From Black Music to Crack Music: What Happened to Hip-Hop?

“I blame my mama for turning my brother into a crack baby.” – “Keep Ya Head Up” – Tupac Shakur

This is Black Music Month and just like clockwork people will ask the age old question, what happened to Black music,
especially Hip Hop? However, like previous Black Music Months, June 30th will find many scratching their heads, filled with more questions than answers. However, the real answer is quite simple.
Black music got hooked on crack.
Following the death of college B-ball superstar Len Bias, in 1986, a great fear struck America . There was a new drug on the street that was gonna turn the hood into a kingdom of the walking dead. As Public Enemy put it , an eternal “Night of the Living Baseheads. “Worst than that they would spawn a horde of crack babies who would be destined to become career chain snatchers and riders on the prison revolving door. And since mainstream America was just getting turned on to Hip Hop, the destinies became intertwined.
Well , a recent study has proven what many already knew. Don’t believe the hype.
In an article published in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The idea of the “crack baby” has been exposed as myth. Although, the authors concede , that like with any drug, crack is not the best thing to put in your body, especially, while you’re pregnant., social factors such as poverty really play a greater role in determining the future of children.
But what about the music that was supposed to represent the mentality of the “crack babies”. If the crack baby syndrome was a myth, the music must be fictitious, as well.
Let’s be clear. There is no denying the devastating effect that the drug trade has had on the ‘hood, from the heroin explosion of the 70’s to the crack epidemic of the Hip Hop era. And the music of the periods served as soundtracks to the misery, from Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” to Biggie Smalls’ “Ten Crack Commandments”
According to Seeka tha Teacha, captain of the Hip Hop Liberation Army,” Crack cocaine was introduced to Hip Hop for the purpose of destroying families and the well being of urban communities. It made drug dealers look rich in the eyes of the youth who were exposed to poverty.”
However, in this case ,we are not talking about the glorification of slangin’ rocks.that has permeated rap music since the late 80’s. That issue has been the subject of too many articles , books and documentaries to mention. Nor are we talking about the real life drug issues that have destroyed the careers of artists from Billie Holiday to DMX. Thus, murdering the message and the
The point here is how the whole idea of “crack music” is based on the media perpetuation of the crack baby (prenatal cocaine exposure) myth and the pathological behaviors associated with it have effected Black culture. And more importantly, how the stereotypical images associated with crack have affected our youth.
Some believe that the media hype around selling and using crack was really a self fulfilling prophesy. And if you pump crack pipe dreams in the heads of children, they will gravitate towards that even if they ain’t bout that life.
According to a recent Time magazine article , Dr. Maureen Black , professor of pediatrics and epidemiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine says that “once you label a child that way…there’s no hope for the child. “
Durham NC substance abuse activist, Shareef Hameed , agrees saying that “crack baby became part of the American vernacular.. It was like labeling someone before they even got started.”
Hameed says that the signs of crack addiction are nervousness , paranoia and aggressiveness, which, ironically, are the same attributes reflected in today’s rap music. It was also rumored to cause ADHD (attention deficit disorder. ) Which explains why the music seems to be attractive to those with low IQ’s and short attention spans.
Crack rap can be distinguished from Hip Hop by its lack of subject matter and overly simplistic, pickaninny choruses And the music industry has sold the idea across the planet that this is the type of music to which kids are addicted.
Unfortunately, many Hip Hop fans have bought into this false reality, as well.
The idea of crack babies has its roots in the negative stereotypes of Black people stretching back hundreds of years with the “small brain theory” which claimed that Black people had small skulls which limited their capacity to absorb information. Not much different than the racist stereotypes connected with Hip Hop.
So, the crack baby myth is really a socio-political construct , a euphemism for the pathological behavior of some young Black males. The term is not really about a specific drug. In theory it’s about a cocaine derivative but in practice it includes weed, malt liquor, molly or any mind altering drug that is promoted in Hip Hop.
What should be of major concern is how the crack baby hoax has served to demonize Black men. This is especially important with the upcoming George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin murder trial as the media has already tried to portray Martin as a crack baby only hooked on weed, in preparation for what will become the “Trial of the Century.” Also, of note is the recent media fascination with Chief Keef and his recent exploits including accusing a security guard of racist mean muggin’ when he was allegedly busted in a hotel room smoking marijuana.
Like any addiction, the first step to overcoming crack music addiction is admitting that you have a problem. We must admit that it hasn’t been crack that has had the most far reaching effects on the Black community but “crack music” that has propagated a hoax.
Unfortunately, a whole generation has gotten high on the hype.
This Black Music Month Hip Hop needs a detox.
It’s gonna be a long hot summer, socially and politically for Black people and we need our minds sober and ready for action.
Like Pac said on Revolution:
“Can you imagine the damage we could do if we weren’t high?”
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73 Responses to “From Black Music to Crack Music: What Happened to Hip-Hop?”

