J. Cole Wanted Nas and 50 Cent on Born Sinner Song, Reveals Alicia Keys Crush (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jermaine Cole let Nas down but hip hop fans might be the ones let down after news of a botched collaboration surface.

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While on Power 106’s Backstage Breakfast series, the North Carolina rhyme spitter explains how one of Born Sinner‘s bonus tracks was to feature two Queens  legends instead of one:

“The song is called “New York Times,” and really it’s a Queens thing. My original idea was to put Nas and 50 on there. That’s what I was trying to do. But I got 50. You’ll hear the record. It’s a real New York record and Queens is my second home. I’m from North Carolina but I’ve been in Queens for the past 10 years. That’s why I got 50.”

He does not say why Nas did not appear on the record but does go into detail about a teenage Cole unsuccessfully attempting to woo Alicia Keys after a performance back in 1999 (but he mentions she came out with Fallin’ at the time so he could mean 2001).

Check out the videos below as he also explains his first job ever, meeting Jay-Z, the Born Sinner title as well as stream his 50 Cent collaboration “New York Times” below:

  • therealest1

    That stupid egomaniac bitch ass N!gger Nas didn’t want to get on the song because a more financially stable and wiser rapper, 50 Cent was on it.

    • jd

      U Mad, son?!?

      • therealest1

        No, people should just put their egos in check because that ass clown legitimately needs the money based on his ignorantly financial irresponsibility and his ex-bitch Jewing the shit out of him.

      • Tbones

        You mad?

      • Bifsquad3

        Yea he mad!! lol

      • jd

        I feel you, but its still Nas. I mean maybe he just didn’t like the song, or the idea or getting on a song with 50 Cent. He is an artist at the end of the day and no matter how much money is involved, you have to feel the song. Maybe he just ain’t feel it. It happens. Song is dope though.

      • jazzoh

        Meanwhile he is investing in businesses left and right sneaker store label signing artist etc he is legitimately on his grind and expanding his portfolio I don’t know him I just read this stuff funny as hell when people on here act like they do though

    • HAHA YOU ARE FUNNY! check out my site
      I produce hot beats!Any freestyler should check my beat its hot fiyah!
      If my beat aint tha shit I will kill myself (Im that confident)


      lmao it is only fair…50 brought it on himself… Dude bullied the shit out of Nas and other rappers… So word on the street is “no featuring never again with the Bully”, unless you are a new dude in the game or part of the shady/aftermath/interscope umbrella… Plus when a track is successful and 50 is on it, best believe 50 will take the credit for it ….

      • therealest1

        Yes, 50 goes after lots of people, but Nas isn’t a great individual himself. He’s one of those types of losers who supports people and has yes men pumping his head up. I’ve heard he has people in his crew try to dictate and order lesser known rappers to move and make space in backstage or V.I.P. areas before he makes his presence. That’s some egotistical bitch shit so he deserves what he gets.

  • Mike Swiff

    who cares about J Cole does AHH have a crush in this use to be holey sneaker wearin idiot? KILL THE J COLE GARBAGE WE DONT GIVE A FCUK!

    • RMFag

      Me and illseed wanna know how big his dicc is.

  • “New York Times” was some proper ‘chet!


    So far :
    J Cole > Kanye’ in regards to “New York Times” vs “New Slaves”

    This Ninja J Cole better not beat Ye’…not talking sales, because Ye’ could fart without a beat & sell more, due to the controversy, I mean actually better.

    Fugg it…it might not be J Cole’s time….yet, but if he rushes it & succeeds, it will be a good look for Hip Hop / RAP / $lave$hip Hop!

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  • Who’sthis?

    yall people need to stop pretending that I am not balck !

    • RMFag

      Just shut up and let me suck that white peen off….


      what is Balck ?

      • Who’sthis?

        the color of my skin

  • Synista

    Thought 50 didn’t get along with Nas sucker for love ????

    • $20848444

      50 didn’t ask Nas to get on it. Nas didn’t get on it because 50 was on it.

      • NEWSKULL


  • brotha_man

    his album better be dope. I still predict Mac Miller album will be better…

    *Bueller? bueller? bueller?….*

    • Who’sthis?

      you are white

      • RMFag


    • RedEyez

      ni99az dont listen to Mac

      • RMFag

        +1 I just suck him off.

      • Who’sthis?

        some do, well black people more then n*ggaz. But generaly it’s a majority of whiteness bumpin Mac. He’s good though now, not crazy good but listenable

    • RMFag

      Ill suck them both off. I would mix both of them together to make the perfect man.

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  • Good Stuff

  • 13louisv

    You ppl are of the hook tho son ye sells who gives a shot Cole is way heavier intelligently, morally, lyrically, and that dude got soul music. F it I’m on one Borner Sinner makes Yesus sound like a joke and that’s coming from a huge West fan.