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Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess How Much Jay-Z Will Make Before His Album Even Drops?

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Holy Dough Stacks! Jay-Z is making Crazy MONEY off this new deal. Let me tell you something. This man is making asylum money. Check it. According to insiders, Jay is set to make about $5 million off the Samsung deal before his CD even drops. That’s off the deal alone and the “sales” associated with it. It is still unclear as to 1) what the price point was on the albums that Samsung, but you can do the math if they are saying he’s making $5 mill of $1million albums. And, will Billboard recognize it as such. I remember some rapper bought his own albums and hit iTunes. It didn’t count and he’s gone now. Anyway, I thought I would tell you that on this bright morning.

There isn’t a lot more to report on this Jay-Z stuff. Hopefully the music holds up to the money he’s made.

Magna Carta Holy Grail! Holla!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • s0rethumb

    Hip Hop is not dead. Making money off of album, cd, mp3 etc is. Why not have a totally separate entity make your creation go platinum…Underground millionaire business. Billboard like uh-oh and RIAA.

    • John Holladay

      you really get it my brother….wish everyone would get off their own opinions and see the brillance of the move. just be happy a brother is able to maneuver through business the way he does.

      • s0rethumb

        Changes my whole perspective in creating and business. Hov caused a closed market and baked in 5 mill into pre-sold money. The artist must find the entity that will buy their tie in product and piggy back for publicity. Record labels are done. The marketing department of name your consumable goods maker can fund your project!

    • Soulgasm

      Pure Genius…

  • johnblacksad

    Uh oh… hataz are not gonna like this one

    • That is a power move….Fugg It!

      >>I’m Hatin’

      • johnblacksad


    • brotha_man

      Operative vs Speculative

  • johnblacksad

    “You beer money, I’m all year money
    I’m poppin, you ain’t got to count it, it’s all there money
    I never change money cause niggas got strange money
    NARC’d up, marked up, fucked up in the game money
    I got bail money, XXL money
    You got flash now, but time will reveal money
    I spit the hottest shit, you need it I got it shit
    That down South Master P, Bout It Bout It shit
    I got blood money, straight up thug money
    That brown paper bag under your mattress drug money
    You got show dough, little to no dough
    Sell a bunch of records and you still owe dough”

    Jay Hova da God!

    • OUCH!

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      i like how he rhymes money with money, and than shit with shit, and then dough with dough. damn son, hov the greatest. FOH

      • johnblacksad

        It’s a kind of anaphora… but it’s ok… i didn’t expect you to be familiar with the art of discourse aka rhetoric… maybe one day you will.

        Pick up a Dr Seuss book for better rhymes if that’s what you out for…

        The verse was about getting a particular point across not competing with Langston Hughes

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Don’t be a simpleton. Use your brain and pick up the rhyme scheme and you will see he is not rhyming money with money, or shit with shit, etc.

      • Da Ledgendary

        SMH so over your head. Its not the words money and shit that he was rhyming, its the words before them that rhymes and describe the type of money he gets followed by the the type of money whoever he’s talking has. Clever wordplay.

      • Soulgasm

        Say word….

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        oh i got it. I know what an internal rhyme is. but he had add that last syllable for a reason.

      • Da Ledgendary

        As a matter of fact, Remove the words “money”, “shit”, and “drugs”, read that verse again, and tell me if it still rhymes.

      • NEWSKULL


      • churchboy2

        You’re a little slow son…

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        sorrry but i cant cosign a biter

    • KC The American Pimp

      da god??? FOH

      • johnblacksad

        Blast fo’ me!

        Jehovah the god… hey god, listen… i ain’t the one who made it up

        God ain’t even worried bout sh!t like that… chill like a cold beer god

        Peace God!

  • johnblacksad

    Who da rapper that bought his own sh!t?

    and the sh!t didn’t count?!!… Magna Carta Holy Fail!

    • Weedras

      i think it was some underground rapper from Boston… Sam Adams i think…

    • i remember hearing that bout lil wayne

  • brotha_man

    props to jayz…but i worried about the quality of the content and the beats. lawd knows Artist make the best music when they are fresh of that island called struggle. Glad to see brothas and sistas find success. but this move may be strictly for jay-z to line his pockets. I think that the fans will get jack in the end. that is unless u have a samsung phone. on the fourth i will be at a park bbq’n listen to some old outkast and goodie.

