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Hip-Hop Rumors: A-Trak Says F**k It! Disses Jay-Z and Samsung!

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YOOOOO! Respect to DJ A-Trak. He used to DJ for Kanye and he seemed to confirm what some people speculated. That Jay-Z’s timing could not have been more odd with this new Samsung announcement. We all know that Jay-Z has a penchant for timing. Well, A-Trak didn’t mince words and in an epic tweet called the whole thing “corny.”

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Now, I don’t agree. They bought a million copies of the new Jay-Z album so Jay is instantly platinum. What’s f**kin with that?

And then he RT’d this:

Which lead to this:

What happened with Jay and A-Trak? Did he steal his girl or something more sinister?

Either way, it was a G-move by the DJ even if we don’t know why.

Still, nothing corny about big business moves.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • om3n78

    pretty much he gone sell a mill.2 b real about gay-z cds reall dont sell when em was 7mill and nelly was doing 5mill jay was only doing 2mill his cds dont sell

    • n n

      that shit you said made zero sense he does sell and he makes more in publishing than nelly and emimem combined and I think his music is trash .lol but he is smart.

      • om3n78

        ye ye u right music trash and he damn shore smart i dont knock that side but look it up during that 5year span cd sakes went em nellyboth doing over 5mill luda n jay where rigjht ther 2-2-5mill and fab was doing 1mill

    • John Brown

      You have to really be a moron to think going 2x platinum is not selling. He doesn’t have to do better than anybody else when his album is doing those kind of numbers.

      • om3n78

        ye but he g.o.a.t he posta outsell the rest and him hoing 2xplat was like 8 years ago only rapper getting close to 2x is em you pretty much sayn you can be the g.o.a.t but not have the numbers to prove it smart and being a snake he #1 music nowhere near pac big nas t.i kanye wayne cube e-40 etc

  • Global_Mission

    You can always tell that Jay be Killin these boys from the hate he gets. I don’t care how you do it, going Platinum on day one is a win. At the end of the day its money in the bank, also at the end of that same day, broke niggas will hate you for it. #RS!

    • Who’sthis?

      fake platinum. They probably just paid the cost of the cascket and the cd, maybe 70 cents = fake platinum just for numbers

      • Global_Mission

        LOL, When you hate, dumb shit will come out ya mouth..smh. What business minded man do you know that would sale his product at cost? If you know one then you need to slap him and ya-self for the bullshit. If he sold at cost then there would be no reason to sign a contract with Samsung to make nothing. Its simply good business no matter if you see it as fake or not. If you had a product to sale and someone was willing to pre-order 1 mill units would you turn it down. I think not. If so, then slap ya-self once more….smh.

      • Who’sthis?

        loooool did you knwo certain bands gave free downloads of their album in echange for the users e-mail, so they inform them bout their tour and maek more money that way.

        Jay-Z get’s platinum, so he is in the charts he is on the radio, in the news, if you seriously think they pay the full price then well…. don’t know what to tell you

        also it’s sell not sale, and I’m anCroatain corecting and native english speaker, that’s not important however

      • Global_Mission

        Have you read anything b4 your hatred got the best of you? The deal is worth 5 to 10 mill (Money in the bank)!! If you knew anything about business then you know that if a buyer buys in bulk then of course you are going to give them a discount but the BS about giving it to them at cost is Foolish. Hopefully next time b4 you start to hate and let shit fall out your mouth maybe you might do some research first. Again at least 5 mill in the bank! #SLAP-YA-SELF!!!

      • Who’sthis?

        dude you are black !

        I expected the deal to be some shady bs where he gets platinum status without really legimately selling the cd’s. However 5 – 10 millions is legit. So I was wrong and you and Jay-z are right.



        BUT BUT

        dude you are black !

