Controversy Ensues As Lil Wayne Steps On American Flag

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne is once again the subject of mass scrutiny has he has filmed a video where he steps all over the American flag.

Weezy’s new single “God Bless Amerika” has surfaced and the after a flag is hoisted up, it falls to the ground. At that point, the rapper continuously steps on it as he raps.

The footage appeared to be leaked from a cell phone.

During the shoot, Wayne is paces in front of a posse of children, in what appears to be an American housing project.

The content is uncharacteristically political.

Wayne raps, “My country ‘tis of thee/ sweet land of kill ‘em all and let ‘em die/ God bless Amerika/ This so godless Amerika … the stars on the flag are never shining.”

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  • RatchetBlackWoman

    no one gives a shit, stop lying…

  • he gettin cornier and cornier, he created his syle around the dude in the wheelchair from dont be a mennace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood LOL same voice ahahahahaha

    • Dhz30

      been tellin these niggaz he looks and sounds just like crazy legs..same laugh and everything

    • Yeah, but Crazy Legs was the ‘Chiz Net!

      Funny how in that video….he looked like Crazy Legs when he was Day Dreaming about having his legs back!


  • Matt Swan

    As a veteran I’m offended by what this walking P.O.S. is doing. If America is so damn bad take your black ass somewhere else. You’ll be clawing to come back. Many MANY have died for that flag, and it wasn’t just the military. The civil rights movement was based upon all are treated as one. One of the many meanings behind the flag. But I look at who I’m talking about; someone that has had everything given to him since he was a child and has no historical clue (Emmitt anyone?), and continues to think his behavior is going to be tolerated just because of his so called “freedom of speech”. I’m a FIRM believer that the solution to his constantly errant behavior is to use non force and boycott his CD, but I know that’s not going to happen, but sooner or later he’s going to go over the top and someone will take a deposit out of his ass that he won’t be able to recover from.

    • ccwaterbound32

      before i even say anything else I DO NOT GIVE A S*IT ABOUT LIL WAYNE! first off all i used to love my country, that is until i found out that the military is only carrying out the interests of the rich/wealthy, see how can you spew out all of that patriotism when you were out killing and maiming people to take over their natural resources? how can you defend a country who instead of defending a group of people who couldn’t defend themselves because of the color of their skin? (rwanda genocide) or a country who gives away MAD MILLIONS to foriegn countries but their are starving and hungry people within it’s own borders? i mean this country has more blood in the soil than anywhere else in the world! F*CK AMERIKKKA! and ima leave you with this to think about…WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES WOULD JUST DECIDE TO LEAVE?

      • Dhz30

        they want a pat on the back for killin brown people to make a handful of rich white people a little bit richer

      • The military?

        Nah, they want a pat on the back for following their orders which are supposed to be the will of the voters. If you want to be mad at some one other than yourself, Blame the politicians…not the vets.

      • Dhz30

        Nazis were ‘just following their orders’ too..if ur a mindless drone that kills innocent people because u were ‘ordered’ to then yes u deserve some blame

      • Dhz30

        lets deal wit reality not fantasy and one is
        attacking us, we are attacking them..our military isn’t defending us,
        they are the mindless tools of those politicians u hate, enforcing their
        agendas at the cost of human lives .. when our military stops blindly
        following orders to kill without asking why, the rest of the world will
        see them in a more positive light

      • The system is brutal…them Ni99az will be in Gitmo.

      • Dhz30

        ok then let me ask u u consider a person to be a hero or worthy of praise when they knowingly commit immoral acts (in this case killing people for corporate profit) because they fear the legal ramifications of not doing so? if enough people in the military stand up, those corrupt people in power would have no means of enforcing the corrupt laws and punishments..but really all im saying is we’re conditioned to blindly support the troops the same way the troops are conditioned to blindly follow orders, all under the guise of patriotism, n im not with that

      • I like my heroes with Mayo & mustard on them, >> In Chuck D’s voice : “Plus I’m Black & I’m proud, plus I’m hyped & I’m amped, because most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamp!”

        What you are talking about is mutiny, a death penalty offense, so that course of action isn’t to be undertaken lightly.

