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Hip-Hop Rumors: New Beef For Chief Keef?

What’s good? Happy Friday to everybody. Hope you feel good and if you don’t, go masturbate or something since you clearly don’t have anybody in your life. Anyway, Friday is here. Now, I will give you some info on what seems to be a “beef” brewing for Keef. Mind you when you talk beef about this dude, that generally refers to guns blasting and the potential of having your kids napped. So, this is more like “MF’s got gipped.” I am going to show you below an “article” on it but I know most people cannot or don’t want to read. I’ll summarize for you. Basically, two rappers from Washington DC are saying that they gave young Keef $8,000 for 12-bars. DAMN, they couldn’t get 16? Sheeesh! Anyway, guess what happened? They didn’t get a damn thing. They got jerked and Keef is $8,000 richer. These guys only did this about a month or so ago, but who knows. It looks like now they will be chasing their paper like:

Damn, so they already are planning a diss record for Keef. That will definitely get their money faster. Honestly, that’s not a lot of money to Keef so I won’t doubt that he’ll blow it off. Peep the rest of the story at

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • junj03

    “kids napped” ? Start Proofreading your articles UGH!

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      Why start now dude aint been reading his articles for years why break a habit. Its the fun part of the website, spot the number of mistakes in each article. Its a new game and you are guaranteed one per. I’d be fine with him using spellcheck first, then work up to checking it for validity/if it makes sense.

    • naledge77

      it’s slang, poor slang, but still slang. Besides you understood what he meant right? I agree illseed has the grammar of a 7 year old kid, but this is AHH what do you expect. If you want proper grammar then you will need to read the Daily Gazette or Time magazine.

      Just saying.

      • junj03

        lol! i understand what you are saying and i do understand what he meant but these guys are getting paid for this, They supposed to be “professionals” and i use the word loosely lol!

      • naledge77


        Yo he said “Professionals” !!!!


        I agree with you though fam, if these so called “Journalists” are getting paid for this, then they owe the reader that much respect to take to the time to proof read their shit. But homey below is right, its sort of a game now to see how many grammatical errors you can find in any of these articles. I just hate when they are so blatant.

      • junj03

        haha! Well i thought LOL!

        I see them all the time. Just imagine when they try to get a
        job at another online site/Blog and they write on their resume“ I wrote for AHH”
        they will laugh & burn the resume. Haha!

      • naledge77

        I would really be surprised if they even have a resume. And if they do, then I’m sure you will find a ton of red squiggly lines under each word or sentence. Probably even under the date as well.

      • junj03


  • Dadon850

    Chief Keef dropped an album that flopped, yet several media outlets keeps his name alive. That Jimmy Iovine is still a sneaky little devil. This guy should be forgotten by now but he is being forced on the public. If we say we don’t like salmon, don’t serve it every time we go to eat then tell us we like it. Sheesh!!

    • YungKizz

      man nobody dont care bout record sales he still do alot on the mixtape circiut

      • Dadon850

        If nobody cares about record sales, how come they count them?? Chief Keef is a typical coon that the media is forcing down our throats. Nobody cares about this dude or his sh!tty music but yet he won’t go away.

      • Namebefakeshiiiiii

        They count them cause they do matter just less. Plus old habits die hard so you never gonna see sales as a non factor, its just less of the only factor. Strangely enough people do care about this keef guy, his videos alone have insane views. I dont get why, the music is horrible, the videos are horrible, but for some reason hes popular. Raps in the worst place its been ever probably. Hes got this image of a super gangster and apparently that matters to people, why it matters so much when the guy has no real record i dont know but its gotta be part of it. Its not his talent, cause hes untalented. I think hes to immature to handle this shit, some 17 year olds could deal with it but Keef seems like a hard headed moron to be honest. No way he has a long career or more likely no way he lives to be 22.

      • naledge77

        They are mostly counted for billboard chart reasons and awards. True, numbers do count, but that is slowly dying out. Pretty soon it will be that if you don’t have a million hits on Youtube or if no one is buying your shit on Itunes, then you won’t be making much money. Unless you push your own shit out on the streets. Like them good ol’ days.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Theyre mostly counted for billboard reasons and awards?!?!? How about their counted for sales!?!?!?!? Thats the product. U count the first wrek vuz it gives u an insight on how much money the album will gross. Yea they makr money off of shows, but albums is where the money is…..first week will always matter to the artists…its the fans that shouldnt care about that kind of shit. We should just focus on the artistry and let the artist worry about they business….

      • hoeyuno

        Yea the games changed. record sales mean little these days. but on the flipside this new rap hustle isn’t gonna create longevity for these guys. careers are gonna be shorter then they already are. hopefully these young stars have good ppls behind them to make there money last.