        I’m white, I win. Gotta have that white privilege. Yeeeah feels so sexy and good. No discrimination. Yeeeah. White skin aha yeah

      • Global_Mission

        Lmao, So with all that white privilege you couldn’t navigate any resources to seek out facts b4 you made yourself look dumb? Are you sure your white?…hahahaha!! Now you have to live with one of those Darkies publicly shaming you, making you look foolish..smh…hahahaha. Seems like white privilege is not shared by all whites after all..Lmao! Dark skin aha yeah.. #SLAP-YA-SELF!!

      • John Brown

        where are you getting 70 cents from?

      • Who’sthis?

        estimation of cost to burn the cd and the plastic casket, notice I said maybe 70 cents

  • long story short… Jay-Z will STEAL HIS MOTHER’S SHINE if it benefited him….

  • sakiru oresanwo

    I’d rather have Jay-z money with all the hate than DJ A-trak with all the “love”?..

  • ashaballot

    Dude chill

  • Dead wrong

    Just respect the man’s business acumen if nothing else. Personally I don’t care for Jay but like his song on BP3 said: “You don’t know what you’re doing! THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE WRONG.” Obviously he’s a genius who plays chess, not checkers. We complain about the cramped conditions in the barrel but when one crab gets near the top we reach for his legs. No I don’t care for his egotistical brand of rap(“It costs ya nothing, pay me no mind.” -Jay-z “I won’t” -ME) and yes I think only a fool would trust him given his track record….but do I RESPECT the hustle. Yes.

  • Thomas Smith

    That samsung shit is corny because, there not giving him 20mil…so sad…the hate is running rapid…..

    • Dhz30


    • lol.. yall dont even see it.. isnt Yeezus dropping tomorrow? didnt kanye say he aint with that suit n tie?? bam!! now Jay dropping a product too….

  • junj03

    This is a BIG move for Jay-z, A million out the gate and with Physical & Digital sales it just might hit close to 2 Million. The haters will hate but when you are not putting numbers like this you cant even talk.

    • TroN______

      So you Heard the Album already? Is it any good. Get ur Head out of Jay-Z’s Ass!! Nobody’s Hating, that shyt is just corny. Period.

      • junj03

        Hater #2. LOL!

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Atrak just jealous, Jay always on that business tip

    • TroN______

      Business Tip, not that Music Tip… Atrak = True Musician & I think he speaks for ppl who enjoy MUSIC MOVES, NOT BUSINESS MOVES!

      • Nick ManGold Jimenez

        how is dropping an album that no one suspected on 7/4 not a music move. your statement is nothing more than a hater move, im sure its the only one in your arsenal.

      • TroN______

        How come Blk ppl are always Talkin about “Haters”, It’s called having Opinions Bro!

      • This is Crazy

        haha ^ im sure Atrak wishes he wasn’t making Jay-Z money…..said no one ever!!!

      • TroN______

        ^^ Still doesn’t change the Fact that he’s Corny… As a matter of fact, Jay hasn’t been the same since Dame hasn’t been around. He’s just been surviving off of KANYE’s moves..

  • n n

    Always some dirty ass white boy talking shit we should never let them mf in hip hop .lol except for Rick

    • Who’sthis?

      we shouldn’t let you into 1st world countries ?

      • CJ MAC

        I can personally testify that ignorance is curable.

      • DJ7

        Go to a round room and sit your dumb ass in a corner

  • om3n78

    so wat we saying is its kool to pretty much buy yo own cd in bulks to go plat dafaq they do that at we no straight up kanye jayz lil wayne cd come out the same day jayz cd sales would b third this samsung shyt is a smart move but its sayn you no u cant sale

  • om3n78

    lol i just figured out how this works when you dont like a rapper etc r u hate on wateva your broke but hold up when u like them u must have the same amount of money in the bank that they got right……………………….niggas b killin me wit loveing on some other niggas

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  • Adam Warlock

    from a business standpoint it’s a forward thinking move…as far as his catalogue goes,he devalued this album and pretty much everything he will put out in the future.Who’s gonna pay 10 or 15$ for an album that you get for free with a smartphone? that sentence again and ask yourself what that says about the music itself,not the brand,the music..Jay has to make these kinda moves to inflate sales and relevancy…I admire dude for his business sense but from an artistic standpoint he completely whored himself out..what’s next..a free Beyonce CD with a Happy meal?