        Still, let’s just say for a minute that the Taliban invaded us, and was on the beach caning B’ishes for wearing G Strings instead of Burkas & ninjaz for watching the VMA’s etc….ok, wait, that’s too unbelievable, so let’s pick something a little more realistic like Aliens invading on some Will Smith “Independence Day / Battle L.A. type ‘chet.. If given the order, those troops will step into harms way so that you and yours don’t have too, and give their lives to save yours.

        For that, they are worthy of praise 2x a month ( *on the 1st & 15th ) but the fact is, they don’t have that option.

        IE: We are in combat in Iraq, Fallujah, & I say “PFC Dhz30! Take your patrol west of that stronghold & set up flanking positions and relieve the pressure on Charlie Company!” & you reply :

        “Fugg that! There are 100’s of them just waiting, dug in. Nah, I ain’t your Fawk Boi! I got a seed waiting for at home! etc. ”

        ( Your squad starts to nod in agreement )

        You will get a courts martial, which is the equivalent to a criminal trial, except on the battle field, there isn’t time for lawyers, motions, etc….so you get what’s called a “.45 Cal Courts Martial”, which consist of 1 rd between the eyes.

        Now when I tell the Ninja next to you that was nodding his head in agreement with you & boosting you up / putting a battery in your back, etc. the exact same order, as I slowly reach down and pick up the spent shell casing & ask for a sharpie to write your name on it…WTF do you think he’s gonna do?

        Follow orders or debate?

        The majority of people in the service don’t have any other option to escape poverty, so they join, without realizing that the slavery we live under in society, as a whole, is inherently more clearer and definitive once you sign that contract & join up for college money, roam & board.

        Now War crimes like rape, etc., is totally different, but as a whole, their justice system is like the feds, worse than the feds actually. You can say the Feds is like the UCMJ on crack.

        As a former Marine, I can tell you two things:

        Ninjaz don’t know what they are getting into when they join & once they do, it becomes a routine of survival.

        No politics allowed.

        As a Marine, you either do or die….with prison being the 1 stop in the middle.

        Maybe Sinysta or Mike Swift or some other vet can tell you about a “Red Line Brig”, but I will say this, those prisons are worse than any prison you can imagine. Just look at how they treat the Ninjaz in Guantanamo Bay. Look how they did Jose Padilla, the alleged Dirty Bumber.

        Held that Ninja for 3 yrs, in complete isolation. When ever he left the cell, he has on a welders type mask & ear protection.
        Couldn’t see or here ‘chet.

        Like that Prison in Canada that has the cells 3ft high. Just tall enough so you can’t sit….ever. Ninja get out of there & they tell you to flip, the only questions you asking are :
        “On who?”
        “Back or semi-full?”

        The country is fugged up & it ain’t the troops fault. The blame lies within us. Did you vote? Did you run for office?

        If not, the truth is, you have to look in the mirror for the real bad guy.


      • Dhz30

        fair points, it will take a minute to respond cuz my “n, m,u,y, j, h, 6, and 7′ keys dont work after a spilled drink accident, so for now i have to copy and paste each time i want to use them

      • Aw Man!

        WTF! You worse than me!

        Stop being cheap & hit the thrift shop for a $5 keyboard.

        I copped like 3 for $5 at habitat for humanity 1x, USB jawnts, with all kind of fancy controls…but them ‘chets is doo doo grits, too many extra buttons, can’t even grab the chet without muting the J Cole / Funk Flex Freestyle by accident.

        Peep this :
        Go ahoad und tipe woth toe messong latterz bekauze toe briun aoutunmatikally dezkrambuls the werds as lung as toe fursk , mudel & lust latterz are in toe wite pwace.


        P.S. Pours alcohol on the chet..unplug first, scrub.

      • Dhz30

        “What you are talking about is mutiny, a death penalty offense, so that course of action isn’t to be undertaken lightly…

        IE: We are in combat in Iraq, Fallujah, & I say “PFC Dhz30! Take
        your patrol west of that stronghold & set up flanking positions and
        relieve the pressure on Charlie Company!” & you reply :

        “Fugg that! There are 100’s of them just waiting, dug in. Nah, I ain’t your Fawk Boi! I got a seed waiting for at home! etc. ”

        [–my argument was more to te morality of agreeing to go into this battlefield in te first place, not fear of combat once there.. bt ill play along–]

        ( Your squad starts to nod in agreement )

        You will get a courts martial, which is the equivalent to a criminal
        trial, except on the battle field, there isn’t time for lawyers,
        motions, etc….so you get what’s called a “.45 Cal Courts Martial”,
        which consist of 1 rd between the eyes.

