Freddie Gibbs Says Jeezy Wrote Him Off, Calls Him Fake

(AllHipHop News) It was all good just a beef ago. The relationship between Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy, former partners and allies in beef with Rick Ross has soured pretty quickly.

In an interview with XXL Magazine, Freddie Gibbs claims he has no respect for Young Jeezy anymore after his time at Jeezy’s CTE label.

I never needed the n*gga to do nothing for me, but do what you said what you were gonna do. You don’t hold true to your word, I don’t respect you. So I don’t respect no n*gga that don’t hold true to his word. All that shit you rapping; I don’t respect none of that shi

According to Gangsta Gibbs, Jeezy wrote him off forcing the MC to release 2012’s BFK (Baby Face Killah) and its videos with no support from CTE’s label head.

Gibbs is planning on releasing his new album ESGN on July 9th with a Baby Face Killah Pt. 2 EP and Madlib collaborative project Cocaine Pinata coming in the fall. 

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98 Responses to “Freddie Gibbs Says Jeezy Wrote Him Off, Calls Him Fake”

    • andone

      can u be more specific… i have yet to encounter anyone(except u) reppin for this cat, i want to take ur word for it but name a track or 2 that u recommend so i can check dude out!

      • TruthHurtsDontIt

        ”World So Cold” is one joint i think would be a can’t miss option

      • andone

        i see he can make actual songs and not jus rap but the hook on there was a lil lackluster plus i cant really relate to that track… not to mention it isnt an original beat, im trying to peep his authentic joints somebody on here can vouch for???

      • Eli Pinilla

        songs: “rob me a ngga”, “my homeboys girlfriend”, “national anthem”, “my niggaz”, “scottie pippen”, “bfk”, “bout it bout it”, “cradle to the grave”, “midwest malcom”,” 17″,” the ghetto”,” money, cloths, hoes”, “the hard”, “crazy”…mixtapes: “cold day in hell”…..”gangstaframecadillacmuzic” “bfk” “st8 killa, no filla” ….enjoy

      • andone

        still trying to get past a few things i dislike(d) but there were some stand out tracks… have to give them a couple more spins b4 i make my mind up, however the music is decent tho… good lookin wit the drops too!

      • johnblacksad

        “Rob me a n!gga” featuring Alley Boy (whom you check as well… listen to ‘Spray’ featuring Judo)

        then tell me about it!

      • andone

        i dont fux wit scandalous music(acts like BIG & EM get a pass tho)… “rob me a n!gga” and “my homeboys girlfriend” dont sit well wit me, i cant vibe to that… im down for the grime but not when it goes against my morals… dude has some nice joints, jus trying to wrap my head around his pops being po po and how he claims to be a gangster… it isnt adding up???

      • johnblacksad

        i can respect that…

        freeway said tho :
        “if my sneaks start leanin and my heat stop workin, then my heat start workin, i’mma rob me a person, catch a n!gga slippin while he out in the open… and i’mma get it!”

      • andone

        dont get me wrong, i knock g-sh!t all the time too… i jus got to be able to validate these rappers b4 i give em a pass… for the record i am feeling his “shame” and “rock bottom” tracks tho!

  1. Brian Andrew Smith

    I can guarantee he only signed him because that was at the height of the rick ross “beef”, and he wanted a dude from the Chicagoland area to be on his side considering he was on the Big Meech side and chicago is home of Larry Hoover. Jeezy was just trying to show, look were actually what you rap about.

    I’m not saying that Jeezy is legit or that Gibbs has an association to GDs but that was the motivation for the signing.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        duh, i didn’t say he was from chicago. i said chicagoland. gary indiana is considered to be apart of the Chicagoland.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        No, I meant to say Chicagoland. If you were from here (i live on the near west side) you would understand the connection between Chicago and Chicagoland. Everything from Social, economic and criminal related activity.

      • 7yoyo7

        True, they just don’t realize that Gary is just 30 minutes away from the Chi.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        technically, chicagoland is any of the surrounding counties and municipality that have a direct social and economic impact associated with Chicago proper. This includes the 9 counties of Northeast IL, 1 from WI on the WI/IL border and 5 counties of Northwest IN which includes Gary. Gary is tied to the Metra train system which is the apart of the Chicago commuter rail system. Also, before IN went to the central time zone, Gary was apart of central time because of all of the Business and economic relationships with Chicago.

        Gary is its own thing, but you cannot deny its strong relationship to the city of chicago.

