Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad News For Jay-Z! Guess Who Is Coming Out In September?

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That boy Young Jeezy has endured several seasons in hip-hop. And he’s going to come out quick in the fall. I’m hearing he’s busting out in September with a new album. What I don’t have is any information on the angle he’s coming out with it.

If you didn’t know, Jeezy has a new sneaker situation with Gourmet kicks.

Peep it.

“The relationship with Gourmet isn’t an endorsement, it’s a partnership,” Young Jeezy emphasized during the launch at the popular Atlanta boutique, Wish. “I wanted to collaborate with a boutique brand and Gourmet has a style and vibe that just meshes with mine – part street, part sophistication. It’ll be cool to start getting involved with the creative process for new collections.”

Also, Jay-Z won’t be going instantly platinum with this new Samsung deal. Somebody at MTV talked to somebody at SoundScan and they said that ish ain’t gonna count towards his first week sales. What’s interesting is Wal Mart and Target bulk purchases DO count towards those sales, because they are going to turn around and sell them to the consumer. I found that part interesting. Anyway. Jay will do numbers regardless and he can say he sold a million in his brain, because the money is the same.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • RockyMountainRaider

    Jay a bitch, he’s always bought his own records. It was Roc-A-Fellas M.O.

    • Terrance Goodman

      $ funny too

      • chocboywonder

        nigg is a crab nigg (uses other nigg to stay hot)….but i dont think anyone can question his money…even if you think he aint got it, his wife does.

      • Synista

        Fo real! Just like that roc la familia album,and what the hell happened to all the people who were down with the ROC?? Damn he won’t even throw Bleek a crumb,FCUK JEW-Z

      • johnblacksad

        Bleek is in his will somewhere… so even if Jay dies, Bleek still a millionaire…

        Damn, Jay done said it all himself already… he even said that everyday he wakes up, somebody got a problem with Hov, what’s up with that?, you n!ggaz all fed up cause he got a little cheddar and Samsung is moving his records out the sto’? Young fcuk…

      • Bifsquad3

        Dont forget Jay wasnt the only nigga running ROC. Dame and Biggs was dere. No need to hate on one nigga

      • Escobar

        And what happened to them? Lol …

      • Guest

        Exactly lol. Remember Dame took artist with him. Ppl always try and put it on Jay.

      • Flea

        I have no respect for Jay-Z. This dude uses everyone around him and tosses them like contraception. He straight murked Bleeks career to advance his own and Bleek deserved better than that. 8 million Jay-Z stories and nobody got the sack to expose this fraud.

        Remember Amil? Yeah.. me neither until a second ago

      • Bifsquad3

        Lol. That aint Jay fault what happed to them! lol

      • Bifsquad3

        Dame had artists that chose his side lol

      • Synista

        Jew-z ate all the cake though,he left all them roc cats outside the door like hungry dogs looking while he ate,he used all them ni99as like tools,i ain’t hating dude cause he caked up or because he took that hustler mentality and capitalized,i don’t like dude cause he is a snake who knows nothing about loyalty.
        From JAZ-O to Dame and everywhere in between .

      • Bifsquad3

        Most of the rappers from The Roc still has a direct line to Jay. Everybdy says it all the time

      • Bifsquad3

        And Bleek runs some part of that Liquor Jay jus put out. He gives Bleek ALOT!!!

  • Terrance Goodman

    Smfh smart hustle

  • Money

    Ja Rule new album

  • jay is a genius and this will be history

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  • Guest

    Jay numbers being boosted before a single customer cops the album.

    Smart business-wise, corny music-wise.

  • $18916246

    Jay’s a wordsmith….his gift is his hunger…typically MC’s that have been around as long as him fail or simply grow out of the hunger stage….Jay is gonna do and say something intriguing and current in life and on every song…mastering the triple en-tundra saying things that can be defined or perceived in many ways…i.e. and quote: And since life’s a bitch with many skirts and big chest/How can I not flirt with death>? Jay consciously stays relevant, And now in his 40’s even socially outspoken.He’s been in the “Why’d you have to rhyme tonite lane for many years a spoiler for many would be rap stars turned mere HIP-HOP contributors or fan boys at best, going no where until Jay decides to put the mic down…..tick, tick, tick……tick…

    • Nemo hos

      If his gift is using notorious big lines then yea he been winning..I don’t listen to this clown..Dmx is way original than this pie ass jiggaboo

      • johnblacksad

        Dmx would take $30 from you if you have it to give to him… #IJS

        $30 or the equivalent in crack

      • Silly, you think money means you have better skills. Jay-Z was terrified of Earl Simmons.

      • EL_BARK

        This is true…
        That why hov never responded to X on that track with jada on his first album…
        “I only gave you the crown to knock it off you head”

        However X did have an admiration for hov as well..

      • $18916246

        C’mon BiG’s a fellow brooklynite..these dudes recorded together and BIG said from his own mouth that Jay was one of his favorite MC’s. My point is to Jay’s consistency almost 20yrs in the game and it’s only this year that I see a glimmer of likely successors to his reign amongst any of the nu-skool MC’s which are very few amongst an industry of pre-fab glam boy rappers….DMX was nice at one point..vices which we all have of some sort got the best of him..but he aint got nothin on Jay…NEVER did.

    • *Triple Entrende

      How can he be hungry when he’s eating?
      *Been eating

      It’s his time though & those Pre sales should count, but I guess they have to give Ye’ & Cole a chance to “Catch The Throne.”

      • $18916246

        That’s my point, you hear Jay on Kendrick’s don’t kill my vibe and I gotta say Kendrick is one if not the 1st nu-skool Mc that didn’t let Jay son him on his own track….but Jay’s verse is nuts.

      • Aight, gonna check it now.

      • Just checked it & Yeah…both verses were tight.

        As much as I hate on Jigga, even if he didn’t son Kendrick, he kinda did give it to him on his own track though.

        In general, Jay Z doesn’t really flow like he could / should, but I can’t knock his hustle.

