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Lil B Says ‘I’m Gay’ Made Him A ‘Revolutionary’

(AllHipHop News) According to Lil B, his 2011 mixtape I’m Gay (I’m Happy) changed rap music forever. In a recent interview with, the California rapper also known as “The BasedGod” talks about how he feels his controversial digital release impacted Hip Hop culture, America, and all of mankind.

“I definitely think I’m a revolutionary with the human rights, the love, the progression of the human race as a whole,” said B. “You never, ever seen an artist that had enough respect to do what I did. I titled the mixtape I’m Gay, and it went against everything – fans, anybody. I said that and I did that and I put it out there. I didn’t ask for any opinion. I just put it out there, and I did that myself to help the world, and I’m extremely happy about it.”

Lil B, who insists he is straight, decided to name the mixtape “I’m Gay” as a way to show support for the gay community and to take a stand against homophobia. Telling MTV, “I’ve never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes I am gay, I’m so happy. I’m a gay, heterosexual male… I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that’s why I’m doing it.”

At the time many of his fans responded negatively. Lil B even received death threats from former supporters, but despite the backlash the Berkeley, California native seems content with his decision.

“I can go to sleep every day knowing I’ve done stuff that nobody else has done,” said B. “I changed rap. I changed rap music. America after Lil B will be a great place. The United States after Lil B will be great.”

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    • RMFag


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  • dominicancoke

    Lil b did’nt that im gay shit sale 1 thousand copies lol album whent triple wood

    • naledge77

      na man try triple plastic or aluminum. wood cost more!

    • hoeyuno

      That’s that fake wood looking plastic shit uaed for siding..

    • RMFag

      I bought 1 stack.

  • MadVillain

    Revolutionary? nah, just a clown ass n!gga.

  • TruthSerum

    Another delusional nobody internet troll rapper who thinks more of himself then what he’s worth……. That album sold less then 2K copies when it dropped even with all the press from that desperate publicity stunt of an album title. Even gay people think your music is garbage lol

    • I agree, him being gay didn’t effect his album sales or the quality of his music.He is not going down in history for his lame attempt in trying to sell some records.

      • RMFag

        He is not going down in history for his lame attempt in trying to sell some records…..or boipussy.

    • naledge77

      Yep, and now he will have to always live with the fact that most people will assume or think he’s gay. I also think “Revolutionary” is too big of a word for him. Try “hallucination” because that’s wtf he’s doing right now.

      • RMFag

        D1ck will do that to you.

    • RMFag

      I bought 2 stacks.

  • johnblacksad

    fcuk outta here (Lil’) B! dude ain’t even get a full 15 minutes of fame talkin bout he revolutionary

    • RMFag

      You talking about him though……

  • He tried something different. I don’t see an overall success.
    Because he didn’t stop homophobia. I guess he was also
    overshadowed by Frank Ocean who is really gay and
    not just trying to cash in on the fact that black people and
    conservative mid-westerners pay attention to gay rumors
    no matter when and where they are available.

    • Willuminati☆Imortali

      Finally…an intelligent comment. We all know B is wack as all hell….but atleast put some thoughts into your comments.

  • MrNoName2K

    Revolutionary and Lil B should never be mentioned in the same sentence.. oh yea..still gay though, miss me with all that other bullsh*t..

    • OSBKE3000

      right?? that’s like callin a mass murderer a REVOULTIONARY for killin innocent people .. the shit don’t make ANY sense

    • RMFag

      Why you jelly tho?

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  • therealest1

    And who is this guy again?

    • RMFag

      He sucked Kanye off

  • TimeWillTellu1

    The Bay doesn’t even care about this dude. Ya’ll can have em…

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  • Mike Swiff

    HE GAY! (that’s how yall suckas say it right?) lmao

    • RMFag

      Im a sucka and I think he’s straight.

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  • TRELL850

    “America after Lil B will be a great place. The United States after Lil B will be great.” —— THIS MAN IS ON CRACK….. 2 DIFFERENT TYPES IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT…

  • >>In Riley from The Boondocks voice : Ni99a You GAY!

    *Still, I can respect his support for the gay community. I know gay people of both sexes, and would defend them if they were under attack for their sexuality, unless they were faking the funk in Mr. Cee’s closet.

    Generally, an openly gay person, for the most part, tends to keep it 100% real, maybe because they don’t give a fugg or do? but I remember working with this gay dude, flipping burgers (*Literally @ McDonald’s ) & I’m eating, on the grill, sweating because I’m blazed the fugg up, in the summer, drunk, etc.

    The wanna be manager ninja catches me ( Blue or red shirt….’chet might have even been black, etc, but not WHITE ) and steps to me about getting my eat on & threatening to report me, etc. (*Ninja on some real authoritative BS, and I can’t front, it kinda caught me off guard a bit, by how hard he was going about these hot, Mc Nuggets, in the honey mustard sauce, etc…)

    Anyway, after I tell him to GTOHWTBS / Fugg Off , I point to the female impersonator / gisha / darkskin Beyonce ninja working there ( He claims he isn’t gay, but sometimes, this ninja will wear a blonde wig, lipstick, & skirt to work. )

    I remember the first time I seen him do it, it was like all week, he was a dude, a little moist, but, WTF did I care? Flip the burgers, etc….Friday night came, this ninja throw on the Beyonce jawnt to hit the club after & I’m like “WTF?”

    Anyway, the supervisor wanna be Ninja was always talking ‘chet, dissing him, etc., so I point to the Beyonce ninja, that always be hooking me up, the wife, the kids….I be off work, rolling up like : <> fat $25 order , free, etc.

    I said : “He is a homosexual…you sir, are a Fa990t!”

    With that he left, and I banged my nuggets in peace on some FOH type ‘chet!

    • RedEyez

      My dude this story sound recent.. aint u like 40+? workn at mickey D’s?

      • Not that recent LOL~N

        Damn shame what I had to do to get the money!

    • RMFag

      So you work at McDonalds tho? And you smoke weed on the job?!

      • I did, times was hard, mouths to feed & taking penitentiary chances wasn’t an option.

        *Smoked b4 work…not during.

  • Synista

    Not only is he GAY but he is delusional and probably on bath salts.
    This is the same clown who did a song with a cat???

    • OSBKE3000

      yea that cat song REVOLUTIONED the animal rap game .. I mean com’n son .. who can go “meow” like that mean ass cat .. shit was stupid dope an clean

      ^^^ that was all a joke .. settle down

  • RedEyez

    IDK Y, but everytime i see this ni99a i laugh? Natural clown azz ni99a

    • RMFag

      I think thats what he wants to be known as, a clown.

  • OSBKE3000

    Lil B just wants the respect of real music fans .. he’s not gona get any from me .. I’m quite sure he was high as shit an STILL hasn’t come down

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  • lol at him thinking he changed rap, this nigga cant even rap, lol

  • JOE



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