Kanye West in Trouble for “We get this b*tch shaking like Parkinson’s” Lyric

(AllHipHop News) Yeezus is Kanye West’s most polarizing album ever and has parted the sea divided people on their perceptions of the album. Some believe it is brilliant, others, such as the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) find some of the lyrics reprehensible.

On the album opening song “On Sight”, Kanye boasts he’ll “get this b*tch shaking like Parkinson’s” to the chagrin of the APDA. The Vice President of  the APDA sent out a message to Kanye about his lyric:

“We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance.”


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37 Responses to “Kanye West in Trouble for “We get this b*tch shaking like Parkinson’s” Lyric”

  1. Bifsquad3

    This is fuckin CRZ!! Ppl bout to start making Pootie Tang records (no words or sounds). You cant say anything no more

  2. DiscoverDior.com

    It makes a lot of sense to me…When you are as big of a celebrity as Kanye, it’s best to watch what you say to people…..Your average small time rapper can say whatever but when you are a big name like Lil Wayne or Kanye, the more fans you have the greater the impact.

    • DJ7

      Stop being a fan then…what got them there was being themselvess…..to bitch up & switch up is where you will lose your loyal following….when you lose them it’s only a matter of time b4 your fairweather fans follow suit b/c they were fake anyway. …ol’ bandwagon on to the next one ass nigs

      • DJ7

        To down vote my last comment is a down vote to reality…fake ass nig!!

  3. dominicancoke

    Me being the son of some some with parkinson’s i find it offensive but on the flipside his album is garbage that j cole born sinner album is 200 x better

    • DJ7

      I’m sure if you broke down every line of any track you would find something that offended you or someone you know/kin to….. so what’s next….stop listening to music altogether? When did we as a ppl become so gd sensitive? I guess the homo agenda is starting to affect more folks then we imagined!!!

      • dominicancoke

        Y cant i be offended tho? Kanye gets his panties in a bunch and has bitch fits all year long remember when he whent off on sway cause of mtv’s hip hop list? Kanye is a big figure he reaches more ears any artist that does that should really watch what they say…god forbid your mother gets breast cancer and yeezy saids i attack titis like breast cancer

      • DJ7

        I could care less about Kanye & what he says….what he eats don’t make me sh*t fam….like I said ^…why all the sensitivity nowadays? Did Em’s line shake you up as well (no pun intended)…his was more “insensitive” & according to sound scan….sells more thus reaching even more ears but not a peep about the kkkracker…at least not of this magnitude… I get it. …it’s offensive. …most hip hop lyrics are…to somebody….somewhere. ..but where do you draw the line? As 1 poster pointed out….soon rap songs won’t have lyrics just grunts & hand jesters….only to upset the deaf community.

  4. Mike Swiff


  5. MrNoName2K

    lol ok they taking all this breakin music down hip hop music lyric by lyric trying to find a reason to get a “public awareness” rise a little too far. Thoush im not too much of a Kanye fan, i dont see anything wrong with that..

  6. crybabies

    Rap is a landfill, drop the anvil

    These are shoes that you can’t fill

    Shit the day that happens the world stop spinning

    And Michael J. Fox’ll come to a stand still – Eminem – cold wind blows

    listen people getting offended over punchlines…i cant stand kanye but he not trying to diss any with it.. damn either people need to get laid more often or need to smoke weed more often.. smh

  7. DJ7

    That shit took about 3 days to write didn’t it? Sloppy as all hell with rips in the paperwork and everything…bwahahahahahaha…..Now sue me!!!

    • Trofted6806

      That shit took about 3 days to
      write didn’t it? Sloppy as all hell with rips in the paperwork and
      everything…bwahahahahahaha…..Now sue me!!!

  8. OSBKE3000

    Kanye album is garbage .. oh those were beats?? WTF?? 2 good songs the rest of the shit sounded like a bunch of noises blended together

  9. ramalamafafafa

    I couldn’t care less about the new album. Kanye just witnessed the birth of his first child, with a pretty hot woman no less (say what you want about Kim, she bad…). He’s got bigger things to think and rap about than the BS I hear him spouting lately. Some artists grow up in public, and some just get more childish by the day…

  10. eddieknucks

    Its a metaphor. Its hip hop. Stop with the microscope. Its probably a cat with Parkinson’s nodding to that song.

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