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  • The album will be one giant info mercial for watches, cars, chains, booze, things about Brooklyn, The Nets, cocaine he may have, or may not of sold 30 years ago.. I’m personally getting tired of it. I’ll just go back and listen to his catalogue of records. I wish he was trying to do something different, instead of trying to fit in with the young crowd.

    Then again, who knows… maybe he will prove me wrong and do some deep sh!t. Blueprint had a lot of good records with messages and great word play, where is that dude at?

    • MikeMillz

      But that’s always been his subject matter since Reasonable Doubt. What’s really so different about his music?

      • He’s 43 years old. He doesn’t live that life. It’s getting repetitive.

      • johnblacksad

        “I never change, this is always me
        From the womb to the tomb, from now until my doom”

        ya n!ggaz just sound mad…

        “I’m not looking at you dudes, I’m looking past ya
        I thought I told you characters I’m not a rapper
        Can I live? I told you in ’96
        That I came to take this shit and I did, handle my biz”

        damn.. how much more i gotta quote??!

        said what he came to do and did it… whatever he has lived, he can tell the story again and again… i can tell you never took those chances… sometimes he brings up his old life, sometimes he brings up how he is currently skyballin… but eitherway, ya n!ggaz gotta find a way to try to dislike… and that’s what’s really getting repetitive if you ask me

      • I can picture it now… you sitting home all excited school is out… seeing my post then googling “popular Jay-Z lyrics 2013”

        If you can quote Hov, then you can understand “I ain’t no ni**a”.

        How can you tell anything trolling the internet? “Skyballin” , you sound like you want the man to ejaculate in your mouth & call you B… c’mon son. Your still drinking the I’m a God MC Kool aid???

        I was a fan…since the 90’s… You were born in 2001.I actually bought his albums.. have you? He’s a corporate guy, who makes money off investments… He’s not a drug dealer.. He doesn’t kill people. He’s not in the mafia.

      • Bifsquad3

        Rap game, trap game, business. All the same thing!!

      • johnblacksad

        “I can picture it now… you sitting home all excited school is out… seeing my post then googling “popular Jay-Z lyrics 2013″”

        You livin fantasies n!gga… i reject your deposit… yeah i had to google “popular 2pac lyrics in relation with the convo i’m havin” and google told me exactly wich part to quote… motherfcuker wanna talk to me about lyrics… LMAO… shoot and missss…!

        You still a n!gga, n!gga!

        What’s up with them gay thoughts tho… i’ll leave that up to you.

        I was born in 2001… damn n!gga… you just got all kinds of wishes… talkin bout you was a fan… n!gga just admit you lost touch with it… You have actually bought his albums and you sittin here hatin like a mug… who really lost?! If i have actually bought his albums? N!gga I was at Radio City Hall on June 25th 2006… i didn’t see you in the building.

        “He’s a corporate guy, who makes money off investments… He’s not a drug dealer.. He doesn’t kill people. He’s not in the mafia.” I ain’t heard deeper revelations since… the Bible..! wow… i’m simply amazed… what else you got that you can teach me there?

        your whole post is a succession of fails… smh

        Now let me see you google what happened at Radio City Hall on June 25th 2006… and/or Nokia Theatre the day before… i didn’t see you there either!

      • Not sure how you having a lack of knowledge of hip hop makes me “gay”… I can’t understand most of what you write.. have a good summer vacation at Grandma’s staying up til 8 PM & eating PB & J’s.

      • johnblacksad

        “I can’t understand most of what you write”

        sorry you’re slow

      • It’s just a bunch of trolling, rambling non sense… you hear to talk about what was said on the website or follow me around like a sad puppy? I have my opinion on the guy, an artist I have listened to for a long time… If you don’t like it cool… I don’t really care, why you care about what I say so much..no idea… Kind of sad.

      • johnblacksad

        let me tell you what’s sad… you calling me a kid born in 2001 but you the one downing every single comment like a angry female… you are too fcukin pathetic… i hope you enjoy it

      • Right on, happy trolling & name calling, stay ballin Internet warrior. Hop off my nuts and go out side for once.

      • johnblacksad

        if it makes you feel better… hey here’s another comment for you to vote down… your pheromones are at an all time high

      • You sought out my comment, logged in…. and have been trolling my nuts for a while now…. not sure how you see that as being favourable to you…I guess, they do allow your types to get married legally in some states and countries.. freedom is great huh?

      • johnblacksad

        I thought you said you was goin out to enjoy the day?

      • RMfag

        You guys are taking this too seriously. The only one will be nut riding will be me. Mkay

      • I did… I see you didn’t though…. sad. Go get a job. Mickey D’s is always hiring.

      • RMfag

        You guys are taking this too seriously. The only one will be nut riding will be me.

      • MikeMillz

        Hardly any of these rappers live the life they speak. If anything he’s touches more on his life now then he’s ever done in his career. To each his own.

      • Watch The Throne was touching on his life? I heard a lot of songs about material sh!t that the majority of his listeners & customers will never afford. I wonder what young rappers he will put on this time to attempt to main relevant to the youth. If Jay-Z rapped about his life today, it would read like a State Farm / Merrill Lynch commercial.

        A persons real life isn’t just about material things they bought, it should be about things you go through, relationships, experiences like marriage, having a child… things he has done, come across…. material bullsh!t ain’t nothin…

      • MikeMillz

        But all that material shit IS HIS LIFE. You don’t have to like it but dude is sticking to the scipt. He never claimed to be for the people like Nas. He’s a hustler this is his hustle. I don’t agree with all his musical choices but dude is consistent and I respect him for that. Opinions are like assholes, right?

      • Guest

        He’s not a “hustler”…lol… but OK kid.. go for yours..lol

      • Bifsquad3

        LMAO!!! Business is a hustle bruh. Making money is a hustle.

      • What’s with all the giggling? If you want to be taken seriously, make the point, back it up with some facts…and let people make up their own mind…Starting a sentence with “LMAO!!!” kind of makes you sound like one of those angry, giddy uptight people. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy life.

