2Chainz Gives Details On Attempted Shooting

(AllHipHop News) 2Chainz offered a colorful commentary on a recent attempt to rob and shoot him.

“I saw the gun first,” 2 Chainz told Hot 107 in Atlanta. “It was like a .357. It was so heavy he couldn’t really hold it. The gun was so big. That’s what made me take off running. When I went into the street, there was another dude with a whole ‘nother gun,” he added. “That’s when I knew it wasn’t like an episode of Punk’d. I was like this is real…I had bullet fragments in my hair…I think he thought he shot me.”

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As previously reported, the rapper’s plight has taken several narratives in the media.

The rapper initially was rumored to have been robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco. 2 Chainz was quick to deny that any of his property was taken or that he had been shot. This account offers greater detail than before.

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65 Responses to “2Chainz Gives Details On Attempted Shooting”

    • DJ7

      He lying E….ala Rick Fawlse….guess he didn’t count on the footage being released…looked like the white chick in (*insert any horror flick*) flopping on the sidewalk….advice to you new nigs….if you don’t want this type of attention, stop putting it in your raps!!

      • hoeyuno

        how he lying?? He didn’t say he stood there and took the gun out of dudes hand and turned it around on him on some jackie Chan shit. he said he ran like most ppls would do in the situation at hand.

      • DJ7

        Based solely on his previous statement of denial….didn’t bother to listen to this f*ckery..
        Fool me once shame on me….you fool me twice. …if you fool me once you won’t fool me again. …George Bush

      • Namebefakeshiiiiii

        The bullet fragment. What did the bullet hit so fragment and land in his hair without cutting his head up? Other than that he seems to be telling the truth based on the video. But the bullet fragment in his hair just sounds like bs,

      • EDOGZ818

        On some real ‘chet…did you see the video illseed posted about the naked dude wild 4 da night in the Bart train station?

        He went for the white chick & she flopped like in the movies!


        That ‘chet really happens I guess?

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      No way he had bullet fragments in his hair. What did the bullet hit to fragment and land in his hair without cutting his dome up? It is pretty funny watching him just hit the ground the way he did, awkward looking. Cant blame him from running and giving up his stuff, you would have to be crazy/lie to yourself to say you would do different when guns are involved and apparently someone is shooting atleast once.

      • EDOGZ818

        Maybe it hit the ground & fragmented?

        Believe it or not, some dudes have had guns pulled on them & fired, yet maintained their composure.

        I don’t blame him for letting the B’ish inside of him out…I just blame him for fronting about it.

        That Mudda Chucka was what we call a “Louie at a track meet.”

        Louie = Herb
        Track mee = Race

        That flop he did was He-Larry-Us. The gunman probably dropped the burner laughing!

  1. Eli Pinilla

    I hate nggz that lie like this. First u said u aint get robbed, now u had bullet fragments in your hair….shut your lien old ass up. U 40 still lien on your shit, like u too big to get caught slippin….lost whatever little respect I had for him

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      Yeah the police even covered for his lie which makes me wonder why they would do that. Only shit i believe is he was robbed, other than that hes making it seem dramatic like he had to drop to the ground (which i would of too, i dont want to get shot over a couple hundred bucks) but he made up all this crap about bullet fragments in his hair. The bullet would have to hit something like a parking meter, other than that why were there fragments?

      • Eli Pinilla

        How u from “the hood” and u talkin bout bullet fragments!?!?!?! Thats csi talk not nothin I would hear a street ngga say. Hes full of shit. And he a pathilogical and compulsive lier…..just like ross.

  2. junj03

    Its true what he rapped about in french montanas “whip” song. here is his quote ” I running shit I need a sneaker deal ” LOL!

  3. Dwayne Nvo

    “It was like a .357. It was so heavy he couldn’t really hold it. ” he said that but the truth is that hes only a scary ass nigga

    • EL_BARK

      Naw my niggah u ever have a tre pound in your hand?
      Especially a long one…. They can take a limb off and some can penetrate a bulletproof vest at close range. It prolly was a little heavy & big for the shock value. Its a lot differernt then a plastic burner?