    • 2012Industry1

      You obviously don’t know how that whole campaign works do you? You just went ALL thew way in and almost nothing you said made any sense! It’s free to the first million that downloads the app on a Galaxy phone. Either you already have one, or will get one is a Samsung move. How he reaches an audience to get the album is the genius of it. After that million (which follow me owns the phone) you have to buy the album either through the Samsung channel, or all other channels available. A million will come easy being that it’s an International available channel. About 45 Million Galaxy S3 phones were sold last year. 10 Million S4 phones have already been sold in a month. That’s a guranteed million people will have the album. Same as a leak, but he got paid for it. Has nothing to do with the quality. You’re making it like it would come with something, that’s not the case. Get your facts right before you call something devalued!

      • InTheNightKitchen


      • This is Crazy

        thank you for pointing out that the idiot up top has no business sense. Does he even know how much overhead samsung makes on phones. Its all about saying ” I downloaded it with my samsung” …that creates a “I don’t have it” mentality which is the easiest marketing tool in the hood and young america. Revelence??? My boy he got a 2 minute spot on fathers day during the NBA playoffs. Your obviously not that bright.

      • Weedras

        that’s basically how Steve Jobs got Apple iphone to get where it’s at that sense of exclusivity, that sense of everyone has it ‘cept me so i’m gonna get it mentality… and look how many ppl nowadays even use their iphones for even half the shit its capable of doing… they just bought it because its like a trend…

    • Tony G.

      time to do ur homework..ur misled

  • Siflan

    Smart move. Way to keep your fans in tune. Deal with Sammy though? Couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • 2012Industry1

    A-Trak is butt hurt about something….just don’t know what! It was a genius move! He wanted it to be over the top crazy creative and over peoples heads…which makes no sense to do when you’re getting a major population to get on board to something. And he used the best producers in the game to do it. His opinion has no substance or reason to it.

    • YahMamma

      A-Track introduced Kanye to the whole homo/fashion lifestyle. They are friends and lovers. ATrack is defending his man like a bitch defends they man. Simple. Gay – but simple.

  • Dead wrong

    Co-sign A-Trak on this point: New Headline: Chief Keef goes 5x Plat, Cricket Mobile buys 5 million copies at the price of 2 albums per penny in landmark ghetto deal.

    What price do we set as a standard for a record sale?

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  • Kevin Washington Belmont

    You people really think Jay Z cares about selling cd’s lol……he’s never made real money off cd sales

  • Guest

    jay was weak for putting that announcement out when two of his biggest artists are having releases this week. He will never let his artists win. I could def see jay dropping j cole if the album dont live up to expectations

    • junj03

      well your are wrong here, one: J.cole is signed to roc nation, Kanye West is signed to def jam, not a roc nation artist. second: hes not going to drop J.cole no matter what his album does, regardless of anything he is the second biggest selling artist on the label next to Jay-z. Power Trip surpassed gold and its heading to Platinum status.

  • i think the commercial was trash. even if i didnt have a galaxy i’d still download it for free so it dont matter lol

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  • mnimn

    best rapper alive showing them how its done once again. real ppl need real music

    • n n

      Best rapper alive would be Nas,krs,kool g,masta ace.

      • mnimn

        jay-z,nas,andre 3000,raekwon,jadakiss

      • BigHomie337

        As much as I respect J and like his music, he doesn’t make real music anymore. You would have to go back in his catalogue to find that real music. J makes music for rich ppl that common everyday dudes struggling and trying 2 make it can’t relate 2. Can’t knock his hustle tho

      • Mos High

        I here what you are saying but how is it not real music if he talks what he lives? Maybe something of the music not all of us can relate to. But thats for many artists and their subject matter.

      • Marvin Hagler was the only boxer to retire 1x.

        When asked how he avoided a return to the ring like every other retiring boxer before him, he replied :

        “It’s hard to wake up at 5AM & do road work after sleeping all night on silk sheets!”

