Ice-T and Coco

Hip-Hop Rumors: Ice-T And Coco Get Justice!


I am very happy to say that this whole thing with AP.9 ends with a very good finale. Apparently, the boy AP.9 came up short recently. This may be the last time we hear from this dude unless he produces the sex tape he claims to have. But here is the prob. AP.9 apparently took a lie detector test and FAILED! Star Magazine administered the test to offer some concrete info on whether or not he was telling the truth.

Now, I know you can fail a lie detector test for a number of reasons, but until he producing something, he’s regarded as a home wrecker.



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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38 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Ice-T And Coco Get Justice!”

    • Celz

      That’s cheating enough.. And Illseed got a bigger crush on Ice than Coco.. Admiration is one thing fan but man crushes is not a good look..

      • Chris

        Can’t overlook the wife and some random cat displaying that type of intimacy. I might have to lay hands on my lady for that type of disrespect.

      • EDOGZ818

        Or an album, but I would have handled it differently str8 off the muscle, I would have stepped to Ice on the low, explained that ‘Ole girl was playing him, showed him the proof, and then asked him to put me on.

        Maybe that was the WRONG way to handle it, but I think it would have worked out better.

        AP9 did drop a single though, but that ‘chet was trash, in a ziploc bag, on a metal surface, at midday, during a heatwave, on the hottest day of the year!

        AKA: Hot Garbage!


    allegedly he failed these are rumors but wasn’t a nigga think bout ap9 till u brought it back up booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. eddieknucks

    Polygraph and lie detector results are inadmissible in court because they are not 100%. This would prove nothing if I was Ice. Still would have her coming off the bench.

  3. jsj23

    Not a good look for anybody. Ice-T, who brought us “cop killer”, “colors” and real gangsta ish is starting to look like a sucka for this white trash. Maybe the tv companies are keeping them together for profit. They like to throw a white girl at the black dudes to discredit black realness. That easy white chick is trash…Ice should let her go or pull an O.J Simpson on her ass. One thing is for sure, that nobody, AP.9 did hit that! Interracial marriages where the husband is black and the wife white will never work, and that is due to the white woman!

  4. MrNoName2K

    ok good, that nobody ass nigga didnt smash, but still, Ice need to give Coco a stern ass talking to about her putting herself in situations like that again and the term “marriage” definitely needs to be put defined to her again because that nigga kinda had me on the ropes with them ass grab and the hotel pics..and I KNOW Ice was heated(as any husband would be) though he tried to portray that calm and collective attitude about it..

  5. hoeyuno

    He woulda released a teaser of it if it existed. he was angry as fucc the public was calling him a stalker and shit. at the same time tho the photos of the 2 that did come our were suspect as hell. I think coco is in vegas doing a little more then being a faithfulvhousewife but that’s just my opinion…. nothin bad to say about ice t though.. og to the tip.

  6. jsj23

    Look, she is cheating on him and has been cheating on him for some time. She is a 34 year young freak in her full blossom with a high sex drive. Ice is a 55 year old man on the verge of impotence. He will not be able to keep up with her sex drive. I won’t be surprised to find out that Ice know about her men on the side and stays quiet out of shame… These things happen, he got himself into this situation. You cats not out there like that to know what’s going on. It isn’t only going on in the clubs. It goes on at all levels of the workforce. Wonder why the divorce rate stopped rising? Open marriage/sharing couples is the new thing. I got some freaky stories and they mostly involve white women, some married, some in relationships. They get bored real quick in relationships! All the women he called bitches in his hey day (mostly Black), wonder why he thought Coco was any different.

    • real

      You sound like a young ninja commenting on whats is goin on in another mans bed. Noone knows about their personal life. And he called a lot of woman bitches( not mostly black) If you know anything about Cali, they pimp all races.

      • jsj23

        Senseless comment that adds nothing to the discussion. You seem like you wanted to say something for the sake of just saying something. The truth is it’s all very simple and basic. Ice is still a simple man. That came out in his tweets to AP.9. And Coco isn’t different from other girls, she still wants to be praised and immortalized for her beauty. Sadly, I do know what goes on and what doesn’t go on in another man’s bed and yes my youth among other things give me that privilege and I indulge every chance I get…I got stories! Keep an eye on your chick!

      • digitallife

        What discussion…you in here talking about these people’s lives like you’ve even seen them in person much less have had them confide their deepest secrets to you. That man is that womans husband. As the saying goes when it comes to married folks you mind your own business. If she’s cheating, that’s her business..and his..

  7. Calvin Avery

    Love the show ‘Ice loves Coco’, and it looks like we will not see season 4. I don’t believe she was cheating, they love each other, you can see it in the show they have a strong marriage. As Ice T say..”all is good” and they will stay together

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