        Now when I tell the Ninja next to you that was nodding his head in
        agreement with you & boosting you up / putting a battery in your
        back, etc. the exact same order, as I slowly reach down and pick up the
        spent shell casing & ask for a sharpie to write your name on
        it…WTF do you think he’s gonna do?

        Follow orders or debate?”

        Follow orders..ot of fear of other words kill or be killed..thats not a heroic action worthy of praise (or a ‘pat o te back’ as i originally posted), its simply self preservation

        “Still, let’s just say for a minute that…Aliens invading on some Will Smith “Independence Day / Battle L.A. type
        ‘chet.. If given the order, those troops will step into harms way so
        that you and yours don’t have too, and give their lives to save yours.

        For that, they are worthy of praise 2x a month ( *on the 1st & 15th )..”

        Fair enough, bt for arguments sake my response to tis would be: Wut akes a American life more valuable than an Iraqi or Afghan life? u said “give their lives to save” te life of another…so why not apply tat same principle wen faced wit the choice of a “.45 Cal Courts Martial” or killig Iraqi soldiers defending their country? Are said troops willing to step into harms way for a complete stranger wo appes to be American ot of bravery, or is it again a case of self preservation (if i dont follow tis order i will be killed or imprisoned)? If its te latter (which it must be if u cat explai to e how American life outweighs Iraqi life), then it’s not heroic, it’s simply human, at best, and therefor not worthy of praise wic was my original contention

        “As a former Marine, I can tell you two things:

        Ninjaz don’t know what they are getting into when they join & once they do, it becomes a routine of survival.

        No politics allowed.”

        i agree..most oi te military for oe of two reasos: 1-povert or 2- manipulation under the guise of patriotism ie “Figt to keep ur country safe (by killing people wo pose absolutely no treat to ur country).. u just said “..don’t know what they are getting into when they join & once they do, it becomes a routine of survival..” once it becomes clear to u wt te military is really all about, ur expectation for praise shold go right out te window

        as far as wo’s to blae, tats a wole differet topic tat we got into..if u wat to debate tat id be app to bt i will be tpig from my phone cz tis sit takes all day

      • I don’t blame the soldiers any more than I blame a firearm.

        It’s not the gun that is positive or negative, but the consciousness behind the hand that wields the gun determines if it is positive or negative.

        IE: Rapist on bail had a Glock 17, holding a potential victim at gunpoint = Negative

        Police Officer with Glock 17 responds & saves the victim = Positive

        Same with the military, the politicians tell them what to do, positive or negative, but the voters elect the politicians, so ultimately, they are to blame…assuming the elections are fair, etc. >> For arguments sake.

        What do the troops know?
        That it is better to follow orders. Most don’t know what they signed up for, and once they realize, it’s too late.

        What you are saying is that we should praise the people who got kicked out of the military….which I won’t debate, because I can see how that’s agreeable, but once they get kicked out…who will feed their family?

      • Matt Swan

        Now your taking your story and changing it up. The military is the strength of the American foreign policy. NO ONE in the military shapes that policy and NO ONE wearing a uniform of our armed forces dictates what it will be. When the POLITICIANS deicide something has to be done using our armed forces, THEN we are allowed in to advise, plan, and execute. If you notice, the major player in this are the politicians. And lets deal with reality not fantasy. Use Google and fact check your opinion before you open your mouth and the shit starts to fall out. You could be the smartest out there, but with what you have said you look far from it.

      • Dhz30

        what story am i changing up? and cut the emotional ad hominem nonsense and learn how to debate like an adult rather than childishly hurling insults when sum1 doesn’t agree with looks pathetic and unintelligent..

        also, “NO ONE wearing a uniform of our armed forces dictates what it will be. When the POLITICIANS deicide something has to be done, THEN we are allowed in to advise, plan, and execute.” is a nicer way of saying “(the military is a) tool of those politicians u hate, enforcing their agendas..” so between your emotional ranting u just reiterated my point: politicians give orders -> military follows, whether the orders are moral or not (in this case killing people for corporate profit)..i dont praise those who are aiding in the propagation of said politicians’ corrupt policies with the excuse of ‘just following orders, sorry’..get it?

