Erykah Badu

Hip-Hop Rumors: Erykah Badu Drags A Fan Over Twitter!

Erykah Badu is a bad, bad woman! She’s over 40 (I think) and has had several kids, but looks good. But, it seems like her comedic side is intact. Apparently, a fan, or former fan, was not pleased at a recent Badu performance. And, she took it to Twitter to let Badu know. Badu also let her know what she thought during a studio session. I hope the dragging didn’t mess up the song she was working on! Sheeeeeeet! We need that Badu magic again.

Was Badu wrong for this?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Dini Hameen

    Iono i think ol girl ethered erykah

    • Doe Boy

      maybe so but erykah jus give her fame

  • dominicancoke

    That headline is misleading erikah got her ass handed to her by that girl

    • RMFag

      But you can hand me or handle my ass anytime.

      • dominicancoke

        Cant wait till some body round your way starts homo bashing u need a whooping

      • RMFag

        I can get down with BDSM or Str8rule……hook me up.

  • Luckydoot

    That girl gave Badu them BARS! Y’all trippen

  • E.F. Cuttin

    Erykah gave ol girl the blues… Rule of engagement 101: If U gotta resort to personal jabs about someones life to offset the jokes about how U look, U lost…

    • G. Lamont

      Ms Badu got shut down. You talk about the woman taking personal jabs, but you disregard that Ms. Badu started the personal jabs. The woman came in speaking of how unprofessional Ms. Badu was when she came late and was fake. Ms. Badu never disputed that she was late and fake. She just came with the personal looks comments. So, if the woman was better looking, would that mean Ms. Badu was on time and wasn’t fake?

      • E.F. Cuttin

        Shut down??? Hardly bro… Erykah was snapping on her while ol girl was clearly getting heated by resorting to personal attacks and repeatedly calling her “bitch”… The fan was clearly in her feelings during the exchange whereas Erykah was in comedian mode…

      • E.F. Cuttin

        When ol girl called her “no-talent”… AFTER she paid money to see her (who does that?)… the war was lost for her… At least she got a little twitter fame out of it tho…

  • Mastwe

    Yall riding celebrity nuts.
    That ‘fan” gave her the business. And dead right about her being a fake righteous chic etc…

    • Linkz

      explain that one to me how so ????

  • Caliwaver

    Lol oh girl went in. Badu don’t quit your day job. These twitter fans go in on these celebs and your dumb ass took the baite.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    so now were cheerleading behind twitter beef?

    • >> In Gladiator voice : “Are you not ENTERTAINEDDDdddddd?!?!?”

      >> Crowd goes wild

    • RMFag

      Yep, twitter does that to people.

  • Linkz

    how she got her ass headed to her when she out her taking care of her kids tho its not like any of children pops are on child support lmao we never hear that she begging and how she fake when yall put her on the pedestal and she never said she was what yall forgot MLK was “righteous” and committed adultery plenty of times

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  • johnblacksad

    Badu dropped some funny lines tho… ‘sit yo window ass seat down’… ‘suckin up all the air’… but ol’ girl went in too

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  • brotha_man

    ol girl got me dying she clowned erykah “calm your fat, fake, righteous ass down….hahahahahha


    Now that’s sum funny shit

  • That Owl ‘chet was funny!


    Then again…so was the angry fan.

    • hoeyuno

      The fan chick was funny as hell..

  • RBG

    i came in here thinking badu did something…all she did is get roasted.

  • jay

    Love badu, but she took an L

  • Julian Alexander

    LMAO Maaaaaan, I thought Ms. Badu took ol girl head off, she got straight CLOWNED!!!!!!!

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  • vibez

    Shit was hilarious lol