Hip-Hop Rumors: What Set is Meek Mill Claiming?

I didn’t know the boy Meek Mill was reaping a set out there in illy Philly. I just thought he was a street dude in general. But a recent instagram image suggests otherwise. I think this means Blood unless he joined the Illuminati gang or something. What’s the rap initiation process in the gangs these days anyway?

Peep the pic.



What do you think?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Never understood joining a gang when you don’t have too.
    SMDH …Looks like a real B’ish move.

    No $hots at the gangs, because sometimes you have to do what you have to do, or it just seems like the best short range option, but when you don’t have too…like Weezy, Birdman, etc., the ‘chet seems lame.

    • therealest1

      Yeah, its pathetic that grown men well over 18 are “starting to gangbang” after they’ve become successful in entertainment or sports.

      • It won’t end well….it never does.

      • therealest1

        See when Birdman and Lil Wayne got punked by 40 Glocc when they were somewhere in L.A.

      • Actually, that ended pretty good, considering….I mean if the REAL bangers jammed him up, Ninjaz would be singin’ :
        “It’s so haaAARD to say goodbye to yesssterdayaaaayeeEEE!”

      • Dointer

        They probably extorting him to make the signs.

    • hoeyuno

      I never understood rappers who join gangs after there rich and famous.. kinda takes the realness out of it.. I guess for protection and shit.. but real dudes who came up like that and stay respected by them dudes don’t have to brag about it on instagram… I do however understand it from the gangs perspective. they must be cashing in on these mainstream rappers. it’s extortion. weezy and baby probably line some real bloods pockets pretty nicely.

      • It’s actually more dangerous, now they are attracting the ni99ativity, instead of avoiding it.

    • brotha_man

      I agree.

    • ll3acdafukup

      I don’t know about NY but in the Chi some fams shit go back generations you couldn’t get a “pack” to work off unless you was banged up freelancing got you beat up , robbed and left for dead remember Robert Sandifer? youngin banged hard he had grown ass men shooked at 11 years old.

      • I agree, but you can’t tell me waiting until after you sign a multi mil deal to start banging….that’s the lame ‘chet.

  • BasedApostle

    I think hes repping Berkeley, CA most likely the BasedGod just recently fucked his bitch.

  • Linkz

    ill seed just reaching or is this is another Sidney Lace inspired piece lol



  • Golgo 13

    i swear philly don’t do that blood and crip thing so he is either a fake blood like tone trump

  • junj03

    I guess everyone is a blood when they do the “okay” sign…

  • Tre C

    I think this means Blood unless he joined the Illuminati gang or something.

    Illseed writes like a white woman unless this isn’t the real Seed


    Lmao illcoon you do know meek rap crew were called the bloodhounds right.
    Bh 18 we the realest niggash out. Lmao so yeah i guess he a blood. Cause he threw up a hand gesture, & you found a comment under the pic to suggest that? Great work.

    One this niggah meek is an attention whore. We know this.
    I sure he took that pic & posted cause lazy writers duch as yourself will take it & run with it. Just like you took that pic of him and his homie mom, & said it was cassidy mom. Which then had all the other websites reporting that bull shet. Had i been cassidy i would had ran up in yall offices and slap you a few times..

    Furthermore he not a blood because we dont bang in philly never have & never will.
    Also the he has that bull shet mixtape coming out, dreamchaser 3 as well as self made 3. So i sure if ask he will say some bullshet to that effect. This picture wasnt bout nothing.. When he really doing shet to keep his 15 mintue of fame alive.

    Or if thats not the case, he like other rappers play on this illuminatti shet for buzz, stop being gullable and insenuating shet for headlines…

    • ll3acdafukup

      No gangs in Philly???.. shiiiiiiiit what about the Hells Angels, Warlock, Pagans, MS 13 in Philly too and I know there is a few bloods in N. Philly unless they transplants..

      • EL_BARK

        U talking bout old white biker gangs??? Lmao
        Man they not in philly they might have a philly chapter. But its not what u think. Like they be out & about… & any ms-13 members are some fake transplant as well as any other gang of that nature in philly.
        We dont bang none whats so ever….. There are no gang blocks or set or colors….. There are streets groups squads or crew or cliques, but
        Not gang as in B & C or gd or bd or ms-13

        That gang culture may have spread in cities north & south of of philly.
        Delware or jersey scranton pa or pittsburgh. But thats not really something we ever engage in.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Lol I was just fucken with you yea sounds like yall activity is more lowkey harder to infiltrate when you keep it neighborhood cliques whats that saying?… if you aint grow up here you aint from here!

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  • BasedApostle

    Hes saying B for BasedGod cus his gang is the TaskForce now.

    • OD


  • jay_malcolmaveli_x

    cornball ass nigga aint no blood……….

  • Guest

    You all are wrong. From our angle it’s a b, but from his point of view it’s a d. He’s saying he wants the d and he’s soliciting sex over instagram. Boooooooooooom

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    They need to jump his ass in then and wipe that stupid ass grin off his face

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  • hoeyuno

    Nah man. someone asked him how he was and he said “I’m O’Tay”..haha

    • brotha_man

      i take offense to that! mill is not worthy to be in the brotha man coalition.

