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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Boosie May Never Come Home! The FEDS Ain’t Done!

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I got a bombshell of a rumor. Remember last month, I told you how Boosie was on his way home soon. And then I got rumors that said he’d be home sometime in the summer. Well, I have some new insider info on how they are moving on Boosie. First of all, people thought the boy Boosie was in the clear because he was acquitted of murder in one case. But, I am hearing there are two others on deck that they have not charged him for yet. But, they have witnesses and prosecutors on deck to bring Boosie right back into the legal gumbo he’s found himself in. From what I heard, they are simply going to charge Boosie with one charge at a time. This one still has him in jail. Soon as he is about to get out on his one, that he was acquitted for, boom! Another one. They get that guap from him and really stick it to him every step of the way in every way. One of the witnesses has turned his life over to God and says that God told him to tell the truth in these cases. That includes telling on Boosie.

Its about to get so very real for Boosie.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    damn. they doin boosie dirty as hell

    • RMfag

      Is he or he is not in jail for MULTIPLE murders? I thought with you being white and having a fat juicy dicc you’d know better. I guess I was very wrong.

      • 💊 Pill Clausby 💊

        He is not in jail for any murder…….

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    When you snitch….the FED’s is your GOD. At least they better be!

  • Dead wrong

    Karma is a mf-er… this is no political prisoner here. If you were his celly and he knew you wouldn’t snitch, he himself would brag to you about his criminal exploits. As a true political prisoner once said, “As an old country boy, chickens coming home to roost never made me sad.”

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  • trilltalk1

    IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL? man that nigga been in prison for 3 or 4 years now, it has been real for him. this is just a rumor though none of this shit is fact. oh and all you FREE BOOSIE niggas need to GET OFF DA BOOBOO!!!

  • dehova

    This is the white man’s revenge for how Puff did Kain Cioffie

    • johnblacksad

      Damn, i thought you made that up… i had to google to find out Kain Cioffie actually exists…

      • RMfag

        IKR, now I have a new guy to suck off and dicc-snort coke off.

  • Nichols

    What part of the game is putting a hit out on a guy cuz he talked shit. He’s been watching too many gangster movies and now he gets to star in the end of one. Should’ve just got his dough. Don’t drop the soap buddy.

    • ll3acdafukup

      It’s called “thuggin it and luvin it” check the dvd some real lost souls down there sad…

      • Dadon850

        Man dont even mention that thuggin it and lovin it DVD. That was the dumbest sh!t I have ever seen. Felons running with guns bragging about what they do. The cops used that DVD to lock a whole lot of them dummies up.

      • RMfag

        When are they making a sequel? Heck a whole movie series?

    • dareal504

      Not giving him an excuse but homie that was talking shit was a known killa that was really bout dat and was pressing boosie and rumor has it had already murked 1 or 2 of his patnas and being from the boot I can confirm to you that these niggas will kill you for less then just tlk shit. The whole putting a hit on a nigga been going on since I was in middle school they really play for keeps out there with the murder game. My H-town patna said the same thing abt the putting a hit on a nigga he didn’t understand why would a nigga take it that far but certain areas like N.O, Philly, Baltimore that type of shit is the norm actually. Just the fucked up way of life in those areas. When baby, b.g. or juvie in the old cash money days was tlk abt putting change on ya head these niggas wasn’t telling stories believe dat…

      • I thought they had a 30 day limit to indict out there?
        Hence the term “30 Day Homicide”, but this was Pre Katrina, so maybe the laws changed?

        Either way, this is some Fugg ‘chet.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Yea that’s over

      • Post Katrina, them dudes spread out across the country & were on some ‘chiz nit!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Thought it was sweet everywhere lol

      • Found out the hard way!

      • dareal504

        Sure did round, boy’s thought that dumb ass system applied everywhere. That system was the reason so many was walking around with stupid bodies under the belt. But a lot of them nigga def found out the hard way that particular system had only applied to the boot..

      • Crime doesn’t pay for the criminal.

      • LouisianaHotBoy

        R.I.P. Yella Boy from U.N.L.V.

      • dareal504

        Real tlk fam and being from there I’m sure u already know how that went down…

      • Nichols

        Ya I’m from bmore and usually though not always it’s about the dough or territory. Just saying putting money on a head is a lifetime investment in your own incarceration with an annual return of like 5 percent chance. Could see it as necessary if ur in the drug game but if ur a successful musician dont really see it. Even if they killed one of his boys it’s kinda weird to get revenge if u can’t even use the street cred in ur world. Don’t think grown successful straight guys care for each other on some movie shit like that but could be wrong. Makes sense if his life was threatened but I think nussie wanted to be boosie and beef was jealousy mostly. Think boosie was feeling himself too much and thought he could play judge jury and executioner for his buddies. He’s not special just some rich dude

    • mike malarkey

      u fckin crazy… u think all reall killers in the street do the dirty work for themselves? ahahaha!

      • johnblacksad

        “U wet who i want wetted, i wet who you want wetted, any n!gga can get it”

        On some back-n-the-days Facemob featuring Nas sh!t…

      • mike malarkey


  • tra mo

    Dis old news we already new he had mo murders under investigation

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  • don king

    damn they r on boosies bad ass!