  1. Mob BanCster

    AllHipHop, stop promoting Trap music and negative shit then. There’s a song called “Trap House” in your music section right now. You gotta really show and prove instead of just talking about the problems because if people are giving that type of music their attention, by you promoting it but at the same time speaking against it, it really has no effect on anybody except for those that are strong enough to resist the temptation, and in this society, the majority are WEAK-minded. And that’s very obvious. So, Take A Stand!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its hard tho man cause @ the end of the day freedom of speech still exist but i also feel you because alot of these records are corporate sponsored and thats not speech, thats advertisment and folks are generating revenue behind the tunes and it really has more to do with a financial gain then freedom of speech … but freedom of speech will be the excuse used if you try to block music like that …….. we are trumped by popularity cause @ the end of the day people like trap music …. guys like TI, Jeezy, Rick Ross etc….. made careers off trap music …….. im not gonna go to far with it but some guys did it right where the tell the full trap story like TI as well as growing yourself in your music …. altho he might had a motive with the guns and stuff …. but @ the sametime let the wrong person get a hold of it and they may run with all the stereo types of the music and really drill it and ride it because he/she knows it will generate talk and interest on different levels …. soley for monetary gain

      • Severe Thebeneficent

        I feel u on the freedom of speech, but its hard for the listener to pick and choose, not for these corporations..they know what theyre doing…They move off algorithms or trends in business…music degraded and records stopped selling? they adapted…made music worth .99,stopped artist development, stopped this million dollar advancements etc…regular folks are the ones who make it easy for them to get over on us, corporations just give you what you think you want, the real power is in the people…you cant make excuses for the guys at the top of the food chain though…fk them…the only people who like trap music are those that are trapped and the trendy folks who would like burping on record if it was considered “in”…and those are the same folks who really dont have a mind of their own anyway…

      • Mob BanCster

        Pretty True. We do have freedom of speech but niggaz still trip on rape and shit but why don’t they trip on violence, drug dealing/using and promiscuity?

        Music is powerful…and tricky too

      • EDOGZ818

        More powerful than they lead you to believe.

        In the 60’s, the #1 jams were:

        “Say it Loud! I’m Black & I’m Proud” * James Brown’s response to his “Accidental Racist” incident like LL Cool Jay’s.

        Aretha’s – R.E.S.P.E.C.T

        The more respect you have for yourself….the less likely you are to let some one violate you.

        When them songs charted…..there was a riot in Watts…..When PE’s Nations Of Millions & KRS’s ” By Any Means Necessary” charted….you had a riot in Watts.

        When Lil Weezy hits #1 with “A Milli” while kissing Birdman in the mouth….you ain’t got ‘chet….from Oscar Grant to Chris Dorner ( * = Extreme …#IJS for illustration purposes only )

        It was like the Night Before Christmas in the Black Community’s house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

        ( *Compared to Watts )

        Music triggers the emotions inside of you.

        While the Marines work out, they sing cadence about dying & killing YOU.

        “When I die in the combat zone, box me up & ship me home.

        Pin my medals on my chest! Tell my mom I did my best!”

        ( The singing forces breathing, which helps endurance. * )

        Between that, and the verses about breaking you off something Hella’ proper, when Marines clash, they are vertically integrated… 0-100MPH in 2.2 seconds type ‘chet.

        It’s not going to end well for one side, and when you factor in the training & equipment involved with the Marines…it’s usually the other side that gets the worse end of the equation.

        *Historically speaking

        It’s not the physical, although that plays a role, but they are mentally hard. Same with Muslims. If standing up for what they believe in, what they feel is right in the eyes of GOD / ALLAH / Themselves, etc., gets them killed…in Islam, that is considered the “Hook Up.”

        Bypassing Judgement Day / Limbo, etc. & going str8 to paradise. For Marines….paradise is that shiny piece of metal / medal.

