Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Bill Clinton Take The Maury Test?

Jeez! What is this world coming to? Back in the day, they referred to Bill Clinton as the “First Black President” and I’m starting to believe he is. They are persecuting my dude left and right these days. Now, some son of a prostate, I mean prostitute, is claiming that the former president is his daddy.

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Bill just got 500k for a deal to speak for 45 minutes. This dude better be careful! Bill may take some of that money and give it to some secret service assassin. Anyway, the latest is that Bill is being pressured to take the damn DNA test. I have to believe this is some sort of lie. Unless these people have some more concrete evidence, they aren’t going to get Bill’s DNA for the biggest Maury paternity test ever.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • don king

    that son of a bitch is an embarrassment.

    • Calico Joe

      Who? Illseed?

      • don king

        lol u can choose.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Slow news day.

  • junj03

    I only come here to laugh at the stupid articles, this site can not be taken seriously…even illseed has fallen off.

    • DavastatinDave

      I know right. I wswear this sh*t is becoming worser than those damn newspapers they use to sell in the 90’s at the gas station with ” man from Arizona get’s abducted an impregnated by big foot ” on the front page. SMH

    • RMFag


  • All she has to do is file for support and he will have to take the DNA test or pay!

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      If the best evidence they have is that fake ass pic I wouldn’t be 2 worried about a DNA test if I was him. IJS

      • Bill has an established history of going raw dog though. Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, etc.

        You know he got some top….but in reality, ifthe system is fair…he’d have to take the test…you and I would.


      • Delonte West

        Google Wesley Snipes and stfu dude…

  • ZUBU

    This is a fricking joke that is not even funny. Other than Monica Lewinsky, Bill was tagging chicks who kept it hush hush. The repukes tried several times to get chicks to speak on Bill. His chicks held it down for him and Hillary was smart enough to view the big picture and stay with Bill. Anyone remember Gary Hart running for prez and having a pic of him with a chick sitting on his lap on a boat named monkey business? He blew his political career on a quickie, others have done the same Bill was too clever. Even when he got caught he redefined the term intercourse, straight gangsta lol….

    • RMFag

      There is nothing “gangsta” by cheating on your Lezbo, emasculating wife…..

  • Guest

    Son of a prostate you a funny guy illseed.

    • brotha_man


      • Guest

        Yea read the article he don’t say prostitute he calls her a prostate

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  • Delonte West

    Stop reporting bullshit that has nothing to do with hip-hop, thanks.

    • RMFag

      Your avatar does neither…….And?

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  • ant662

    i dont know i have this strange feeling that in the near future this guys ganna say he’s a rapper.

  • brotha_man

    bill doesnt have to but benzino might

  • DavastatinDave

    Is this really soething they both should be proud of ? . I mean if this is true on one hand you have a person who lived they’re life as a prostitute, and on the other hand you have someone who is the son of the person who lived they’re life as a prostitute. Can Bill Clinton really be represented as the neutral point between both of these f*cked up situations. This whole thing is just disgusting to me. All you dumb ass simple miinded niggas who use to worship Bill Clinton, and call him the first black president should know better by now. He looks at the the most precious thing on the planet the black woman as nothing more than something to get his damn rocks off too. SMH the world is such a stupid f*ckin place, and I swear sometimes I want off this f*ckin planet.

  • i don’t think bill is worried about this site talking about him

  • Synista

    Bill clinton VOICE ” I did not have sexual relations with this woman and I did not father a child with this woman,I did however ejaculate in her esophagus “