Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Ahhh Some Natural Phat A$$es!

I woke up today and realized that AHH doesn’t have enough girls on AHH proper. Yeah, you can go to the Ill Community and really get into the debauchery if you want. But on the homepage, its pretty easy going. Enough! I command you to to look at some plump booty for a change. Its a treat for making it through a tough week. I don’t think I’ll get away with this too much, because then we’ll get blocked from your local school’s server. Anyway. Here’s come tail and a hilarious video smack dab of the middle of all those cheeks.

They ain’t all pretty or have a coke bottle body but they all got a rump roast!

the average women has weight on them, deal with it!

Before I continue, check out this funny video riding for women with flat asses.

More fatties.

it’s more like that you’ll see women that look that this, than those other airbrushed models. more after the jump

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Doe

    Where they at? Are they online? not Scarlett and the known ones I’m talking bout the regular ones.

  • MrNoName2K

    Yo skinny is wack, thinkness is where its at..
    and with all do respect.. why the hell they got Beyonce up there is a mystery…ehhhhhhhh yea she natural and all that yea but not a good representative of the topic at hand..

    • naledge77

      Yeah throwing Beyonce on there is extremely misleading. I guess illcoon placed her on there to state that this is about broads with natural assets, which we all know Beyonce is that. And hell yeah thickness is where its at but that cellulite shit gotta go.

      • RMFag

        Speaking of cellulite, Im watching Steve-O receive a beer enema.

    • RMFag

      She’s a representative of not letting her ass stank, but then again you breeders will screw anything.
      Her breath is picking up the slack on the stink from what Ive been reading online.

  • fabbidavisjr

    Man all these girls gone die at 55 from diabetes put these fatties on a work out plan.

    • hoeyuno

      yea but they look so nice while alive.

      • MrNoName2K

        ^5…kick it fam

      • naledge77

        I agree who doesn’t like a thick booty. I can’t be messing with no boney ass chicks.

      • MrNoName2K

        ^5.. damn..i couldnt agree more

      • fabbidavisjr

        haha theres a difference between thick and THICK. You can be in shape and still have curves. Don’t settle for less yall haha

      • MrNoName2K

        LMAO!! ok nigga like you smashin dimes all the time…get outta here with all that horse manuer you speak..

      • fabbidavisjr

        I’m married. But I’ve never been with a girl over 150 pounds. Not my taste to each his own.

      • MrNoName2K

        Sir…you aint lived lol…

      • fabbidavisjr

        maybe my wife will gain 100 pounds then I will have lived hahaha

      • RMFag

        You talking to dudes who don’t get regular or quality vajayjay, dont WAIST your time.

      • ^This

      • RMFag


    • naledge77

      All they need is some proper Mandingo and POW!!!!

    • RMFag

      What if she had a big azz and small titties?
      Would you hit it raw?!

  • Lebron’s_Hairline

    Girl in the blue, her body is badd!!

    • Guest

      They2013 – I feel ya’ – but I’ll Marry that darker last one lol


    Lol i guess this is satire or sarcasm lmao
    Chuck u funny. illcoon you are too.

    So you re-post video that are on wshh & then call them rumors.
    What a great demonstration of journalism u display on the daily.
    2 thumbs mate..

    You & creekmur or i am sorry. Chuck and his alter ego illcoon had ran this dite into the ground……….

    Chuck on the real my dude, while i know you only care about ending the year in black,
    You must find a way to re-invent this site man…
    Real talk. This site used to pop, now you changed the format & its a nothing but BS on here. The rumors used to get 400 -500 comments a day. U have lost all your regulars poster not once but several times……

    The old crew, the new crew, & the 2010 crew. While u still prolly the number one hip hop site, and still prolly leading in hits… This site has hit rock bottom a long time ago…

    U fuk it up so bad, i can even begin to tell you how to fix it.
    Which states volume because i am a know it all…..

    Walks into comfessional of AHH hallways.
    Father forgive me for i have sins…

    I have ceated a monster. Lol

    • mike malarkey

      now he thinks booty pics goin get the hits up lol…. we got that on the fb page lol

      • EL_BARK

        Yo that post either went over his head,
        Or he trying to be an asshole – sarcastic in his emotional feminate,
        s oft Passive agressive way…..

        They from delaware????
        What u expect !!!!!!

    • Good businesses listen to constructive feedback. It doesn’t take much to differentiate HATERS from those who MEAN WELL. I can tell EL_BARK means well.

      I don’t think things will change, AHH has become complacent, not acting upon constructive feedback.