      • DJ7


  • brotha_man

    didnt paul pierce do this in a game once…said it was for boston. I remember my first day at my job this white lady saw my tatts (had my sleeves rolled up) and asked if any were gang related. I gave her the “shaq face”….white ppl get on my mutha_fuggin nerve and clearly AHH feeding into the stereotypes. smh. Never heard mill claim blood on anything

    • LOL~N @ White Lady & Shaq Face

      Real Spill, he never did claim Blood, so that is reaching, even though it is a Blood sign. Since PP did it for Boston, maybe Meek is just representing for “Bool’Chet!”

  • OD

    Why is everybody a blood? sumin is up. And it DAMN sure aint because they favorite color is RED or they favorite letter is B.

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  • Ike’s Mood

    he aint crip or blood…vice lord or disciple…meek is lame…outside of the police, thats the biggest gang in the world so he’s good! he got back up everywhere in the world…


    He’s down w/ the baphomet, not no bloods

  • Mob BanCster

    It’s probably just for publicity. “Is he Illuminati or Blood?” Them niggaz gotta stay in the news or else their career will tank.

  • Synista

    Yet another COONtastic post from ILLseed about a COONerrific rapper posting a COONtacular picture .

  • Two_guns_Billy

    Gangbangers are the biggest coons..


    THATS 666

    • I’d believe he signed a contract to join the illumanati before I believed he was a real thug / gang banger. #IJS

      If anything, he’s an “Honorary” gang banger….didn’t have to Blood In, won’t have to Blood Out, he just has to pay extortion fees.

      • EL_BARK

        Naw he not paying extortions fees to no bloods or crips.
        If anybody getting a tax from a philly rappers its going to be the men with the long beards beard requesting a donation from robert. Lmao
        Shet i wouldnt be surprise now if he was already kicking back something now. I seen a few “preacher” types around here & there with him.

      • If he’s ducking the beards…….the bloods are charging him one way or the other.

      • EL_BARK

        Naw i saying he might be kicking back to the beards, therefore he doesnt need to or will he feel threaten to pay the bloods?
        Feel me?

      • *Unless they on some “Fugg You! Pay Me!” type ‘chet! LOL~N

      • mike malarkey

        damn whats goin on out philly? lol

      • It’s something in the PA water system, due to “Fracking”, it causes drinkers to be slacking in their macking & fronting on the bunting!

      • trilltalk1

        CHUUUUCH!!!! TABANACLE!!!!! PREACH!!!!!

      • LOL~N

        You wild 4 dat 1!

  • ll3acdafukup

    But sick balls you really taking a poll on if he’s a gang member?.. wow

  • atle fjeldstad

    He just became a chef and he says the food is excellent..

  • Synista

    “I didn’t know the boy Meek Mill was REAPING a set out there in illy Philly.”
    Well maybe Meek is actually a farmer according to the quote above written by the too late for hooked on phonics or the too lazy to learn how to use spell check …Illiterate-SEED.
    Only ni99as in the ILLUMINATI are the Cooks,the Gardeners and the Janitors.

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  • Moses John

    “B.H we straight” dats Blood hounds Meek was in a group called bloodhounds
    Dats what its for

  • Dadon850

    Can someone please translate what billy_mob5ta is saying under Meeks pic?? What the fvck??

    • sakiru oresanwo

      Lmao I was thinking the same

  • If you didn’t join a gang in your early teens, you should seriously question your adulthood and what direction you’re headed in as a grown man.


    A concerned west coaster.

    • brotha_man

      or if u were recently incarcerated

      • When you get locked up its more of a race issue than a gang issue. You click up with your color (skin color) Cuz when it really boils down to it, it’s gonna be blacks against Mexicans, aryans, etc. race relations are far worse than gang relations in jail. I actually fucked with some cats who were rivals of my neighborhood when I got locked up, cuz all blacks clicked up and that’s just how it is. Was blacks downstairs, Mexicans upstairs, whites to the right of the tables.

        But I feel you if you’re doing football numbers in a penitentiary, and you need protection, shit happens. But IMO if you survived the streets without banging, no reason to change up in jail. It’s usually a weaker cat that’ll do that.

      • brotha_man

        i feel that. real ish

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        True but that’s Cali gang politics Illinois prisons don’t get down like that. In IDOC u either ride wit the 5 or 6 period.

      • SouthSidechaleyDotNet

        One Love or Fin Ball……….. put you right back in it no matter how long ago you stopped banging

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Real talk & don’t even try 2 roll up in there talkin sum neutron sh*t. SMH the wolves gonna getcha.

  • trilltalk1

    well if he is, at least he still in his early 20’s and not in his late 30’s or early 40″s. either way to me it is not a good look. alot of the niggas that are really active BANGERS started at a young age. them niggas be 13 or 14 years old when they start getting active. thats why alot of them be tired of the shit by they mid 20’s early 30’s and start recruiting rich, weak, scary need protection ass rap niggas. they getting money just to help a weak nigga live up to a image that they trying to get away from. lmao!!! anyway let them niggas be cool how they be cool.