The Real Deal Behind Superhead And Yung Berg’s Relationship

(AllHipHop News) Yung Berg and Ms. Karrine Steffans had the internet afire for a moment last week when the former vixen uploaded images of the pair seemingly in a sexy moment.

But, Berg, the Chi Town spitter/song writer, says the images are misleading.


“Karrine is just the homie, it ain’t nothing more, nothing deeper, she’s not my girlfriend,” he told “I know I’ve seen people say that we’re dating and all this other stuff, but that’s not the case, she’s just the homie, smoke, drink, hang out, talk shit type of vibe.”

AllHipHop asked Berg about the intimate appearance of the picture, his response was simple.

“Everything I do is intimate,” he concluded.

  • Matt Swan

    she’s just the homie, smoke, drink, hang out, talk shit type of vibe.”…..she’s just the only one that would suck your dick, and Everything I do is intimate. Was loosing your chain and career intimate?

    • Depends on who is describing the chain ( The dude that has it would consider getting it an intimate moment, just as damn near everyone else would consider his music retirement announcement intimate. *

      • Matt Swan

        Good point.

      • You with The Big Red 1?

      • Matt Swan

        Was with them from 08-09 and in Afghanistan. 1st Brigade (Devil Brigade), 1st Infantry Division.

      • >>Devil Dog

        *Mother Green & her killing machine! (USMC)

        8TH Marines AKA The Beirut Brigade

        *Side note:

        That was 8TH Marines ( 24TH MEU / MAU ) that saved Scott O’Grady ( Behind Enemy Lines…Owen Wilson’s character )

        Basra, Kafji, Fallujah, etc.

      • Matt Swan

        Semper Fi brother. Good to see someone else home safe

      • Who’sthis?

        did you go to defend the country from terorists or to clear the ground so the Jones can exploit it’s oil and gass ?

      • EL_BARK

        That niggah trick trick, prolly wouldnt say it was intimate,
        Just an oppirtunity he couldnt resist….
        Seeing young berg with anything of value & not taking it,
        Is like seeing a brink trunk fly open & a bag fall out, & you just walk by it.

      • I wouldn’t walk by that bag of money…or Young Berg with valuables 🙂

      • Matt Swan

        Wasn’t Bergs dumbass talkin shit bout Detroit before that happened?

      • Maybe, but he didn’t deserve all that.

        Honestly, it made the dudes look like suckaz for messing with him, especially since they don’t OWN Detroit….they paying rent.

        *I often wondered why old Jewish men weren’t in the ‘Hood, licking $hotz, repping the block, etc., instead of their TENANTS.

        Then again, most couldn’t lick $hots unless they lip lock with hypodermic needles.

        #White men can’t Jump
        **They don’t have too…because they own the team.

    • Artful Dodger

      was losing ya chain intimate….bro you wrong as shit lmfao

      • I know right! That ‘chet was cold!

    • Who’sthis?

      hater comments getting the most vote ups. Proofs to me that a lot of people on comment sections are bitter haters.

      • Matt Swan

        I’m FAR from hatin; that woman’s mouth has more frequent flyer miles suckin dick from coast to coast, than anyone else in the world. I wouldn’t want that trash on me, so if that’s what you call hatin then so be it. Besides I’m not famous, so she wouldn’t want me, but since you seem to want trash, you can have that all to yourself. Or maybe you can spend less time on here talking about who’s hatin on who and go buy her books and read up on how she puts on blast every mofo she blows. Maybe then you’ll see why she got her name, and why folks don’t like her or those like her ho ass. And if that doesn’t suit you, feel free to take a 12 gauge, sit on the barrel and pull the trigger.

      • Who’sthis?

        why did you bring up Berg loosing his chain and career ?

      • Matt Swan

        I brought that up because both happened and I wanted to. Man look maybe you need to seriously go back and read some of the much older posts on here or “rumors” that were written about. That way maybe you’d have a clue as to what folks are talking about when they say what they say. It’s not a black or white thing either. Wanted to get that out before anyone tries to use that as a crutch. Reading IS fundamental and knowledge IS power.