        Either way, they are both hard as stone, and the AdHan or call to prayer sounds like music. IMHO

      • KurtNiceHHL

        These were some good comments. Yall made alot of sense in your back and forth. Much appreciated.

      • EDOGZ818


        Good Look!
        We are just “BUILDING.”

        You have to build before you destroy, because if you don’t build anything…there isn’t anything to destroy.

      • EDOGZ818

        Real spill…

        I can tell you went to college.

        Alert!!! >> Word Of The Day >>Alert!!! >> Word Of The Day >>


        Alert!!! >> Word Of The Day >>Alert!!! >> Word Of The Day >>

      • Mob BanCster

        But see, at one point, all of this shit didn’t exist in the music, so basically, people kept supporting it until grew into what it is now, which is, popular. I think people want a good beat because I know I do. We just need an alternative to Good Beats with negative lyrics, which would be Good Beats with Positive Lyrics, and then once people start following that trend, we’ll all be able to move forward knowing that we don’t have to spit the same lyrics as another man just because….Because it’s no good.

        Sometimes people just don’t realize that they can do better. They get inspired by every aspect of the music instead of thinking it through and realizing that they don’t have to include every element that another artist included in their music just to make it as good. Originality

      • EDOGZ818

        KRS 1 * Material Love

        Still, that ‘chet won’t receive a push from the industry….yet I knock that ‘chet in the whip & everyone jams to it.

      • EDOGZ818

        You forget…the people who make the real money off Trap Rap….own stock in private prisons.

    • Nasir Isaac

      Our people die from lack of knowledge!!! Allhiphop is confused. Or maybe Allhiphop would cease being if it stops broadcasting “trap music”. I guess they have are caught up in the web too. SAD!!!

      • Mob BanCster

        Most people are caught in the web. People just need to take seriously what is good for us as people and what is unhealthy but often times they don’t.

    • EDOGZ818

      I like steak….but when I go fishing…I use worms for bait, not because I like worms….but the fish like worms.

      You have to use the right bait.

      • Mob BanCster

        I see what you mean and what you’re saying. But by promoting it to draw in an audience, how’s it supposed to ever die??

      • Mob BanCster

        That business shit is outta control. People will do the dirtiest, most slimiest things for “business”. Phuck “Business”, this is Life that we’re living. Gotta play the game with every rule in mind, you can’t just create games within a game and disregard the rules of the bigger game just to play the smaller game.

      • EDOGZ818

        Flip side :
        If they offered you $250 Mil to put on MC Hammer pants & Rap Trap Rap, while doing the Running Man…Would you?

        Chances are…I’d be an MC Hammer pants wearing, Running Man doing, Trap RapPing Mudda Chucka.


      • Mob BanCster

        Naw, I don’t think I could do that, I stand for somethin’. I understand the point you were trying to make but I don’t want anything from the industry. $20 million and up, they killin’ family members and friends. And they make you promote bullshit just to be famous with a mill or less.

      • EDOGZ818

        You don’t *THINK…but until you turn that $$$, you don’t really know.

        We would all like to think we would turn it down…but like Hollywood Shuffle (*Robert Townsend ) some one telling you to stand strong….will be the 1st person to jump up & take your spot after you decline.


      • Mob BanCster

        Well shit, I’m spiritually guided so I make decisions based on being one with the world, I’m deep in that shit, so at this point it’s really hard to go against it and apply physical control to myself. That type of thing might be over many people’s heads but it’s the truth, so having said that, I would have to encounter such a situation to actually know what choice I would go with, but I guarantee it wouldn’t be my decision, I would let guidance handle it because I always end up in the greatest situations when I trust it.

      • EDOGZ818

        I detect the positive energy in your attitude, so more than likely, you always ended up in the greatest situations….even if the circumstances prevented you from realizing it.

      • Mob BanCster

        You’d be surprised how shitty the outside world could be towards somebody like me. I try to do/be the best I can and help people by giving advice and living by example but sometimes they make me out to be the enemy which kills the opportunities that I should be given, so I just ended up having to do everything alone, on my own, the hard way, but I guess that is good because that puts me in control. I’m Blessed to say the least, just tryna spread it to my people

      • EDOGZ818

        Flip side is…you could have dealt with them, gotten content…then stagnant & be fugged up in the game.