      • Bifsquad3

        I say lmao because its sounds like a Joke. And im litereally “Laughing My Ass Off” at what you sayin.

      • Right on.

        Have fun giggling.


      • Bifsquad3

        You just said he rapped about material shit! lmao! Aint thats what his life is about now. Your contradictin yaslef NOLES! He made “Money Aint A Thing” you think his listeners and customers can afford Raris and Jaguars then???

      • I never contradicted myself once, I said he talks about material things his listeners will never afford… When you listen to music you like to be able to relate. I never liked “Money Ain’t a Thing”, and never said I did any where…. “lmao” that…

        JD sure could afford that life couldn’t he? Now Uncle Sam is foreclosing his homes.

      • Bifsquad3

        “Watch The Throne was touching on his life? I heard a lot of songs about material sh!t …..”

        THAT IS HIS LIFE!!!
        Your sayin he not rappin about what his life reflects, but material shit is his life bruh.

      • I am not your “bruh”.

        Life is about relationships, life is about loss, life is about his child. his marriage, his interactions with people, his opinions on things going in the world…no one cares about how much money you have all the time, and if you need to talk about it all the time it means your insecure and worry about how people view you.

        Sorry If I get bored listening to bullsh!t.

      • Bifsquad3

        Guess you didnt listen to the song about his daughter, or “Open Letter”.

      • Guest

        You love the camels penis in your mouth.

      • johnblacksad

        yeah, resort to gay insults… that way you can avoid addressin the question… you ain’t heard Open Letter or the song about his daughter right?

      • Guest

        You love Bif Squad’s & Jay-Z Penis.

      • Bifsquad3

        Are you mad because i just gave facts that he raps about what you want him too??

      • Guest

        You love Jay-Z penis.

      • johnblacksad

        And you’re the grown up right? lol… fcukin kid… female kid

      • Guest

        Your Daddy plays putt with your butt hole in the bath tub.

      • johnblacksad

        I wonder how that idea came to your mind… you homosexual motherfcuker

      • johnblacksad

        Sad how he too dumb to understand he’s contradicting himself… let him be like a Beatle.

      • If you read my first post, the one you have been trolling now for a few hours…. I said I am sick of him rapping about material sh!t… that doesn’t take any skill.

      • johnblacksad

        if it didn’t take any skill, you’d be married to beyonce right now with a cool billion on both ya’ll accounts…

      • Man, you have a lot to learn about life. I used to be like you, back when I was about 15 years old.

        Take care. Go out and enjoy the day, I am.

      • johnblacksad

        You can never be like me because i was never a dweeb not one second in my life…

        Lyin azz… you ain’t goin out to enjoy no day… you gon sit here and downvote all my comments just like a mad b!tch

      • Really, you sound petty…and you seem to take my opinion on Jay-Z very personally, first sign of being emotional & butt hurt… move on…. for your own sake, you look foolish.

      • Guest

        Following dudes around you gay as hell dude.

      • johnblacksad

        You are gay-obssessed… you seek every comment you can so can downvote like a b!tch on her period but i’m the one following you around?

        and how about that day you was supposed to go out and enjoy? Lyin azz n!gga… you ain’t goin nowhere… because “you ain’t got sh!t to do like Friday when the weekend begun” (Talib Kweli) …you think i had to google that too?

      • Guest

        Still following people??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


      • johnblacksad

        all those “LOL” just tell me how mad you are… lol

        and you sir, are a certified gump with multiple accounts!

        Talk about having time on one’s hands…

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        You have a pic of cat on your profile, you always were a dweeb, and always will be one…just like ur idol Jay-Z when he wears those lame ass old white man glasses.

      • johnblacksad

        I will take that as an admission of defeat.

        I usually don’t even entertain multiple account gumps!

        One advice tho… stop being a dweeb, … you dweeb!

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        What multple accounts? What the fucc u talking about lame ass nucca? How is having a pic of a cat a victory???? IS this the highlight of your life, arguing on the fuk!ng internet????

        How does Jay-Z pen!s taste in your tooth less mouth?

        Rather be a “dweeb” than a broke as* hood rat living that food stamp life idolizing 43 year old rappers.

        I saw how gay u were being, getting all emotional and butt hurt and had to say something…. get off that crack..its making u paranoid.

      • Either-ed

        *I stopped reading the exchange after this ^

      • Dude… You have been on my nuts since day 1…. LOL… I can go back and read quotes from you following me around and dick riding just like @johnblacksad:disqus … You are the KING of All Hip trolls. The point isn’t to show people up, this isn’t High School. I gave my opinion. Live with it… or go choke on your Dad’s pen!s.

      • Shut Ya’ B’ish @$$ up you fuggin’ herb!

        How you even talking after getting “E” bodied, let alone replying to me, talking about I’m on your 4-9-3-11, when your actions, which speak louder than your words, clearly demonstrate that it is you that is clinging to mine like magnet.

        You stay talking some gay ‘chet, you ‘Ole Banana in the tail pipe @$$ Ninja.

        Your B’ish @$$ is officially blocked!

        >> Downloads, registers, & activates:

        AHH’s 2013 MAG Blocker

        Turns on Kendrick’s – B’ish Don’t Kill My Vibe

      • This is the first time I have commented on this web site in a month or more. Not sure how that is “clinging”. You sough out my comments then chose to troll me. It’s what you do best.That’s why you have almost 6000 comments. You have nothing better to do. See, god gave us two ears, one mouth… listen more, talk less.

        Bodied? How can someone be “bodied” over an opinion? So I have to like a 43 year old rapping about selling coke 20 years ago? Ok… I guess I was “bodied”… Add it to the list of your life’s accomplishments.

        Hilarious… 15 mins later your commenting…don’t go to far away from the computer do you? I guess the 6000 comments show us all that.

      • Pete

        Guess you never listened to Dear Summer, You must love me, Forever
        Young, Beach Chair, Minority Report, I can go on and on. You’re
        obviously only listening to the radio friendly joints and have no
        knowledge of his vast library. You can’t debate when you’re ignorant on
        the subject.

