Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef Engaged? A NY Stripper Disagrees!

Remember just a few weeks ago, there were reports that Chief Keef was engaged to a fly young vixen.

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Well, it seems that the 17-year-old Keef is in the city of Gods and Earths and is cavorting with alleged strippers like he ain’t worried about nothing. Only thing is, it may not be sweet for him right now. Apparently, the strippers in NYC are still on some grimy street biz like setting dudes up and whatever. I don’t know, but it seems like the boy has an affinity for the ratchet. That’s what up!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • tra mo

    Smh pointless

  • brotha_man

    “rappers think their the biggest pimps, but its really the strippers”.

    Brotha Man

    • ^This

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i never meet a stripper that wasnt cool as sh*t …. THAT is until she was paid … strippers are always the nicest until they get what they want and move thier hustle on to the next person … i remember this one time this 1 stripper had me thinking she really was about getting her college degrree and that she aint money hungry like the rest of the chicks in the building blah blah blah blah come to find out all that talk was just a spill to get me to pay her for a private dance … ive done heard it all and when she hit me with that one i know 110% stripper are about bizness ….. if she aint down to give you a free lapdance (thats for us broke negros lol) she is def only feeling your wallet and nothing else about you …. lol ….

      • Real Spill!

        It’s a tough job.

        I bagged a center fold from Star or Black Tail? Can’t remember now, but she was a stripper too.

        Thing is….I met her on the street, and I was her Side Jawnt?

        Had I met her working….she probably would have played me like a dude in the club.

        They think like we do…Gotta pay like they weigh!

      • ZUBU

        I’ve hit a couple of strippers over the years, but I met all of them outside of their workplace through mutual friends, and I spit at them like I would at any regular chick. Yet if I would have met them same chicks at their job I would have never got anywhere. When they’re at work they are about their money plain and simple. They view men as walking talking ATM machines.
        I’ve met a few lame brothas who really think the stripper chick feels them, naw bro they just feel your money, and when your money run out them slores bounce as well!

      • Indeed.

        ‘Chet was crazy, cuz the chick was feeling me….but like we said…if we would have met in the club…it was a wrap!

      • brotha_man

        i know a couple of strippers in miami and they give me the whole scheme of things. how they meet rich corporate/business cats, even put’em in nice luxury condos, cat could live in texas wifed up but when he is in Miami on business broad dont even answer the phones…trips to hawaii and shit real talk. went to her crib she was pulling money out her coat, she aint even know(rick Ross voice)…..he put it there as a gift. She got me some shoes. she got her a LV purse and some jewelry. she always sho me love when he show her love. Circle of life type ish.


        Brotha Man

    • Guest

      cosign 10000

  • MrNoName2K

    aint nothing new…money talks

  • johnblacksad

    so… is he engaged?

  • Guest

    Who disagrees with what,Im lost.

  • Golgo 13

    chief keef another dumb rapper 2 wife a gold diggin stripper

  • Michael Callan

    Kats b Playing they self wit these hoe’s..u really kissing on a hoe 4 the world 2 see smh

  • thjymu

    im tired of seein this ashy purple nappy n*gger on the front page every single f*cking day

    • Negro Peligro

      Man you self hate. You can just be tired of seeing dude don’t nobody need the extra. I’m not a huge Chief Keef Fan. Somebody like him. So let my brother get his paper.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        get his paper lol this is exactly why it needs to be taken away from him not for good but to save dude some time and bankruptcy headaches … interscope gave him all that money just so he can spend it all on no good beotches aka prostitutes and drugs and cars that depreciate

    • Celz

      Sounds like you tired of some personal shyt as well fam.. Might be time for some introspection and reflection..

  • Negro Peligro

    Maybe he in an open engagement. OH HOW WACK does that sound coming from another man. I don’t care where that negro put his D. As long as there’s no six degrees of seperation from where I’m going we good.

  • Guest

    you know how many guys are lookin at this pic laughin like keef is kissin my kids right now..prob whole citys and hoods

  • reallydo

    these niggas hating on here…I wanna know how many of yall hoesneva fucked the next man or suck the next man dick before they got wit yall

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i dont know man i feel ya but @ the sametime i be in them strip clubs and know what goes down ijs its one thing to mess with a chick with a sketchy past and not know it but to wife up a chick that you MEET !! @ the strip club is a whole other story IJS … i could see if you knew her prior to her stripping there but if you gamed her @ the strip club … TRUST YOU WERENT THE FIRST !!!!!!!!!! lol IJS !! especially if you wifing up a strip from a club all the ballers go to you know she been ran thru … cause she is about $$ and its ALREADY evident that she will do whatever for it …

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  • Dead wrong

    Public Service Announcement #2: Every year that goes by I look at being serious about any of these broads as the MOST ridiculous notion. 80% of these chicks out here are harder than niggas. There damn near aren’t any females anymore. Most of them make more money than the men out here anyway , and very few of them are about the fam. They’re on some quasi-independent shit, spending a man’s money, keeping their own, and only worried about their own shytty azzez… and it’s too many tricks out here for them to have to act like they have some sense.. it’s a lame ready to spend his whole week’s check from Wendys on her if you don’t deal with her bulllshit. Just get money my nygga. I try to give back to the community the best way I can.. Thank you for being a loyal reader.