        K-Solo = Kevin – Self Organization Left Others

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        People say what they will or will not do in hypothetical situations but if the right amount of gwop was actually and physically placed on a table in front of you no one knows what they will or will not do…millions of dollars, the chance to change ya family’s financial situation, to get out of debt, save ya granny’s house thas about to foreclose on, etc…the power of the dollar and people’s personal financial straits are often the reasons behind the sell out…the average rapper knows going in that that power to the people rap, that dope lyrical shyt gets no play in the mainstream arena…they wanna rap from the heart, talk about some deep personal shyt, etc but be compensated lovely for their art but know that they wont so they sell out…Jay Z got slammed for Kingdom Come, an album full of something other than his usual money, clothes, ho’z and drug shyt and mafukkaz boo’d him for it so he went right back to his usual bullshyt and he’s applauded again…it’s the media, it’s the labels and it’s the fans of the music that cause trap or crack rap to be dominate in the rap music world…

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        This shyt happens everyday in all arenas….mafukkaz sell their souls in all areas of all markets…banking, advertising, pharmacueticals, etc…the chance to own your own helicopter is appealing to most, the mansion in the Hamptons is appealing to most, the chance to set up future generations of your bloodline is appealing to all…selling out, doing grimy shyt, slimball shyt is the penalty…repent later…get that gwop is the mentality….if I could sell your azz a pill that keep ya dikk erect but snatches ya eyesight, so be it…I’ll donate a billi to the Braille Institute for the Blind, turn east, ask God to forgive me, then send all my kids to Ivy League schools to keep us rolling in deep gwop…it beats living in the jects, risking my kids and my own life everyday cuz niggaz are piled up on top of each other drowning in misery…shyt, I can build a school…or send 500 underprivileged kids to the school of their choice… some good with that tainted gwop

      • EDOGZ818

        Real Spill!

        *The $$$ doesn’t know where it comes from.

        SIN = Selfish, Inconsiderate Needs (*just Give me what I want, I don’t care who bleeds )

        Send 500 to school or open one?

        We don’t open schools… to give back…we send 500 of our beat & brightest children of the future to be educated by the oppressor.


  2. Dadon850

    Great article but the people that really need to read this are just like you said, too high on drugs and their attention span is too short to make it past the first paragraph.

    • Mob BanCster

      A lot of young niggaz do read and agree, but they don’t execute the task of changing because they often make excuses because they don’t wanna change their ways and/or do anything new, due to the fact that it’s what they’ve been enjoying for so long and they think it’ll take too much to try a different lifestyle. I know, because I used to be like that but I’m 20 years old and now I hate negative music, that’s almost every rap song I hear, so sometimes I just sit in silence rather than play a Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane song just to pass the time.

      • EDOGZ818

        Throw some Golden Era Hip Hop on:

        KRS – Edutainment , Public Enemy – Nations Of Millions & balance it out with some Kool G Rap ( Wanted Dead or Alive ) ….mixed with some Masta Ace, Tribe Called Quest ( Low End Theory ) & EPMD’s 1-4th albums ( +Das EFX, Redman, Wu Tang – – = = > > From the 90’z

      • Mob BanCster

        I think everybody should, if they desire music that badly!

  3. leftlanekb

    FInally a article telling the truth and kicking knowledge! Bet it dont get alot of views or comments smdh……

  4. andone

    over 20 comments but less than 10 ppl in here where is everybody…. anyways i had no idea there was such a thing as “black music month” but even then hip hop isnt only black tho wtf…. not only that but i personally believe that there is a lane for all types of rap(no former C.O’S) however its obvious that the trap style is more “popular” @ the moment and i do see the need for balance… so wit that being said dont get u panties in a bunch and promote wat u love instead of wat u hate… IJS!

  5. Daryl Pullen

    Its all an assimilation to popular culture. We adapted these lifestyles from the majority race of this country who exposed us to alcohol, drugs and the mainstreaming of addictive lifestyles. We learned moonshining, transportation of herion and other drugs from our assimilaters. We did not invent these lifestyles but we sure did advance them. But we advanced good things like civil rights, fairness, morality and brotherly love as well among others.
    The challenge is do we allow ourselves to forget about the joy of living a good life. Staying clean and drug free, having one wife or partner, talking positively to one another and loving one another. We can become to quick to give up on everything after one dissappointment or one bad experience. We are too quick to say “FTW”. We become too quick to give up on things good and resort to living selfishly. Crack addiction is a selfish addiction. Love of money is a selfish addiction. Infidelity is a selfish addiction. Its all greed.
    Contrarily, only through sacrifice has the world become a betterplace to live, explore freedom and enjoy ourselves. It’s only after we become more free and enjoy more priviledges do we become selfish and greedy. Nothing wrong with having only two pairs of pants to wear and only eating rice and beans if it keeps you clean? Selling drugs, destroying lives just to eat steak and potatoes and have fresh clothes. Now tell me how that adds up? But we do tend to find a reason to justify our sins. But if we do that then we must accept what results from our actions. Ie: the “Crack Epidemic”