      • Who’sthis?

        I knwo about that, and he got his chain snatched twice, once in the UK.

        I asked cause I wanted to hear your justification for being a pathetic internet hater

        Young Berg is probably relatively weak in a fight compared to Maino and guys like that but he sure fucked better bitches then you, made more money and knows more famous people then you.

        hence you are a hater

      • Matt Swan

        lets break down what you said:

        1. Chain snatched twice, once in the UK.

        – They couldn’t have done too good with that being that it was

        lost for good when he went to Detroit

        2. Again know your audience.

        – Apparently you do not.

        3. Young Berg is probably relatively weak in a fight compared to

        Maino and guys like that…

        -define “guys like that” What are you saying?

        4. But he sure fucked better bitches then you….

        – If money and a lil fame is what you have to use to get

        some, then maybe he did. But since I go for QUALITY

        and a WOMAN not a “bitch” as you say, I’m doing good.

        A woman doesn’t define me, and I don’t define her, but together we make each other better. “Bitches” need not apply.

        5. knows more famous people then you.
        – Well the people I talk to, hang around are decision makers on a much larger scale than any rapper. The people I hang with are remembered long after their time in the limelight has “gone”. The people I hang with are those that would give their lives for what they believe in, their God, and their country. The people I hang with, aren’t petty thugs, but true Soldiers that take continents and countries, and over the years have made an impact on the world. We have lost battles not never a war, and there are a LOT of European countries that are not speaking German or Russian because of us. Since you proably have no clue as to who I may be talking about look at my avatar and it should give you a strong hint of who my friends are. But I’ll spell them out for you: Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coasties. My friends are forever famous, forever revered, forever hailed when needed, and ALWAYS relevant.
        6. Hence you are a hater…
        – Well I figure you can say what you want, but until the day comes where you pay my bills, can whop my ass, or can walk the walk I’ve been on, you again can take that 12 gauge put both barrels in your ass, and pull the trigger with Bergs dick in your mouth.
        – Redman said it best..”I’ll be dat, I’ll be dat”.

      • Who’sthis?

        what is your point ?

        “Was loosing your chain and career intimate?”

        this line is not hatin ? Then redifine hatin for me.

        Going online to type something bad about someone who you don’t know or didn’t do nothing to you is not hatin ?

        Mariens and soldiers are not famous regardless of your paragraph. Maybe you were looking for honorable or brave but I was saying famous.

        They snatched another chain I think, it’s not liek he has only one. There’s a youtube video of it, he got his chain snatched here in Europe for sure.

        2 know your audience ? You mean your audience are envious online haters in the comments section ? I see you hit that audience and got 26 votes up.

        4 bitches is not literary meant, I guess I got carried away, you know the word get’s thrown around a lot in hiphop but I ddin’t mean it ina bad way just like those “Women” don’t mean it badly when they call you black guys by the N word.

        I can’t whoop your ass ?

        Ok when are we going to fight ?

      • Vintage Vader

        Not technically hate. He stated facts…Young Berg has no career. Got his chain snatched and basically hangs with a prostitute. Facts…

        You must really be stuck on this new generation hip-hop cultures inability to to take satire or criticism. he’s entitled to have an opinion, especially substantiated by facts.

        I also agree that sleeping with groupies that every rapper has gotten off on in no way helps your argument…

        Wait why is Yung Berg even a topic of discussion?

      • Who’sthis?

        he was nominated for a grammy as producer, has no career ? Isn’t this the biggest hiphop site ? If they did a article on you, you would probably tell everyone and their mother … anyways

        haters with excuses

        there are bad facts about everyone, why point them out if you are NOT a hater ?