    • heavyboy

      “80% of these chicks out here are harder than niggas..” Where do YOUU live? (Laugh)*

      • Dead wrong

        I’m from South East Chicago where Keef is from. Define ‘hard’. To me it’s having the heart to leave the hood behind and deal with unfamiliar situations and people across the country and the world. It’s also the ability to hold down a 9to5 or even to hold down a street hustle successfully. The same discipline is needed for both. I’ve known niggas that got the gangsta stare down but are actually afraid of the world, people outside of the hood, the responsibility of being a father, etc. I drive trucks for a living. I brought a lot of hood cats on the road with me to see if they wanted to drive a truck themself or just to see outside of Chicago and they biitched out when they encountered life outside of what was familiar. I’ve also seen so called hard cats biiiitch out when I mention legit money schemes such as playing the forex market or even used words such as ‘incorporating’. If hood niggas were actually hard they would never remain hood niggas. Some niggas say hard is riding on niggas with unfair azz 20 to 1 advantages, lookin’ hard, and shooting somebody on a sneak attack instead of having the balls to fight em on a fair one. What say you?

      • Schooly B

        See thats your problem right there homeboy you stuck on the south side, lmao… Come on son, you cant get mad at these broads if they get you to run your pockets every time man. That’s your fault for being weak. And yeah its partly the environments fault to because yeah it is a bunch of ratchets over there but their are some fly ones too that don’t be on b.s.. So let me ask you, do you meet all of your chick in the Glasshouse? If you keep catching the same fish in the same place then change where you fish at playboy. And then realize that you cant bring that same ratchet bait to these Women out here. Trust me on this I know. I’m from Chicago too, and I’m winning every time.

      • Dead wrong

        *Russel Westbrook voice* What are you even talkin’ about bro? Ya’ll niggas tripping. Im out. I never said i was paying. I said they want money. Ratchet bait? Im my russell again;: What are you even talking about bro?

      • heavyboy

        Your definition of “hard” is a little different than mine… I think that’s where we got mixed up*

  • Dead wrong

    Public Service Announcement: ***Be wary of hood females. The true danger in any hood is the ratchet broad who has cousins, brothers, friendzoned tricks, fathers and uncles that will kill you or be killed by you for defending a broad that started the drama in the first place. Most hood niggas are peaceful unless you fvck with their money or disrespect their ratchet azz female cousin. Speaking of that cousin, they’ll be quick to ‘call they niggas’ to fight you, lying claiming you hit them or disrespected them just because you no longer want to fvck with them anymore. Believe that. Don’t fvck with em’

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if you really look @ alot of murders, shooting fights etc…… that go down in the hood a good percentage of them involved a female some how some way …. even if no female was insight when the shots ring out ….. 50 Cent movie before i self destruct is some real ish … shorty no her baby father aint wrap to tight and she still got that dude thinking they together and shorty be out there creeping with other dudes putting thier lives in danger cause they dont know nothing about dude …….

      • Dead wrong

        You already know my nigga *Dap Salute. It’s real sad. They got more pull than the Godfather. Ninjas will kill over hoodrat pvssy as quick as ninjas will be willing to off each other at this bird’s orders without asking no questions about what happened… like she John Gotti or something. I had to teach my lil cousins. They were with me at the casino and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to kick it with a group of broads that I knew kicked it with hood nyggas. They got a hair trigger temper and they always got ‘dey niggas’ on speed dial.

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  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Young Boy has to learn about how these woman get down like the rest of us. He probably wasn’t getting alot of female attention til he got on. I thought I knew it all and had game ran, happens to us all. I have been out here since I was about 10. By 19, I had gotten my act together and was only dealing with “Girls with a future”. Broad was more underbelly than the chicks I grew up in the projects with. She didnt try to get me set up but definitely creeped on a dude that had 1.5 crystal clear carats on her ass. She also creeped with my cousin and we have very distinct last names and look similar, so she knew. The short of it is, while Mr. Professional is in bed and thinking wifey finishing up the count on her bar tending gig, she doing tricks on the pole like cirque de soleil. Cousin left her alone cause he graduated high school with her man. Warned me to do the same. I ask her about it, she admits to it all. New car he bought, she has a ring in the glove compartment. This broad would leave a 10k ring in the glove compartment. At the time, there were homes on my block not worth 10k. Lying and deceit all around. I get a couple more hits off of her then put her to the wind. He calls me with the leave Brittney alone cry. Ten years later I visit a church at the behest of a friend. They’re married, he is a deacon on top of his 9-5 and she pretends like she doesn’t remember me or my cousin. Talmbout she has given her life to the Lord and has left her past behind. I didnt have any repercussions but I’m sure she moved on to the next. How many dudes probably got caught up off the strength of her madness. She is a chemist dude. I got a grimey story about two white girls a dated, filipino, and a cop’s daughter. Watch all these broads is the moral of the story.

    • Reefer Sutherland

      please do share… even tho I dont think chief keef is reading this or can read.

    • dayleedumped

      …. your story was all over the place… but yeah all bitches are crazy, its just you gotta pick the one you wanna put up with pretty much.. even ugly bitches be driving their ugly niggas crazy too

  • Setup? Why you think you take a HO to a HOTEL

  • brotha_man

    at the end of the day he need to cop that “diary of a video vixen” get game educated, its the basics but its a start for this younging wet behind the ears.

    P.S – never take the jimmy off

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    As I said before he will be broke in 2 years. He gets this stripper bird pregnant then it will be a wrap. He makes gucci mayne seem like a rocket scientist. Son is got to be his brother or something.

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