      • Matt Swan

        No I didn’t prove anything, and since you are up on everything, look up punitive articles of the UCMJ. That is the law upon others I have to abide by. And in there it clearly states that I do not have to follow an unlawful order. I don’t care about what’s “morally” right because I am here to do a job and put in work. Someone way above me with some good lawyers decided what is/isn’t “moral” for me, so all I have to do is my job. I could honestly tell you I don’t care if you praise me, the military, or anyone else. It doesn’t make a difference in the end. I’m still going to do my job.

      • I was telling him about a “Red Line Brig”, but didn’t, figured he wouldn’t believe it any more than a .45 cal court martial.

        It’s the voters fault, along with everyone else unhappy with the way things are being done, in their name…but who didn’t run for office or vote.

      • Matt Swan

        Some folks as smart as they think they are, really aren’t that smart. But that can go for any of us at any time. I WISH that style of Courts Martial were still it IS the voters faults. If you don’t vote and make your voice heard, then STFU. OG you are absolutely correct

      • Dhz30

        your reply to me was full of arrogance and smart ass remarks..ten u accuse me of trying to sound smarter tan i really am.. sounds like te pot calling te kettle black

      • Matt Swan

        I think you are spot on with this one. I am full of arrogance. I’ve earned it. I made my way through life the hard way. I’m full of smart ass remarks, damn Drill Sergeants struck again…I’m sorry can’t help it. I accuse you of trying to be smarter than you really are man, that would be a compliment I guess? You tell me. Am I smarter than I really am? YES I AM. As long as there are books to read, and things that are to be researched, I’ll keep trying to be smarter than I because tomorrow is a new day and a new lesson is to be learned, another chapter read.

      • The philosopher Plato (428/427 BC – 348/347 BC) English translation of Republic 347c:

        “The penalty for not participating in politics is to be governed by your inferiors”

      • ant662

        i never said that are armed forces weren’t being abused by the rich politicians. i am saying that if shit ever pops off over here they will be on the front lines to protect us or what do u think will happen. they wont allow the armed forces to protect us. better yet i bet all the ppl talking shit on these guys who are being abused because they chose to protect the country they love but were bamboozled by the politicians, are gonna get a crew together and do it yourselves.

      • Nazi’s didn’t have a choice via elections, we do.

        Marines don’t have a choice to not follow orders, unless they are clearly illegal.

        Most join to serve the voters, but put them in Somalia & you can’t blame them for doing what they have to as individuals to survive.

      • ant662

        nothing because the mexicans will be more than happy to pick up those jobs of those who left. no racism involved just cold hard facts

      • ccwaterbound32

        who gave america it’s culture? us. who built this country from the ground up? us. duke WE ARE A NATURAL resource right here! guess which ethnic group spends the most money? us. i read an economy report on black spending within the next 5 years it totals up to 7 trillion dollars! that’s alot of money dude… if every black person tried to leave at once we would get guns stuck in our faces and forced to turn around or killed on site… we behind enemy lines dog! we aint even considered citizens according to the law… the way the economic system is set up we will NEVER get a piece of the american pie no matter how much money we make or where we live or who we know we always be classifed as inferior…

      • ant662

        this country is built on more than one culture if u look at hiphop artist right now they are copying skaters and rockers everything is recycled. we as american all attribute to the culture as equals or we would all dress, talk, and act the same. try and name a culture that didn’t attribute to a trend it cant be done. and to every study/report ill show you one that says different. the thing is mexicans spend a shit load cash no credit and undocumented because they are illegal. this is the land of opportunity and u if don’t want it there will alway be somebody who will take your spot and create different fad/trends. and working class will always be looked down on because the rich don’t like the working class no matter what color you are though i will admit us minorities will always have rougher at times.

      • Matt Swan

        Dude you need to go back and learn your history, being that there is NO “American” culture. This “culture” you talk about is a conglomerate of other values and norms, traditions and customs from the Native American’s all the way to the newest immigrant who just came to this country. All of us have had a say in how the US looks whether its historically bad (slavery) to historically good (the ONLY superpower in the world). You talk about a mass exodus from this country, but come tomorrow, and next week, next year, 10 years from now, you’ll still be here. So sit yo ass down and shut up