      • johnblacksad

        “Watch The Throne was touching on his life? I heard a lot of songs about material sh!t that the majority of his listeners & customers will never afford.”

        Talkin bout you ain’t contradictin yourself… if the majority of his listeners were able to afford what he raps about then it prolly wouldn’t be touching on his life.

        “If Jay-Z rapped about his life today, it would read like a State Farm / Merrill Lynch commercial.”
        So… what is he rappin about then? what do you want him to rap about… besides what he used to do and what he is doing now?

        “Fcuk what i used to do, I’ll tell you what i’m doing right now”
        -Styles P (Bodies in the basement, off the ‘Float’ album) …you really make me laugh fantasizing about i need google for rap quotes… just shows how fcuking dumb you are… like google knows the conversation i’m havin and knows what quotes i should use… you a dweeb. a dweeb n!gga.

        Ya’ll never get tired of hatin? That sh!t is bad for your health

      • Still trying?

        How is not liking a certain type of music “hatin”.. I swear you kids and this hatin term… we use to call it having an opinion, now a days you all wanna be dick riders, people like you are the reason Lil Wayne sold millions and some how was called the best rapper alive. Gimme a break. Enjoy the Rihanna concert… Jay-Z co signed her, so she must have a ton of talent right?

      • johnblacksad

        talkin bout still tryin…

        damn so i’m a jigga warrior and a lil’ wayne warrior at the same time? lol… that’s a bit too much for one man…

        What is your avi sayin about opinions again?

        Jay co-signed Rihana because he was gonna make millions off of her… who gives a fcuk about talent?! His talent is getting money

      • Does he pay your bills? What does his income do for you? He makes percentages, not millions. Kind of like you all thought he owned the Nets and brought them to Brooklyn, when in reality he owned less than 1%.

        I still don’t see how money is talent… I guess you listen to Lady GaGa, old Vanilla Ice records…and Miley Cyrus.. they all made a lot of money and sold a lot of records, so to you…that is what is good music.

      • johnblacksad

        “He make percentages, not millions” how much is 0.01% of $100 millions..? You are a fcuking dweeb, just like i said

        i said : “His talent is getting money”
        you said : “I still dont see how money is talent”

      • A “dweeb” , please.. anything but that. Live Nation makes a hell of a lot more than your idol Jay-Z. The companies that he is signed to make more than he does. Those should be your idols. Strive to be McDonald’s…not the Mc Nugget. Lemme guess, you want to be a rapper..and if that doesn’t happen,it’s a NBA player?

      • johnblacksad

        “The companies that he is signed to make more than he does.”

        oh… we have an Economics expert with us today… that was pure genius… how did you get so knowledgeable?

      • Your about to be on str8 up ignore mode… why I am replying to someone born in 2000 something..I have no idea.

      • Bifsquad3

        I agree with that “hate” term. I never get that either.

      • Weedras

        Having an opinion, is having an opinion but when you take that opinion and make and argument that has so many holes and is contradicting then you have a problem… and you also contradict by labeling ppl ‘dickriders’ because they have their opinion… if you know the term ‘Living Vicariously’ you’d understand that when a rapper raps about his lifestyle or tells a story about a certain lifestyle his fans are ‘living vicariously’ through those songs that paint that picture so when they bump their artists album that’s what they’re doing it doesn’t mean they want to be that person… and many of you love to talk about ‘realness’ in Hip Hop but hip hop/rap was built on the art of storytelling it doesn’t mean that you had to live it to tell a story.. rapper can be viewed as an author because if he can craft a story about a certain without living it and you can ralte and feel the song or album does it take away from the value of the music because he didn’t live per se but crafted it from his mind?

      • Just arriving into a debate and throwing 2 cents in 5 – 6 hours late…you would have no idea. “dickriders” are people like johnblacksad , not for having an opinion… but following any thing popular and confusing money with skills. It’s a term used for people who follow others. Nothing to do with an opinion.

        If you think Jay-Z is an author, or some sort of an epic poet then you have no hope. I suggest you go find some of the great writers this world has given us. I don’t want to live through anyone, my life isn’t that sad… I like my life. I want to be entertained, I want to remember songs.. I want them to invoke emotions and thoughts in me…. Jay-Z and the “Run This Town” era rapper does not do that for me. If you like him, great… you can run over to Samsung and reserve a copy.

        Jay-Z did lead the life he raps about, least I think he did… but you people don’t seem to understand that was like 20 years ago. It’s not the late 80’s / early 90’s any more.

      • johnblacksad

        “I figure frauds never hit a lick before, so they don’t know the feeling when them thangs get across” -Jay-Z

        He said that on the album right after Kingdom Come if you wanna know…

        Your dweeb azz has got some serious nerves talking bout you want songs to invoke emotions and thoughts in you…
        Like Weedras said… if you’re not vicariously living these lyrics, I ain’t mad at you, it ain’t completely your fault you’re a dweeb… but it ain’t mine either… I can tell you never had THAT feeling, you never hit THAT lick, you’re a fraud… so i understand how you can not vibe to Jay’s music

        N!gga talkin bout Run This Town… commercial-radio-listening-azz-n!gga, you shouldn’t even be talkin to me

      • Dweeb? You admit to living life through other peoples actions… so who hasn’t lived a life? People like you are the reason the movie industry makes so much cake, you go spend Mommy & Daddy’s hard earned money to make your life a little more exciting. When you grow up, and really learn to read Jay-Z’s lyrics, he talks a lot about the pain of the game, and the BS.. then it does the glamour.. but hey, your his BIGGEST STAN.. YOU KNEW ALL OF THIS!!! You own the R Kelly / Jay-Z collabo albums…and play the Jay-Z / Linkin Park album on repeat DAILY…because according to you, everything Jay-Z has ever made is ground breaking, movement making music.

        I used to vibe to Blue Print daily, it was like life theme music.. That is why it’s classed as one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time. That was 12 years ago.

        Anyone who brags about crimes they may have, or may not of committed on the internet is str8 up talking out the a$$.