      • Namebefakeshiiiiii

        His youtube videos number of hits alone makes you think he could make a deal with itunes like wiz or other artists and cut out a record label. If you have even a small percent of fans who want your music making a direct release deal is much smarter and a way more profitable plan. Not like Keef needs a label or anyone else to promote him, he for some reason stays in the spotlight and like i said on youtube his videos get to insane numbers like 38 million views in a few months. Record sales are just not what they used to be, both in numbers and importance. Major labels are becoming less and less required entities cause you can make your own promotions through the internet and social media, and thats more than half of what a label does for you. Like i said a guy like keef isnt benefitting from being on a major label, hes not getting more popular for being on whatever hes on (interscope? i dont really know). And even if he releases albums on a indie label, rather than a direct deal with a place like itunes, you still make way more money per unit sold then if you went through lets say interscope, cash money, whoever.

      • naledge77

        Reason is because no one is really buying albums anymore. Most artists just make hits, call them singles and sell them on itunes. Gives them more control of their shit and more control means more profit. Keep in mind that when your on a label making contractual albums you rarely ever own the masters. So young dudes now a days are a lot smarter business wise, but the material they put out is trash.

      • PumpedKicks


      • YungKizz

        yeah definitely true forgot bout dat part

    • johnblacksad

      I fux with salmon tho… delicious smoked with some chopped dill…

      but yeah, that Finally Rich was a major flop… just like French Montana is about to do

      • Eli Pinilla

        French already flopped…did like 50k when he kept talkin about 200k and shit

  • ihateheronline

    that beef old

  • johnblacksad

    Sounds like somebody should have masturbated before writing this empty article… no homo

    • hoeyuno

      Haha. seed must have a new girlfriend or something. that was a very strange thing to say.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    why this lil retard still in media

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    some lames in dc got they 8grand took and they gonna make a diss record huh….yeah that’ll show em u mean business lol

  • hoeyuno

    Hire keef to ghostwrite¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ I’m gonna hire wesley snipes to do my taxes.

    • MrNoName2K

      for a verse..

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      hahaha yeah. Might as well hire the cookie monster to write you down 12 bars before Keefs illiterate ass. His ass needs to grow up quick, i get hes 17 or whatnot but stop acting like a f*cking bitch or you gonna burn your bridges before you cross them.

  • MrNoName2K

    Lets not forget that this is the same lil nigga that left 50 and Wiz Kalifa hangin at HIS OWN video shoot..come on yall, thats a fail on yalls part…a $8K fail at that..

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      That true? Dumb move man, 50 and wiz are big aint want to make enemies out of them, they help your ass sell records. Say what you want about 50 he can get peoples operations shut down and no body really wants it with him on a street level.

  • Stay Phokus

    give me 8000 and I’ll give u 3 verses that are 100 times better
    in different flows at that

  • Guest

    There is a difference between a real nigga and a street nigga, a real nigga you can take his word on shit. When you dealing with a street nigga you might wanna get something in writing cuz if not you gon be in this type of situation.

    • Mob BanCster

      ^Best Comment^ Niggaz in the street be alwayz talkin’ bout theya real nigga but yet they do the grimiest shit known to man.

  • Golgo 13

    8000 just 4 12 bars lol

  • ZUBU

    Keef gonna mess around and have beef all over the country. Brothers in the Chi already want to touch him. If this is true, then that boy better slow down.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      yeah the gds want him dead..i heard he cant even go back to the chi..i hope he’s doing more than just buying cars with his money…

  • Namebefakeshiiiiii

    He gotta be worth more then 8 grand for 12. His youtube video hits alone would suggest that. Granted im not in the rap game but why send the money before the bars? Specially if you dont know the rapper on any level, you just gonna trust them? I doubt they wrote out and signed anything close to a contract so in the end they prolly out 8 grand if they actually paid him that. What sense does releasing a beef record make? Not gonna get you paid and no ones gonna be checking/caring about it. DIdnt get he get 6 mil for his deal? Why he tripping over 8 grand and not delievering? F*ck this beef stuff its gonna show you as unreliable and people aint gonna wanna work with you, you cant f*ck over producers cause you rely on them to make you hits so tarnashing your name on a real level for 8 grand is a stupid ass move. Plus lets say these dudes are real, anybody can get touched and caught slipping, way Keef is moving he aint gonna make it to 20, he gonna die in Chi or any other state as he picks up more enemies for no gain (8 grand aint shit). Very Stupid thing to start beef over when all you gotta do is write 12 bars which is nothing, especially the dumbed down garbage he comes out with. How is Gucci such a crazy dude but a stand up guy as far as f*cking people over, then you got keef who gets more suspect by the day. He gonna get himself or his friends and family sprayed up.