      To me AHH believe that “disguised porn” will get them more traffic, I don’t think so. People read the site at work and in public places too.

      Chuck has to realise that there are many sites springing up and it doesn’t take much for a site to lose it’s readers and go down under. You’ve worked so hard and made it this far. The site diminishing further is something I and many others would NOT like to see. There are options mate.

      People use mobile phone in this day and age and the site needs to be optimized for mobile phones. Other sites are.

      Here’s my tip, if you cannot afford to pay someone since this does happen with a lot of businesses, we don’t know your expenses. You could hire someone and do a revenue share instead. Get serious writers too using the same method. They will knowingly take the risk and put a lot more effort into making it a success so that they get paid handsomely. You pay peanuts you get monkeys.

      That’s just my 2 pence since we don’t use cents in the UK 😉

      I hope you take this onbaord, it will be a shame to see the site decline further.

      Check your stats, traffic logs, and revenue et al and never be complacent, there is always room for improvement which includes listening and acting upon constructive feedback.

      • Matt Swan

        Excellent, and truthful. But it’s a shame that so many have said the SAME thing and no one in the building is listening.

      • I’m hoping they do start to listen, hip hop media has many options now.

        But to be fair, they have access to the stats, revenue et al and if they’re happy with what they see, so be it.

        But they need to learn that complacency usually leads to downfall. Listen to what your audience wants act upon it and get better stats.

        The articles have improved so I think Nolan is doing his job now and I give dude props for that. But as I said there is still room for improvement.

        I wish these dude the best after all they’ve worked hard to get to where they are today.

      • Propz!

      • Real Spill.

        I reached out to Chuck on your behalf.

        It’s his BBQ, and it taste good, but there is always room for improvements.

        Don’t sleep, Chuck has added Biba Tha Diva, Truth Minista Paul Scott and other journalist who bring the heat to his staff to do what he can to help Hip Hop.

        You can’t judge it all based on the Rumors section…it is called the Rumors for a reason.

    • naledge77

      Yes you are politically correct, but c’mon BARK tell me you don’t like what you see?

      • EL_BARK

        Dude i rather chill on the ave or downtown & look at real women.

        Sorry pics of women i would never meet dont do nothing for me.

        If they did i would be on those sites looking af pics,
        Instead of keeping my foot on chucks neck.

      • LOL~ N

        I ain’t fuugin with you today!

        >>Blames it all on El

    • LOL~N

      You wild when you post from the desktop!


    ” I don’t think I’ll get away with this too much, because then we’ll get blocked from your local school’s server”
    Chuck Creekmur.

    Speaks volume in so many ways…

    • mike malarkey

      yup.. ur boy lol


    Chuck if illcoon is his own enitity,
    Why he talking like a boss? Lmao

  • Michael Thompson II

    All of them can join me on the rooftop balcony. Give me 3 nights with each one In these pics!

    • RMFag

      Real niggas can chop 2x as much in one night. That blue pill is working overtime overtime.

      • Michael Thompson II

        Don’t reply to me homie. Go somewhere child.

      • RMFag

        No. And your other reply did not get approved because you cursed too much.



  • Stay Phokus

    congrats ill seed
    you just made the rumor section into mediatakeout
    I hope your proud

    • RMFag

      Hard work DOES pay off. Gucci 4 Illseed!

  • KC The American Pimp

    Haha he got theses females off Tagged, I seen most of them on there..

    • mike malarkey

      RIGHT!!! lol

    • thisnigga

      smh forever at illseed for highlighting the tagged smuts….

    • What state? Profile name?


      • KC The American Pimp

        That’s all irrelevant sir, I don’t believe em anyway. Set you up an account then you will see them hoes on there. #JS

  • Synista

    I have to admit those are some lovely specimens of the females species I would love to explore all of those curves!

    • RMFag

      So many places to stick your penis inside, bro!!!!!!
      The options! I wish I had a penis.

      • Synista

        You are one interesting character!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    No fatties.

    • RMFag


  • Guest

    Not bad illy not bad at all.

    • RMFag

      Your taste is bad though.

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  • RGeezy

    Fat Girls are in nowadays, what can you say.

    • RMFag

      Obamacare is in effect and everyone starts off with an even 250 stacks?



  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    woah illpix?

  • Blue Skies

    WTF is this??? Of course most of these women have fat asses, THEIR FAT!!

    • RMFag


    • MiiUziWeighsATon


  • A bunch of sexies!…

  • RMFag

    All the best cakes are hairy, stank, beefy Chi-town mancakes freshly pumped with cum.
    With that said, Im very offended by this article. Unsub.

