Hip-Hop Rumors: Slaughterhouse Is Good To Go!

Man, there were ’nuff people scared that Slaughterhouse was going to break up. But, apparently the crew has already addressed this rumor and stated very matter of factly that they are not breaking up. I assume they are going to continue do what they have been doing so far.

OK, breath a sigh of relief if you will.

slaughtaaaaaaa house.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    These are really only 2nd tier stars so fans don’t really check for them in large numbers.

    • AK

      whos 1st tier to you then? just wonderin.. and dont say rawse wayne or 2chainz or all credibility is lost

      • Guest

        I just wanna hear Black Hippy & Slaughterhouse and throw in a little chorus from Future ….nah im kiddin! NO CHORUS! PERIOD!

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        I was thinking about that two days ago….Black Hippy VERSE Slaughterhouse 1st verse Q and Kendrick trade lines with Royce and Crooked chorus…….no FUTURE, lol second RoYce and Joe trade with Ab Soul and Jay Rock, not on some full on battle shit, just on some line for line shit.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        That is a beautiful idea.

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        1st verse Joell and Crooked, my bad

      • therealest1

        I don’t listen to the current era rappers like the ones you mentioned. The only current era rapper I like is Kendrick Lamar.

        I like older era artists, mostly 90s.

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  • joe da best one, but he also a herb ass nigga

    • johnblacksad

      not joe… joel is… da best one that is

      • Better than Royce?

      • Bifsquad3

        i think its Joe, Royce, Joell than Crooked

      • RedEyez

        Joell been trash.. He shoulda been replaced w Pap a long time ago

      • nah, he better at certin things, but when it comes to lyrics (not rhymes and rhyme structure) joe is the best. When it comes to rhyme structure royce is the best, flow is crooked, witty funny lines goes to joel, but man i HATE the whole yaowa ish lol

      • I never understood the whole yaowa shit either til I read an interview where he broke down how it started…shit was so damn funny I couldn’t help but fukk with it after that. LOL

  • water_ur_seeds

    royce is at his best with slaughterhouse, he really upped his bars… crooked i & royce are by far the best in the group…

    joey moans to much and raps about his broken heart…

    and joell bores me now, he was dope when he first came on the scene, but hes got gimmicky, and always raps about his dad going to the store and not coming back…

    • bisolabliss

      ‘…and always raps about his dad going to the store and not coming back…’

      That line had me LMFAO

      • water_ur_seeds

        haha true though, ive heard that line or versions of it about 100x, even in freestyles… its harsh if its true!!!

    • hoeyuno

      Crooked I gets my vote. all of them are good at what they do though..

      • water_ur_seeds

        Yeah can’t argue with that, Crooked is A beast…

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  • D_Ably

    1st album was fire but they should of stayed independant and left the industry beggin for them. Instead they just sold out to first commercial wagon that rode past and it shows with that lackluster second album.

    • Yeah it was a sad day when I finally made it to the end of that Shady debut and didn’t hear one track I was feelin…that project was supposed to be big for hardcore lyrical Hip-Hop but ended up just bein more of the same watered down bullshit with better wordplay.

  • DollasTX

    this J.COLE album … NICE

  • King Cold

    if you are what you eat how come im not PUSSY-Crooked I

  • Slaughtr

    Far As I’m concerned I rather listen to these cats than that whack ass jibberish we hear everyday.These are MC’s not rappers with the same fkn beats and auto tune prone ass music .Now all these pretenders singing now.hip hop been on some garbage for 15 years now.Creativity DEAD,Lyrical content DEAD,originality DEAD, Dope beats DEAD, real A&R’s DEAD,real hip hop DEAD…….my opinion it isn’t changing so keep talking about nothing.

  • Megaton

    Say what you want but these cats spit for real… just need a little better beat selection and they’d get more props. Hard lyrics need hard beats to support them, not just something with a 70’s record sample and boom boom kick that “keeps it real”… IMO, just saying.