      • johnblacksad

        may not have…

        no other fcuks will be given about the rest of that rambling you wrote

      • LOL… I love it when you trolls get shut down…

        Add you to the list with Garbonzo, Edogz and the rest of them…

      • Weedras

        i’ve been on here long enough and have seen Johnblacksad’s postings to know dude speaks his mind and doesn’t follow… So Rappers or rather ‘True’ rappers are writers/ essayists/ Poets… whether you’d like to admit it or not… and its that type of thinking that lead to the ghetto youths embracing Hip Hop why? because ppl would think they aren’t goo enough, they aren’t educated enough to tell a story, to create a poem… Tupac wrote in the most f&#ked up in terms of english language but i think he was a great writer in his own right… many of us can’t do what some of these men do.. you’re on this ‘holier than thou’ track and you fail to realize that the human element is what makes rap/gip hop what it is… you may like songs that appeal to your emotions, someone may like songs that they just wanna vibe to nothing deep, others might like songs that reflect the environment they are in… does that make them different from you or of a sub class… hence why artists put an album of tracks that can satisfy all… as i said your highlighting a bunch of thing yet you’re contradicting yourself at every turn.. because i’m easily picking holes through your arguments.. and for the record i grew up in the british school system from elementary up we read great authors so spare me on that one..

      • So basically, your long rant tells me that dumb people like to dumb down to stupid music…That’s great. Thanks for telling me what I already know. I don’t like simple music about simple things… that has nothing to do with vibing or emotions.I listen to all kinds of different genres & acts ranging from Sublime, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles & a lot of stuff from the 90’s. No such thing as genres really, just good music & bad music..and then a bunch of filler in between.

        What holes have you found in my opinions? Opinions aren’t arguments. I guess they don’t teach you how to read & comprehend and then turn that into something meaningful in the British school system. More education, less Queen Elizabeth..that would help.

        Comparing the late great (best of all time in my mind) Tupac Shakur to a guy who bit Biggie & Pac lines left & right? You fail miserably. Jay-Z is no poet.

        Please.. attempt to pick holes again.. It’s humorous.

      • Weedras

        lol! who said i was ‘ranting’ and where in my comment did you get that impression of me condoning the dumbing down of anything… regardless of what you may think on your high horse ppl will still like what the want in hip hop and the genre will continue to evolve hence why we now have/had crunk, west coast, east coast, midwest, downsouth, trip hop, hip pop etc. lol! you trying to poke fun at my intelligence is getting you nowhere lad and speaking on something you know squat about just points to your ignorance and arrogance lol! you hold Tupac in high esteem and paint other as hypocrites ect. when Pac perpetrated some of the same stereotypes etc… dude your’re just tough headed and need to get off your high horse…

      • So, because I like different types of music, that you don’t like or agree with.. I am on a “high horse”…

        Time to move on kid… time to move on….

    • johnblacksad

      I’m curious to know what was The Tipping Point like The Roots… which album made you get ‘tired of it’?

      But again… i might not get an answer cause you’re outside enjoying the day right? Lyin azz dweeb

      • Kingdom Come? Blue Print 3? American Gangster? Watch The Throne? Collaborations with Linkin Park? Blue Print 2?

        Did you even know any of those existed?

      • johnblacksad

        No, i didn’t know they existed until now… thanks a lot for the information. I will check them out right now… they must have came out when i was living under that rock i guess

      • You asked a question. I answered it. I shouldn’t of even done that, seeing that you crave attention.

        No more brilliant names to call me?

      • johnblacksad

        You shouldn’t of? wtf?

      • Can’t read?

        OK.. we all see, you think every word Jay-Z says is pure gold… we get it… he is your fave artist, you love him…he’s never made a bad song, or a bad album.. you love the Jay-Z / Linkin Park collabos…You love the two Jay-Z / R Kelly albums…and you bought the Greatest Hits package just to show support to your fave artist…

        We get it… I get it…..

      • johnblacksad

        Radio City Hall NY… June 25th 2006… i was there n!gga!!!
        And the day before I was at the Nokia Theatre for the rehearsal… go google that!

        and oh… it’s “You shouldn’t HAVE”… Thank Me Later like Drizzy… fcukin dweeb

      • No you weren’t…why do you TRY so hard to impress me? Do you think anyone cares?

        We get it.. you love Jay-Z.. you wish you were Beyonce… you probably have all her albums too. Do you sing in the mirror with your pink mirror and hair brush?


      • johnblacksad

        You be havin the weirdest fantasies… or maybe you just mad

      • So now your admit your life is a fantasy? I already knew that when you said you have to live life through other people. Thanks for admitting it though. It’s the first step to realizing reality.

      • johnblacksad

        Only thing i ever admitted to is that you a certified gump

      • Cool. Thanks for your opinion. It means nothing.

      • johnblacksad

        Détrompe-toi… ce n’est aucunement une opinion.. it’s a fact

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        blah blah blah this lil m’fuker has been following @RN506:disqus around all day like a lost puppy… LOL LOL… queer ass m’fuker.

      • johnblacksad

        I wish you could see how much you’re making a fool out of yourself Noles… how many accounts you gon create?

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        You been following a dude around all day… how long you gonna be a coksucker? Your like Omar from the Wire.

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        lol @ this queer a** dude talking about “fantasies”.

      • johnblacksad

        BWHAHAHAHA Noles you have got to be one of the sorriest dudes to eve hit this site… Multiple accounts?? c’mon dog… this some straight up looser sh!t…

        Never thought i’d run into a MAG again… funny sh!t

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Man.. you aint nothing but a fairy ass troll stalking dudes on the internet…who does that??????? Why do you love Noles so much?????? Why do you follow dudes around???????

      • johnblacksad

        but why all the questions marks tho? …you… you mad?!

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Obama fuked you in the ass!!!! And you loved it!!!!! Food stamp ass nuccca!!!!

      • johnblacksad

        too bad them plantations days are over right? Now your mama and her white cougar sleazy friends are in love with the bbc!

      • TheDudeULove2Hate





        ^^^ Ur life poor ass nucca.

