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Arrest Warrant Issued For Chief Keef In Miami

(AllHipHop News) Chief Keef’s legal woes just got bigger as a warrant was just issued for his arrest in Miami.

The rapper was arrested on a pair of misdemeanor marijuana charges as he celebrated his 17th birthday last August.

The rapper was charged and ordered to appear in court on January 23, 2013 but he was already in a Chicago jail for violating his probation.

As long as he stays away from Miami or Miami Beach, Keef may be ok.

According to the report, Keef admitted to having weed on her person when he was apprehended.

“I have weed in my right front pocket,” Keef reportedly said to the arresting officer. “I want to be honest with you, officer.”

The car, A Ferrari, that Keef was in was reported stolen, but he was not charged in the matter. It seems that the claim is the result of a dispute with the rental company and the previous owner of the vehicle.

  • MrNoName2K

    sad… this lil nigga couldnt stay out of trouble to save his own life..

  • Laika jon

    Stay out of trouble!

    • YungKizz

      seriously hes a target they tryin to get anything to put him away

      • I WILL BITE YOU!!

        i think hes just a dumbass… why would this guy be a target??? they dont have to try and put him away.. he’s doing it by himself already

      • DJ7

        Cut the young brotha a brake fam he’s still wet behind the ears…17 is still a baby plus they are magnifing every wrong move he make…imagine the old saying step on a crack & break your mama’s back…and everytime you did… it got press….after awhile folks would get tired of hearing about you & the cracks in the sidewalk…same thing here…it’s a set up…he can’t win for losing

      • I WILL BITE YOU!!

        again I wouldn’t say him specifically is being targeted or being set-up but I hear what you saying about magnifying everything he does or whenever he fucks up..

      • DJ7

        On that note….I see your angle as well….after all he did take the money

      • Mongo Slade

        He is a target only bcuz he makes himself one and the target says “easy money” on it. For law enforcement guys like Chief Keef are easy moneyand the sad part is some kid out there who isn’t famous and has nothing will be dumb enuf to believe that their dysfunctional behavior will be rewarded and applauded like Chief Keef, Lil Boosie or whoever but it won’t be. They will just be jammed up bcuz unlike Chief Keef they have no money or corporate label to help them pay legal fees and clean up their mess

      • YungKizz

        yeah he is i thought he learn but still actin up

  • Justin Jeffers


    • BrotherMan21

      Its Macaroni Time

  • YungKizz

    omg r u serious

  • junj03

    Kanye West (Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam/IDJ) 375-400k
    J. Cole (Roc Nation/Columbia) 290-315k

    First week sales Estimate, Info from hits daily double.
    i mean damn! its a cole world, now hire me AHH. i am faster then you with news ;p lol

    • Bifsquad3

      The week aint over.

      • junj03

        “First week sales Estimate”

      • Guest

        Thanks lol. But thats not news. Thats been all over that internet already.

      • junj03

        since when? 30 min ago? lol

    • TruthHurts

      Am I missing something…? You state “It’s a Cole World”, yet he’s behind in the race by an estimated 60-100k less units than Kanye. Wouldn’t that make it Kanye World? Or better yet I’d call it Roc World, Jay stays winning on all fronts!

      • junj03

        Actually Jay-z has nothing to do with kanye west, meaning he signed to def jam/roc-a-fela, Jay-z owns roc nation two different companies….
        J Cole stays winning for two, he sold more out the gate then kendrick lamar and two, it will sell more copies then cold world. going against kanye and putting those numbers is very impressive indeed.

      • TruthHurts

        You really don’t think Jay’s not getting checks off Kanye’s album? SMH

        I agree with what you’re saying, but comparing it to Yeezus by the numbers as you did above, has nothing to do with the point you’re trying to make. Now if you put Kendricks numbers up there, then you make sense.

      • junj03

        I wouldn’t think so, i mean they have there own money.

        well, what i am comparing both albums is just to see people can
        see that even though he is practically still a new artist, he can still go toeto toe with the best. Kanye is going to have more sales but Cole is not that far behind, his album is very very good that’s why his numbers went up, meaning J. cole.

    • EL_BARK


      Its a differernce between roc-a-fella & roc nation?

      • Future Patrick

        First – you stole Rocafella from Dame

        Second – you stole Kanye from Dame

      • junj03


      • junj03

        yes,!! Roc-A-Fella Records is a division of
        Universal Music Group and Roc Nation, LLC is an American entertainment company founded by Jay-Z,Its Independent but its distributes threw UMG and Sony.

      • EL_BARK

        Oh ok.
        So universal get a cut from kayne,
        but roc nation is 100% own by the camel….

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  • Why would you ride around w/ weed in your pocket and tell the cops you got it?

    • In a rented Ferrari?


      The cop should have given Keef some of his paycheck…for doing his job for him.

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  • Felix Mademan

    Talk about ‘Riding Dirty’ ! Wtf

  • Wavpin


    • Trofted6806

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  • Sydewayz Soundz

    This nigga stay losin

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  • ramalamafafafa

    “I just want to be honest with you officer…”?! Keith Cozart is the opposite of Hip Hop. Stay snitching on yourself son, I don’t expect you’ll be around for even one more year.

  • ramalamafafafa

    I’m getting tired of rappers using their age as an excuse, Keef may be 17 but P and Hav were 19 when they dropped “The Infamous”. White record execs hand picked Keef from the bottom of the barrel cause he’s the perfect stooge – young, dumb and easy to mold into whatever they want. His whole “can’t be controlled” line is funny as hell, he’s just a marionette with a mediocre puppet master.

    • Montezuma1

      Good to see someone with sense on here.

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