      • ccwaterbound32

        and yes it is african american culture. hell even the native americans were black! why would i say that well the spaniards who brought spanish priests had diaries and in those diaries they would describe the natives as “moors” and moors are black people! see you think i aint hip to game on my history but i am you just need to investigate more and find out the truth! and your right im not going anywhere because i want to see my people free here! you wanna know why blacks around the world look up to us? because if we kick off the revolution here they gonna do the same thing! we influence culture all over the world we take nothing and make it into to something not to mention most of the culture black people made is copied and used all the time. so dismiss me with that bulls*it you kickin…

      • Matt Swan

        So your argument is about “black” culture? Could you please define it, tell me where it is so I can go see it? Can you tell me that no one else had some influence in it? But you were just stating that if every black was to leave this country what would happen….so I’m assuming that you are the leader and you are going to set the example by leaving first. But where would you and your followers go? What “paradise” or “nirvana” is out there for you that the rest are missing out on? If I’m lost them please find me, because the message you’re delivering doesn’t make sense. And you then say you’re not going anywhere. Make up your mind please. Who are your people? And if you kick it off here, who is going to do it elsewhere? Yes we influence others culture and you’re right, but in your particular case, how can you call someone’s house dirty when you have dirt that needs to be cleaned in your own? Revolution…the Beatles wrote a good lil ditty about that…wanna hear it? But I still would like to know James Jones where are your people? What higher power are they held accountable to? Are you the leader Mr. Jones? And when is it going to start…in a small field in Africa with everyone drinking some refreshing special “Kool Aid”? You’re dismissed I’m done with the B.S. that you are

      • ccwaterbound32

        first of all im not telling people to leave im saying what would happen if we leave ASS. secondly how the hell does that make me some kind of leader to create some form of anarchism to deflect against my own country? yes i do despise this god forsaken country but i remember things like truth honesty justice peace love respect integrity and love for your fellow man and this society does not give off any of those attributes to it’s own citizens. if we the people define america then why is it so f*ked up? why is it so racially divided? why is it more about where you live vs what you can bring to the table as a citizen? and yes i do want revolution for our black people because we’ve f*cking suffered enough! we deserve to truly be free! we deserve to live instead of be judged for every goddamn thing we do! your one of those type of people who loves and appreciates his master you’d actually wipe the snot out of your master’s nose before you’d ever punch it! you talk all this bull about how patriotic you are and how you fought for freedom but WHAT F*CKING FREEDOM WERE YOU FIGHTING FOR? WHO’S FREEDOM? your no better then me dude! at least i got enough nuts to stand up for what i believe in and ill even put my life on the line for them because unlike you i don’t buy into this bull that they force feed us on the daily… so if that makes me a joke to you then laugh but when they start saying how they want ALL black people to report to the gas chamber ill gladly have my rifle…

      • Matt Swan

        You’re the one that brought up the whole “if all blacks left America stuff”. If you can say that then you must have a plan of action, otherwise you’re all talk, so I figured you to have a master plan for your Master Race to make revolution, and make sure you get your 40acres and a mule. The people are F*cked up and that’s how in some cases America is messed up. Plotting and spewing BS isn’t going to stop it. Change comes from within, and positive change makes people take notice whereas negative change meets a specific goal but alienates the masses. Does anyone deserve to live free? Define free then? You are on the internet, so you don’t have bars blocking you, you can go wherever you want, you can do what you want within reason, evidently you can say what you want because you’re doing that now. You can get an education, get a job, earn a hourly wage or salary. Marry who you want..what more do you want? Define Free. What suffering is a black man going through that in some cases isn’t self caused? If you commit a crime be man enough to do your time. No snitchin and no bitchin. Who’s freedoms was I and hundreds of thousands more fighting for? YOURS! We (the military) have to get it right ALL THE TIME….they get it right ONCE and we have another mass bombing, another mass shootout, more misinformation about religions. You and I sleep good on the backs of what others have done, before us and now. That’s not just the military I’m talking about. I never said I was any better than anyone. Are you feeling insecure or are you insecure about your position in life? Nothing was handed to me for free and I didn’t ask either. If I believe in something I will fight for it whether it be through debate, protests, or if I’m deployed through violence. When that day comes, I’ll hand you your rifle with one round. Do with it what you think is right and would best serve your goals

