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4 New Jersey Cops May Be Fired For Homophobic, Violent Rap Lyrics

(AllHipHop News) When Irvington, New Jersey narcotics police officer Maurice Gattison, aka Gat The Great, created the videos for his songs “Temper Like An Alcoholic” and “2 Minutes of Gat” he felt he was just exercising his constitutional right to free speech, but Irvington city officials believe Gattison and three other officers crossed the line. Now all four face being fired for conduct unbecoming a police officer.

Calls for Gattison, Internal Affairs detective Michael Gardner, and two other unnamed cops to be stripped of the badges began back in March after “Temper Like An Alcoholic” went viral. City council member David Lyons publicly demanded the officers be fired.

“If they lose their jobs, that’s life,” said Lyons. “I think police officers need to take responsibility for their actions and they should have thought about the consequences before they took those actions.”

The videos feature Gattison repeatedly using the word “faggot” and rapping lyrics such as “take this as a lesson before you meet the Smith & Wesson” and “I’m a felon for life. Don’t make me fruit cup your melon tonight.”

“This lyrics that I used in no way did I intend for them to be perceived as homophobic,” expressed Gattison at a press conference in March. “It was basically me adapting to the rap culture and slang use. If you listen to the lyrics there’s now way you can perceive that I’m referring to someone gay.”

Gattison claims that the “felon for life” line was just a sarcastic boast.

A disciplinary proceeding for Gattison and the other officers who appeared in the video is planned to take place by the end of the month.

Deputy Police Chief Dwayne Mitchell brought the internal affairs charges against Gattison, and reportedly the two are close friends. Mitchell saw both videos last year and allowed Gattison to perform at the police department’s Christmas party.

When asked about his relationship with Mitchell, Gattison reportedly laughed and said, “It’s the nature of the beast.”

The 18 year veteran of the force is adamant that his music career does not affect his ability to perform his duties as a police officer and strongly disagrees with anyone who does.

“Anyone who thinks I should be fired is an idiot,” said Gattison.

Watch clips from “Temper Like An Alcoholic” and “2 Minutes of Gat” in the video below.

  • RBG

    does it matter if they get fired? they will just go back to rap. they are trained police. they have knowledge of things that rappers only speculate and assume. if they take the angle of “good cop turned bad because of the corrupt system” people will accept them. all it takes is rick ross to do a track with them and they are on their road to stardom. they are trained shooters.

    • Good point, I didn’t even think about it like that but you’re right. Plus unfortunately, Ross is all the proof we need that no one will even give a shit about their past anyway.

  • Ghostf4cekilla

    So they can get fired for this and not shooting innocent people

    • MrNoName2K

      ^5..nuff said

  • MrNoName2K

    Not only is everything about this corny buuuuuuuut..LMAO @ the dude in the video swinging a “spiked ball n chain” i guess

  • therealest1

    Where’s William Roberts at? He would be the perfect buddy for these clowns.

  • Mattee C

    First of all, these dudes are horrible. Even though talent seems to no longer be a requirement for membership into the rap world, the fact that they’re narcotics officers would be a factor. Even rappers that don’t use drugs have fronted like they do (Master P, Ice Cube, etc.). And the vast majority claim to be former dealers. These are grade-A clowns in a rented Benz.

    • Who’sthis?

      the illusion creating confusion

  • hoeyuno

    mid life crisis. this guy doesn’t see the conflict of interest he has created but is in charged of making judgment calls that can effect ppls freedom… ????

  • JerZeBoy

    am I seeing he has is badge and his gun on his side or is it something else? I mean Rick Ross was at least smart enough to take his off for the video….lol – Im from NJ and don’t know this guy, I wonder why lmao

  • AfricanSoul

    The music tells us all we need to know about how they would handle certain conflicts. Don’t just fire them, review their arrests and see if there is anything foul there too. Let’s see if horrible rap will make them pull in $80 plus K per year.

    • naledge77

      I’m sure these pork chop patrol officers are corrupt as f#ck! I wouldn’t be surprised if I.F. investigates them and uses their own music against them. Shit has happened to rappers in the past. These frauds should not be exempt.

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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    dude said ‘im a felon for life.’ this shit is pathetic.

    • naledge77

      Took the words right out of my mouth. He probably meant to say “I arrest felons and give them life” Damn pigs need to stay in their lane. There ain’t no room for these fake @$$ mofo’s in rap. We already got Rick Ross. One pig is enough!

      • Hip Hop is for everyone. No matter color, religion… or in this matter… profession.

      • naledge77

        So you’re co-signing this bafoonery?

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    they not in their uniforms or using their patrol cars in the video, so if they pursue their dreams in the rap game while off duty is their business. no body is being hurt, fire some of the cops out there that’s assaulting innocent individuals and misusing their power on the streets…….

  • $18916246

    Offisur Ricky has influenced Irvington NJ’s Finest to become foul mouth gangsta rappers….did I say now unemployed…Now if they where really following Ricky’s lead they would have quit or joined the National Hip Hop Cops and been protected from accusations of misconduct.

  • Stan Rae


  • He’s actually good.

  • dominicancoke

    Pigs smh

    long live the lyricist knowledge reigns supreme..

    To hell is where im sending these lames they always calling me names..let me reframe that first line they only calling me strange.. silent like a deaf mute so they guess hes insane..i whip that guage out blow cartriges like a genesis game.. menace in pain i probably done the dirt that u rap about.. they get merked when i clap em out like max payne with 2 rachets out..u the herb that i laugh about u got teeth ima slap em out..this aint a ufc match why the f*ck are you tappin out?..i’ll have hot barrel kissing u from life i’ll be dismissing u..l have your family missing you can’t u tell i that i’m missing screws?..kidnnap your mens and them i’ll leave them f*ggots missing too..dramatic make u food for maggots voices that i listen to..inside my head i need a shrink but i refuse the facts..i meant i ignore them aint no rachet ima use a bat..shoot at me i’ll shoot ya back punch me get ya knuckles cracked..this all could be avoided if u tell me where that duffle at..

  • atle fjeldstad

    What the fuck`s up with all these cops tryna be rappers? This the third article i seen so far about popo rappers, gettin fired..

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    He’s better than Rick Ross and I’m not saying that because both are (former) men of the law but Gat got a pretty dope flow and wordplay and voice mos def…