Two Women Claim They Were Assaulted At Tyler, The Creator Concert

(AllHipHop News) Tyler, The Creator’s Australian tour is over, but the California rapper isn’t leaving the island nation without controversy. After facing protests that his music was misogynistic from the feminist group Collective Shout this week, one of the organization’s members is claiming that she was verbally assaulted at Tyler’s Sydney show, and allegedly another women was sexually assaulted at that same concert.

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Collective Shout’s Talitha Stone filed a complaint with police on Friday stating that she was constantly harassed by Tyler during his performance at the Enmore Theatre on Thursday night.

While speaking with police, Stone says officers informed her that they were already investigating an accusation of sexual assault at the show as well.

According to the Brisbane Times, a police spokesman has confirmed that a women filed a report saying she was sexually assaulted during a concert at the Enmore on Thursday, but apparently no formal statement has been taken yet.

In an article she wrote for The Guardian, Stone claims her abuse happened both in person at the concert and over Twitter.

On Wednesday, Stone sent out a tweet announcing that she would attend a Tyler signing event hosted at the Culture Kings clothing store, because she felt “they need educating on misogyny.”

Tyler then rewteeted Stone’s tweet to his 1.7 million followers. As a result, some of Tyler’s fans began to threaten and insult Stone over the social media site.

Despite the attacks on Twitter, Stone decided to attend Tyler’s concert to “gather evidence for [her] campaign.”

She claims to have recorded footage of the Odd Future leader calling her “bitch,” “whore,” and “cunt” (though the video embedded with the Guardian article does not show who exactly Tyler was referring to), and she says he dedicated the song “Bitch Suck Dick” to her which also cannot be confirmed.

Prior to Stone’s accusations, Collective Shout had requested that the Australian government revoke Tyler’s visa and expel him from the country. Tyler was able to complete his entire tour and says he enjoyed his time in Australia despite the controversy.

You can watch the concert footage Stone claims is Tyler addressing her below.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I say…….get over it…….b1tch.

  • jacksjus

    So if she was a member of a feminist group protesting his music, why pay to go see him? This could have been avoided. Smh!

    • brotha_man

      right! make him rich by paying to see him to gather info that only her and her clan care about. lol. i guess misguided organization, they need a new leader.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Australia is the only thing pure white people got left. They tryin to save that shit from outside influence….this bitch is obviously full of shit and are just tryin yo antagonize him…if I were him I’d pay to have someone beat the shit out this botch and bounce before the police could stop me

    • Melissa B

      There are many minorities there actually. Who would want this in their country? Can you blame them? Who glorifies rape except for pigs?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Minorities as in the direct definition of minorities. Meanin, a minor amount of people who arent white. Not like minorities, hispanics and blacks in america minorities, big difference….and its supposed to be freedom of speech, well here anyways…..and he doesnt glorify rape and has never refrenced it except for when he talked about being acused of talking about it….Australia recieves eminem with open arms and he has actually talked about rape in the piggish manner u speak of…

      • brotha_man


    • Guest

      Australia actually belonged to black people first.

      • Eli Pinilla

        See how that turned out

      • Guest

        Yep just like any other place. Overrun and taken over by white people.

      • Eli Pinilla

        They’ve mastered genocide

  • Melissa B

    The comments below are sick. African Americans fought so hard for so long, were ra ped, murd ered, ensl aved, drag through the mud & you honor your ancestors fight this way? By rapping about ra pe like it’s cool? Degrading women and then shaming those who dare to take a stand? Bla ck ppl like those in the video & those below defending this are disg usting & should be ashamed of yourselves. You give Afri can Ameri cans a bad rep & unfortunately make it hard for those who actually have class & dignity & don’t support r ape. I hope none of you are eve rap ed you fking animials. I can’t believe you actually defend this garbage.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Im hispanic……..

    • Elenath

      I think Tyler’s music and message is disgusting . . . but he has a right to it. I am an unapologetic feminist and I do HATE the things that come out of his mouth and from those of his supporters . . .but they are entitled to think what they wish and create whatever ‘art’ they want to as long as they don’t violate laws.

      Actively assaulting anybody is another issue all together and one that should be taken seriously, but as for the shows themselves . . .I was asked to sign a petition to try and pressure venues to stop his shows but I don’t feel comfortable with censorship. People are allowed to express their views, even when they differ greatly to ours.

    • Guest

      I don’t defend him, but you can’t be a fan of Tyler & Odd Future as a female and not know the type of shit they speak on in their music. So for her to go there and feel some type of way about the lyrics these guys rap and how they would treat her as a female is slightly wild.

      No I’m not saying he’s right for whatever he might have said and done. I don’t agree with nor condone his music even though I was once a fan and believe him and his group to make great music when they want to. However she knew what they were about. She heard their music, became a fan of their music, then (own her own accord) she went to the event because she SUPPORTS them. Both of the girls do even though the sexual assault case is more important.

      If Miguel did this then it would be a complete shock because this is not what he speaks on in his music.

      This is ALL Tyler & Odd Future speak on.

      That’s like me standing in front of a llama and get mad that I get spit on. I know llamas have a tendency to spit on people so why come close to it if I don’t want to be spit on?

      Why go to a club where I know people don’t know how to act when intoxicated. Knowing fights could break out and guns will be drawn. Why get mad when something happens if I already knew what the scene is like, but still voluntarily went. (which are my EXACT reasons I don’t care for clubs and don’t go to them)

      Again, I’m not saying he’s right. But she know that his music and concerts aren’t for the saints and faint of hearts.

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  • Donovan Avery

    She may as well attack the whole rap genre because he is not the only rapper who talked about rape. And anyone who follows tyler should know he hasn’t talked about that shit in years so this lady is pretty late in her cause.

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  • NoGuts_NoGlory

    Now lets see if Justin Beiber will come to his recuse and say it was him and not tyler

  • ladynamor

    Why not go after iggy azalea? She exploits women all the time focusing on Pu$$y and all that, and shes from Australia. Representing it.

  • hoeyuno

    Sh went there to gather evidence?? she probably brought it on herself. how would he know she was the bitch who was protesting him if she didn’t make that clear when she was at the show… that she paid for.. that’ll show them, dumb bitch. she went there hoping something like this would happen.

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