      • johnblacksad

        naw… just your wild wish

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Hi, my name is John.. I have a picture of a cat as my avvy, I troll hard… nice to meet you.

      • johnblacksad

        Only a gay white boy will say “queer”… FOH with your fantasies and stereotypes

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Talking about fantasies again??????

        LOL… your pops knows all about being Queer… ya racist m’fukr… I bet its the white mans fault your poor. LOL…. Obama can’t save you now lil NIGGA!!!!

      • johnblacksad

        Noles… i think you should go change your tampon

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Obama fuked you in the ass… and you loved it.

      • johnblacksad

        I love it when a multiple account gump gets shut down!

        Pull your skirt back down… don’t nobody wanna see that nasty puzzy of yours

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Obama diddled your asshole, just like ur daddy, and his daddy b4 him… #foodstamplife

      • johnblacksad

        See why you scare me? There’s always gotta be some gay sh!t comin out your mouth. Pause.

      • TheDudeULove2Hate


      • johnblacksad

        #fauchon #hediard #LeNôtre.. boy you got a lot of googlin to do

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        Your pops googles on your balls b4 bedtime every night…


        Go back to Haiti.

      • johnblacksad

        here you go again with your homosexual way of looking at everything… my cleats are clean now from wiping them against your neck for a good minute now

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        UH…u love to troll.. sad ass little nucca thought Obama would move you of the hood… Obama is the whitest president of all time little nucca.. Jay-Z can’t save u either lil nucca….

        Your pops is a homosexual.

      • johnblacksad

        I also asked what 0,01% of one hundred millions? but you never answered

    • Weedras

      Watch the Throne, if you gave it any listen had some pretty deep songs, and to be honest all dudes albums always have some joints that make you question shit… i still bop “Soon You’ll Understand” to this day…

      • I can’t deny it had a few deeper joints, “New Day” was a pretty good joint… that was a short album time wise especially when you had two guy who are used to releasing longer albums on their own.

      • johnblacksad

        But can you deny you a certified idiot tho?

      • *though

      • johnblacksad

        ha… funny azz ninja

      • Being illiterate is funny?

        I bet you can’t swing a dead cat at home with hitting a relative.

      • johnblacksad

        i wouldn’t know about being illiterate, but i do know that being unfunny is not funny… what a lame joke… smh… is that the best you can do?

      • No…just laughing that you more than likely live in the hood some where, are poor, uneducated…and will never leave.

        I think it’s hilarious. It’s not supposed to make you laugh. If it does, you have more problems than I could ever imagine.

        You can’t spell…can’t form sentences…and still idolized entertainers. C’mon son… you won’t ever be a rapper or a basketball player… smell reality.

        You seem bored.. that is the reason you have been following me around for like 8 hours… give me your address, I will send you a few bucks…you know, go see a movie or something. I’ll even chip in for pop corn.Or if you are embarrassed.. a pay pal addy will do.

        Have a nice night. Don’t troll to hard.

      • johnblacksad

        “No…just laughing that you more than likely live in the hood some where, are poor, uneducated…and will never leave.”

        sighs… just like I said, you’re full of wishes and fantasies…

        Je vis en france si tu veux savoir… but you wouldn’t know about that… shooooot… and miss! try again

      • Do you have anything more to add to the article, or are you just gonna follow me around trolling all night?

        You admitted you live your life through a 43 year old rapper who hasn’t lived like an average person in 20 years….

        Who lives a fantasy?

      • johnblacksad

        Et c’est moi le troll… non mais c’est l’hôpital qui se fout de la charité… and you still a dweeb

      • TheDudeULove2Hate

        You love cats. LOL…

      • Calico Joe

        Don’t argue with this fool. He believes a plane crashed into the pentagon.

  • s0rethumb

    Sounds like SoundScan, Billboard, RIAA and GrandPa Viacom Mtv scrambling to try and make closed market pre-sells irrelevant. Impossible in this day and age. Accolades mean nothing only the money generated. If I sell 1 single for 5 million dollars or sell 5 million of that same single for a dollar, it looks the same in my account. The Ivory towers need to face it truly their reign is over. It ain’t bad news for Jay it’s bad news for the old business model and those who track it.


    exploiting our people and ain’t giving ish back….I can’t support this ni&&a Jay…

    • Abrasive Angel

      With the current mental state of black folk I would give ish back neither.


        if you knew the bible, you would understand their mental state….You lost brother…

      • Bifsquad3

        Everybdy dont read the bible

      • Weedras

        “It’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to make it into the kingdom of heaven” … yet we all want to be rich…


        so true my brother…

      • DollasTX

        you saying SO TRUE but what he said was azz backwards and didnt make any sense – #FollowTheLeaderAzzNiggahs

      • Chrisblackusa

        But in the reality that is in your face its easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle then for a poor man to make it into the kingdoms of earth….. like to be rich and want to be are different…your heaven is there day and nite…why wait for a mystery heaven when you have the truth of measure now….its why the tool that measures is called a ” ruler”

      • DollasTX

        ACTUALLY its “for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of heaven”

    • johnblacksad

      Like ish was given back to him…

      Karl Marx azz n!gga… i will have seen it all… you better not be american with them commie thoughts… since when has ‘america’ been on some give back ish?!

      If there’s one thing i’ve understood about ythe U.S., is that even the poorest mofo are willing to remain poor and not be jealous nor envious of the wealthy mofos, but once his american dream comes true, if it does, don’t nobody better even think about coming to ask him for a piece… say that i’m lyin.

      Jay is just doing what he was taught… and he excells at it like Microsoft Office.

      • trilltalk1

        you lying!!!

      • johnblacksad

        its my perception tho

      • “If there’s one thing i’ve understood about ythe U.S., is that even the poorest mofo are willing to remain poor and not be jealous nor envious of the wealthy mofos, but once his american dream comes true, if it does, don’t nobody better even think about coming to ask him for a piece… say that i’m lyin.”

        For the most part, that ‘chet is true.