  • DollasTX

    2 niggahs phucked off they profit from a “4 and a BABY” for a Chief Keef verse


  • HunnidRoundDrumOnYoA$$

    damn they coulda just given me a rack and they woulda actually got somethin in return …and it woulda been hotter than anything this nigga “writes”

  • AK

    8k for 12 nursery bars of nonsense i could freestyle 2 bars and it would be more quality then a keef 12 these idiots deserve this. Should used that 8k to create their own buzz but if you need keef on a track you’re probably not that good to begin with.

    • Herb_Bane

      I feel you on usin that 8k to create ya own buzz

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Yeah that 8k is for the publicity keef will give you..All keef music get millions of views on utube and shit like that..

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  • naledge77

    Honestly those cats that spent the 8K deserve that shit. Who the hell in their right state of mind pays 8k for some Dr. Seuss bars and didn’t even do it the legit way. Like go through his management team so their could some sort of paper trail. Then they would have all reason to sue and probably get more than what they spent. This is what happens to street thugs with no business sense at all. So yeah those idiots deserved that shit. Honestly Keef’s scam sounds better than those calling old folks claiming to be their grandson or grandaughter asking for money to get bailed out of jail. I applaud Keef for this one.

    • Boomie Rogers

      Lmao @ Dr. Seuss bars. Dr. Seuss way better than this nigga. Put Dr. Seuss rhymes over a young chop beat I’ll bang that shit lol

  • Keith probably thought they meant prison bars.

    Nice journalism by the way and I MEAN IT.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    The insane part is not the 8k but the simple fact these brain dead simpletons want Chief Keef to collaborate with. Shoot yourself just for that. Keef is beyond immature he is a kid and not a man. His decisions are childish!

    • Nas

      Well he’s still a kid tho…. You acting as if you were the perfect kid.

  • paul

    if he is so untalented why does he have songs with Jeezy, Ross, Wiz, 50, why did all these rappers wanna sign him to their labels? why did he get a 6 millon dollar record deal? why does he get 50k for a show 20k for a verse?u guys r just stuck in the past with ur Pac Biggie and Illmatic, no disrespect but u guys gotta move on lmao

    • Doe Boy

      my dude it looks like its 8k for a verse

    • Dadon850

      Pac, Biggie or “Illmatic” never sold 50k records out of the gate. If you want to compare him to an old rapper, he’s more like Tony Yayo than he is Pac or Big.

      • LMFAO @ Tony Yayo comparison….and that isn’t even fair to Tony!

    • Talent is not what his fanbase is into, but imo he’s not good at all.Why would you move on from legends in game?They helped make the blueprint and the 90’s will always stand as an example of a hip hop golden era

    • All those dudes you mentioned are wack too!
      Technically speaking.


      • Live Well

        When 50 focuses on music, he’s far from wack lyrically.

      • True, but he stopped focusing and G Unit fell off…completely.

        Still, that “We All Die One Day” with Em, Banks & Obie was the type ‘chet that had the streetz on lock!

        >> Gi-Gi-Ga-Ji-Ji-You-AHH-Gee-You-Nit!

  • Herb_Bane

    3hunna 3hunna bang bang, bang bang, ridin wit the llama, 3hunna [indecipherable}* 3hunna
    That’s a freebie for you DC boys, HMU for the 16
    And i’ll only charge you $7,995

    • Doe Boy


    • James S

      indecipherable had me rollin

    • Boomie Rogers


    • LOL~N

  • FaSho Money Prince

    a lot of comments for a dude it seems like most of yall dont care for…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      not as many comments as the article for the rapper who rapes his fans lol

  • Nas

    Y’all hating on a kid tho lmaooooo. The kid is a millionaire making money everyday while y’all on the Internet hating. Lmao stop hating on a nigga, that’s a weak emotion the lady of a nigga. Wayne said it best. Grown men hating on a little ass boy.

    • A millionaire?

      Hold on:

      >>Reaches threw your monitor & slaps, then back slaps your face several times, in rapid secession with all of my “E” strength.

      The lesson to be learned, is the significance of contracts.

      • Nas

        He signed a 3 album deal worth six million dollars. He get 2 mil per album. Y’all niggas stay hating lmaooooo. Get ya money up.

      • I thought it was a 5 album deal?

        Either way, the devil is in the details.

        If you sign a 10 album deal with Diddy, chances are, you will end up owing more than you can ever pay back, especially if you are foolish with the $$$.

  • this is retarded

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  • Darien Long


  • this sounds cant be true

  • Nas

    Let me hate on a kid that’s a millionaire because I’m broke and live a sad life….. Lmao. This is as worse as grown men hating on a female (Nicki Minaj). Y’all niggas is sad. Hating on a kid….

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      how can anyone hate on a suppose “rich guy” for beating people out of thier hard earned money ???????????

  • Tre Wright