      • Namebefakeshiiiiii

        Yeah but its not heavy enough to be hard to hold. The heavier it is the less recoil you feel, the worst recoil i have felt was in an 13 ounce .357 (snub nose, super light weight metal), it literally would make your hand bleed. You couldnt shoot it more than like 30 times before you would brutalize your hand pretty badly, you can put .38 in it as well and thats much better but still kicks. Pick up a full length .357, or even .44 and the recoil is pretty low. Its way more accurate too, cause 1.) the barrel is longer which means more velocity and in general more accuracy, and 2.) since the recoil is managable and doesnt hurt you dont do what you end up doing subconsciously with my 13 ounce snub nose which is you brace yourself even when your trying not to. Same applies to clip fed, like my .40 cal glock 22 is short and has a medium kick, not near as bad as the snub nose but more than the .357 or .44 long. Switch to a springfield 1911 which is heavier as it has no plastics, and shoots larger rounds (.45) and you get a much nicer firing gun. The recoil is nothing at all, its accurate, and has a nice weight balance. It just feels right in your hand, its balanced so the weights in the center more so then the back or front. The 1911 is heavy as hell, not as bad as a long .357 or . 44 but pretty freaking close. I dont know about taking off a limb, maybe in the wrist and if your using hollow points otherwise the gun overpenetrates anything you shoot at so most of the energy wont be dumped into the target. On the basic vests, without the trauma plates (basically the non-military style vests) can be penetrated. I dunno if a .357 is enough, it would certainly knock you down and badly bruise you but i think even police version vests are rated to stop all handgun ammo. 5.56 will go through it tho, specially the green tipped ammo which is the civilian armor piercing ammo. But yeah any grown man can hold and handle a .357 easy, even females. They arent as heavy as you may think,

  4. WillVetterGoodin

    It wasnt a “.357” you just scared and took off runnin like a b*tch. Fallin on the ground looking like a ho. SMH. I guess gangsters piss themselves too huh.

  5. $18916246

    I didn’t hear any of the interview, but security should be his concern unless dude thought he was keeping it real by remaining approachable on the streets with a rap moniker (name) like 2 CHAINZ. Dude is one of the hottest HIP-POP (yeah POP) acts out today so when do you wise up and hire an armed guard? So your the topic of new rap metaphors i.e. “I’ll make you run like 2 CHAINZ punk *ss” ? Not saying I feel this way, just taking into account the sometimes cruel references rappers make on people and events. See I’m speaking of insurance and damage control, preventing it to ones self and career image. Lose the arm buddies with bromance objectives , in-house stans and kronies. As he can see they did him no good and could have put the word out to local cats that dude moves about with no security. Tauheed may not be so lucky next time. Smartin UP bruh!

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      Like DJ said well put and good advice. Look most people understand “gangster” rappers are rappers who act tough. Being actually gangster doesnt really help with record sales, controversy does like 50 getting shot 9 times definitely has a huge part in how much his first album sold. But why not get armed guards? Dont play around with your safety cause you are afraid an idiot might think you arent real cause you dont carry guns around. Even if you do and use it, your career is gonna be done. Rappers are targets, mostly cause the stupid shit they do like wear half a million dollars worth of jewelry and bragging about the money they have. You are just putting yourself in a bad situation and at risk by thinking having your “buddies” around is going to protect you, you saw what happened everyone ran like most normal people would do when a gun comes into play. Armed guards, legit ones, will actually defend you and are trained to check out the situation/people around you and be ready. Also you prolly spending more money to keep your dumb “buddies” around (again who RAN) then you would to pay for security.

  6. The Black Fist

    I seen 2 Chainz in S,F twice within 2 months, I dont get down like that but i did i could have layed his ass down. dude is EASY MONEY, a walking lick!!

  7. HunnidRoundDrumOnYoA$$

    *verse drop* “NOOOO CHAAAAAAAAINZZZZZZ” ….lol good thing hes ok tho on the real, dont wanna see anybody fucked up over some bullshit

