Gunplay and Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: What’s Rick Ross’ Big “3” Mean?

Did you see it? All yesterday, MMG went on a campaign that just has a dollar sign “3.” And now, we all know what it was. Self Made 3 is coming out soon. Looks pretty good to me! I wonder if the homey Torch will be on it. Anyway, that’s what all the hubbub was about. There is no release date yet.

Are you looking forward to this?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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42 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: What’s Rick Ross’ Big “3” Mean?”

  1. junj03

    Illseed, i was one of the people that fought for you so you could come back when this website was Sydney Laced infected. Now that you here i wish Sydney was here, i mean we already know what to expect from her but you? you are really losing touch with your followers…

  2. ffffuuuucccckkkk

    Ironic, Rick Ross is fake. Funny he chose to fashion that 3 to look like it came off of a 3 dollar bill.

  3. dominicancoke

    I thought it stood for 3 family size meals at popeyes ..f#ck rick fraud

    long live the lyricist knowledge reigns supreme..

    To hell is where im sending these lames they always calling me names..let me reframe that first line they only calling me strange.. silent like a deaf mute so they guess hes insane..i whip that guage out blow cartriges like a genesis game.. menace in pain i probably done the dirt that u rap about.. they get merked when i clap em out like max payne with 2 rachets out..u the herb that i laugh about u got teeth ima slap em out..this aint a ufc match why the f*ck are you tappin out?..i’ll have hot barrel kissing u from life i’ll be dismissing u..l have your family missing you can’t u tell i that i’m missing screws?..kidnnap your mens and them i’ll leave them f*ggots missing too..dramatic make u food for maggots voices that i listen to..inside my head i need a shrink but i refuse the facts..i meant i ignore them aint no rachet ima use a bat..shoot at me i’ll shoot ya back punch me get ya knuckles cracked..this all could be avoided if u tell me where that duffle at..

      • dominicancoke

        Sorry if its too negative where i’m from it aint positive..aint down with all that gossip shit he out of line you pop the judge me cool me and u we are not alike..born to different circumstances so we carry different types of pops hit the bottle after getting laid off..started slinging crack viles he thought hustling paid off..use to beat on moms i asked god why aint u stopping this..till one night a bullet sliced straight through his esophagus.. all i wanna do is smile n do my two step.. but shit is wild so u know i got my two tecs..bitches see the car and they give a player goose neck..say something foul dentist style i’ll get your tooth checked..cant fear death more than life no body dies if u run up i know which body part my knife slice.. pray to god put the hammer down go sign up for bible stories..suvible the lost and glory they killing for territory..

      • Mob BanCster

        My situation wasn’t always the best either. I did this rap shit too, still do but on a more personal level, makin’ music for my people.

  4. Doe Boy

    I think the mmg movement iz ova…took to many L’s….so i don’t kno if niggaz gone be fuckin wit it like that….but you neva this day n age niggaz co sign anything

  5. ll3acdafukup

    the BIG 3..
    1. GD’s got Ross shakin and fakin… duckin and hidin
    2. GUnit had Gun play auditioning for the WWE
    3. Torch doing the wop for Young Jeezy crew in the club

  6. Negro Peligro

    I know Gibbs had beef with Maybach Music. But I could’ve swore at the beginning of that Hard song it said Maybach Music. Gangsta Gibbs hardest rapper out.

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