Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Kim’s Neck Brace Pic! Keri Hilson Leaves Music? Janet Cuts The Jacksons?

Lil Kim takes a lot of ribbing for her plastic surgery. A quick search and its all people talk about, including mainstream media. Its actually sad, but unfortunately the way it is. Anyway, when she posted this picture, it was no difference.

But, it does verify that Kim was in a minor car accident that has her noodle in a neck brace.


There was a quick rumor that Keri Hilson was leaving the music game, but she quickly dispelled that this morning. Beyonce fans were about to be claiming a win over the girl that didn’t bow down.


That said, people have been claiming that Keri is or was pregnant during this so-called hiatus. I think it was Beyonce that caused the hiatus.


Janet Jackson is paid like nobody’s business! She’s now worth over a billion with her new husband. Well, the word from the National Enquirer is that she’s had to cut everybody off because they won’t stop asking her for money! Get ya own!

“Janet has been very generous whenever one of her family came to her for a handout,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“But it seemed like the money she gave them was never enough, and it was only a matter of time before Janet felt like she was being taken advantage of. Eventually, Janet had to change her phone number so that her mom,Katherine, was the only family member with direct access to her. But now Janet’s brothers try to get to her through their mom!”

The “What Have You Done For Me Lately” singer revealed in February that she had secretly married Middle East business tycoon Wissam Al Mana,who’s nine years her junior.

“He wants Janet to cut off her family and he supports her decision one hundred percent,” says the insider. Of Janet’s siblings, her five brothers – Jackie, 62, Tito, 59, Jermaine, 58, Marlon, 56, and Randy, 51 – are the most demanding, a source says.

“They’ve asked Ja¬net to help them with everything from late child-support payments to home foreclosures and tax liens,” the source said. “But now she’s drawn a line and let them know enough is enough.”


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • RMFag

    Joseph done phucked his sons up. Should have let them have their own careers then we would be hearing nothing of this.

    • Matt Swan

      He couldn’t do that; he was too busy beating the shit out of em.

      • RMFag

        I know but messed the money up in the process.

  • Doe Boy

    its funny that lil kim and Janet r in the same rumors seenin that lil kim look like mike

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      I had the same exact thought.

      • EL_BARK

        Me as well

    • thelma diggs

      one person thinks for ever body.

  • acapwn

    That’s crazy as hell that all of em are broke..

    • Tre C

      is it? Their peak was almost 40 years ago

      • acapwn

        The royalties alone for all the Jackson 5 work should still keep money flowing.

      • Not the way they are spending it!

        They can’t even pay child support!


      • eddieknucks

        That’s Berry Gordy money. They lost the Jackson 5 name when they left Motown. Then child support and alimony cracked they head. Jermaine had his on bread for awhile but I think it was a case of living beyond they means at the end.

      • HipHopStalker

        True but they made millions touring even in the early 80’s. Pretty much because the height of Mike’s popularity,but I think they blew most of it. The were big but dividing all that paper amongst 5 brothers,Joe jackson,the lable,accountants,etc…They weren’t banking like Mike and Janet so who knows. We know one thing. For some reason Michael didn’t leave them any bread in his will so………….Makybe he broke them off a while ago and they kept asking for more. You know how niggas be LOL even old niggas.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    goddamn KIm what in the hell did you do to your face

    • RMFag

      You smacked her too hard with your big dicc.

  • Synista

    Lil KIM look like a character from DUCK TALES,(some of ya’ll might remember that cartoon)

    • RMFag

      thats cold

      • Synista

        It’s a cold world I live in…

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  • Eny Daboss

    kim is the def of plastic surgery …..young 4ever lmaooo

  • Sean Taylor

    Hey it’s Michael Jackson!!!

  • Dead wrong

    @The Jacksons: They should’ve never GAVE YOU NIGGAS MONEY! I bet they wish they can go back in time to be a struggling, albeit unified family living somewhere in the Midwest.

  • Ike’s Mood

    i always thought that mike’s death was strange…he wasnt the youngest or the oldest, he was the most successful & he died first?!?!

  • hitmhard313

    She’s married to a billionaire who’s telling her to cut her family off Brothers/sisters she has enough money to instead cut them a 1 time check with a don’t ask for shit agreement but instead chooses to not help her own brothers and sisters that’s struggling if the shoe were on the other foot.

    • Weedras

      the article did say she has helped before but they keep coming back for more.. meaning grown ass folks now acting like kids needing allowances…

  • HipHopStalker

    Lil Kim looks like Morris the cat from the old school cat food commercials. Youngsters look him up on youtube.

  • Lump Beats

    I guess in this age of MediaTakeOut and YBF, The Enquirer is viewed as a reliable source of news. (You can’t take it with you Janet! When you’re lying on your death bed you’re gonna be thinkin, “Damn, I guess I coulda gave dat nikka a few thousand for his child support… I still got $400 million left and I’m bout to be gone…)

  • RBG

    who is keri hilson?

  • Flea

    damn I thought that was latoya jackson and not Lil Kim