      • ccwaterbound32

        i have no insecurities about anything i live my life i came into this world by myself and im going to leave it by myself. and no thanks ive got my own arms im not interested in protesting because it never solves anything. our black people die from police brutality everyday! dude you think them brothers sell dope because they want to? you really think that in america you can just get up one day and say im going to open me a business and be successful? just like that? how many laws within the economic world prevent blacks from getting loans or consultation for proper investments along with financial security in the long run? ever hear that saying “if you give a man a fish he will eat for that day but if you teach that man to fish he will eat all the days of his life.” you could be teaching them young brothers all the combat skills you’ve learned you could teach them youngsters how to defend their neighborhoods from the police or other individuals whom wish to inflict harm on the people of that particular community. i mean its men like you who make my skin crawl because of the knowledge you possess but because your so scared of the gov “big daddy” you shit your pants and bark at your own kind for attempting to spread info around on things like corruption and prejudices. if you like it i love it! go head house n*gger your master callin… as for me i got two brothers to look out for and to instruct on how to navigate through this cold ass world… my goal is to instill all of the information i can gather about the enemy and prepare them to go out and face all that bs that will eventually be tossed on them… yeah i was one of the people f*cking up my own community at one point but i had no choice because jobs are scarce and i couldn’t afford to get any money to go to school or to eat… so im supposed to starve instead for school? i live down bottom in louisiana aint nothing sweet around here… these white folks will kill you and piss on your corpse afterward! im trapped down here i can’t escape even if i tried… so guess what im going to do? RAISE HELL! until they take me out…

      • If the military is fugging up….that’s YOUR fault.

        You supposed to be voting & running for office. Don’t blame the military for YOUR ( American Voters ) Fugg Upz. Their job is to do what YOU / We The People say, not get out there & start deciding what’s right or wrong.

        Not saying there aren’t fugged up people in the military though…but we know for sure there are some fugged up ones in D.C.

      • johnblacksad

        No love lost… I still fux with America… despite all the negative (which is universal, common to each and every single country in this world)… yeah, despite all the negative that can be said…

        Do you think any other country in America’s shoes right now would do better? IMO, it’d be worse… It’s just human nature … but all in all… America is up there…

        (I fux with France too tho… very different but also one of the best countries in the world as far as freedom of speech, critical thinking, etc.

        I’m sure the U.K. is up there too but i’m not really qualified to speak, i have never lived there.)

      • Matt Swan

        I took an oath to defend my country against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. I believe with open eyes said oath. I also believe with my heart and knowledge of other parts of the world there is NO other country that will treat you better, or where you will have a chance at making a life for yourself than here. I never went anywhere and took anything from another country. No one in the military does. Politicians make those decisions. Ok you talk about the Rwanda genocide. What have YOU done to make a difference in it? Talk about it on AHH? Seriously? And that last sentence is pure nonsense. But you can feel free to take your Afro-American ass to Afro-Africa and see how those Rwandans treat your American ass. You won’t be coming back.

      • ccwaterbound32

        sounds like your a house ni**er to me. ole stepit and fetch ass i been at war in my neighborhood because OF THIS GODDAMN GOVERNMENT! i have family and friends DEAD because of crack cocaine! you killed innocent people to advance an agenda for the f*cking corporations and you sit your patriotic ass up there talking about how you defended the honor of this country please… if anything you should try and utilize those skills the gov gave you and use them to help your own kind out! get the f*ck outta my face with that s*it!

      • Matt Swan

        Been at war in your neighborhood because of this government? What have they done directly to you? Crack cocaine..hmmmm maybe it was “put” there, but who told you to sell it? Did you have a moral dilemma when you took that money? Did you feel that you were committing genocide on your own people with those drugs? Taking away future doctors, lawyers, engineers, leaders for a $20 rock? Did you stop anyone and say “this is the wrong” path and “this is the right one”? I was around when the crack epidemic hit D.C. No one forced me to take any. I didn’t sell any. And I knew plenty of those that did. It’s all about choices you make. Blacks were killing blacks directly for the profit of who? You decide. The skills I have and the abilities I would use would never be used against another unless it’s self defense, or in defense of my country. And help my kind? I have. I’m not perfect, but I mentor, I’ve guided careers, I’ve spent countless nights dealing with other families issues, I’ve shown not just black people the right way forward to a better life, but anyone that needed it. It takes all to succeed and one to bring it all down

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Although I hate Lil Wayne and all that he stands for, this action means nothing to me. A flag is just a piece of cloth.
      People that get upset with sh@t like that need to be worrying about more
      pressing matters, we are practically living in an Orwellian surveillance state.
      Get pissed off about that, and not the actions of this ignorant buffoon.

