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Hip-Hop Rumors: There Are Problems When Ray-J And Rape Are In The Same Headline!

YOOOOOOOOO! I got a crazy rumor today. But, before I go into it, I want to be clear, Ray-J didn’t rape anybody (that I know of). This is not why I am here. BUT, I will say this Ray-J may very well be embroiled in a new controversy dealing with a member of his entourage, who may stand accused of raping somebody. Ray-J may be caught up in this mix. I only have a few details right now, but more are coming down the pipeline. But, from what I have right now is that perhaps Ray may be looking at somebody looking to pull him into the fray to make sure some justice is served. Rape is serious and memories are long. Again, this rumor is not saying Ray raped anybody.

More on this, I promise!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • niggaiamhiphop

    So if Ray J didn’t rape anyone…why insinuate(google it Illseed) in the title as if he is? Even the link will make you assume….says Ray J rape rumor. Illseed…you’re worse than a messy female with these rumors. You need to step down. I used to respect you. Gain it back by stepping down and letting someone else take over this rumors section. No shade meant, but damn your posts are erratic, becoming more like MTO/TMZ than hip hop. NiggaThatAintHipHop!

    • Guest

      Thats real right there. Maybe Sydney lace might make a comeback if she even really left.

      • RMFag

        Its not like GaryNoble/RMfag/SidneyLace is illseed now. I mean……..

    • If you are going to criticize…offer a solution….wait, you did, but still, send in your Rumors, features & exclusives.

      That’s what makes it pop.

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  • mike malarkey


  • johnblacksad

    “More on this, I promise!”

    hmmm… no… but thanks.

  • Guest

    We know he hit it first but the dude after that must had felt left out.

  • hoeyuno

    why all the rape this beautiful Monday mornin?? to go completely off topic but on topic Pac did 2 years on a bullshit rape charge.. no wonder he thought the powers that be were after him.

    • They were! After he shot those 2 cops & beat the charges, the feds put Haitian Jack on him, HJ raped the girl & got 6 months probation with a Policeman’s Benevolent Association lawyer, Pac was sent to Clinton.

  • MrNoName2K

    Thats exactly how some sh*t get started.. especially if a nigga just browsing headlines from they phone..crazy

    • niggaiamhiphop

      Hell yeah fam. I said the same thing. Shit’s crazy.

  • Mike Swiff


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  • Matt Swan

    There are two problems here; whenever Ray J’s name is mention there is a problem and whenever a rape occurs; we have a more serious problem. This is made worse by a site that uses false advertising in their headlines making spotty journalism using hack writers. And to make It better, this has nothing to do with nothing. Someone wants Ray to say something for him, but you don’t tell who it is, or when this “rape” occurred. Once again thanks AHH for f*kkin it up again

  • bisolabliss

    I think the best way to stem this misleading titles tide on this site is for the mentioned parties to come after the owner(s) for libel…that should put a fast stop to all this nonsense

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