Karrine Steffans

Hip-Hop Rumors: WHAT? Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans Begins To Ether Yung Berg

DAMN! That was fast! When we last talked to Yung Berg about Superhead, he kept it 100.

“Karrine is just the homie, it ain’t nothing more, nothing deeper, she’s not my girlfriend,” he told AllHipHop.com. “I know I’ve seen people say that we’re dating and all this other stuff, but that’s not the case, she’s just the homie, smoke, drink, hang out, talk shit type of vibe.”

But, peep! Now, Superhead has straight up turned on the boy Berg! She’s gonna use him as the footstool to her next damn book! Peep what I saw on Rhymes With Snitch!

This week, after posting pictures of Yung Berg with a gaggle of groupies [not including herself] Karrine calls Berg an abusive drunk who slapped her, choked her and pushed her around.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Chris

    Superhead is a little too old to be fckin’ with 15-year-old boys. What did she expect?

    • wickedjones

      straight up

      • Guest

        all this is a diss to herself – being a passed around cum mouth smh

      • Celz

        Smokin weed and drinkin wit her.. Eww nicca you hit the bottle and blunt after that bish?? A real nicca would only let a bish like that hit the roach at the end of the session..

  • DJ7

    Booooooooooooo (In Mike Malarkey’s voice)

    Y you giving it shine Seed? Ignore it, most times it will go away (pesky nigs that is) see @katstacks….who…..see what I mean?

    • RMfag

      She got deported though.

  • This crazy bitch remind me of the movie Basic Instinct.

    • RMfag

      lol which scene?

  • hoeyuno

    Burg got used as promo.. superhead remind me of that video chick from cb4 who would fucc any rapper who made it. her left ass cheek was in wacky d’s video and shit..haha

    • “Wacky D’s in the House! Wacky D’s in Da’ House! “I can Dance!” …LOL~N

    • RMfag

      Big deal! Everybody was in CB4, even me.

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  • OSBKE3000

    and Yung Berg KEEPS losing .. question is, how does he even manage to stay relevant? .. I thought he was like Charles Hamilton .. washed up and flushed down a toilet

    • eddieknucks

      What’s fucked up is Charles Hamilton is lyrically tight and had drug and mental issues. Yung Berg is just a mark who buy chains for the goons and anybody else who wants to take one. Ninja stay losing.

  • brotha_man

    i wonder if he would slap trick trick

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  • bitch is a snake

  • Namebefakeshiiiiii

    AInt this the punk who got his chain taken twice?

    • Celz

      3 times.. at least

  • Synista

    WOW…Another NIGGAriffic post by Illseed about a human sperm bank….well maybe I am being too hard on Ms Steffans…I mean after all she is a “talented” woman,if she ever decided to pursue a real job she would have an outstanding resume …
    She can suck a dyck and juggle balls at the same time so that would make her good at multitasking …she has excellent ORAL communication skills which could be useful in negotiating business deals with HARD clients,and she never leaves a job unfinished the a dedicated employee for you.

    • RMfag

      She an authoress…. it seems that even when slores try to change their stripes, society won’t let them…..

      • Synista

        She is more like a SUCK-U-TARY,maybe she should have been a urologist.
        once a slore always a slore,she will be a slore in the nursing home when she is 80,giving brains or Geritol,might even be writing another book by then.

  • Negro Peligro

    Come on dawg ain’t nobody buying no more. She done ran out. Even if its true you know she done ran out.

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    She known airing niggaz out…That’ s all she dooooo *in Smokey voice from Friday*


    id still smash this wanna be Deebo chick…

  • ll3acdafukup

    Um why does this look like a broke ass version of Coco and AP.9 shit lmao

  • Chicks named ‘superhead’ cant diss people. Illseed you’re marked out for this, givin skeet-mouths a pedestal to even speak on anyone.

    I’m bout done with ya rumor section bra. Shit is wack now.

    THIS is what you come with, with this many people coming to this website.
    A slut talkin bout a nigga.

    Step it up bro. Seriously. Give us something worth reading when we come to this website.

    • everyone (all 6 of us that post here) should upvote this shit

      ill seed must of lost whatever hood pass he had cause he sucks ass…. hell he sucks farts out of asses

      • RMfag


      • Yes. Most def yours.

      • RMfag


      • Guest

        Please ! – let’s all hope RMfag’s NOT a Father !!!! – that’ll be a fu#ked up situation.

      • RMfag

        I actually am! How did you know?!

    • RMfag

      Why is a grown azzed man reading and commenting to a rumor section is a better question.

      • Why is someone named ‘rm fag’ even responding to me, lmao

        Adult written, about adults, adults are reading it. Idiot

      • RMfag

        Its still on that female tip you know what im saying? A normal hiphop head male is not going to read and comment to an article about sucking head.