  • om3n78

    on a positive the longer they hold the other charges the more time his legal team can find loop wholes and if his street team is really down for this niggas they got more time 2 get shyt done and cover it up

    • RMfag

      So in other words, more fvckshit for the rest of us. Yay.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    i aint hear nothin like that about boo down here in the boot, not to mention everyone anticipating his return from prison next year i got a homeboy doing time in angola so when he get out either next month or august ill just ask him whats shakin but i don’t think that s*it true because of the fact that he was only charged for terry boyd’s death and nothing else… if they really do have s*it on him well i hope he gets some kind of action done to fight them allegations… hey illseed you ever think about that boy mama ms connie? you down bad for sayin some s*it like that duke… his mama prolly goin though hell just from knowin her son in the state pen and here you come along with this s*it… yall need to get your facts straight before sayin things like that…

    • Casor_Greener

      Illseed don’t know isht

    • James Kirklin

      Thank u man explain to these dummies (dumb shittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Ike’s Mood

    yeah goddmamit, lets hear some of that ignorant boosie bad-ass lame music now!!! i bet that jail-bird ass nigga aint playing that dumb shit in his cell!!! fuk boosie & his fans!!! where is that wack-ass webbie…his career should be wit boosie

    • Mondre Gee

      Damm Shame i aint even gone argue wid chu cause yo comment so fcking stupid

      • OnlyFaDaReal


      • Kyle Meta4ce

        *with* *you* *your*
        NIgga I know YOU are not calling somebody stupid with that horrible grammar. Please, have an ice cold glass of bleach. It’s on the house.

      • johnblacksad

        It’s not “It’s on the house”… you supposed to say “It is on the house”… witcho lame azz remark… you think this is spelling bee contest? What does grammar has to do with anything?

      • RMfag

        Readability. Would you care about me snorting coke off of dudes diccs if you could read my comments about me snorting coke off of dudes diccs?

    • johnblacksad

      Great minds work towards unity… weak ones towards division.

      “fuk boosie & his fans”… damn, that’s a overly strong statement…

      How about you take the humble road and consider that you are not getting what other people may get when listening to Boosie.

      At first, I was staying away from his style of music, i thought that sh!t & his voice would hurt my ears… then i heard different ninjaz talk about how really real Boosie was… i humbled down and gave it an ear… and no, he’s not Kool G Rap nor Nas, but i definitely understand the vibe… Boosie be about some real hood hood sh!t…

      If I may suggest one song : “I remember” -Lil Boosie (one of my fav tracks from him)


      • RMfag

        But he was behind murders though, Im not giving a person like that promotion.

      • James Kirklin

        Boosie dont need your promotion he been out here grinding nigga lock up and still bigger then some of these fake ass rap niggas u bump

      • RMfag

        Thats not the only thing he’s out here doing.

      • Savage lil nigga 💯

        how you know he really was behind murders tho

      • Yeah, he definitely won me over!

      • johnblacksad

        you checked that “I remember” out?

      • “I rememba Ninja!”

        Definitely a hidden jewel from Boosie!

    • $18592567

      he fucked ya chick or somethin’ bruh?!?

      • Ike’s Mood

        …didnt you hear about it? its in one of his song, my baby mama too…& probably yours too!

      • RMfag

        No, Bossie wouldn’t fvck him after fvcking his chick.
        Scratch that, Bossie did but he wouldn’t cum in his boipussy.

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  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    The shit been real. SMH thats tough!

    • RMfag

      Its more real for all the dudes he put hits on…..

      • Savage lil nigga 💯

        how you know he put hits on people?

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  • James Kirklin

    This is bullshit nothing u read on the net is true they have no evidence and lil boosie is the truth

  • James Kirklin

    They going by word off mouth im from br trust

  • James Kirklin

    Mfs need to come live in Baton Rouge to see how our life is bitch its hard down here

    • Who

      get the hell outta there if it’s that bad.

      • James Kirklin

        Eat that dick up bitc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

      • Who

        Don’t be mad because the truth hurts! If you don’t like your situation, then MOVE the h*ll out! Staying somewhere because you don’t want to move or because that’s the hood you grew up in don’t mean sh*t. Get the h*ll out and find somewhere better for you live. You know the world is much bigger than just Baton Rouge, right? There are a lot of other places that you could live that wouldn’t be so hard. You and a lot of other people choose to stay there because you are scared of change. You need to grow up and learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you. To the other people who truly can’t get out because they just can’t do it, I’m sorry, but you and a lot of your so called “friends” can move on to bigger and better things without having to worry about watching your back. Learn to listen instead of just talking stupid, you might learn something one day.

  • James Kirklin

    What people dont know the DA have a grudge against him

  • Who

    Everybody crying about Free Boosie or free my nigga or anybody who is locked up. If they didn’t do stupid sh*t, they wouldn’t be locked up in the pen. So it is was it is. You do the crime, you d*mn sure better be ready to do the d*mn time. So stop with all of this FREE whoever the f*ck is locked up because they deserve to be there! Now to all of the TRULY innocent folks in prison, I got nothing but sympathy for them, because they really don’t belong in there. I know there are a lot of people like that, but most people locked up deserve it. That’s just some real sh*t for everyone. Not all of you can take it, but so the f*ck what. It’s life.

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  • realistic1000


  • Mr X

    I’m really so sick and tired of all the ignorant comments made on behalf of the so called studio gangster who could really give a f**k about any of you. Do you really believe that Lil Boosie or any other celeb gives a rat azz about you screaming and defending them wow it is 2013 right? You are and will always be a consumer to these people take it from me having been in the entertainment industry for 20+ years and have never felt it was important to comment on theses matters but enough is enough people grow up and stop riding this mans you know what be your own man or woman and spend more time trying to enhance the lives of you and your community. Strive to be better, at the the end of the day he is a father, son, relative and friend to many but he he also a entertainer. People call the likes of Will Smith, Jay Z etc. sellouts but to me they bought in lol.