    • johnblacksad

      As much as i’m a fan, i do agree that his current material lacks RD’s hunger, the constant danger, them Koreans with their soul’s windows half-closed, the trades that go sour, the hope that his people were able to flee on time, waiting for their kin to call and not the coroner, the stress, the sweat, the nervosity, the second thoughts, the… REGRETS etc.

      Now he’s too safe, too rich, no matter how true he stayed to his self… the context has changed so much that it’s hard, not to say impossible, to recreate that Reasonable Doubt vibe, that Where I’m from vibe…

      We’ll see tho…

      I think Empire State of Mind might be his or one of his most successful singles… but that didn’t come out until very late in his career… basically, i still believe in Hov, he can still pull it off… I’m just not gonna expect D’Evils or Can I live…

      • Celz

        American Gangster and Black Album were full of gems… BP3 and WTT.. not so much

      • johnblacksad

        I’m not sure… American Gangster had mad gems indeed (American Dreamin, No hook, Ignorant Sh!t, Success, Fallin etc…) and so did The Black Album (no need to name names… the whole CD is killa)…

        I think BP3 really transcribes his current life… Empire State of Mind might be his most successful single… might be …but i see what you sayin…

        as far as WTT tho, i certainly do not agree… after a minute and you let that album sink in… the sh!t is proper… N!ggaz in Paris, Gotta Have It, New Day, Who Gon Stop Me, Murder to excellence… those are little gems IMO

      • brotha_man

        IDK black album was wack to me. AG, BP, and RD are his only good albums in my opinion.

      • johnblacksad

        That “allow me to re-introduce myself” alone makes the album superb… not to forget “99 problems”, “Dirt off your shoulder”, “Threats”, “December 4th”, “What more can i say”, and even “Encore”, “Change clothes”… maybe you were not in a disposition to fcuk with that album at the time, but i guarantee you Black Album is up there in his discography… his first last album… a lot of Jay heads respect that album

        AG, BP, RD are definitely good albums… In my lifetime and Hard Knock life are too, even Life and Times Vol.3 and The Dynasty are great albums also… aaargh… just add Kingdom Come and both Blueprints II & III… i mean his whole discography is bangin… that’s if you ask me of course.

  • PL

    Y’all act like Jay hasn’t done something like this before…Remember the
    Nokia 3300 Jay Z Edition phone that came with The Black Album?

    • johnblacksad

      “Did the impossible then did it twice” -Hovi Baby

    • brotha_man

      black album was one of his worst.

      • brotha_man

        in my opinion jayz has had only 3 good albums. Reasonable doubt, American Ganster, and the Blueprint…..on the fence with life and times vol 2. too many features

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  • Michael Callan


    • johnblacksad

      Trust me, Jeru the Damaja is somewhere right now wishin Samsung would play themselves like that with him.

      What else won’t you do?

    • brotha_man

      i have the iphone and right now im playing crime city so im to busy to download this

  • Megaton

    Genius business integration with marketing. They got the buzz, samsung got the “cool factor” and Jay-Z got paid, plus got a 5 minute spot on TV about Hip-Hop during the NBA finals. I mean how many times does hip-hop get a 60 second spot, let alone 5 straight minutes. Props on that all around. The record sales need that Barry Bonds asterisk though stating *1 million units bought by Samsung if we’re gonna keep it fair IMO…

  • therealest1

    So what if people don’t have a Samsung Galaxy phone? Peeps can still get it on download or a burned copy.