        One of my peepz came home with 12 racks in his pocket, asked me to take him some where, and we go to gas up, and he doesn’t want to buy windshield wiper fluid… would rather I take the truck @ $80 more in gas.


        Gonna buy each a pack of Newports & want to party pack out my ‘chet, talking about :
        “We together, it’s the same thing!”

        I replied ” So then let’s smoke out your ‘chet! GTFOH!”

        To which he laughed at cut out all the Bool ‘Chet, but yeah, that ‘chet you said is so true.

      • RedEyez

        Pointless azz story E

      • You logged in to say that?

        Be easy on the streets, cyber space is one thing, but in your hood, you’d probably get your ‘chet bust & duct tape across your lips for trying to speak to grown folks when they not speaking to you.

    • Weedras

      i’ll ask you this… BLack Churches pull in millions of dollars TAX Free off ppl donating and tithes annually.. and the only shit you see is dudes like Creflo Dollar looking all GQ taking private Jet flights from ATL to MSG to do service and collect more ‘dough’… the last i read… It is said that Black Churches have pulled in over $420 billion since 1980 in tithes and donations… where’s the real give from that.. you hear many black churches giving large sums to Black Universities… you don’t hear black churches using them billions to really move and shake the ‘hood’ yet you on one man’s back about it… c’mon! it’s like asking for a handout because he’s rich and black…


        i don’ t support the christian church either and the bible don’t support the christian church….If the church was really doing God’s work they would be going into these neighborhoods and telling these black and latin americans they are the people of God; and they need to come back to the commandments….This goes for rappers as well who are profiting of the destruction of our community….These pastors and entertainers got the game all backwards…..shalom…

  • Reblogged this on L3GACI.

  • Slaughtr

    Yo Sam you right my brother it seems other motherfukaz are lost, and really let’s not not start on black folks mentality these days because some of you so called righteous niggaz are the problem too so sit the fck down.Praising another man I will not do,calling a nigga hova I will not do,speak about the bs I will do.Most folks are taken away by money so J’s story from little ass drug dealer to super stardom is a great story niggaz who want this glory follow it. I only bought one J album which was blueprint which the title was a bite from KRS-1’s previous album way back.All these niggaz that contribute to fcking up hip hop your time to speak will end.

    • Ssshhh!

      Ninjaz don’t know about “Ghetto Music : The Blue Print Of Hip Hop”

    • johnblacksad


    • Casor_Greener

      “…because some of you so called righteous niggaz are the problem too”

      Sounds like you clowning ya self

      • Weedras

        i was thinking the same thing lol!

    • DollasTX

      excuse me my bruvah – but what made you buy the blueprint album (only)?

  • Larry Williams

    Selling a million copies to Samsung for $5 cuts out the middlemen. Selling copies in bulk to Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc. ensures that “everyone” will get a cut out of each album sale, which is probably why Soundscan don’t recognize the million copies Samsung bought. At the end of the day, a million copies is a million copies…$5 million in hov pocket…who really loses in that equation.

    • RMfag

      Honesty. I know because I sucked off Honesty the other day.

  • HaterOfTheYear

    are living in a VIRTUAL REALITY..dont yall see…we are living in a
    world where everything started as an IDEA IN SOMEBODYS BRAIN….. we are
    LIVING in our OWN FANTASAY…we made this reality….OUR THOUGHTS OUR
    IDEAS OUR EMOTIONS…we made all these things up…the brain has been
    learning to adapt to its enviroment the moment it is born….I LOVE YALL

    • johnblacksad

      God bless G! spit that motherfcuking truth… this ‘reality’ sh!t is really just an hologram

      • HaterOfTheYear

        THERE IS NO GOD..that is also an idea the brain made up alomg the way of human evolution…I THINK ABRAHAM was a crazy man who heard a voice and called it wat we know now as GOD…and GOD told HIM that from HIM would come A GREAT NATION…HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE… so he had children and one with a SLAVE and the descendants of those two children STILL BELIEVE ABRAHAMS GOD OWES THEM PARADISE,,,WE MADE ALL THIS SHIT UP ON THIS ROCK IN SPACE CALLED EARTH…PEACE BROTHERS

      • MrNoName2K

        man both yall niggas are some suckas lol

      • biafra

        saying there’s no God is like saying there’s no president. the question is, who is God who was that title given. this reality, this universe has a God who guides it and when u chose to come here to experience this universe, guess what? u agreed to play his game, u are in his matrix. there’s a game to this duality, if u don’t follow the light, it is darkness straight. the God of this plan has a rule, and it is, love your neighbor as your self and have him in your heart. there’s duality, but don’t go around killing whoever u don’t like cos u are going to suffer the consequences and ur family won’t come for ur rescue because, they understand the grand law.

      • greenhouse records

        GET UR MIND RIGHT!!!!

      • DollasTX

        i could have rocked with you til you went there –

      • Jayce Cabell

        I was feelin you til you start talking bout god! God is real jack! Dont ever believe he aint. Adam, Eve, Abraham and everything before them got here somehow!

      • DollasTX

        first thing i thought … METAPHYSICS

  • MrNoName2K

    lol wow, aint that some shit

  • wickedjones

    Money is the same. checkmate

  • dexter

    yea sean is genius. he got paid up front for plat numbers who really cares the only numbers that count are the ones with the dead prez on it… talk about a smart nigga! now the ? is the quality of the product… mmmm. will jay keep it hot? or will he push it just 2 get it out?

    • Who cares? He got paid!

      • dexter

        i guess if $hit for music is ok wit cha lol… its still pose 2b about the music @ the end of the day. def not knocking the biz move…duh!

      • That’s my point. Excellent business move.

        Personally, I’ll take some timeless classics over him getting paid, but let’s be real, REAL Hip Hop doesn’t sell.

        SoulJah Boi can sell 1 Mil & he makes Wacka Flacka sound like Big Pun.

        Jay & Ye’s whole image is that you aren’t ‘chet because he has more $$$ than you, so he’ll drop trash for cash, just look at how he did Dame Dash & Dehaven or Desean in the past, probably played some other people worse, behind every fortune is a crime, just look at how 50 did Bang ‘Em Smurf, after they had shoot outs for clout & blocks of turf.