        Jay Z isn’t hungry, and Hip Hop, like Boxing, is a hungry game.

        You can play baseball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey or soccer, but no one, I mean no one “PLAYS” Boxing.

        Hip Hop is like that too, so A Trak dissing him, is just signs that once he crossed over, he can’t come back. (*Not that he wants too #IJS )

        Jay Z makes good music, and is a great business man, but he is an above average MC at best…if even that.

      • Mos High

        I here you the bar is low right now though. So just being above average is quite high. I agree with the hunger part, but that’s natural. I dont romance my wife like I used to get her and in early dating, but every once in a while I may surprise her, just to keep her on her toes.

        Anyway we cut it I think Jay-Z is good for hip hop music. Its only natural that people below try to eat up the food chain , that’s natural cycle of life.

      • Indeed, I agree 100%.

        My idea of romance is paying the light bill, mortgage, etc., I still do the wishy washy ‘chet sometimes. I guess I do it more since we been married than before, because before marriage….well, you know how it be!

      • John Brown

        you can’t relate to D.O.A or On to the next one, or Nigga in Paris?

      • John Brown

        How about Hello Brooklyn, I know, or 99 problems??

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    He found the Holy Grail….thatt nigga Jay Z boii………..u muthafukka, strange thing is I always wondered how would we as artist get out of the hole the internet has dugg us….and every time I thought about that I always seen this nigga’s homo…..thnx my nigga 4 real!!….I see why his DJ is mad….cus that move might make the DJ obsolete…who needs to tour if your internet buzz is so large that corporate sponsors are buying you albums b4 hand and sharing them 4 u….you dnt even need radio

    • John Brown

      you might be on to something here. If the artist can make money like this why tour as much.

  • Franky Babylon

    He said that the internet is the New Wild West; meaning you have to
    create the new rules for sells/business. With that they added that if
    you get a million views on Youtube that equals platinum. Lets not act as
    Jay-Z would have a problem going platinum anyway.

    is getting between $5-20 million from this move. He has just showed you
    how to go platinum before selling 1 record. Add in the fact he still
    gets his money from the sells of the album and shows, and that equals
    WINNING. In this day and age where millions of people will download the
    album for free, he has guaranteed sells. Even if you dont like him as a
    artist, you have to respect his business mind.

    Can He Live?

    • Yeah, business wise?

      He’s the G.O.A.T. or in competition with Diddy the Don King of Rap & SoulJah Boi…because if SB could sell 1 copy of that trash…he’s a marketing genius.

      The issue is…can he Rap?

      In 2013, is Jay Z bringing any type of flow to match Black Thought’s verse on “Bird’s Eye View?”

      If Bill Gates dropped an album & bought 10 Mil copies before it was released….would that make him the new #1 rapper? The BEST rapper?

      The reality is, hard CD’s aren’t selling like that any more than Itunes.

      The average person downloads str8 off youtube anyway.

  • Negro Peligro

    I didn’t know downloads made you go platinum.How you steal somebody else shine. What grown people gonna be like I can;t download Kanye this week I have to save my bandwidth for Jay Z next week. Ya’ll hate on everything. I’m only hating on Jay Z cause he snitched on Obama.

  • Frank

    Whatever. Fck it I’m gonna download the shit 2 weeks prior then hit best buy and cop it. Even if it’s ass I’m still adding it to the collection.

    I’ll get the app but I don’t give a flyin fck if I get it “free” or not.

  • Ohio Bus Driver

    Corny or not how many times he got to tell you He’s not a business man, He’s a business maannn!

  • johnblacksad

    just haters hatin… politics as usual

    • Is Jay Z holding an Iphone & if it made by Samsung?


      Not my style or budget.

      Ninjaz be fuggin with them ‘chets & soon, them boys will be up in there mouths like forks & spoons, “talking about they “Holding”, with bugs in their house like they down south with the windows open!” Immortal Technique – Peruvian Cocaine

      Not on Black Thought “Bird’s Eye View” level, but definitely an instant favorite in any library.

