Hip-Hop Rumors: Slaughterhouse Pulling Out All The Big Names!

Well, you may already know this, but Slaughterhouse is in full swing with their new album. They have hit the studio with Just Blaze, Ill Mindz and now I’m hearing The Justice League is in town to do some work with the crew. Looks like Shady is opening up the budget! As far as rappers are concerned, all I’m hearing is Eminem. As I told you before, this may be there last group effort before they go on to their solo ventures. That’s just what I heard, but I’m guessing they will address it eventually. I wonder if there will be any intermingling of Joe’s reality TV stuff. Right now, he’s supposedly starting taping for “Love & Hip-Hop New York.” Maybe he’s one of the people getting $50k per ep? I know that would definitely bring Consequence back to the show! I’d act a ratchet mess for $50k per ep.

Anyway, that’s the latest.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Guillaume Pilon

    wow…..amazing rumor

  • Guest

    Not interested…..Musically they just don’t do anything more me.

  • MrNoName2K

    All four of these dudes be holding down the mic, but as a group idk, its just too much going on..seems like they all did better individually

    • Bifsquad3

      Yea same feelings here

  • lyricism is hiphop. where they went wrong with their last album was trying to please everyone with dance tracks and party tracks and other bullshiit … i dont need no hit radio single from slaughterhouse…. just raw lyrics over RAW BEATS

    • Hopefully they are taking notes!

    • Papi Peligro

      That last album was butt. I thought Ras B and Lil B was going to make an appearance.

  • Godless Heathen

    its the JustUs League not the Justice league. Illmind not Ill Mindz….smh

    • Bifsquad3

      WTF r u talkin bout DUMBASS

    • Papi Peligro

      Dude Just Undeniably Some of the Illest Composers Ever You big dummy.

  • AK

    im a big fan of royce and crooked but i cant stand joel at all and joe is too emo, they dont really fit with royce and crooked to me

    • brotha_man


    • OSBKE3000

      I will co-sign this as well ^^^ .. Crooked is NICE .. Royce is second in line and Ortiz is ok he ain’t that tight .. but Buddens is straight up butt ..

  • digitallife

    Still playing tracks off their first album..we need more people to put their egos aside and do more of this. Crew cuts are a lost art in hip-hop..everyone wants to be the dude alone.

    • Bifsquad3

      Ummmm we get a crew cut almost every other week. trying to say Groups in hip hop are missing?? Because its a big diff bruh

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  • JerZeBoy

    Slaughterhouse nasty!

  • Who’sthis?

    I’m black

  • king sodomy

    i hope eminem is the only rapper they have on their shit because honestly any other rapper would be a serious down grade .kendrick might be able to keep up lyrically but you’d be hard pressed to find any mainstream rappers that could bring anything to the table as far as skills are concerned.

  • danboy1386

    i dont like the big name producers in the studio thing…. just because you have a big name doesnt make every beat hot. if your sat with just blaze n he plays you dog shit are you gonna tell him its dog shit? 9 times out of 10 i bet not. then you end up picking a beat just because its a just blaze beat not because its a solid beat an jonny no name with the fire goes some place else. i know its about bars with these guys but i want the rest of the world to see how good they are not just us.

  • jeffrey smith

    I would like to see Dj Muggs or Alchemist do some joints on the album. As far as other rappers on the album, would like to see Evidence or Killer Mike. Hate when rappers like the Game have two guest on every song. I didn’t buy your album to hear a bunch of others on it.

    • Doe Boy


    • It’s Just Me

      Alchemist makes bad beats, so he doesn’t deserve to produce for Slaughterhouse.

  • RMFag

    I thought this article was about someone pulling out their big dicc.