Wale To Release 88 Pairs Of Custom Jordans 3’s?

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group’s Wale is releasing The Gifted in 2 weeks, and in celebration of his third album the DMV emcee may have a special connection to another significant third edition product.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, the self-described sneaker head is seen taking a trip to New York City’s Flight Club to buy the store’s entire stock of Air Jordan 3’s.

At one point his associate, Sneaker Man Dan, hints that fans may have the chance to collect Wale custom Jordan 3 sneaks.

“Jordan 3’s – the shoes Jordan wore when he won the slam dunk contest in ’88 – Wale’s third album, we’re just blending everything together. Real deep theories, real strong vibes, and we getting it done,” said Dan. “And then we got the customs coming out, eighty-eight pairs – super exclusive.”

The Jordan 3’s are perhaps the most notable sneakers in history. Besides being the pair the basketball great wore during his legendary 1998 slam dunk contest victory, they are the first Air Jordan’s to feature the iconic “Jumpman” logo. The third J’s were also featured in the highly successful “Mars and Mike” Nike ad campaign with Spike Lee.

The Gifted is scheduled for release on June 25th.

Watch the video of Wale at Flight Club below.

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  • Air Jordans? Are you serious, how old is this guy Wale? No disrespect but the only people who wear “Air Jordans” are Hispanics.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Wait, What?

    • Sir_Riddick


    • johnblacksad

      hold up… can you develop on that statement because ninjaz is waiting on the black grapes AJ5 coming out next week, the black AJ8, the fire red AJ3 due in August, might pick up the glow in the dark AJ4, the AJ5 laney… i mean i could go on… so whatchu talkin bout?

      • Okay I take it back, only Hispanics and Blacks….lol

      • Bless

        You obviously haven’t done much traveling. Go to Europe..from London to Paris to Amsterdam white guys are wearing J’s as well. Go to Japan and they’re wearing them there too. I worked for Nike in London and Asians were the first ones in line to buy Jordans. Travel outside the US bruh…it’ll expand your outlook on a lot of things.

      • Don’t go assuming things, I have been all over, I guess I wasn’t paying attention to those silly Jordans……..lol…Okay, I understand now I get it….I am wrong.

      • “US! will always sing the blues, because all we care about is hair styles & tennis shoes & if you step on mine you push the button “CAUSE I’LL BEAT YOU DOWN LIKE IT AIN’T NOTHING!” Ice Cube – US

        The last part was used as a sample on Tupac’s “The Streetz R DeathRow”.


        Still, he should start a shoe company for all that.

      • brotha_man

        wifey went to buy hair, that remy ish. I did the fred sanford when the clerk told me what we owed. what goes on in the world today?

      • What was $120 or $300?

        It’s crazy because Black people will get up, early on the Sabbath ( Saturday ) to go spend in another community (IE: ChinaTown ) but you never see other communities wake up and spend with US.

        That is “Inappropriate Behavior” , some will say I’m hating, etc., but it’s not hate because we already made them rich.


      • brotha_man

        its was 300. i agree. im looking around the hair place at all the sistas buying and all the asians stocking and owning this shit. wondering where the hell are the black owned hair stores.

      • $300 = Salty

        Hell 3 Da Nah!

        $20 maybe, even then, I’m not paying for it!

    • MrNoName2K

      you on your own there shorty..

      • johnblacksad


    • RMFag

      Its true. The dicks I sucked that wore jordans were Hispanic men.

  • johnblacksad

    “look at the air, look at the hang time, look at the flying motion”… classic

  • jay_malcolmaveli_x

    never was a fan of this dude music…….

    • johnblacksad


    • Golgo 13

      same here this guy is wack

    • brotha_man

      i think thats it. i just think his music sucks. its hard to check for any MMG artist, that includes stalley

  • jay_malcolmaveli_x

    i feel like he TRYS to hard to portray himself as something he isnt……….i dont know what it is

    • Linkz

      I mean im a day one fan so he hasnt changed much the way he act is the way been acting thats a long to be something your not lol it be like that when the you late niggas is just catching up !

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  • Mike Swiff


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  • brotha_man

    Didnt warren sapp have the same Jordan fetish?it didnt end well for him

    • infinit221

      I don’t think any millionaire has ever gone broke over clothes…just spending too much chasing behind women and changing out six figure cars every year. People just know bout Sapp cause he tried to auction off his collection.

      • brotha_man

        it shows symptoms of over spending. but really i could care less, i got my own problems *looking at cable bill*

      • infinit221

        True…damn cable bill is the highest bill in the house for a lot of people. Right there with the electric bill.

    • RMFag

      Best singer ever

    • Matt Swan

      JD had that same problem when he went on Mtv cribs and showed how he reused his original house just to house his Jordan collection. Look at the back of milk cartons down in the A and you’ll see JD on one and his shoes on the other, Both missing (I kid I kid)

  • RedEyez

    Hurry up n drop the black grapes..

  • andone

    shout out to flight club… they keep ur boy fresh out here!

    p.s hype beasts… WE KNO ABOUT CHAAAAA!

    • RedEyez

      Fukk flight club.. They rape u..

      • andone

        it depends on wat u coup… but i do agree that they overcharge on most kicks!

  • dee

    i dont care what nobody say fuk jordan as a person jordan dont care about the community when was the last time u heard jordan in the hood helping out , giving out turkeys, speaking at these schools i mean people die over his shoe and he dont even speak on it or nothing the black community is the ones who buy his shoes he dont care long as they being sold and he get to play golf

    • andone

      if im not mistaken a portion of his sales are dedicated to charity… and thats better than nothing!

    • AK

      you just cant afford any j’s stfu

      • Guest

        dont hoe urself man u dont know how my pockets is

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