YMCMB Heiresses Eye Their Dads’ Thrones

My mom always used to tell me not to “act up” out in the streets because I was a reflection of her. Well, imagine the pressure that comes with being the eldest daughter of one of hip-hop’s biggest stars and the daughter of one of hip-hop’s richest men.

For most of us, Lil’ Wayne is just a rapper. He is arguably one of the greatest of all time, a label head with an incredible eye for talent. He’s another celeb who we gossip about over the water cooler. What he wore and who he’s dating are regular topics of conversation (even on this site). Wayne makes headlines almost every time he opens his mouth, on and off record. But for his eldest daughter, Reginae, he’s just Dad.Reginae-Carter-and-Lil-Wayne

“One of the things that’s great (about having a celebrity dad) is that we have a lot of privileges. We can travel. We can do things that other 14 and 15 year old kids can’t do,” states Reginae Carter, “One of the hard things is that we are in the limelight, we don’t really have privacy.”

Same holds true for Bria Williams, 15, daughter of Cash Money head Bryan “Birdman” Williams. Bria has been able to live a little more anonymously than her higher profile “godsister.” Prior to the release of their new book, Paparazzi Princesses, little was known about the daughter of the culture’s 4th richest rapper according to Forbes Magazine.

briareginae-600-1363212580In their new semi-autobiographical novel the girls are depicted as Kayla Jones and Promise Walker, girls who seem to have it all, but also have a lot of struggles that come along with their famous parents. Kayla and Promise have typical teen problems like getting good grades, crushing on the new boy in school, and trying to decide what to wear to the mall. But, they also have to deal with blog sites posting rumors about them, getting along with their new security guard, and trying to live up to their fathers high expectations.

PaparazziPrincess_Final-21-723x1024Paparazzi Princesses was written with the help of a ghostwriter to whom the girls told their stories, “We added more to the stories in our book to make it more dramatic, and juicier for our readers.” Bria Williams explains. The book is a lot of fun. Paparazzi Princesses is a look inside the rap industry from the eyes of the youngest people involved. The children of rap stars. The book will make a great gift for any teenager and the girls hope that it will make kids want to read. “We want kids to think reading is fun and cool,” Bria explains, “We want kids to have fun reading, and to not think that reading has to be boring, or just for school.”

Both girls seem to have picked up great business acumen from their famous fathers, and look forward to working together on projects because they have been together all of their young lives. Reginae explains, “We really enjoy working together. We can read each other, and it’s good to do business with someone you’ve known for a long time.” And they have a major co-sign for their launch into the family business from Birdman himself: “Bria and Reginae gave this project their all, and had a good time in the process.  As a father, it has been incredible to see Paparazzi Princesses go from the girls’ dream to a reality. This is just the beginning for these two creative young ladies.”

bria reg

So, expect to hear more from these rap royals. Both Bria and Reginae are entering the family business. Reginae, 14, has appeared in the media quite a bit, as her mother, Toya Carter-Wright has herself established a brand starring on the television shows Tiny & Toya and Toya: A Family Affair. Reginae was also a founding member of the pop-group, OMG Girlz, and will be in a duo with another former member, Lourdes Rodriguez. Bria, 15, lives in Miami and has about as regular a life as someone in her circumstances could have. In addition to writing Paparazzi Princesses, she and Reginae are launching a clothing company, YMCMP: Young Money, Cash Money Princesses.

When it all comes down to it, the princesses of Young Money and Cash Money want you to know one thing: “We are still regular kids. We still have to do regular things. We have to clean our rooms, do homework, go to school. It’s still regular; it’s just that we have famous fathers.” There you have it, out of the mouths of babes.

Paparazzi Princesses will be available in stores and online June 4th.

  • $28825362

    Ya’ll got money. Go to Harvard, Yale or something. Study political science, do volunteer work in poor neighborhoods. Get your Master Degree then run for a Senate sit. I don’t know just do something different. HELL BECOME A DOCTOR!!!!

  • nolaboy

    cmon rebellion they dont have to do what u wouldve done or think they should do, the simply doing what they been wanting to do, thats was their dream…..its crazy how black people live off negativity, any other article about lil wayne or ymcmb that is negative u see at least 50 comments, this is a very positive aritcle bout their kids and u only have 2 comments, damn shame

  • Caedus FaLk

    I bet these two little bitches are the most stuck up, insufferable cunts amongst their peers. Guarantee that.

    • BibatheDiva

      What a horrible thing to say about two little girls.

      • wickedjones

        agreed. I guess its their fault because their fathers are successful. I dont know you Caedus, but I can tell you are scum.

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  • Dave Williams

    i Respect Lil Wayne BUT he aint the Greatest Rapper sorry and his music is okay he is far from the greatest ( how soon we forget smh )

  • @Biba : “He is arguably one of the greatest of all time,”

    You crushed me with that……I’ll have to return to finish reading….only because it’s you & I know it will be a good article…but for now..I’m just SMDH!

    • BibatheDiva

      That’s why “arguably” was put in there… But, trust, years from now when we discuss the “Greats,” his name will come up.

      • I agree, but don’t agree that it should…at least in the sense of G.O.A.T.

        Technically speaking…yeah, he has done his thing, no disputing that.

        YMCMB has definitely left an imprint.

      • BibatheDiva

        I don’t listen to his music… That’s just me. I’m not a fan of him, as an artist, although “Go DJ” will play at my wedding reception, but I am a fan of his as a cultural icon. And that’s what hip-hop is becoming anyway, a race to iconic status… ‘cuz lyrics barely pay the bills anymore.

      • BibatheDiva

        For God’s sake… the man said Bling Bling and it got entered into the dictionary. Don’t sleep. He on the list.

      • Record sales don’t pay the bills any more….or never really did…..especially when all the proceeds are spent on looking like they have more than they really have.

        IE: Lauryn sued for $7K back rent, instead of buying Multi Units in Jersey, free & clear, and living off those residuals.

        T Boz spending 3 racks a month on clothes for a growing child.

        $300 a month is excessive, in light of beginning of the school year shopping sprees.

        1 rack + $300 a month = Dibby Dibby

        They want $2,500 Laboutins, rented mansions & whips, which is akin to eating with a hole in your back, because you will never get full.

        $2,500 could start a shoe company and possibly generate income by using local designers to produce a better value.

        Nah, though, it’s better to send our economic power out of our community & end up flat on their face, @$$ed out, like a Fat B’ish in G Strings, trying to eat off a VH1 episode of “Where Are They Now?” later in life.

        This is the path that they illustrate for our youth, as opposed to some Hip Hop Version of Black Wall Street.

        Case in Point : Chief Keef Weed Arrest:

        Would he have been better off going to a local mom & pop hotel that would have treated him with respect, and had a staff that would have probably smoked with Keef on some :
        “This is why I work her!” type ‘chet, instead of the more expensive jawnt that called the cops on him?

        To each his own, etc., but I can’t support anything that goes against what I rep, even if I can support the right to do so.

  • Tony G.

    glad to see im not the only one who things the major gaff in this story is calling Wayne one of the greatest rappers of all time..

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Yes, he is a great, but NOT the greatest of all time. Cmon…..the greatest of all time??

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