      • johnblacksad

        Obama said we gotta make choices… 100% privacy and all the bullsh!t that comes with it… or 99% security with all the bullsh!t that comes with it too… basically.
        I ain’t mad at that… i mean we shouldn’t even be surprised, we kinda been knew they were spying on every mail, call, text message, chirp, you name it… they on it… in the end, so what? I don’t care that somebody somewhere within the NSA is sitting there looking at all the porn that i watch… i do care about him intercepting them al qaida motherfcukers communications and sh!t

        as far as Wayne, yeah I agree, we should just ignore him…

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Do you actually think that they will find a way to eventually go even further with the programs that they have now. This is how tyranny begins in baby steps. The patriot act was originally supposed to be used for foreign terrorists, now they are attempting to label activists who take photos of animal abuse on farms as terrorists. You know what they can do to someone labelled a terrorist? hold their a$$ indefinitely. Without trial, and without a lawyer. It’s all about crushing dissent and controlling the masses. They don’t give a damn about catching terrorists. The chances of Al Queeda killing you are almost zero. You have a better chance of dying in a car accident.

      • Matt Swan

        Check the facts man; you CANNOT hold an American Citizen without a trial for an extended amount of time. Now what is called extended depends on who you ask and what side of the coin they are on. A smart man would bring up Habeas Corpus ASAP

      • Matt Swan

        I agree. I don’t care that they look at the porn, but if they try to look at me lookin at the porn then we have issues.

      • Matt Swan

        That piece of cloth represents our country; like it or not. And as a vet anyone that disrespects it is disrespecting my home. As far as Orwellian surveillance state, do some traveling. Europe has twice the number of cameras that we do, and if you ever go to central London, you wouldn’t be able to walk a city block without being taped five times. If looking at emails that originate out of the country will bring us peace of mind for another day, then so be it. The only people really worried about this are the liberals that are scared something they know might be found out.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        A flag is a piece of cloth. My home is my home. It is a real place and I don’t need a damn flag to represent it. You aren’t the only Vet here. I am a veteran as well. I just see beyond the smoke and mirrors and concentrate on REAL threats. Some fool burning a piece of cloth means nothing to me. Someone threatening me or mine is a threat. Like it or not that idiot Lil wanye is expressing his right to free speech, something that I too took an oath to defend. And as far as your statement about no American being held without due process then perhaps you should READ the Patriot Act. I am no liberal or a conservative I am an American.

      • Matt Swan

        I see beyond the smoke and mirrors also. That flag is me and I am that flag. I am an American pure bred. What is a “real” threat to you might not be a drop of piss in the strategic/global scheme of things. The patriot act takes certain civil liberties and throws them away habeas corpus isn’t one of them. We have had at least four known cases of terrorism where an American was the culprit. ALL of those cases were resolved IN COURT, and justice was handed out. Non Naturalized Americans(non citizens) can be held because the constitution does not apply to them since they are not true Americans. But I do agree he was exercising his right according to the first amendment, but at no point does it make it right

      • Celz

        Then do somethin about it.. But it’s 2013 family China can spy on you if they ever get so curious.. I hate our gov’t snooping and I want answers and solutions.. But let’s keep it real just like them racist tea partiers yo ass ain’t moving anywhere else on God’s Green Earth.. So since you are happily and willingly staying here respect it, and then help fix it.. Or stfu

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        What fool!?! The fact that China can spy on us is a moot point. This ain’t China. We are supposed to be better than that. Also, I have already lived in another country and may do so again. Because you lack the inclination or the intelligence to even fathom that someone would leave the U.S you feel that no one would leave. Don’t project your flaws on me Homie. You know nothing about me. The fact that I object to the sh@t that the government is doing does not mean that I don’t respect it or the flag. I merely feel that there are more important matters that we should be worried about than someone burning the flag.It doesn’t faze me when someone does it. I see it for what it is an attempt to get you riled up, and like I have said before it is their right to do so. Much like it is MY right, a veteran that served proudly in the military to speak on what I see is a problem. I don’t have to stfu as you so eloquently put it. That sh@t is what Russia or China tells their people.