      • Says ‘rm fag’ lol

        Done chatting with you, peep the ^ count on my post, then peep yours. Nuff said. You have a good Father’s Day.


    supahead is lil mama’s big sister

  • where exactly is this ether??? seems more like she ether’d herself by admitting young berg hit that shit in more ways then one ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch

  • Matt Swan

    If you look at what she said about dude getting drunk, getting high, come over to squash and beat her…now isn’t this the SAME S*HT she said about Eddie Windslow? Is this how she justifies he book by putting herself in situations where she already knows the outcome just to make a sale? I can’t tell who is the bigger b*tch in this the dudes that keep messin around with her, or her knowing that all she is a brain givin jump off, who is going to complain one time too many on some average ass rapper and selling books will be the least of her worries. Watch she gonna mess with Gunplays IDGAF ass and superhead will be super done. He’s gonna run some shit in his veins and then run through her ass like the Union Pacific with a full load, and leave that ass on the side of the road moanin maybac music till the paramedics come get her. He’ll put her on blast at his next show

  • $11625525

    Sounds like that Xzibit song “Choke me, Spank Me (Pull my hair)”

    I’m surprised she ain’t got that “Eazy” yet.

  • tab58064

    This bitch is just a punching bag if you let her tell it. Gotta be something she’s doing wrong if every nigga she fucks with whoops her ass! Maybe her head jobs look better than they actually feel!! LOL!

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Karrine is way too strong-minded for that lil boy. He couldn’t hold his own in a relationship with her if his life depended on it.

    • Celz

      Who the fucc could? That’s like trying to walk a grizzly bear on a leash.. Impossible for most and anyone smart enough to do it wouldn’t

  • digitallife

    In other words..the mortgage is due I asked you to pay it you said no so i’m going to hit you back the only way I know how…end of story

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  • ONE

    Always the same shit with this hoe.

  • dehova

    And to think this woman is a mother. I pity her son having to read his mum still being on some teenage jump off ish.

  • Synista

    Mr Marcus hit that …and Mr Marcus well ya’ll already know the deal …IJS…

    • RMfag

      I only gave him a hand job, my hand was never the same.

  • eddieknucks

    Shit probably true. Most cats who get sonned on the regular are woman beaters. Still don’t change the fact that this Succubus uses shit like this to make headlines and sale books. Slore to the fullest.

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    karrine can still get it…

    • Celz

      You a dumb nicca..


        Don’t judge me….

    • ONE

      And im sure she will give you something in return you dont want

  • dominicancoke

    is ilseed getting supa head from supa head? must be the case cause he the only clown promoting this skank whore she gives him top he writes a story bout her i mean this smut is no longer relevant theirs millions of cuter girls bitch u and your dick sucking ways are a thing of the past..p.s illseed u caught what mr marcus gave her

    • king sodomy

      mediatakeout did the same story about 2 day ago

      • Golgo 13

        ye mediatake out an illseed must be gettin super head from her because they always write stories about her

    • Who’sthis?

      and you are better selling coke ?

  • jayloveboogie

    why do niggaz mess with hoes like her anyway??

    • wilhen123

      For that Head!!!

  • ONE

    The most important, and fucked up aspect of this whole issue in my opinion is that she has a son. I wouldent be surprised if he grows up to hate wemon because of this dumb bitch.

    • Kyle Meta4ce

      What is a wemon? Is that like a jamaican midget? #BADUMTISH

      • ONE

        LOL, I was just waiting for someone to point that out. You get my point though. This dick sucking muppet looking bitch is doing more harm to her son than she knows

  • Terrance Goodman

    Fuk super head everybody has
    Happy b day PAC last outlaw

  • count_210

    don’t buy her books and she will go away. obviously her and yung berg are using each other to try and generate some type of interest from anybody with a checkbook good luck

  • FaSho Money Prince

    Some women need to learn that it is okay to be alone…

  • jsj23

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  • Nichols

    Berg probably lit her up after he got his recent std test back

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  • RichFromBX

    with a name like ‘superhead’ what kind of respect do you think a man will show you? That’s not to say she deserves to be smacked but but as far as being cheated on and what not…this is the bed you made now lay in…

  • Abrasive Angel

    Any dude that chooses to mess with this crazy hoe is a simp ass trick.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    let me get this straight YUNG BERG .. hit punch and slapped you then passed out … lol aint yung berg like 90lbs soaking wet lol come on he did all that too you then PASSED OUT ?? and you couldnt toss his drunk self out yo house ?? that dont even sound right lol … how you getting smacked around by Micro Mini Pimp !!! LOL !!

  • DollasTX

    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch
    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch
    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch
    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch
    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch
    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch
    ahahahahahahahaha dumb ass bitch

  • rmwms

    Karrine should just go away and live a quiet life. No man Anywhere should want to be near her. She gets whatever she gets!!!

  • in Yung Bergs defense… he slapped her on the ass and she asked to be choked…

  • Mike Swiff