  6. Daryl Pullen

    In addition. Its true to say that their are many in our black society who are extremely selfish, self absorbing, don’t care about no one but their own self advancement. And many will do anything to gain to advantage over the next person. These are the people who advanced the crack epidemic. Those are the people who conspired with those who are white, latino. asian etc who share the same character qualities of greed and addiction. While on the other hand you have had black, white, latino, asian etc who have fought against these evils together. Instead of bending to popular that is detrimental to the public we need to embrace popular culture that is uplifting to all races of people. We keep buying and defending lifestyles that we know are detriment to good living then these lifestyles will continue to remain dominant. Its a hard battle because the high of living the gangstger, drug dealer life ( beautiful women, cars, jewelry etc) if more enjoyable than most other lifestyles but only for a moment. We all will have to one some point of time settle with reality after the women, car, jewelry and fame departs.

  7. sexybrainychick

    Great article. What amazes me is that during the crack epidemic the dealers dressed like business men and the women dressed liked ladies from upscale magazines to get away from the look of being impoverished. Even though the lyrics may have spoke of ill gotten ways to get riches, they still dressed the part of what they were trying to achieve which was a look of wealth. When you look at old skool rap videos, Jay-Z had a suit, they had nice whips, and when they were tryin’ to impress a chick it was at a five star restaurant. Today it’s a damn disgrace because they have no class and it shows!!!! These clowns talk about making racks, yet they shoot videos with wife beaters and strippers in the middle of the ghetto with cars kitted out with bs more than the vaule of the car. Then to add insult to injury the backdrop may even be a strip club or somebody’s housing project. I thought Hip Hop was a means to get out the ghetto, not to stay in it! Just goes to show slavery is a state of mind which is where the industry got us. When BET was sold (to whites) they took away the programming that stimulated the mind with news programs offering the commentary such as very intellectual Tavis Smiley and replaced it with more rap with the likes of ignorance such as Trinidad James. And of course they’ll keep playing it because of the audience and revenues this bs generates. Were not to far off from a generation where you’d get lynched as a black man for even looking at becky, yet they let these fools plug the airwaves talking bout getting brain from her ass. And yes, master will let you degrade the white woman as long as they get paid. You know somebody is sitting is a corporate screening room every time a new gimmick come along with more azz shakin and fake ballin and when the minstrel show is over they give it the green light to put on the air. Why? Cause they pockets just got fatter while you a slave on wax with them toasting over a cocktail grinning to they business associates exclaiming “now that was coon-tastic!”…..

  8. Big Dog

    Most rappers can only rap about what the see in their hoods, and like it or not crack is still strong in the hood and it easy money. I dont blame the music I blame the rappers who dont come back in invest in their hoods so the youth can see something positive, and it will probably make some of these trap rappers make more music geared towards saving the youth.

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      People see a lot more in the hood than crack and trappin. First off most people have access to the internet so they can see what’s happening in the world. And then there’s a multitude of completely real things such as making a sandwich, going to the toilet, fixing a bike, the architecture of buildings, insect and bird life, hairstyles, electrical and mechanical objects, minerals, plumbing systems etc…. the list is endless. Somehow though, rappers are quite content to believe the only thing that occurs in the hood is the trap life.

      • Big Dog

        Okay well after you get off your computer and your fantasy land, you have to step outside to reality and drugs are prominent in most urban hoods. Maybe not in your hood but in most I wasnt raised in the suburbs so I wouldnt know. Life outside my home was drug, murder, and crime. I was fortunate to make it out because I play ball, but I can relate to these hoods that some of these rappers come from, I see you cant.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        let not have a who’s the hoodest competition here; what I said is true; amidst the drugs and crime all those other things I mentioned are also occurring in all hoods at all times, but for some reason only “drugs, murder and crime” seem to be counted as what’s real as far as most rappers are concerned.

