Rick Ross Hopes His MMG Protegés Learn From His Lost Reebok Deal

(AllHipHop News) Back in April, Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross lost his partnership with Reebok after women’s groups protested against a controversial lyric in Ross’ “U.O.N.E.O” verse. While the lost deal reportedly cost the Miami rapper $3-5 million dollars, he’s still attempting to pull something positive from the situation for his MMG crew.

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“I’m in a position where if I never sold another shoe, Rozay good. So it’s really about what the little homies who coming next gonna take away from it,” Ross told MTV.

The connection between corporations and rappers has been tightly scrutinized over the last several months as other high-profile performers with corporate ties like Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator have also been criticized for their content.

Several of the MMG roster members have dealt with major companies in recent years. Meek Mill and Rockie Fresh are partnered with Puma, Wale endorses Skullcandy, and Stalley has worked with the Disney owned ESPN Network.

“It most definitely was a learning situation and just for the little homeys, just something for them to take away,” said Ross. “That’s what’s important to me, what they take away from it.”

Ross also spoke briefly on his own relationship with the shoe company that he had to cut ties with.

“As far as myself and Reebok, we got a healthy situation,” added Ross.

The whole MMG team will come together again for the Self Made Vol. 3 album hitting stores on August 6th.

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  • johnblacksad


  • Eli Pinilla

    They aint gone learn shit when u got muthafuckas like meek mill talkin shit bout reebok while u tryin to save the deal…..

    • Big Dog

      Meek supposed to talk shit about Reebok he got a Puma deal

      • Eli Pinilla

        Not when your boss tryin to save the deal . And just cuz u with one company dnt mean u gotta beef with every other company that isnt yours…its business, not no street shit…imagin lebron trashin adidas cuz he with nike….

      • Bifsquad3

        Companies start beef and whatever with other companies all the time. It makes ppl want to check out the other product. Thats just basic knowledge im sure u watch tv. Same thing with Politics.

      • Guest

        And Lebron wont trash Adidas they make his Jerseys…DUH!!

      • Bifsquad3

        And Lebron wont trash Adidas they make his Jerseys…DUH!! lol

  • naledge77

    Crazy how one bar cost that man millions! I agree dude took it too far with that lyric, but the media took that shit further.

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  • hoeyuno

    Puma suede my favorite shoe…meek better not fugg with my kicks.. let’em ha e them skinny weird leather ones with the laces on the side..

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  • Mike Swiff


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  • keylon jackson

    nah I think ross still on reebok, cause the shoe he was promoting still selling and for meek mill, you need to see rick ross album mastermind these people just playing, when you want something you send your capos, reebok needed to stop meek mill, the only way is to talk to the boss.. and as you see they called ross and nobody knows wat they were talking about

    • Doe Boy

      he lost the deal so reebok got promo(I say that cuz the newz that he lost the deal is bigger then the newz of him getting the deal) in only had to pay dude maybe not even 10% of what thay would have payed him…so if the deal was for a mill he may had to pay bac 900,000…but that’s jus what im thinkin tho…but thay is getting promo lots of promo

  • Synista

    officer ricky can do a deal with popeyes maybe mickey D’s,he could be the new grimmace.

  • I was very critical on this dude for the line, but a lot of people opened my mind and they point that was made was that there are dudes talking about killing and selling drugs, and just straight up destruction everyday on the radio and TV, and no one gives two shtts cause its basically the same thing “ngz killing ngz” (street/urgan ngz of all colors and races) but since they know more of the snow bunnies would be affected by this lyric then there is the uproar . . . I still think he was irresponsible, wrong and slight corny for the line but it is what it is….

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