        >>Not a rapper, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      • dexter

        well put my man… & I seen 1st hand how he did dehaven. I seen him bring Sean to trenton. Sean did not say much did not do much. He was always just there… they babied him. but n e who u rite my nig…

      • dexter

        if you had to choose rite now between JAy makn some banging a$$ music & him getting paid which would you choose? now the answer to this will vary based on mind set…I already noe & understand. But I would take the music. he gonna get paid anyway & is already paid…

      • DollasTX

        i care – cuz #1 i aint get paid – #2 what HE eat dont make ME shyt #3 i ONLY know of this man because of HOT MUSIC not his pcket book

      • Yeah, but what you eat don’t make him ‘chet 🙂
        This is RAP, not Hip Hop….maybe $lave$hipHop.

        It’s about the $$$ & chart position, not the art, and the heart that is missing.

        Were you going to buy or download?

      • DollasTX

        im’ma download it – I WAS SUPPOSED to be in the rotten apple
        for a block party in BKLYN for 7/4 – my people still going but i had to reschedule and go to LA for a TX vs CA football tourney my son was picked to play in the following week – so imma take him to LA a little early and let him spend sometime with family and friends out there

  • Golgo 13

    never heard of Gourmet

    • Bifsquad3

      They make kicks with like alligator print and shit. I seen dem before at like those little “boutiques”. They not really streetwear. Special occasion type shoes

      • thing about brands like gourmet is that if you love wearing sneakers and want to go to a club that doesnt allow sneakers they will let you in with those cuz they don’t know any better. check out clae too.

      • Bifsquad3

        You aint lyin about that!! lol

  • Stay Phokus

    i rather have 5 million
    then have a platinum plaque
    people download albums for free anyway

  • John

    Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t…

    • numbers are the biggest liars EVER!!! lol nothing lies more then some numbers can.

      • biafra

        new paradigm.

      • Well Said….lol

      • n n

        You right just ask milli vanilli wack ass numbers so screwed up one of them killed himself.lol

  • jeezy sucks, like hes one of the worst rappers EVER!!! lets be honest.

    • DollasTX

      for real doe

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  • Wavpin


  • digitallife

    Man..Def Jam obfuscated numbers for nearly a decade. You send out large shipments which don’t have to sell but they count towards first week sales. Then in some cases you have folks who are like “That guy sold how many damned records? Ok I wasn’t going to get that but now….” You can literally ship a million records leave them in the warehouse and that million counted. In an era where touring is where the money is at rappers don’t care about the checks from sales nor does the label that slapped them with a 360 deal. Let’s see $8 million for a platinum album or $40 million for touring..which one seems like smart business to you?

    • MildManneredReporter

      wtf are you even talking about…stop sniffing glue

      • digitallife

        You might want to google that son..just saying it was big news a few years ago. I love folks on hip-hop sites that turn to bidches because they are too lazy to use google for themselves.

      • MildManneredReporter

        funny how i cant find shit about it. i will tell you what go pull that link out your ass and lets discus it. otherwise that’s some illuminati youtube video horseshit you spitting

      • digitallife

        Another stupid dumb azz double digit i.q. having moron…Elliot Spitzer investigates the music industry..apparently you were stuck under a f’ing rock while this was going on..He also investigated Funk Master Flex for payola and half of hot 97…so much for being a know it all. You could’ve just asked instead of assuming i’m talking out my azz..now if you can’t find it given I just gave you the name of the person who was investigating it I can’t help your retar-ded azz

      • MildManneredReporter

        waiting for the link. also i am very aware who that guy is the guy who got caught with a prostitute and resigned from governor.. some years back him? all i can find is a payola investigation with universal. so like i said pull that link out of your ass because i cant find it

      • MildManneredReporter

        so let me reset and let me apologize for being a dick.

      • digitallife

        My brother it’s cool..but honestly just ask me outright.. Universal distributes def jam..Def Jam is under UMG (Universal Music Group)..the reason Spitzer was investigating this was because Hot97 was accused of extorting artists for pay to play records..that investigation rolled up the food chain up to def jam’s vice president Lyor Cohen..then moved up the food chain to the mid management at universal. This was the #1 reason why Russell stopped name dropping def jam in later years because of that scandal. What happened with the investigation is anyone’s guess what did occur was that it was unearthed that Def Jam indeed paid for play which is why Jay-Z could literally walk into Hot97 and shut it down as long as he wanted to. Many referred to the Angie Martinez show as “The Jay-Z show” because she from early on was in Def Jam’s pockets. Infact Martinez owned a white benz around this time she decided to give back because of it. Spitzer was hoping to turn this all into an anti-trust case but was plunged into being front runner for Governor before a case was fully established and the person who stepped into his job cared more about bringing him down than closing open cases.

      • digitallife

        The source likely to have the majority of these details still in its archives is the new york times which did a big oped on spitzer for both his fight on wall street and his “fixing the music industry”

      • MildManneredReporter

        i thought jay z went on record and said he paid dj’s off.. it was clear angie was in his pocket tho. and 50 with funk flex.

      • digitallife

        Those are club dj’s..Radio Stations operate under rules established in the motown era about Payola. They may accept marketing campaign money commercials and promos but an individual working at a station cannot accept money directly that influences when and how a record gets played. This was so that every artist and label was on an even playing field. Hip-Hop worked around that in the last few years by hiring many of these radio station dj’s to work album release parties, produce, etc. So it gives that dj an incentive to play the music and if anyone comes asking he can say he was involved in the project so he has a right to promote it. This is why Funk Flex got them three volumes of his mixtapes put out as albums. Flex was walking around with platinum rapper kinda money and he’s later on gone to better lengths to hide it due to divorce and shttt..the roots once famously said “Fk Hot97, they wanted a quarter mill from us just to play our record”.

  • I knew Jay-Z would learn how to #Adapt in this #Game. #NewRules #FuckPlatinum