  9. MiiUziWeighsATon

    Rap music is the ghetto documentary, the MC is the hood reporter, but, the MC is also commentator of world views as seen thru each individual MCs eyes…trap rap or crack rap is what’s pushed by mainstream media but it is the minority on the rap music scene, it just get’s more play due to the media’s need to propagate a negative image of the black male…the media refuses to play the Lupe’s and the Canibus’ of thevrap world because if they did, the masses the media are trying to hoodwink with these negative images ofvthe black male would come unwound….

  10. water_ur_seeds

    the grammatical errors in this article is making it very hard to read…

    and its ‘i blame my MOTHER for turning my brother into a crack baby’ not ‘MAMA’…

    musicians have always sung about drugs, from the beetles, neil young, bob dylan, hendrix etc

    drugs and good music go hand in hand, i know SOME rap does promote selling rather than consuming (but so did dylans/ the byrds tambourine man) but rappers do influence kids, but at the same time the media and that goes for allhiphop have a hand in promoting these artists…

  11. Yughh

    I don’t know how you expect people to take this article seriously with the excessive amount of grammatical and spelling errors found here. Great idea, very poor execution.

  12. KC The American Pimp

    Everything from 20 years ago is different within the community of Rap (hip-hop), and our community in our cities. 20 years ago even the women that was rapping was on a positive message. Listen to Queen Latifah,m she could spit and was self conscious in uplifting black women and black people. There’s no more House Party 2 movies, Higher Learning movies. Just Like the “Man” did in the 60’s and 70’s if the black community is being Uplifited and poses a threat to “Their” well living they can’t and won’t have it. So the Lupe’s and fall short cause he wants to help his community and teach. We are on a come up I feel (my opinion). For one there are and I know black men that are in there son /son’s life with a family doing the right thing. It might take years but we need more discussion like this

  13. IL4M

    Corporations Conforming our Creations Contorting the Calculations (u know the science the math)
    Creativity is Crumbling Cats Cracked under pressure Catered to the Companies Careless marketing sChemes and fragile artist developmental stages dressed in the fabriCs of Corruption its time for the CONFRONTATION shared Culpability feel the Commotion our Communities lost like tsunami Covered lands laying under the oCean.. Killers kill Competitive over C-notes internal Combustion, we don’t C hope or heroes, industry forCing the hand of the Creators Cultivating with evil, its what they feeding our youth, the Construction of people with a week foundation on a uneven steep hill, bent on removing the wool over the eyes of the sheeple , still searching for Clarity, Cautiously straddling the line of insanity, I feel like a Culprit with their hands of injustiCe behind me, they wanna Cuff me and trap me in the Confines of medioCrity, CatastrophiC idioCracy running rampant amongst Civilization, —–
    its Clear Competition Cant Create nothing Compelling – far from raw – I Chill’m, Chip’m, Clip’m at the point of inCeption – form rips the Cordz.zz
    are you Catching the Clues im grasping the roots Channeling leaders and Champions of past, enduring the hardships outCast Cast off Casing the Castle of falsely Crowned kings Clones Clowns Clothed in apparels of modern day pharos who Claim to be HIM. The Creator the savior the alpha omega the leader to save us, from the fate of the slaughter of Cattle……

  14. dexter

    y do AHH have a big a$$ pic of crack on the front cover of they website? who does that & for what! we gotta do better people! market something positive for the community like a big a$$ pic of a business plan sample… some productive ish for a change. SMH

  15. MiiUziWeighsATon

    The music plays a minor role in the crack problem of America….poverty, lack of proper education (at home and in our schools), crime, niggaz piled up on top of one another in low income housing, unemployment, babies raising babies, guns, liquor stores on every fukkin corner and of course drugs….drugs run rampant in our streets, always have…..LONG BEFORE RAP MUSIC EXISTED AND HAD IT NEVER BEEN BORN WE’D STILL HAVE AN AMERICAN NIGHTMARE IN THE FORM OF DRUGS AND DRUG ADDICTION….Crack Rap is what mainstream media wants seen and heard to numb your mind into acceptance…..any other form of hip hop or rap music gets pushed to the back burner…unless Loaded Lux starts trap rapping and dumbing down lyrically he’ll never get avdeal….the record companies dont want to push a nigga spitting clever bars with real concepts because that would show that you can be creative and show you actually have a brain filled with something greater than nonsense….crack rap has it’s place but it should not dominate hip hop nor should it reflect what hip hop is on a whole

  16. SESs


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