      • Vintage Vader

        My retort to that as if you want to make a credible argument in terms of hip-hop the Grammy’s aren’t a credible source of hip-hop accreditation…Just ask Jay-Z…And nah my friend not everyone in hip-hop is in it for what you think some still see it as an art. Maybe inside your mind it’s to hard to fathom that there is more to it than just being featured on a website. People have the right of opinion that does not make it hate. Berg tried to act as if he was a tough guy and got exposed. has a few hits but the average fan doesn’t even know who he is…in essence his career is over in the present and a past accolade does not make him relevant today. Sorry but what was said is not hate, facts are facts…

      • Who’sthis?

        how did he try to act hard ?

        You know we all haterz up in here, it’s the comment sections ; 1+1 = 2.

        just trying to trash someone to feel better bout yourself

        that’s how it works

      • Vintage Vader

        First off I never said anything about your guy that isn’t true. Stepped to maino talking bout I heard you was talking reckless and that’s not acting hard? That’s not hate its fact and have no relevance to your argument making you Berg Stan. Remember fact is fact and indisputable so where are yours?

      • Who’sthis?

        this is as response to the last comment you made that is awaiting moderation :

        yeah I got time to come flight to the usa to fight a nobody like you, sounds fun.

        You keep bosting about the USA but you are Europes offspring.

        Every white american is some type of european usualy a mix. Some have a bit native indian and black in there. And there are a few minorities like Asians.

        You speak English which is an european language.

        And since you are such a great vet I bet they pay you a great pension…. not.

        If anything these soldiers come home mentaly scared with PTS , post traumatic stress syndrome. I’m from ex yugo so I knwo about that.

        And many commit suicide while seving.

        Also all these rich billionairs don’t care about you they make money from the weapon and gas industry.

        You are just slaves dying for them.

        You are a pathetic loser prideing yourself in wars and killing people.

        Who cares about history, even if the USA had a lot of won wars you still aren’t special as individual.

        Americans got a ton of homless on the steet, 10 000 people get murdered yearly, most obese nation in the world.

        And you are not really an american , ethnicaly you are some european mix. Or a black man whose ancestors and greater grandparents got rapped by your oh os fantastic country years ago.

        If you wanna go back in history to boast then please mention slavery too. Killing and torturing people for having a different skin color. Best country ever.

        Likely your grandparents were racist walking around calling black people the N word with er at the end.

        Or if you are black your family tree has been victimized by your own great country.

        So you’re boasting that you happened to be by chance born in the likely most powerfull country in the world ?

        How is being born somewhere an achivement ?

        That being said if the rest of the world wanted they could come together and destroy the USA.

        Nobody likes you, you are an violent piece of trash, used to fight like a dog for higher interest of people who let you die but never get their own hands dirty. Their kids study at Harvard while your kids have to deal with their PTSD father.

        You are gloryfing war which is basicaly mass murdering of people.

        Great human being you are. Very loving and positive.

        And important in society.

      • Matt Swan

        And grammar is important. Learn the difference between then and than, and knwo and know. Proofread before submitting. You seem to have the same problem this site does in regards to proofreading plain and simple English. I’m not an internet thug, but if you have an issue with what I’ve said, I’m Nor VA. Feel free to come by anytime. VA is for haters.

      • Who’sthis?

        I don’t proofread cause commenting is a waste time hooby of mien and english is my 3rd language. I’m Croatian born in Germany and english just happens to be my fav language cause I love english speaking music and the USA culture generaly.

        Obviously I know to spell know as I did above once corect once wrong.

        I’m in Europe I can’t come by maybe I would do it if I was in the USA just for the funiness of it.

        Why bring up violence ? You must be shallwo in your head if you immediately want to fight.

        Matter of fact you are just showing of because you likely are stronger then most people in a fight cause, I take it you were a marine

        How about I find us an event and we put on the gloves and do a kickboxing fight somewhere in the USA ?

        I just need my traveling expenses paid.

        I’d love to trash a big mouth like you.

        You know there are marines and then there is people who actualy learned how to fight.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    she smashed the HOMEY !! lol

    • Fuckyousay

      She sucked his dick. If you wanna see why her name “Superhead” is a lie go to X hamster and type in super head.

  • Mike Swiff


    • Mike Swiff


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