are still too dumb to dig up the grave and see if there is really a dead body belonging to the dead rapper in it. STR8 NGA NEWSFLASH OVER.

    • MrNoName2K

      ^3..lmao you a straight fool for that

  • rookmile

    Now that comment below me had me laughing like I havnt in ten years thanks …. Str8ngaish ! You made my day aw shit ! My bitch tryin to get on my nerves to thanks bro

  • hoeyuno

    If homie is dead this is a new level of harassment from the boys in blue..if tim ain’t dead he obviously left too many mistakes in getting his makaveli on.

    • No mistakes yet…..

      • hoeyuno

        That judge didnt believe he was dead.

      • But he can’t prove it…..

      • Delonte West

        when has that stopped them…

      • Right now….once they prove it…that’s his @$$…although technically, since he didn’t try & profit from his death…only avoid paying a debt…there really isn’t much criminally they can do to him.

        Civil suit? He already lost that!

      • hoeyuno

        Without googling that shit there has to be some law out there about faking your death. now if tim feels there getting too close to finding him he could always pop out of the mountains like hes been lost in the woods with nothing but a match and a elastic band..speculation of course… I don’t know y the fam wouldn’t just produce that death certificate???? Strange situation.

      • It’s only illegal if you profit from faking the death.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


  • Dante Rapper

    Why are you questioning the “donations going to his daughter”, funeral donations are usually left to the family of the deceased. Please don’t insinuate so wildly, it makes you seem even more incapable to do a job a 15yr old could manage.

    • andone

      while i do agree it is a lil off to be sayin that type of thing, id like to bring up how when heavy d passed they were also asking for donations towards his daughter and jus the other day AHH posted a thread about ppl fight over his estate… so why are ppl who have money asking for money???

      • Dante Rapper

        Thats a good point, however I was just commenting on the fact that the writer of the article seemed to insinuate that the donations were not going to Tim Dog’s daughter but somewhere else. And yeah I agree If Heavy D had alot of money I don’t see why they would ask – but in that probably lies your answer – he, like Tim Dog, may not have left this earth with the monetary amount that one may think.

      • andone

        i hear that, but i would still think twice b4 handing over my $$$!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        especially with tim dogs name involved in the situation … its sad that his credit is so bad that its going to impact his kids … smh

      • andone

        word, it seems a lil suspicious wit all thats surrounding this… doesnt sit well wit me!

    • Delonte West

      Probably because he has a wife, boy genius…

      • Dante Rapper

        don’t get his will mixed up with donations, not-so-genius lol, I mean jokes aside; most likely his wife and daughter are amply taken care of in his will; whereas any extra donations will be donated to his daughter. And this decision most likely has come from his wife or someone other than himself but im just guessing.

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  • Did that nigga pose for his funeral flyer?

    • hoeyuno

      Haha he mc’d or also.

      • The first editions said “In Loving Memory of Me” but he fixed it

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  • MildManneredReporter

    there is no death certificate for his death. i seen it on the news he scammed some white lady out of like 50k and others out of like 2 million went to court lost the case then faked his death..so they on his ass now.

  • ShaStud

    Run Dog Run….

  • om3n78

    if he alive the tupac shit gone hit the fan


      lol this how the conspiracy start getting solve first tim then pac elvis micheal biggie this is how it all starts lol


    don’t be surprise this not a trend starting next you be seeing eazy or pac getting chase down by dog the bounty hunter lol you don’t want to see eazy with a dried out nappy jerry curl dragged out some shake in cuba old ass carhartt dusty chucks u gonna be pissed lmao

  • YaheardSyndicate

    That is crazy. He posed for his own funeral pic

    • Dante Rapper


  • DeeZilla

    I would think he is in “The Bronx Nigga”

    • $11625525

      I think they should look in the last place you’d expect to find Tim Dog … “Compton”.

  • Synista

    if I faked my death I would be chillin on a beach in the Dominican republic or cuba with some tig ol biddies or some booty covering my face from the hot sun.

  • who the hell is tim dog?


    “PHUKKK COMPTON!!!” by Tim Dog, a hip hop classic!!! “Dre beating on “DEE” from “Pump It Up”, step to the “Dog” and get phukkked up!!!”

  • Well the clock starts once hunt begins t-minus 3 thousand five hundred something days