      • Dboy Corleone

        I’m from Gary 5th Ave to be exact and it is considered chicagoland area

      • Dboy Corleone

        Waddup Bronx Waddup glen park Waddup Delaney. Waddup terrytown Waddup 219 GDN

  2. AK

    jeezy is corny as hell now, hes trying to transition to the LA club scene doing a bunch of tracks with yg and signing some other LA artists you can tell his all gimmick aint no more substance in his music

    freddie is one of the best rappers out today if he made a diss it would prob end whatevers left of cte and jeezy

  3. TRELL850

    Jeezy is a dumb ass, honestly… The boi Gibbs had a buzz and jeezy was suppose to run with it the same way Ross ran with Meek (although meek was more known)… Niggas have to understand they only good as their team… What good is havin a gang of rappers under u if u not gon’ push them… Take a page from Maybach Music… Ross may be a fraud but he got gunplay song on MTV and he pushin the hell outta gunplay wack ass mixtape…

    • Eli Pinilla

      def agree with u on that one….bfk was a fuckin album!!! if they woulda put that shit out in stores with a few videos, no doubt in my mind gibbs and jeezy would be blowin it up right now.

    • Doe Boy

      you 100% rite but jeezy couldn get his shit out on def jam…it seem like it took 2yr be for def jam drop tm103…so how was he gone get them to put gibbs shit out

      • TRELL850

        Gibbs was JEEZYS artist… So Jeezy should’ve came out the pocket… Bet he bought a fuckin chain in them 2 yrs… It aint about gettin a album out no more… No one cares bout that shit but the label… Its other ways to market a artist… Kendrick, Cole, Drake, Rich Homie Quan, future, etc… none of these niggas had a major label push or an album at first and they took off… So how u got a million dollar nigga on yo team and cant get a decent buzz…

      • Doe Boy

        and all the ppl you name did it thay self…so get popin yo self like you said you jus made my point…jeezy was goin thru bs wit def jam so he had to go back to bein a mixtape rapper to get his buzz back up…u cant sit n be lookin for a mfer to jus put you on…you gotta work n make jeezy put that mill up for you…jus like drake did ymcmb…jus like Kendrick did dre….

      • MalcolmLittle

        As a label though you’re SUPPOSED to do that shit for the artist…otherwise, wtf’s the point in even bein on the label?! And did you just happen to miss the part where they talked about how Gibbs DID get shit poppin himself by releasin the album/videos with his own bread? Again I say…wtf’s the point of bein on a label if you’re just gonna have to come out your own pocket to get your shit out anyway?

  4. Jeff Active Reynolds

    Gibbs is one of the hardest out right now. Bar for bar no ones really touchin him. All jeezy did was hold him back. He should have had an album out by now but BFK was still insane as hell for a mixtape

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        what does that have to do with jeezy havin beef with ross?

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        no shit. you still said nothing about how the 2 situations are relevant to each other in anyway.

      • bigmarz

        gibbs father was a cop and its a rule in the sicilian mafia that anyone with a close relative thats police cant be a member. Is that clear to u now u stupid rat?

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        ima just let you keep making yourself sound dumb as hell cuz you havnt made any sense at all. anyone can say what they want behind a computer. your bitchass wouldn’t call me a rat face to face so just put jeezys dick back in your mouth and shut your dumbass up.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        you sound like a fcuking moron, you know that right?

    • TRELL850

      Who cares bout exposin niggas when its a correctional officer at the top of the game right now…lol… Nobody cares bout that street shit but dumb ass niggas these days…

      • Mob BanCster

        I co-sign. But I don’t like all the fake shit in the game, nor the negativity even if it’s coming from a real nigga.

      • Synista

        Fake ass ninjas need to be exposed for the Bytch asses they really are Point blank,I know there are a lot of real cats out there who been there done that and do have to make songs about it or even talk about it,so when clown ass ninjas go around perpetrating people need to know because some of our misguided youth will try to emulate them and end up finding out the hard way!
        Also It is just plain COONERY looking at people who continue to perpetuate nonsensical everyday ignant ass nigganess.
        That’s it for now…

  5. restless

    If gangsta gibbs so gangsta why he wait so long to talk shit? why he aint just talk it out face to face while he had a chance?

  6. 7yoyo7

    Well I dont really care about this so-called beef. This is just some promotion for the ESGN album anyway, this project will be nothing shy on beef and calling out rappers.

    Gibbs is dope though I’ve seen him twice on stage, dude can RAP and put on a show.
    For those who dont know him I Recommend you to peep his SELECTOR -Interview & freestyle on y0utub3.

  7. trilltalk1

    Gnagsta Gibbs is a beast on the mic, but the nigga def out of pocket with this dumb shit. Jeezy co-signed this nigga, did a few songs with this nigga, even put him on the album. for Gibbs to be this so called REAL STREET NIGGA he is handling this like a MARK ASS NIGGA in my opinion.