    • Namebefakeshiiiiii

      Haha nice. Yeah i dont want to see anyone hurt over someone robbing them or stupid crap. I dont like ross but would never want him to get shot at again just cause hes a rapper essentially (i know the GD situation but i bet its unrelated). Anyone who wants someone dead or in jail and does not know them personally is scum, i never would wish that on anyone except someone who really screwed me over in a very serious manner. Other than that people deserve to live, if they comply when being robbed just let them live dont take the crime and make it into a tragedy and life in jail for you. And apparently there really are cameras everywhere, they had good footage of the robbery from two angles. I dont know how anyone gets away with murder these days, with Phone gps systems, car gps, the amount of cameras people have (aka i phone or any smart phone) and the fact that there are Cameras all over the street. Im conflicted on the camera issue, i think its bullshit to get a ticket or something for a traffic violation if you are only caught by a camera, it should have to be an actual officer. Also i dont like big brother recording everyone, i cant really explain why exactly but i just dont like it, feels like invasion of privacy. But on the other hand if it helps the police find or stop serious stuff like child kidnapping, cold blooded murder or rape then im all for them. If they are gonna make us okay with having Cameras watch us at all times they have to have limits on what they can use the footage for, like if it gets to the point where j walking on Camera is a fine in the mail then thats way to far.

  8. brotha_man

    “never in history did you hear about 17 or 18 of getting killed nowhere altogether. ‘cuz nigga, we run. We run when somebody else runs. We dont ask no questions why we runnin’ , we dont need no run coordinator to get the runnin’ all organized. nigga, if i’m with you, and you start runnin’…dammit, i’ma start runnin’!!

    -cedric the entertainer-

    • UptownPrince

      But you got a Snitch Dude’s Name as your screen name. You were better off choosing Wayne Perry as your screen name.

      • Ike's Mood

        but i guess your cooler cuz you got “prince” in yours…having “prince” as your screen name got you typing like you got a little “milk & cookies” in you. you aint no uptown prince, you’re a downtown downlow!!!

      • UptownPrince

        Prince is my middle name, Far from sweet cuz. Cross that line if you wanna.

      • UptownPrince

        Cuz go kill yo self already, Shoot yo self, take some pills or slit yo wrist do something. #Uptown

  9. Namebefakeshiiiiii

    You aint have bullet fragments in your hair. How the f*ck that happen and you aint catch a scar on your wig. Your hair aint stopping bullets. Who talks about a .357 like its to heavy to hold? You a frail ass bitch? Also why you buying weed in person, send your homies to do it. How dumb you gotta be to put yourself out there in danger when you could easily have one of those 7 guys act as the go between and worst comes to worse your boy gets a bit of money taken off him and you dont take a big L in the media. Also if you aint on a bus chill on the weed, leave that in Cali dont bring it on the plane. How broke is he that he cant afford to just buy a reasonable amount, and leave whatever you dont use and not risk getting dogs to come sniff out that shit. You know they gonna look at a rapper with 7 guys with him and most likely gonna screen you (racist yes, but gotta be real). Sounds like you walked into the wrong area and didnt do business/show respect to the correct people and got checked, lucky they didnt put a hurting on you or something even stupider like actually shooting you. I dont know why rappers dont understand Cali is way different than going to places like Pittsburgh (no disrespect) or i dunno Alabama. Cali just like Chicago, full of crazy few who will do harm to you over disrespect, much less over money. Just be like every other rapper and get armed guards, or act accordingly. Im in Seattle i would never go down to Cali and f*ck around, i know people there and follow the rules when im in town. Your a rapper, a target with several thousand hanging on a thin chain around your neck and on your wrist, Even local cali rappers get f*cked with cause the gang culture, so why would you think it would be love for an out of towner (with horrible music and no resume like he claims). I hear 2 chainz went to a good college too, why cant he just be who he is and drop the super gangster image, its not helping sell or otherwise. Lets be honest record sales are largely the suburbs/middle class, not just the projects or ghetto areas. I dont mean they steal music more, everyone steals everything, i mean there are simply way more people who live on a middle class level/suburbs so therefore more people to sell to then people who live in a project or what you would call the ghetto. What rapper does the ghetto across the nation really respect? Seems like no one. 2 Chainz (what a fag name anyhow) is making this way to dramatic, he started running when he saw a gun and dropped to the floor or tripped, i highly doubt anything grazed or landed in his hair. I dont think he even got eyes on the gun, i bet its not even a revolver. He shoulda just been honest and said i got caught slippin, they got me took my stuff and thats that. Also whats with the police covering for this guy saying he didnt get anything taken from him but his entourage did, when obviously they took 2 chainz stuff (and im sure his boys had nothing on them worth armed robbery). A famous rapper (sadly i think 2 chainz is famous, on a lower level but he is) will die within a year. Ross got shot up, Wayne cant stop having seizures, and people shooting at rappers more and more. Guys got gipped prolly i bet them chains were fake and cheap as hell.