  • TruthSerum

    LOL @ a guy who has had fame & fortune handed to him on a silver platter acting like America has done him wrong. There are alot of people with a legitimate bone to pick with this country but this lil ingrate certainly is not one of them. In all reality, he, and others like him, have contributed to the problems in this country for black folks by portraying himself as an ignorant fool. Lets look at all the positive things Lil Wayne has done for African Americans

    1. Spits Rampant misogyny in his music when the vast majority of his audience are teenagers.

    2. Becomes a Gang Member and flaunts his blood affiliation even though he’s been on TV and had millions of Dollars since he was 14 and never needed to be a part of something like that.

    3. Non-chalantly disrespects civil rights leaders and refuses to apologize until it affects his Mountain Dew commercial

    Those are just off the top without even really taking time to think about it…….

    America aint perfect but people like this should just keep their mouths shut, this country has been good to him, FOH with trying to get your Jesse Jackson on today after a decade and a half of polluting peoples minds with your ignorance.

    • >>Staggers & falls over from overdose of this “Truth Serum.”

      For the rest of ya’ll :

      >> In Traffic Cop voice :

      “Move along folks! Nothing more to see here! MOVE ALONG!

      • Sean Taylor

        : )

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  • johnblacksad

    He can still wave the ‘artistical’ card… it was art… that’s what he should say real quick before Rush Limbaugh gets on his balls or before Bill O’Reilly starts riling up… #IJS

  • Jim

    I cant understand why some African Americans would support the ignorant shit he’s doing in this video. Americans are on the battlefield dying for their country. The flag is a symbol of this country. It make black people look ignorant.

    • ccwaterbound32

      millitary dying for nothing… they killing and maiming people for them resources out there they found a trillion dollars worth of lithum in afganistan… need i say more?

      • Sean Taylor

        Do you use standard foil or heavy duty foil?

      • Matt Swan

        Where was this? I didn’t see anything like that nor did anyone I know get one red cent from it and I was in Astan. The military doesn’t kill for recourses. Iraq was invaded…did you see your gas prices drop, is there another conspiracy out there that the military is hoarding all this oil? But we do invade burger king, mc donalds, subway and other food joints for their recourses at lunchtime daily. That lithium wasn’t discovered by the military more likely some NGO out there found it.

    • meechp123

      Stop grouping all Black / African American people together, please! It’s not as if some survey came out that asked “Should Lil Wayne step on the US flag in his next video”. I am just as surprised as you are. Lil Wayne doesn’t speak for me… the Black man who served in the Military and put himself through College… and I came from North Philly!! By labeling everyone, you’re just making yourself look ignorant. Lil Wayne hasn’t put 1 dime in my pocket… he has nothing to do with my destiny.

      • Matt Swan


    • Thomas Smith

      Your saying that like under the same American flag, we as black people weren’t slaves, lynched and killed for no reason….not allow in the same area as white people….ignorant is taught and shown to us as black people every day…put it in this perspective….do you remember when outkast made the flag black and white…that would also be considered ignorant but…if you understand the meaning to it….it all makes senses…..

      • brbroberts

        So you were enslaved under this flag? And you hate the flag because you are a slave.

        Or were you lynched/killed for no reason under this flag?

        Or were you not allowed in the same place as a white person under this flag?

      • johnblacksad


        Big up to my n!gga Tony Parker… go Spurs!!!! ahem… sorry about that…

        yeah, that was a powerful post

      • Celz

        Stop it.. Thousands of black patriots died fighting for that flag. If we disrespected everything that had bad in it then we would have nothing left to respect..

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  • scullyson

    It’s not what you do but how you do it. Not a good look never the less.

  • JondoE303

    I don’t agree with the sh!t this ninja does but I also know that this country doesn’t give two fuccs about us and when I say us I’m talkin about those of us who don’t really have sh!t or who are on the bottom of the totem poll so to speak even the US flag says made in China…

  • Slaughtr

    A nigga can express his self how he feels so kill the fckn noise.

  • usasmith76

    Blatant disrespect and abuse of his 1st Amendment right. A disgrace and a poor
    example to all his fans. The Flag represents so much and he feels free to
    trample it… He should be fined and sent to do community service and all
    Veteran cemeteries, those who died so he can feel free to do this…

    §176. Respect for flag
    disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag
    should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and
    organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor.

    (b) The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the
    floor, water, or merchandise.

    Part I.
    § 700. Desecration of the flag of the United
    States; penalties
    (a)(1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically
    defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of
    the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more
    than one year, or both.