  • Thank You iLLSEED….Thank YOU!

    I’m gonna tweet this ‘chet chet to my my 4 million followers on twitter!

    >>Cups hand over ear to magnify the sound: “Huh?!? What?!?”

    I thought they meant 4 million…not only 4!

  • Rafael da silva

    my god these girls are fat and ugly ! never seen such fat ass ! in my life it’s all fake like nicki they have but implants

  • Eli Pinilla

    Illseed likes his women from backpage

    • RMFag

      Backpage has all the best DL thug trade dick and boipussy.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Backpage alright homie…ran across some serious pieces of azz on too….no date, pointless, mindless talk….jus put the bucks you woulda spent takin a bytch out on the nitestand and pound out some coochiefritos and go home, relaxed and ready for bed…lol….safe sex everybody

  • Negro Peligro

    Man that one in the black flower dress with the pink heels can get it. With that being said. If you don’t like’em more for me.

    • HunnidRoundDrumOnYoA$$


    • ^This

  • JEDI

    well ill take the asian chick ijs

  • Golgo 13

    lol allhiphop copying forbez DVD now

  • HunnidRoundDrumOnYoA$$

    id hit any one of them!!!

    • johnblacksad

      me too… word to Sunz of Man, the last shall be first… i might begin with her tho… her or mexican lookin shorty with the white pants… SMASH like an angry Bruce Banner!

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Sunz of Man….dope….9th Prince is dope

      • Dan_Tebasco

        lol LAST SHALL BE FIRST is one of my favorite rapalbums ever, so underrated

      • johnblacksad

        i can tell by your screen name… you sound like the type of dude that’ll down a white chocolate bar in 60 seconds… !

        *You think you got it all set up… you think you got the… perfect plaaaan* Yeah that album is the bizness!

  • Swiftest Fox

    Which part of this was a rumor?

    • It says Non Hip-Hop Rumors. Learn to read!

      • Swiftest Fox

        Yes, Rumors, like you said. Learn to read!

  • MindFire

    I am in no way trying to disrespect big girls, but ummm…niggaz really just like fat chicks huh? for real, this shit perplexes the hell out of me. I know some dudes will like certain shit, but I’m starting to believe that as a rule (70-80%) of Black men prefer fat girls…trippin me out

    • RMFag

      Sounds about right…..the only thing yours truly likes is fat dicks.

      • MindFire

        so now my question is why??? why fat chicks??? just curious

      • Why skinny?

        Men like curves…not edges.

      • MindFire

        As if there are only two options (fat or skinny)…there is an in-between, girls that are in shape can and most certainly do have curves….I would think that men would like curves…not rolls

      • To each his own.

        Personally, i’d put on a boxing glove shaped condom & beat that cuchi up!

        All of those women are attractive in their own way. Skinny women are too…but I’d take a DD over a B cup any day.

      • Guest

        MindFire – since you old enuff to type – and you don’t know – your too far gone.

      • You sound like you are either a B’ish….or you are Gary Noble’s B’ish @$$!

        Either way, all that Black Man spuzz getting squirted up your rear end has backed up onto your brain!

        You are probably Gary Noble, talm’bin ’bout, how you married to some old white lady….to cover up being gay!

        GTFOH! FuggBoi!

    • KC The American Pimp

      That’s cause it’s in they nature off top to take care of a n****. They don’t want the spotlight they always got money( most big girls do) and a place to stay

  • Mob BanCster

    I love women just like the next man but this is the wrong way to promote them!

  • Chuck Creekmur Aka Illsperm We dont care about your fantasy collection this ain’t about HipHop/Rap

  • sexy but funny

  • jacksjus

    1,8.9, and 17 are on point.

  • AussieAL

    4th down in black, the asian and the one above her plus the white chick in bed man she got some chest…. i would go all 4 of them at once (as long as i dont get suffocated by blondies tits, although i do like women with tattoos and fine bodys just not on their faces although i did know a girl quite well who was very well shaped and had 2 glocks tattooed on either side facing down n inward to her place i like to call home, as crude as it sounds it was pretty hot believe it or not though the rest of her was almost perfect and always shaved to keep those tatts fully visable lol…)

    • AussieAL

      though i do like asian and hispanic girls, i guess personal preference is all it comes down to, i dont liek FAT asses though, i like them somewhere inbetween just as long as the rest of her is fit im good…

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Man, I’ll get me a 24 pack of Trojan’s and break every single one of them bytches off…word…all of’em can get it

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    Yummy Yummy Yummy… Thanks Illseed!