    • Willis Deqfedt

      You clearly never been to Pittsburgh,….N8ggas is getting relieved for their jewels in the Burgh,….and N8ggas is good with the hands, sh*t they just ran up on a nig n8gga that played for the steelers the other day,

  10. OSBKE3000

    Keep it trill .. if the “shooter” wanted to shoot you he would have shot ya cuz he had the opportunity .. dude holdin the gun wanted to rob a mafukka an a pistol was used to get you to come up out that .. nobody was tryin to shoot nochainz

  11. ll3acdafukup

    As I said before if you grew up with guns being pulled on you. You re-act differently than most people. I have seen some fools holler “shoot me nigga” “shoot me”… but most of them fools is dead or they collecting a lifetime check now cause they certified crazy from the womb.
    But the video don’t lie nigga you ran fell down the mfer ran your pockets afterwards.. You probably got Up looking like rabbit ears LMAO

  12. Synista

    “I saw the gun first,” 2 Chainz told Hot 107 in Atlanta. “It was
    like a .357. It was so heavy he couldn’t really hold it. The gun was so
    big. That’s what made me take off running. When I went into the street,
    there was another dude with a whole ‘nother gun,” he added. “That’s when
    I knew it wasn’t like an episode of Punk’d. I was like this is real…I
    had bullet fragments in my hair…I think he thought he shot me.”
    Here is my OFFICIAL translation from the Ni99a version….
    I saw a weapon and I was scared shytless,I thought to myself is this the end??I have so much to live for this cant be the end,my life flashed before my eyes. The weapon was very large in size I almost lost all control of my digestive functions when I saw it.There was also another individual who also had a weapon,that was when I made a split second decision to run for my life.
    The man with the gun aimed and fired a round but i was moving so fast all i heard was a small pop,I am so thankful that the only thing shot that day was my ego and the wall behind me,from now on I will be seeking the services of a private security firm to protect me from these degenerates in the near future.

  13. Doe Boy

    The gun was so big. That’s what made me take off running….that a punchline …gun so big have niggas runnin like 2chain…um no…well sum rapper gone make up a better one

  14. Synista

    Man I miss the influential days of rap music,like when NWA had me rocking LA raiders shyt being a NY ninja,like when EPMD had me wearing fishermen hats,DAS EFX made me grow dreads,PE had me rocking African medallions and kente cloth bags,WU-TANG revamped my interest in Kung Fu flicks,ONYX made me shave my head bald and wear black fatigues,Lost boyz had me rocking Carr hart…now these rappers make me wanna listen to Gospel and I am FAR from a christian ….

  15. dominicancoke

    shieeeeeet u can pull a 22 on me and im beating usain bolt in a race aint nothing tough about an unarmed n!gga vs a bullet i mean bullet always wins

  16. OnlyFaDaReal

    Man…just stick to your story! That’s why so many niccas locked up now…from switching their story! If you said it wasn’t you, then it wasn’t you.

  17. AK

    LOL @ “i think that he shot me” gtfo here you got robbed dont try to turn this around like you survived a shot or someshit , if you had those goons you be talking about this wouldnt happen now its gonna be the same path as tyga or yung berg once you start getting jacked like that everyone knows you’re a sweet lic


    I don’t know what video some of u saw, but the TMZ video only showed him and his crew running no actually robbing taking place, just a dumb nigga in the street pointing a gun but ain’t demanding shit tho, I mean if u ain’t shooting or robbing whats the point of pulling a gun, also all of us would’ve done the same as 2Chainz by either running, or shooting it out and risking yourself R.I.P

  19. Michael

    the sound was off on the video so you couldn’t hear the gun shots. He fell on the ground when they started shootin at him, he said they took his phones and wallet.

  20. DollasTX

    if i go in the club sunnin,
    niggas start dumbin
    start shootin and i aint strapped
    on the cool, you give yourself a better chance by putting up a fight (which could ultimately be your worse and final mistake) OR you just gotta give that up – like “alright niggah, you got that, its nothing, hope you feed yo family with that”
    running … phuck around and catch one in the back and still get robbed

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