      • brotha_man

        he in the right he fucked up by trusting jeezy on a music business level. if jeezy dont look out for meech he damn sure aint gonna look out for gibbs.

      • trilltalk1

        What did they see? Blood Raw, 211 or the other nigga from the West Coast never dissed Jeezy. This nigga just trying to get some hype for his album.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I’m pretty sure Blood Raw did diss Jeezy.

      • brotha_man

        agreed blood raw had a diss track. nobody f’s with BMF…its probably best to move on.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I thought so & I think Blood Raw mighta dissed him in a interview 2 can’t quite remember. I agree wit the BMF comment but Jeezy ain’t BMF no more he CTE that’s a different ballgame. Also Gibbs is I believe a Black P. Stone from Gary so I doubt he’s shook.

      • Terrance Goodman

        That’s real spit … Fools been exposing the ho man

  8. brotha_man

    gibbs is dope. these two together would have been fire, they complement each other well. heard there mixtape best mixtape out. Jeezy just to grimey,,,,fucking up money ish

  9. Brick Soulja

    Why do these lame rappers, with absolutely no business acumen, act like someone did them wrong, because they couldn’t start their own label?

  10. bigmarz

    gibbs cant tell us nothin new about gangsta shit thats why he got dropped. who wants to hear about gangsta shit from some sad lookin fool

  11. Negro Peligro

    Yo I don’t know what all you people on. Go listen to Shame, Rob Me A Nigga, Hard, Papers, and my all time favorite. SING FOR ME

  12. ulostatlife

    This dude is so fraudulent.all this gangsta sh*t and your dad is an ex chief of police…This lame needs to focus on his own minstrel show if he wants to follow in his idol Fiddy’s footsteps…

    • YaheardSyndicate

      Yo you just sound stupid. Anyone who knows, knows A. Freddie Gibbs came up on his own, and so what his dad was a cop? Whats your dad do ? you probably dont even know your dad. Freddie Gibbs keeps it 100% and im not even from Gary and I know that sh** you need to do your research

  13. HipHopStalker

    Look at the history of rappers wanting to be ceo’s and how it turned out for there artist’s. Ludacris,Jeezy,Big Boi,Juvenile,talib Kweli,Lil Kim,Snoop Dogg,Bust Rhymes just to name afew and the worst is hip hop’s most bi polar The Game. He’s said blackwallstreet since 2005 and only release acouple bullshit mixtapes and nothing more. None of his artist’s ever released albums,EP’s under him or even been featured on a black wallstreet compliation which would have been hot back when he was poppin with millions of records sold. He should have REALLY put his ceo hat on and made some moves instead of beefin with 50 for the last 8 years. Like 50 said. If game stuck with him maybe his lable would actually exist LOL

  14. southside4lyfe

    Alot of niggaz say Wiz then changed up but at least if he has changed up he make sure his artist promote themselves and they sell out shows and he’s a young nigga in this game.

  15. YaheardSyndicate

    Yall so dumb. Yall will sit on here and ride the nuts of the biggest wankstas and then diss Freddie Gibbs. Jay z was hustlin when beepers were out. Man that was 30 years ago, and yall will sit right here and believe like hes selling crack and then criticize someone whos a gangster because they made it out of the shittiest city in america to make something of themselves. Yall got the whole game twisted.

    • digitallife

      Jay-Z was a glorified hype man most of his time between 15 and 27..i’ve always posed the question to folks..when did jay-z have the time to sell drugs or establish himself in the position to handle kilo’s? None can answer that. There’s a difference between talking about someone else’s life which is what jay-z has done (All that drug dealer ishh is Calvin Klein’s lifestory..not the fashion designer..). There are real dudes in the game and there are dudes who sell the story of those who don’t rap.

      • ZUBU

        Damn bro, I found a couple of articles related to Calvin Klein and he put Jay on blast. He ain’t the first brotha from back in the day to put Jay out as fake. Sish everybody can’t be lying on Jay. Jaz-O, DaHaven, Dame. Biggs, Nas, Emory, etc. Jay appears to be a very good story teller much like Rick Ross, rapping about another brothas life. SMH…….

  16. J.C.

    sucks that it had to come to this; they really did make great music together.

    wish i could’ve paid money for Cold Day In Hell

  17. Synista

    New name for fraudulent ninjas in 2013 JEEZYIN!!
    And for bytchazz transparent ninjas claiming to be who we all know they really aren’t we will refer to that as ROSSin,some ninjas ROSSin so well they should be up for an academy award.

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