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  • Romia Blue

    strictly from a marketing stand point, you gotta admit this is mindblowingly smart. With the decline in physical music being bought and the increase of upgraded smart phones and app capabilities, this dude murked two issues with one stone. Go platinum which is hard nowadays before the album even drops and either he will single handedly cause the surge in upgrading to a Galaxy 4 or notebook just to say they got the new hot ish. Whether the album is hot or not, the consumer got the new technology…and if the album is hot, it’s a bonus. But the app at most shouldn’t cost any more than $3 or $4 unless he negotiated that too.
    Either way, say what you wanna about Hov…lyrics aside, as a business dude, he stay moving. can’t knock the hustle

    • brotha_man

      only if he uses this concept for other artist as well. if this is an exclusive Jay-z deal then it is a fail in my opinion because it lacks real innovation. if Jay commands 5 mill. what would an artist like chief keef command? also what happens to the underground artist? this could either be monumental or an fail for music. it makes me nervous. my only questions are will this help revolution the new age of digital music? or is this one of those gotta get mine u gotta get urs type of situation? as smart of a business man as jay-z is, i cant help but look at the brothers he let fall so he could scrape the bottom of the pot.

      no hate just one mans opinion

      • Ronlg1

        I think ultimately you would have to look at it this way. Jay can only lead the horse TO the water, he can’t make them drink it. Jay can’t make Samsung offer these deals to other artists. Also, do you REALLY think that Samsung would offer any type of deal to Chief Keef or any rapper like him? The answer is…..NOPE. Jay wouldn’t even be able to convince Samsung to do this type of deal with J. Cole. These type deals would only be reserved for rappers such as Jay/Em or maybe even Wayne (as much as I hate to admit it, yes, Wayne). Also, it’s not that Jay “let people fall”. They let themselves fall. Remember, Jay didn’t even want to sign Kanye. Ye made his own way. Jay/Dame and Biggs gave EVERY artist on the label a chance to do for themselves. They didn’t succeed because they couldn’t make music for the masses. Take Beans for example, Beans is just as good if not better than jay, but he can’t stay out of the streets. HIS mistake, not Jay’s. Bleek just couldn’t make a crossover hit. The list goes on. A good ball player can shoot, a GREAT ball player can create his own shot. I’m just saying. No hate here either

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  • eiroc55

    .1st no matter how good or bad the album is do people
    understand jay just created a way for artist or labels to recoup their
    money without selling an album.”WITH NO SINGLE” this will allow artist
    to not have to worry about radio spins and singles to get released,
    which can only help the music Now iphone,google/droid, HTC, all have to
    follow suit that means bigger pay days for more artist..Secondly know
    what a strategic plan is build one for yourself and maybe make some
    money in life and be less angry..Jay and Kanye are setting ppl up…You
    think Ye didnt know abut this…Hes been on this anti corporation rant
    to promote Yeezus.. People then think he’s dissing Jay and know Jay
    countered..What this sounds like to me is Watch the throne 2(Battle for
    the Throne) Sell out vd Man of the ppl…Then OMG TOUR..guess whoses on
    this tour..J Cole. Roc nation artist.. Wale..Managed by Roc
    Nation..Jay-z and Kanye… Sounds like a great summer movement.Act like
    you have a clue

  • KingKiron

    This is an amazing idea, he should also have an ad-suported free version of the “app”. That way he can get some ad money too.

  • he gonna drop something on july 4th with help from samsung??? thats whats wrong with these rich people, they get so much money they dont represent america no more

  • Matt Swan

    Didn’t baby buy waynes album to pump up the carter 3? If so, whats the difference then?

    • DJ7

      Come on son…the difference is Jay nor his company bought his album to inflate sales yet had another entity do it thus no money lost while Baby used company money to do so …yadda yadda yadda. get the jest

      • Matt Swan

        That’s why I was asking the question. But yeah I’m good now

  • Delonte West

    did yall really rip this off the comments section from a rumor yesterday? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more pathetic…

    • DJ7

      Happens all the time B

  • Doe Boy

    I think he make money off it cuz the album is jus promo for Samsung….they give him 5mz to do a album to promote they shit….we gone give a million of em away that’ll bring attention to our shit…jay jus made it a new game…where record sells don’t mean shit…cuz you getting money to make a album…in they getin money by givein that album away wit a phone or ipad sumthing everybody wins

  • Dee

    When you think about it Samsung got over on Jay because they get the biggest artist in hip hop to promote them for just 5million, when Beyonce got 50 million from Pepsi to do bascily the same thing. Not hating just saying.