      • TheOnlyCoop


      • Granted, but I missed the joke.

        Was it that he can’t text? Or is the Iphone Samsung’s competitor?

      • BehaveUrSelf

        Ask your partner illseed. N xChange dps wif ELBARK or whatever da name is. ijs

      • I was asking @johnblacksad:disqus because he knows the Iphone ‘chet & all the electronic gadgets.

        IE: Vizo or whatever the phone messaging jawnt.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I think it’s that their competitors.

      • Good Look!

    • I’ve played Black Thought’s verse from “Bird’s Eye ” like 10X today….that ‘chet went hard. Put Judah Naz up on it.

  • churchboy2

    Am I the only one amped at Jay having Pharrell, Timbo, Swizz and Rick Rubin together in the studio. That alone makes this project worth the trouble…

    • Guest

      you aint the only amped…u and the rest of these mindless minions! you prolly checking for detox…

      • johnblacksad

        you prolly just hatin…

      • churchboy2

        Sigh… enjoy your skinny jeans, bruh!

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    salty ass DJ!!! DJ who???? you see they had to say who he was? show these cats how to make that loot.

  • Joey Senza

    Y’all talking bout cheating like he’s the CEO of Samsung, or like going platinum is his one true goal…. wise up

  • SESs

    i can never understand while we people of color seem to always throw hot greace on another person of color thats doing and making moves…i mean damn you dont have to like jay, just respect his hustle. i mean if you had the bizness sence he had you would do the same daaaah. i mean this is why Obama has such a hard time with shit come on peeps=DONT-THROW-ROCKS-AT-THE-THROWN!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      PERCEPTION FOLKS he prob felt like jayz thru hot grease @ him with that samsung ish ???????????????????????

  • SESs


  • Weedras

    Correct me if i’m wrong… But Jay and Kanye are friends… but aren’t they also competitors in the hip hop arena? so why is this dude so upset about this when Kanye has also been up his tactics to get his buzz going… i don’t get this guys logic…i think its a great move business wise and music wise, though it could make the album a bit commercialized if its well put together one… i’d more likely think Kanye and them leather pants are more corny than a move that nets you some big bucks… and this ploy isn’t new… we’ve bought computer and some cell phones that comes with free songs from artists we usually don’t know.. now one artist that is known has turned it to his advantage…

  • kwimby72

    Dj Atrak own his own record company Fool Gold which has Danny Brown and an eclectic roster . Dj Atrak is also the youngest to win the DMC world champion title at the age of 15 A-Track is just an underground type of Mogul he does let his artist grow and mature as artist and not try to exploit the art or craft for a quick buck he has his right in a sense so does J besides Busta had a free album on Playstore so im sure google paid him for that

    • johnblacksad

      he still unknown if you ask me… and this is coming from a dude who fcuked with that Danny Brown/black Milk album that many people slept on…

  • eiroc55

    The comments on here are hilarious..1st no matter how good or bad the album is do people understand jay just created a way for artist or labels to recoup their money without selling an album.”WITH NO SINGLE” this will allow artist to not have to worry about radio spins and singles to get released, which can only help the music Now iphone,google/droid, HTC, all have to follow suit that means bigger pay days for more artist..Secondly know what a strategic plan is build one for yourself and maybe make some money in life and be less angry..Jay and Kanye are setting ppl up…You think Ye didnt know abut this…Hes been on this anti corporation rant to promote Yeezus.. People then think he’s dissing Jay and know Jay countered..What this sounds like to me is Watch the throne 2(Battle for the Throne) Sell out vd Man of the ppl…Then OMG TOUR..guess whoses on this tour..J Cole. Roc nation artist.. Wale..Managed by Roc Nation..Jay-z and Kanye… Sounds like a great summer movement.Act like you have a clue

    • OSBKE3000

      it will make sense to them 2 years from now when they try the old way and it’s obsolete .. “On To The Next One” .. in hindsight it will make sense .. like I say .. you can roll wit the train or get rolled on